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1. Refrigerator Organizer Plastic Stackable Cabinets

Refrigerator Organizer Plastic Stackable Cabinets

Green Circle has certified plastic for a storage container as eco-friendly. It's also free of the harmful chemicals. Storage and protecting rice, flour, canned goods, spices, seasonings, snacks, pasta, and pet food is a great way to organize the pantry. Set of 8 Each package includes four large and four medium refrigerator organizers, each measuring 10.25” L x 6.25′′ W x 3.0” H. STACKABLE DESIGN The raised feet on the bottom of the kitchen organization allowed them to stack. Practical design to maximize space. Stack or use them side by side to keep things organized. The material is tacky. Storage bins use thick materials to increase their strength. It's easy to see the items inside. They are sturdy and fall-proof. It can be used for a long time. BUILT- IN HANDLES. The curved handles on the edge of the pantry organization can be used to carry and pick items. You just need to remove the items from the drawer. Care instructions. The bin is made of plastic. Clean with warm soapy water. Do not place in the dishwasher. It's suitable for kitchens, countertops, pantry shelves, refrigerators, freezers, cabinets, or drawer organizers. Care instructions. The bin is made of plastic. Clean with warm soapy water. Do not place in the dishwasher. It's suitable for kitchens, countertops, pantry shelves, refrigerators, freezers, cabinets, or drawer organizers.

Brand: Qilinba

👤I wanted to organize my fridge and pantry. I liked the idea of them being able to be moved around, but a few of the clear plastic bottoms on my storage containers broke. See the picture. It isn't a big deal since they still stand, but they don't stack as nice now because they are broken, thus my rating of a 3.

👤The inside handle is really sharp, but it would have been nice to give five stars. If I ever use the handles, I need to file it.

👤These are great. They were used to organize a large drawer. I kept buying things I didn't need because I didn't realize I already had them, and I couldn't find anything in the drawer. It's easy to find the things I need now that everything is sorted by type.

👤These are very nice. I like how they look. I've seen people with different sides. I would go crazy with an odd shape. In my pantry, these stack and display everything in an orderly fashion. Is it possible that you love an organizer? I think I can.

👤I feel more organized but they take up a lot of space in the fridge.

👤These look great in the bathroom and fridge. They are easy to clean.

👤It's perfect for organizing my fridge.

👤They stack easily, are a good size, and seem very durable.

2. SimpleHouseware Expandable Organizer Silver Expand

SimpleHouseware Expandable Organizer Silver Expand

The dimensions are 15'' L x 11.25'' W and 15'' H. The rail is 15 to 25 inches wide. The height is variable, with levels 2, 5, 9, 13 inches from the bottom. 3 large panels (6-3/8 inches), 4 small panels (3-1/8 inches) are steel panels.

Brand: Simple Houseware

👤I wish it went a little wider. I love it. I have a crazy under sink area because of the pipes. I have had 4 beers and have had to change the posts 6 times, but it fits my under sink area and I am very pleased.

👤I love it! I decided to stay out in Colorado for a little while so that I could do a big apartment cleanse. This product allows me to use the dead space underneath my sink, because my apartment's shelving and cabinets are awkward. When I need something, I can see where it is. I don't care if one of the shelves has a small dent since it's an under the sink shelving unit. The quality or function of this product has not been included. I recommend it!

👤Good product that does what it says it will do. It's smaller in person. I had to put things behind the rack because I couldn't fit everything on it. I would like it to come with more panels or an option to buy more. It's a good product that helps organize under the sink.

👤I am moving into a studio right now and am doing everything I can to maximize my space, so I bought two. If the piping under your sink takes up too much space, they don't provide enough panels. I have a garbage disposal unit under my kitchen sink. I put the spare panel under the bathroom sink because there is only a pipe. You can see how flexible this piece is by looking at the pictures. I am going to put baskets on the shelves to fix any gaps in the plates. I docked it a star because I think they should stick to the side of too many plates. I am happy with this purchase so far.

👤The product is a great price. The metal frame is thin enough that it doesn't take up a lot of space, and the small bathroom sink makes it easy to use the empty vertical space instead of shoving things all the way to the back wall. I might rearrange the shelves, but it's just held with screws on each end so that's easy to do with two supports for two shelves, but you can choose from four heights/positions. It might be necessary to order a second for under the kitchen sink.

