Best Baking Steel Griddle

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1. Lodge Reversible Griddle Combo Double Sided

Lodge Reversible Griddle Combo Double Sided

Refer to the user manual for questions surrounding warranty policies and the product is free. The item shape is rectangular. The Measurement Guide was included. It fits over two stovetop burners. There are dual handles for great control. The heat retention and heating is unparalleled. Pre-seasoned with vegetable oil. You can use to sear, bake, broil, fry, or grill.

Brand: Lodge

👤The Lodge cast iron griddle is a great addition to my cookware. I heated it up to a nice high heat on my stove to kill any germs. A light coating of virgin olive oil was used to make pancakes. I was a bit skeptical about cooking on it before doing a few more seasoning sessions but they didn't stick at all. The next test was the hashbrowns. I put it back on the stove and heated it until it barely began to smoke after I washed it with hot water and patted it dry. It was removed from the stove and used vegetable shortening liberally on both sides. I wiped it down with a tea towel and repeated the process two more times for a total of 3. I let it cool down. Ready for the test. I heated the griddle over med heat until it was good and hot, smeared real butter on the surface, and added onion and green peppers. I turned my flame down to low and let the tots sit for a while, then I turned them over with no sticking at all. O'Brien had beautiful crisp potatoes and nothing sticking. After cooling the pan a little, run it under hot water and use a bristled brush to clean it. The real test was over easy eggs. When it was hot, added virgin olive oil and did three jumbo eggs, it was heated the griddle over med low heat. They turned out well. I put an egg in the center of each burner. The one in the center took a bit longer to cook. It is a great griddle. I haven't done bacon because the outer lip around the griddle is too low for bacon on the stove. I wouldn't do more than 4 slices at a time and I think that's pushing it. There is a big mess on the stove with more than 4 slices. No problem on a grill or campfire. It will last forever if you heat it properly, season it, and store it properly. There is one last tip. Never run cold water on a hot cast iron. It is more likely to cause a crack. Hope this helps someone make a decision. Happy cooking.

👤The griddle is very good. I have used it on a stove and on the grill. I like using it in the Weber because I can evenly heat the entire griddle. Doing this will prevent the slightly cooler spot on the stove from being present. I have successfully cooked fish, beef and pancakes in the grill. Before using the griddle, make sure it's nice and hot, and always use a fat of some kind like butter, bacon grease or olive oil. If not used properly, this cast iron will rust. Clean it gently and make sure to season it well. I have had to re-season it a few times since I bought it. Those that complain about rust need to learn more about how to use and care for cast iron cookware. Getting a second one to almost cover the entire Weber cooking surface with griddles, one smooth side up and the other with the grill marks up for a mean cooking station set up was something I wanted to do.

2. Blackstone 1814 Tabletop Griddle Stainless

Blackstone 1814 Tabletop Griddle Stainless

There is a lifetime warranty. The cast iron was made in Colombia using European cast iron machinery. Black Stone griddles make every outdoor adventure delicious. The flat top griddle is perfect for cooking in the backyard or outdoors. It can be used to make many different types of food. The portable CONVENIENCE is that the tabletop griddle is lightweight and portable, so it can be taken anywhere. It's easy to fit in your car trunk for tailgating, camping, hiking and other fun things. Family size cooking surface. The cooking surface of their griddle can cook up to 9 burgers or 9 pancakes or 12 eggs at a time, which is enough to make burgers or breakfast for a family of four. The integrated grease tray of their stovetop griddle makes it easy to clean up. The tray can hold a lot of food and doesn't need to be emptied often. A paper towel can be used to clean the cooking surface. There will be no more bandit or undercoOKED bail. The "H" style burner ensures even heat distribution and cooking across the steel griddle. The built-in igniter lets you change the heat intensity.

Brand: Blackstone

👤I bought this for my RV. I use it a lot at home. It is great for breakfast, from pancakes to bacon and sausage, even eggs, if you are quick to direct the eggs away from the grease trap. I like to make toast sandwiches and quesadillas when winter camping. If you do Guga Foods' Smash Burger you will make them any other way. If you have seasoned it correctly, it will be easy to clean up. I just turn off the heat, let it cool a bit, then use a metal scraper to push the grease to the trap, and squirt a little water on the surface. I put a bit of oil on it and ran a paper towel over it. The process takes about 3 minutes. I have used mine at least 100 times and it still looks clean. It doesn't sear steaks very well because it doesn't get as hot as my friend's Camp Chef griddle. This is more efficient for my RV. It does an ok job of heat distribution, but my corners are not as hot as the center. You just need to keep it in mind. My RV doesn't have room for both so this is the winner. The Coleman ones are small, so I bought an adapter that will take a 5 gallon propane tank.