👤If you need to fill a large space, don't buy this. It doesn't come with enough shelves for a top and bottom level. It feels cheap and flimsy at the widest setting.

👤Adding more usable space under my kitchen sink helped. I put a clear bin on one of the narrow bars on top to hold all my sponges and dish sponges. You don't want to exaggerate it until it's in place. When I went to put it in, I realized there was a problem because it wasn't mentioned in the directions. The rear bar on top must be installed after the unit is in place. It's awkward since you have to get down on your knees to finish assembly. The entire unit went behind the pipe on my sink. There is a I had to attach the bars while I was under the sink with a tool and a drink.

3. Extra Large Storage Containers 220oz

Extra Large Storage Containers 220oz

Their promise is to return your investment in pantry organization storage. There's no more searching when everything is stored in one place. It's an ideal gift because it comes in a beautiful box and has free measuring cups, pen and chalkboard labels. The tall plastic food containers come with side-locking lids that ensure maximum freshness and prolong food storage. These containers will help organize your kitchen. These air-tight food-safe keepers are ideal for storing dry foods such as flour, sugar, rice, grain, chips, cereals, nuts, beans, snacks, pasta, coffee and tea. These canister sets for the kitchen counter are very popular. The bins are designed to minimize space. It's possible to fit it in a refrigerator, freezer or cabinets to make the kitchen more organized. These containers are perfect for pantry organizers. Their promise is that these containers are better than any other containers in the market. The pantry organization and storage will be easy. Your investment will be returned if you are not satisfied. Their promise is that these containers are better than any other containers in the market. The pantry organization and storage will be easy. Your investment will be returned if you are not satisfied.

Brand: Chef's Path

👤The containers were stuck together. They are difficult to separate from. The trick was to put the containers in the freezer for a few minutes and then separate them. Cheers!

👤I received them yesterday. After trying to get them apart. I washed and dried them. I use them to store flour. I needed more storage for my bread flour and whole wheat flour. The perfect size is these. I wanted something with more storage capacity because they are too large for my baking cabinet. The bread flour has a 5# bag in it and the whole wheat is almost all a 10# bag. I like the little stickers on the container. I won't be using them for liquids if they are leak proof. I can't ever have enough of the additional measuring cups. The lids are very tight and seem to be good for flour.

👤A bag of sugar was not found the other day. They only had a 25lb bag and it was a great price. Something to hold it in. These are great! They have great lids with four snap clasps which hold them firmly in place. Recommended!

👤I already had four large containers, so I got two more large to match. The other 4 containers were difficult to separate, but these 2 were almost impossible. I was ready to give up and return them after spending over two hours trying different methods, including ice water and a hair dryer, air duster and air compressor. I was going to write a negative review about this, but I noticed a different method in someone's review. I emptied a quarter of my freezer to make room for the containers. I looked after 10 minutes. Nothing. I checked after 20 minutes. There is still nothing. I kept them under running hot water for at least 5 minutes after getting them in the sink. I was able to separate them. Even though I will use the containers and they will most likely serve me well, I wasted over two hours of my time fixing a problem that shouldn't exist and spent $13 on something else. Chief's Path did nothing to address the issue that customers were complaining about. They only had to use a sheet of paper to separate the containers. This shows disrespect for other people. Next time, I'll shop somewhere else.

👤I have canisters to keep my sugar from getting hard. I used one for light brown and one for dark brown. They are perfect. I ordered another set of flour and sugar. I've been trying to organize my kitchen during the Pandemic and these have worked out perfectly. I love them!

👤These extra tall containers replaced the Oxo containers. The Oxo's lids break after multiple uses. The containers have a secure top. The measuring cups that came with the labels were an added bonus. The value is great.

👤I found these to be very difficult to organize and keep protected in my pantry, so I bought them. These hold the bags. I was concerned about the clips on the lid, but they are strong. There is a black seal in the lid. I will order more. The measuring cups that came with the set are adorable.

4. Expandable Container Organizer Adjustable Detachable

Expandable Container Organizer Adjustable Detachable

The pockets are designed to see the content easily. The X-cosrack large capacity expandable lid organizer can be used in any place of the home, as the U-shaped slot designed specifically for the lids, is functional and versatile. It was used in a cabinet or drawer for organizing food container lid and cover, cookware, cutting board, baking tray, and many other things. Get your home in order with this practical food container lid organizer. The food container lid organizer is easy to set up and no need any tools. The divider can be expanded according to the space you have. It is simple. The best lid organizers are made of sturdy carbon steel and are easy to clean. No more wasted time searching for the right lid, now you will have them at your fingertips. Large capacity can hold more things. If you have a problem with this food container lid organizers, please don't hesitate to contact them.

Brand: X-cosrack

👤I bought this to organize my containers and make them more presentable. This is perfect for my cupboard. The unit can be stretched or shortened to fit the space you want it to fit in. It has freed up a lot of space for me and holds a lot of lids. I have left over some that I didn't need and can add later.

👤If you had the misfortune of trying to find a lid in my drawer, you would realize how much I needed to organize! My expanded food container lid organizers fit my needs. I look organized now that I am able to quickly locate the lid I need. None of my friends will be fooled by this, but they will probably order one for themselves.

👤I think this could hold ironware. It is made of metal. The slots are placed to allow for many different positions to fit any lids. As noted, it is changeable. It took up too much space on my shelf. I had to return it.

👤The things are more heavy duty than I expected. Keeping items in place is a nice job.

👤The size is what I expected. It is convenient and I am very pleased with it. It holds all sizes, but requires some organizational skills. You will need a deep cabinet, but it holds a lot of lids. I would like it to be on a sliding base.

👤The mess was cleared with the lids all over. It was nice to open the cabinet and organize the lids. It's easy to assemble.

👤My drawers and cabinets were covered in a mess. I can find the one I need in two seconds now that they are neatly organized. It's a time saver. One of the best things I've ever bought on Amazon.

👤I would be retired by now if I had all my stock purchases. It's important that you measure the depth of your cabinet before ordering because it's a tight fit for me. It would not have worked if it was a quarter inch wider.

👤Muy funcional y fcil de instalar. Tena mucho buscando, pero me ayudara con el desorden de topers y tapas.

5. IRIS USA Inc CNL 6 Storage

IRIS USA Inc CNL 6 Storage

If you have a problem with this food container lid organizers, please don't hesitate to contact them. The anti-break, durable material made in the USA is what makes IRIS USA's clear plastic lidded storage bin tote a perfect storage organizer that can fit all your items safely. No more searching for your stuff. The IRIS USA Plastic Storage Bin Tote Organizing Container with Latching Lid has a see-through design that allows you to find any stored items instantly. The plastic storage container bin tote has groves on the lid and body to make stacking easy. IRIS USA lid-body construction ensures stability to stack securely for easy moving, and save space in your house, apartment, and condo. The spacious design is perfect for shoes, kid's shoe, heels, kitchen storage, moving, craft supplies, hats, gloves, under bed storage, classroom organization, toys, tools and more. You can organize with these other sizes of plastic storage container clear bin with a latched lid. Green Circle has certified plastic for a storage container as eco-friendly. It's also free of the harmful chemicals. Storage and protecting rice, flour, canned goods, spices, seasonings, snacks, pasta, and pet food is a great way to organize the pantry.

Brand: Iris Usa

👤The plastic is very thin. The bars on the inside of the lid are too small to fit in the interior. The box is too thin if you are storing shoes. I wear a size 12 but the interior dimensions are too small.

👤I bought some storage bins a long time ago. They are great and I still use them. These seem to be inferior imitations. I don't believe these are iris bins because they say Made in USA on the bottom of them. You can read other bad reviews. Many people are unhappy with how they are made. Will be back.

👤The plastic bins are not very sturdy and the lids will come off easily. They are large enough for all of my small things around the house. I like that they are clear so I can see what's inside. I would recommend these bins to anyone looking for a little organization with lighter use things or things that are not used often. I used them for things like little makeup bags, arts/crafts supplies, electronics, and all their cords/adapters.

👤Over the years, I have had several of these boxes. They have a firm feel. I thought the new set would be the same. IRIS is trying to be cheap. These are so flimsy that they feel terrible. The cardboard would hold up better than these. They go back. These can be kept by IRIS. Maybe make something out of them.

👤I bought these boxes for my students to put their supplies in. I have them in a single on a shelf. The lids are not secure and do not snap into place. I would have returned them right away if I had purchased them for home use. cubbies for kids to store their supplies are good, depending on what you want them for. If you want them for storage in a garage or closet, I would keep looking.