👤I would like to know how to remove the glue from the grill cover. It was difficult to remove the large sticker on it. Please tell me what to do. I tried to get that off for an hour. No luck.

👤Love the stone. I wish I went bigger, but this is a game-changer. It was purchased for my camper, but used on my patio. You won't regret it if you are on the fence.

👤I like the idea of having a grill at the campground. There is a sticker on the front of the car that needs to be removed before use. It was not an easy peel sticker. The paper and glue were gone at first. I tried to remove the sticker with what I had on hand, but it wasn't working. I had to use a hair dryer to remove the residual paper. I probably did this for an hour. Do your customers not use an ez peel label or put a warning there? I followed the seasoning instructions and it is stillsticking. I didn't expect that. It needs a good cleaning after each use. Then a coat of oil. I like to cook on it. It is better than using the indoor kitchen in the camper. It is inconvenient to put it away. It cooked bacon well. Burgers were a bit stuck. The onions were cooked up nicely. The Kaiser rolls were toasted. I broke the eggs with the spatula. It is roomy enough to cook for two people. There is no cover for the hood version. There are some hot spots. I added an accessory hose to hook up my propane line on the camper. That is convenient.

3. Victoria GDL 182 Traditional Budare Griddle

Victoria GDL 182 Traditional Budare Griddle

The power source type is manual. Better performance. Their engineers designed a large cast iron Dosa pan with a loop handle for better leverage and easier handling. Ready to use. This Cast iron crepe pan is pre-seasoned at high temperatures using 100% non-GMO flaxseed oil for a natural easy-release seasoning that gets even better with time. It is versaTILE. You can make a delicious pizza, cookies, pancakes, Dosa, roti, Roast, or grill veggies and meats. It's possible in all kitchens: gas, electric, oven, camping, grill. There is a lifetime warranty. The cast iron was made in Colombia using European cast iron machinery.

Brand: Victoria

👤The pan is awesome. You have to be patient and wait for a couple of weeks. You get the best dosa after that.

👤I wanted the 12inc Tawa but this was the only one I could find at Amazon, it was the only one I could use for food. I think it's pre season when you buy it, it looks like it was used when you open it, but it's not just the paper from the packaging, it's also the pre season part, I'm not sure if I clean it with a baby dish soap

👤If you're making ROTI. I didn't like it because I don't have the right stove burner for it, but I bought it for making rot on the gas stove. Our gas stove only heats the center because it has a single ring of burner. The center of the roti is baked well, but on the sides it is not. If you want to make indian bread/roti, you need a gas burner that can cover the diameter of this, otherwise it will be useless. A burner with many rings of flames would work best. I have used it before and it worked well because I had the right burner. The thickness and material is very good. It's expensive. This comment doesn't cover other uses of the product.

👤This is called a "Comal" in Spanish. It can be used to make tortillas and flatbreads. It doesn't work well for pancakes and eggs. It's a cast iron skillet. Iron makes for good heat distribution and when the food goes on, it maintains the heat which is required for proper results. Different metals have benefits and drawbacks. It is designed to maintain consistent heat. Cooking is more than just a recipe. We don't clean it very often so I gave it 4 stars. There is a little residual flour on this pan. It's cast iron, so wipe it down and don't put anything on it. You just use a metal spatula to remove it. The heat kills the germs.

👤I already own a cast iron pizza pan that cooks a great pizza. It's a challenge to slide a pizza on and off of the pan because it has a raised rim. This one has a flat surface area that makes it easy to negotiate a pizza. The handle makes it easy to pick it up. It's expensive, but I haven't found anything like this before. It's worth it if you make pizza or any other flat bread at least once a week. Highly recommended.

👤This is a serious griddle that will put you in the Big League. You need to know how to handle the pressure. It is already seasoned, but needs a little bit of oil seasoning to make Dosas, which are perfect for little babies to be delivered.