👤The perfect size for my women's shoes is these. The only thing I can say against them is that most of the lids are warped. If a person was using my shoes for something that needed to be protected, I would be careful. I had expected the same quality in the smaller version of the brand box that I have. Those came from a warehouse club.

👤I gave 2 stars because I don't need the bins to be strong or have a lid that fits, they will do what I want. The lids do not stay on. They would be difficult to stack due to the impossibility of keeping the lids on. The item was supposed to be a 12-pack. I wouldn't buy them again. They are useless for anything other than to keep groups of loose items separated because they are flimsy and the tops do not stay on.

👤I like storage containers. IRIS storage containers of the same size have been purchased before. These are very thin and flimsy. The box is notlatched because of the slightest lift of the lid. My old ones click when they close, but they don't give any indication that they are latched. The brand used to make quality storage bins.

6. Simple Houseware Sliding Cabinet Organizer

Simple Houseware Sliding Cabinet Organizer

The basket is sliding for easy access. There are two drawers. It's great for kitchen, bathroom and storage room organization. Gain more space in the pantry room. Sturdy metal construction. The dimensions are 14''L x 8'' W x 12.50'' H and the drawer height is 3.8''.

Brand: Simple Houseware

👤It is easy to assemble. I was able to fit two under the sink.

👤It's easy to put together and it fits in the cabinet. When you put more items on it, the shelf caves in. It's not an issue if you fill the shelves. The Seville 2 tier product has a solid shelf bottom.

👤It was made of metal and it was pretty white. It was strange to put it together. It had four clear plastic feet that were hard to get on the runner. When attaching the upper drawer, the instructions said you had to bend the product to fit the runners. It looked great after it was assembled. The drawer pitched downward when I pulled it out. All of the product in the drawer will fall out when that happens. I sent it back.

👤There is not a lot of storage space in my bathroom. Prior to getting this, it was an disorganized mess and now it looks neat and organized. It was a piece of cake. It is easier if you have a screw driver. I did not use one. It's fine to slides in and out. The total assembly time could be 10 minutes. The product is great for the price.

👤The shelf is awesome. It was difficult to find a drawer that was small enough to fit under the bathroom sink. The drawers are easy to slide and it is a perfect fit. Very happy!

👤It's perfect for my coffee station.

👤I was able to assemble these racks in under 10 minutes. Very easy. Good for small bars and other light weight items. I don't recommend cans, jars or heavier items. It came with two screws that you can use to screw into your cabinet, but I decided not to do this. That might make it stronger. For small items only, it's 5 out of 5. It's a great way to keep things in order in those deep cabinets. I would recommend and buy again.

👤The product had a manufacturing defect. The top drawer is not open. It still slides, but only backwards. I secured the back with the string because I had no intention of moving the top shelf. If I got this for under the sink, I would have been more upset. The last step of the instructions is questionable. Attached are pictures.

👤The area under my kitchen sink was in dire need of organizing and I ordered a metal drawer. The instructions were easy to understand and the drawers were easy to install. If you don't want the unit to be secured to a shelf, you only need to follow step 1 to 6 of the instructions. If you plan on putting a lot of heavy items in the top drawer, the unit will tip forward if you don't hold the weight of the drawer when pulling it out. Even though I loaded my top drawer with a bunch of glass bottles, the unit is sturdy and the drawers slide very smoothly. My top drawer contains a set of knee pads for when I wash the floors, multi-sized brushes for cleaning, and 4 Vivaplex spray glass bottles that consist of decanted Method Wood Cleaner, Pure Vinegar. There is a large Oxo squeeze bottle. My bottom drawer has a dish brush, cookware powder cleanser and other items in Ziplock bags. The drawer set is 13 inches high and 14 inches long. The drawers are over 13 inches long and over 4 inches high. The top drawer has a clearance of about 8.5 inches. I have included a few pictures of some standard cleaning products that I use next to the unit so that you can have a better idea of the size. A lot of my store-bought bottles didn't fit in the upright position in the bottom drawer, but that is easily fixable by storing the bottles lying down or by decanting cleaning products in shorter containers. I thought the price was a bit steep. I think it is well-made, sturdy, and looks great, and it is very much worth the price. I will buy more. Great purchase. If my review was helpful, I would recommend it to you.