👤I tried to make large tortillas on a small portable stove by using two different pans/riddles. The heat on the bottom of the stove caused the thick pizza pan to fail. The griddle was flat and it touched the surface well. I was only able to cook an 11-inch tortilla well because it is a 15” burner. Good tortillas need at least 375F for the edge to get hot. The heat transfer will work better on a larger element or a fire. It was well seasoned and no issues have arisen so far. The majority of the heat was in the center. I heated it slowly from the low setting to the next, no higher, and it was good to go.

4. English Muffins Stainless Shortbread Shortcrust

English Muffins Stainless Shortbread Shortcrust

These double rolled muffin rings are ideal for creating round tarts, cakes, mousse, muffins, crumpets, burger press, frying eggs and other desserts or snacks, let you immerse yourself into the joy of cooking delicious food and enjoy it Double rolled, polished and smooth rolled edges make their round tart rings easy to operate and give your food a beautiful round edge. The amount of crumpet rings is enough to meet your daily baking or cooking requirements. The english muffin rings are easy to clean and can be applied with some oil on the surface to keep them from sticking to your muffins. After using the round muffins rings, you just need to wash them under running water and let them dry in the wind, then store them in your kitchen drawer. Double rolled tart rings are made of double rolled 304 steel, sturdy and do not bend under normal pressure, the brush are made of PP plastic material, non-toxic and odorless, good helpers to make muffins or crumpets, and are dishwasher safe. These muffin rings are great for baking, perfect for making round tarts, muffins, crumpets, sandwiches, frying eggs and other desserts or snacks, as well as a nice present to share with the children.

Brand: Yoloplus+

👤Eggs, pancakes, and crumpets are fun to eat. If you oil them well, they are not hard to clean. I wish I'd just bought the set in the first place.

👤Eggs tend to stick at least a little, even with butter or oil, and the rings aren't as good as I hoped. They are cheap and work, so if you don't mind sticking this is worth the price.

👤They were great for fried eggs on the flat pan, but they were too small for crumpets. Food can be helped from sticking with spray oils.

👤The delivery and packaging were great. I have not used them yet, but they are sturdy and easy to use. Very happy.

👤I love it. I love it! Good quality. I was able to make a good McGriddle. It was easy to cook and clean. I think this product is good. They are very easy to clean, and you can make different food with them.

👤They were perfect for muffins.

👤Excellent for crab cakes in air fryer.

👤No, le pega la masa. El tamao tienes.

👤Si yega y me, es una calidad, pero la verdad tarda mucho en yegar.

5. Blackstone 1813 Tabletop Griddle Stainless

Blackstone 1813 Tabletop Griddle Stainless

There will be no more bandit or undercoOKED bail. The "H" style burner ensures even heat distribution and cooking across the steel griddle. The built-in igniter lets you change the heat intensity. The griddle on the go is made of steel. Their outdoor griddle is a convenient way to cook a delicious spread when enjoying nature, whether you are entertaining the guests in the backyard or want to fulfill your years-long dream of breakfast-in-the-woods. Is cooking for a crowd a thing? Their gas griddle can fit up to 12 burgers or 9 steaks or 12 pancakes or 12 eggs in a lot, so don't worry; they have a large cooking surface that can fit up to 12 burgers or 9 steaks or 12 pancakes or 12 eggs in a lot. If you are at a gathering by the patio or are out with your family, their stovetop griddle can be used. When you are done cooking, simply wipe the surface with a paper towel and empty the grease catcher. The time you spend cleaning the griddle saves so you can enjoy the outdoors. The cooking process should be sped up. Their heavy duty griddle has a hood that traps the heat and speeds up the cooking process. The griddle pan is protected from the elements by the hood. Even cooking results are guaranteed. Their flat griddle has two "H" style burners that produce 24,000 BTUs of heat and a rolled steel upper surface to prevent cold spots. Two knobs can be used to adjust the heat intensity.

Brand: Blackstone

👤After getting the grill, I put the thing together. The hood only opens about 8. Not good! The grill body was not aligned with the hood. The pictures show the hinge bolt holes that are bent on one side and on the other side. Hmm? The grill is heavy and a large drop of the box could have caused damage. The box didn't show any damage. I went to customer support and found that the grill was not covered. Customer/Tech support is available on a dust filter, but not a gas grill. It's odd, isn't it? I'll put this out there as a review and see if someone will notice since there seems to be no other way to deal with this. Amazon Services was the seller.

👤The Griddle is great, just order elsewhere. There are better prices with free shipping. I ordered a 72 inch table with free shipping and received it in 2 days, even though I thought Amazon was the company that took 10 days to get the griddle. I was disappointed with the company I ordered from, I assumed it was Amazon. I seasoned the griddle this morning so I can cook breakfast this morning. Well made and works well.

👤The loss of heat/fire can be caused by propane tanks freezing up. I tried multiple tanks. Outside temperature is over 60 degrees. The propane was installed correctly. If the outside temperature is less than 60 degrees, the propane tanks will freeze, but the customer service team only said to keep a warm towel over the propane. It didn't help. Why buy a product that can't be used in the summer because of the temperature?

👤After a few minutes of assembly, it was ready to cook on the grill. Align the pegs to the top and bottom, unpack, screw on the handle, and cook it up with canola oil for ten minutes. The Fijeta ingredients were sliced and reedy. Chicken and vegetables are being prepared on one side. Both were done in 10 minutes. The diner had plenty of room to brown 6 - 6” tortillas on the other side. I love this grill. The flames went out twice, with small wind gusts, but started back up again. It's too early to tell if that will be a problem. As good as everything else was, I can live with that.

👤The seasoning is easy to use. We bought a hose with a Regulator so we could use it at home. You can start by turning the knob until you hear the click of the starter. There was no other button to push. We have electric grill, charcoal smoker, and standard propane grill. The results are great for us because it takes a while to learn new techniques.

👤I thought I was buying the best product on the market when I bought this griddle. This isn't the case. I had to move inside to cook the family breakfast when I tried to use it. Customer service told me to move the ignitor around and plug it back in, because it wouldn't work on the left side. I pulled the gas dial off because it felt odd and not smooth since day one, while I was trying to fix that problem. The screw head behind the dial was broken and was causing the dial to bind. The dial works better once it fell out, but I only have one screw holding it on, so that will be a problem soon. I would consider other brands if I could do this again.

6. Cuisinart WMR CA Classic Certified Refurbished

Cuisinart WMR CA Classic Certified Refurbished

Plasticpro aluminum tin foil is 9X13. The steam table half size pans are made out of a durable aluminum material that is strong enough for baking, cooking, roasting, and storing food. It's perfect for baking bread, cakes, Meat Loaf, and much more. A large waffle is baked. Five-setting browning control. Baking plates are nonstick. The housing is brushed STAINLESS STEEL. There is a limited 3-year warranty. "Ready to bake" and "Ready to eat" indicator lights are easy to operate. The control adjusts to bake waffles with light-to-deep-golden-color. 90 day manufacturer warranty.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤This is a basic waffle-maker. There's no locking mechanism and the hinge rattles. It's not worth the full price of $35, but it's a charm because you can force it to waffle "not waffles" (pizza, panini, etc). It is okay at that, but not optimal if you let anything leak out. There are no seals, no fill marks, if the batter / grease / cheese / whatever over flows this thing. It gets stuck in the asymmetric lip, clings to the sides, and flows underneath and to the bottom. Even if you lay down paper towels, the underside gets greasy. I've used other waffle makers where overflow doesn't affect the machine at all. This appears to be a defect of "Reasonable Alternative Design". It works well for waffles that are perfectly measured and practiced, but people don't always make JUST waffles in their waffle-makers, and this isn't as great as others. It's a little annoying. You want waffles, thumbs up. If you can put up with cleaning, you want to use this for other things.

👤I bought a waffle iron from Amazon and I'm glad I did. I could not tell if this waffle iron had been sold before. Works well! I am very happy that the issue of keeping clean and fingerprints free is not the main one. You can make waffles for a crowd very quickly. You can adjust the temperature control so the waffles cook perfectly if you stick with it. Very happy!

👤I've been buying refurbs before and never had any problems. Works well! Just like new! I decided on this one because of 1. It's the perfect serving size for two people. You can choose your doeness. It's not a Belgian waffle maker. Those things are everywhere. You have to look for the classic style waffle maker. What is going on with that? This little thing cooks waffles great. It's very easy to clean when you run the batter over. Just wipe it off with a paper towel or cloth. And you're done. It's pretty fast to heat up. I took a picture of the waffle I made with the setting just a little over the recommended setting, it did not disappoint me. It was perfect, fluffy on the inside and crisp on the outside. My waffle is not as puffed up as an original waffle would be, but it was very tasty and I think it was because I was experimenting with Almond flour and Tapioca starch. Threw on some melted butter and Natural unstrained honey and it was the bomb. Are you still wondering what the two little holes on the left side of the waffle iron are for? When you're done with the waffle maker, you can put the end of the plug into the notch to hold the lid together, then you can store it upright. It works, but needs a little tuning. It is very space saving. I am very pleased with the purchase and would recommend it to anyone.

👤Yes! The waffle iron is great. It's heavy so it won't flop around on your counter as you open the iron. There is a lot of play in the hinge to let your waffle fluff up. It works better as a "sandwich" waffle than a belgian waffle because it takes less waffle batter. I made pizza waffles last night and they worked great for this. It's nice to look at and clean up easily with a slim profile. I just make sure to pay attention to the indicator lights to know when it's done.

7. Conductive Cooking Round Standard Version

Conductive Cooking Round Standard Version

It'sTILE: The bakeware sets are great for baking cakes, brownies, breads, and muffins, and also great for roasting meat, veggies, and leftovers. Fast shipping is guaranteed next business day handling. High quality. The best ceramic stones are not as good as their steel material. You can use the Steel Plate to make delicious brick oven pizzas at home. Choose the metal plate thickness that suits your needs. They offer a standard thickness for low volume use or a thicker version for high volume use. Cook times are fast. Their plates give you fast cooking times and restaurant quality texture. This is easy to achieve due to high heat transfer and proprietary cleaning method. Each pizza plate is carefully cut from a single piece of metal using a laser. Their product is easy to use and low maintenance. This way, even the busiest of families can enjoy restaurant style pizzas that taste like they were cooked in traditional wood brick fired ovens. They are made in the USA.

Brand: Thermichef

👤I think the pizza steel cooks pizza great but it looks like they just cut it using the machine and didn't finish off the edges so it's very sharp and looks like something I made in my shop without care for aesthetic.

👤This steel can be used to make pizza in your home oven. It works for a 12 inch pizza if it is a bit larger. It is fine if you give the steel time to recover between pizzas. A thicker steel would have made it heavier. It's easy to clean. It will get messed up after you use it, but it doesn't matter. All in all, a very good pizza steel.

👤It works in my oven. I have been aware of the lack of a baking steel in my life for a long time, and I wish they would have the same importance in their lives as they do in the kitchens of bakers. They couldn't have made it sound like they exaggerated.

👤This product is thick enough to make pizzas. The door will open after the pizza and the steel will stay hot in the oven. I want to do without the pre-treatment coating on my kitchen steel and cast iron so I conditioning it. It's great for people new to baking. Absolutely love this steel.

👤Better than stones. There is a The thin version of the pizza takes less time to heat up and get ready than the larger pizzas.

👤Absolutely amazing. It's definitely a game-changer when it comes to home pizza making practice. Pizzas come out with a fully cooked underside and a nice and crisp crust. The pizza cooks in 7 minutes. The pizza is as good as the shop pizza. I can get rid of all my electronics.

👤I went through some pizza stones before buying this. It's easier to clean, and I don't have to worry about it breaking in the oven, because this gets me the kind of leopard spotting that I can't get with a normal stone. I wish I had gone for the bigger stone.

👤I made some great pizza. I put the pizza in the oven at 500 degrees for about an hour. The crust is nice and crisp. It was almost like it was made in a pizza oven. The pizza was done in about 7 or 8 minutes.

8. Fire Slice Double Pre Seasoned Conductive

Fire Slice Double Pre Seasoned Conductive

Versatile features. You can use it for many things. The height of the rack allows air to circulate beneath the cookies to give them the perfect crisp. The height allows grease to get into the meat. It is strong enough to hold heavier weights. 7.48% buyers enjoy the convenience of this feature. Their heavy duty pizza stone is chemical free and will last a lifetime, making it ideal for grill and oven use. The cooking stone is easy to clean and fits most indoor/ outdoor ovens, pizza ovens and outdoor grills. Weber grill, Napoleon grill, and Treager grill are some of the brands. Their baking steel griddle is 20X greater than a ceramic pizza stone or cordierite stone and makes for a perfect pizza crust without a pizza screen or grill mat. The pizza stone can be used as a flat top grill/griddle pan for all your outdoor cooking needs. All Fire & Slice pizza stones are seasoned 2X w/ premium flaxseed oil for cast iron like seasoning, yielding a non stick pizza pan surface. Try using their pizza grilling stone on your gas grill, pellet grill, or even wood burning fire pit with grill, because everything tastes better on the grill! Best. Overall work horse. The pizza baking stone can be used for many things. It works great as an outdoor stove top griddle, outdoor grilling pan, bread stone, carbon steel baking sheet/cookie sheet, pizza pan for oven cooking and more. It's a must-have for grill gifts for men, husbands and fathers. There is an optimistic theology. A Neapolitan style pizza is impossible to bake in a home oven. A pizza grill stone distributes heat to bake the pizza hot and fast. The thicker the pizza steel is, the hotter it will hold and conduct for a faster cook time. The wall hanging is designed with finger holes.

Brand: Fire & Slice

👤After a few more months with this thing, and the addition of a cheap infrared thermometer, I was able to master grilled 'za. The key is to preheat the steel to the correct temperature. I want to preheat before I eat the pizza. I use a pizza peel that is heavily dusted with corn meal to make a perfect pizza. Once you get a nice layer of seasoning on there, this thing becomes non-stick. The pizza bottom is a nice dark brown. I've used this for many things, including veggies, teriyaki meats, and scallops. This thing is the best for putting a brown layer on a scallop. I think they should change it to a scallop steel. It makes great pizza. I have found that if left on the grill full time it seems to want to rust on the bottom side that isn't as well seasoned. If you don't flip this thing frequently, you will likely start to get some rust and pitting as well. It's good news that you can usually remove it and season it, but I seem to have some permanent pitting now. The nature of steel is not the fault of the manufacturers. It was bumped up to a 5/5 for itsVersatility and decentDurability despite the abuse. This is a heavy piece of steel that is packaged as a consumer item. If you know the right guy, you could probably buy a piece like this for less, but I don't think you will. The bottom line is that you are buying a piece of metal that is very sturdy and has a capacity to absorb and hold on to heat. What does that mean for you as a pizza chef? It means that you're at the beginning of learning how to use it. It doesn't mean that you won't have to go back to your favorite pizza place again. I've made three pizzas on this thing. All three have stuck hard, despite the pre-seasoned marketing ploy. It is pre-seasoned. It is not a non-stick substance. It has a coating on it that keeps it from rusting. This thing will be just like any other carbon steel or cast-iron product once you seasoning it for real. The good news is that it is drinking in oil thirstily and moving from metal-colored to black after a couple of hours on my grill. I think once I get it a little better seasoned, I will have less issues sticking, but will update when I get there. The thermal qualities are insane. It will take some time to figure out how to avoid charring your pizza. This thing is heavy for me. It's like in those science videos where the person can't seem to lift the ball of metal more than a few inches before dropping it. My girlfriend can't move it in a satisfying way. It's hard for me to maneuver, even for a 6 foot, 250 pound man. My oven won't hold it. My first pizza fell into my oven. My oven is to blame. We need to figure out how to get a better oven rack. I'm quite satisfied with the price per pound and the prime delivery. The little circle cut-outs that serve as handles are a nice touch, especially when trying to pry this thing up off a flat surface, which is honestly pretty hard to do. You can't just pick it up, even a heavy cast iron dutch oven. You have to position yourself, mentally prepare for the move, clear the path, and then lift and pray. I will post some pics once I get a photgenic 'za to come off this thing in less than 10 pieces.

9. Lodge CRSGR18 Griddle Pre Seasoned 18 Inch

Lodge CRSGR18 Griddle Pre Seasoned 18 Inch

We love their customers and are focused on their satisfaction. If you are a professional cook or a new to the kitchen, you need a better Rolling Pin and Silicone Pastry Mat that will make you more comfortable and enjoy cooking. It takes high heat for the best results. Carbon steel retains heat for cooking. For a long time, it was brutally tough to cook. On gas, electric, outdoor grills or open fire. Seasoned with oil for a natural finish that improves with use. Rub with cooking oil after hand wash.

Brand: Lodge

👤I wanted to write a review for this because I spent a long time looking for a griddle that would work on the bridge element of my GE Cafe Induction Range that didn't have a chemical coating. It wasn't easy to find. The bottom of most cast iron griddles isn't straight enough to make contact with the surface. I was hesitant to purchase this flat one because it didn't say it was compatible with induction and the reviews were mixed, but I assumed it would work. I decided it was worth a try. Despite the reviews, I am so glad I did. It has become my most used pan. We have used it daily for the last 2 months. For the first few uses, I added a bit of extra oil to make it better and more seasoned. It is non-stick at this point. It is easy to clean. I don't wash it, just wipe it with a rag. Some reviewers have mentioned issues with warping, but I have not. I do not need to heat it on high. I am not sure if that has anything to do with it. One thing that probably bears mentioning is that the cooking surface doesn't heat evenly throughout, but in my experience that's just the nature of cooking with a griddle, not a flaw in this specific one. I believe the hottest areas will always be the areas over the actual heating elements and the rest will not be as hot. You should have no issues while cooking if you keep this in mind. I am very happy with this purchase. If you're looking for a griddle that's compatible with induction, this is a great place to start.

👤I decided a stove top griddle was for me after watching cooking videos. I was correct. The 18 inch griddle was the best I could find. I had to think about the fact that it would be used on a glass top stove, but there are some others out there that would be great. It required a flat bottom and mostly ruled out cast iron. Which led to the griddle. The main pros of this griddle are: Flat bottom Side Handles that are raised and carbon steel that is not as brittle or hot as cast iron. I like using a griddle since I eat a Paleo/Keto combo style diet. Eggs, sausage, burgers, vegetables are great on this thing. One recommendation is to use the oil. It is stable up to 500 degrees and has a good fat profile. It's common to all griddles to smoke up the room after it's had a good seasoning.

👤The other reviews say the griddle is bent out of the box. If it is used as a griddle with liquid, it will run off and onto the surface below. The box looked like it had been through a war. I'm pretty sure that the damage to this griddle was made that way, not during transit. The Lodge brand is not on this griddle. I was going to buy more carbon steel cookware from Lodge but I will rethink that because of the quality of this grill. I returned the sword and was sent another. The replacement was better, but still a bit wounded. I raised the rating from two stars to three stars. I don't think I got much value from this product.

10. Home Complete HC 5001 Grilling Durable Even Heating Versatile

Home Complete HC 5001 Grilling Durable Even Heating Versatile

It's great for induction cooktops. It's called CAST IRON. This pan is made from sturdy and durable cast iron and will last a long time. This handy skillet can be used in the oven, on the stovetop, grill, or even over a campfire flame, making it essential multi-purpose cookware for your kitchen. It's versaTILE. It's great for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The 14” skillet is great for cooking a variety of foods, from pizza to eggs, bacon, cornbread, biscuits, pancakes, crepes, fajitas, burgers and more. A multi-purpose pan is a great gift for birthdays, holidays, weddings, housewarmings, or any other occasion. The cast iron pizza pan is perfect for your friends and family. There are product details. The material is cast iron. The dimensions are 14. After washing your cast iron, make sure to dry it completely. As needed, re-oil and re-season.

Brand: Home-complete

👤The description on the product page states that the Cast Iron Pizza Pan is a full 14” in diameter. It's only 13.25" inside the lip surface. You can't spread the dough to the outside of the pan if you measure to the outside of the lip. The pan has a flat portion. I'm trying to say that nothing about this pan could be construed as 14. It's made of thin cast iron and has a rough finish. This is cheap. The product page says "10 years limited manufacturing warranty", but the sheet that comes with the pan says "Basic warranty is for 30 days." I don't know what those things mean and the seller can't make up its mind either.

👤The first one I ordered had a poor finish, but my main concern was that it was warped. The manufacturer of the pan claims that it is a multi use pan that can be used on the stove top. It was not suitable for use on my glass cook-top stove since it was unstable and rocking. I have three other cast iron pans that are flat and have a better finish. I verified the stability of my stove top and several areas of my granite counter top. It consistently shook in the same way. I ordered another one after sending it back. The first pan looked like a Rembrandt. The second one was just as bad, had an equally poor texture, and the perimeter thickness along the top varied from 4 to 8mm. I'm buying another brand with better manufacturing and quality control and sending this one back.

👤Terrible pan! The pan made a loud popping noise as it was preheating, scaring my daughter and me. I thought my stove top had cracked, but it was my new pan. I have several cast iron pans that we use on stovetop, on grill, in smoker, camping, etc and was excited to add this one to my collection. Imagine my disappointment when it's less than a month. The anger!

👤It wasn't what was pictured, and was very different on the surface. I bought the LODGE version after returning.

👤Nice, heavy and flat. I ground, polished and seasoned this and another that I bought here. 4 stars for not being polished...

👤The pan seems to work well so far. I have a problem trying to register my pan for a lifetime warranty on the vendor website. The website has been suspended. The vendor told me that I needed to go to their website from where I purchased the pan to register the warranty. The pan was purchased through the Home-Complete vendor. It makes you think twice before buying from this vendor.

👤I wanted to buy American made, but couldn't find anything similar in the budget. We couldn't stand the electric skillet, so we used the great pan. Was impressed with the performance. The original seasoning was very good. If you want to get the surface smooth, you should use an electric sander and a couple pieces of 60 grit sandpaper for a few minutes. Re-season. You'll have a great pizza pan, or something similar, if you find a use for it.

11. NutriChef Reversible Plate PFOA Grilling NCCIRG64

NutriChef Reversible Plate PFOA Grilling NCCIRG64

The set includes a Double Burner Griddle and a Mini Turner. The side that is convenient is the OriChef Stovetop Grill. The smooth side is great for making breakfast food. The ribbed side is great for grilling. Iron metal. The grill and griddle are made from cast iron metal and have a non-stick surface that eliminates the need for butter, oil or cooking spray. It is possible to make homemade grilled food slide out. The cast iron flat skillet is heat safe up to 480F. The size of the bbq griddle plate is 19.96”L x 10.11”W x 0.91”H. Healthier cooking is possible. The ridged line surface of the stove grill keeps excess oil away from food. It's ideal for grilling chicken, steak, and vegetables. Adding grill marks to your food makes it more appetizing. It is easy to clean. Almost all heating methods are compatible with the cast iron griddle. Works on gas, ceramic, and electric stove tops. It is easy to clean. The whole family can enjoy traditional grill cooking.

Brand: Nutrichef

👤We have a lot of cast iron, but I have never heard of a company called Nutrichef. I was going to go with another brand that starts with "L", but I decided against it. The company that uses the EXACT same images to promote their product looks like it's the same one. I'm not sure if either of them are the manufacturer or if they are changing their name, but I decided to go with the cheaper option since they looked similar. The item was well packaged and arrived safe. It went to the workshop where I used multiple pads of 40 grit sandpaper on the random orbit sander and a lot of elbow grease to knock off the pebbly texture on the flat side of the griddle. I used a couple of fine grits to remove strike marks and the surface was greatly improved. It was put into the oven at 350 for a few rounds of coconut oil seasoning. The puppy was tested out 4 or 5 times in the last 2 weeks on a flat top electric range. This thing worked well after a learning curve on how to get the elements at the right temp. It's great for bacon, pancakes and grilled cheese. I have only used the flat side, but could not be more pleased with it. If I had a complaint, it would be that it could be even bigger so one could make 6 decent sized pancakes at a time. That would add a lot of weight and probably take away any advantage gained by the extra surface area. This is a great addition to my cast iron obsession and will definitely get lots of use.

👤We cook in cast iron a lot, so I was excited to receive this griddle. It is a grill Pan and a griddle. When I can make pancakes and not be considered a phone it in meal, just so I can try that side out! It came with proper seasoning that tickled us. We have always hoped for the best. That little how-to was very useful. We always have to cook in batches because we are a big family. This griddle is about average for us. The burgers in the stove top were hotter in some places and cooler in others because we were straddling two burners. The real test will be when we go camping and cook over the fire.

👤After seasoning the flat side for pancakes, we found out today that it won't work on our stovetop due to not enough surface area touching the sync burners. If you flip it over and put the pancake side down, it won't be a problem. We wanted to serve it with pancakes and French toast. So beware of stovetop users!

👤I decided to use it on my grill after I used it inside. Because it's cast iron, you have to be careful not to scratch your stove top. It works as advertised, but it creates a lot of smoke, and I didn't cook over high heat. I used it on the low setting on my stove to cook some vegetables. It's a very sturdy cast iron pan. It's not meant to be used inside. Even though I had a vent fan on, my house had a charred smell for an entire day after I used it. I put it out on my gas grill, and it works better there.


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Baking steel griddle products from Lodge. In this article about baking steel griddle you can see why people choose the product. Blackstone and Victoria are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking steel griddle.

What are the best brands for baking steel griddle?

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