7. SimpleHouseware Cabinet Organizer Holder Silver

SimpleHouseware Cabinet Organizer Holder Silver

The minimum required for regular cans is 15. Please measure the basket before making a purchase. The Over the Door height is 18 inches. There are over-the-cabinet, inside cabinet door-mounted or wall-mounted installations. Hardware screws are included. A great place to keep bathroom supplies, cutting board, bakeware pan, cookie sheet, and plastic food wrap. The hook is padded to fit the cabinet door and protect it from scratches. Sturdy steel made with a coat of silver and used for cutting boards.

Brand: Simple Houseware

👤I used Command hooks instead of screws because my cutting board was too long for the over the door hooks. It's holding up great! The width is large enough to hold 5 cutting boards.

👤My cabinet won't close all the way with this on, but it might be the type of door I have. When you close the door, you have to make sure there is enough space in the cabinet. It wouldn't work in a few of my cabinets. I'm happy with the purchase and I love the space it saves.

👤It was put on the side of the cupboard to hold the large cutting boards. It's sturdy and perfect.

👤I gave this product a one star rating. The basket was secured with incorrect set of screws or a faulty product. Dealing with the company has been less than helpful. The screws that came with the product didn't work, so I contacted the company. I was pleasantly surprised that the company responded quickly. The company became unresponsive when I reported their proposed solution didn't resolve my issue. I bought this product because of the product review, but I am very disappointed.

👤This is a good storage solution for things like cutting boards and cookie sheets that take up a lot of room when stored upright, and fall over when stored flat. I didn't want to drill into my new cabinets so I used the over-the-door hooks. If you choose this option, you will run into the same issues that I have. The brackets that hook over the door are too wide and do not fit over my cabinet door. To make them fit better, I took a couple of mounting squares, folded them in half, stuck them together, and trimmed them to fit. I did this for both sides. I stuck the backing paper back on the side that touches the wood so it wouldn't stick permanently. The organizers flopping around when I shut the cabinet was stopped because of this. The issue is the sound. When opening and closing the cabinet, it still moves. To solve the problem, I put the Command Adhesive Small Wire Hooks over the horizontal wire at the bottom of the cabinet door, and stuck them to the door with the command strips. I didn't have to damage the wood by putting the thing in place because the organizers is firmly in place. The organizers is a smart idea. There are several cutting boards and cookie sheets in it. I'm considering buying a second one to hold my cooling rack, roasting rack, and serving trays, despite the modifications I've had to make. If I could make a suggestion to the manufacturer, it would be to include optional shims in the package, so the hanging brackets can be used on narrower cabinets. I only gave it 4 stars because it doesn't have a way to adjust the depth.

👤The over the door option didn't work on my cabinet so I chose the flush mount. It works well for my liquor cabinet. It looks like it was made for them.

8. Airtight Containers 15 Piece Organization Supplies

Airtight Containers 15 Piece Organization Supplies

You will receive 24 pieces of labels, which will help you not confuse flour with baking powder or baking soda. You can change contents whenever you need. Peel and Re-stick can be changed with a damp cloth. A super bundle. There are 15 kitchen storage containers in the Complete Bundle. You can organize your kitchen and pantry like never before with the help of the 1 Tall Container, 4 Large Containers, 6 Medium Containers, and 4 Small Containers. A great gift for a family. Their containers are made of high-quality food grade durable plastic, which is non-toxic and safe from harmful materials, and last longer than other brands' plastic containers. It is convenient to identify what is inside from the clear containers. It's perfect for storing spaghetti, baking supplies, cereals, flour, sugar, oats, pasta, rice, coffee, tea, snacks, nuts, fusilli, pet food and other dry goods. The air containment containers are named after. The four side-locking lids with black silicone gasket seal these storage containers firmly, protect your food from air oxidization, and keep it dry and fresh. You don't have to worry about lids matching after each wash because they all have the same one. It becomes a snap to close if the lid is lined up correctly. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The space sparing design is used. These sturdy pantry storage containers are designed to save space and are easy to fit into your refrigerator, freezer or cabinet which will allow you to make efficient use of every inch of your home kitchen. The pantry cabinets and kitchen are better organized than before. 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with their products, please contact their customer service. Within 24 hours, they will give you the best solution.

Brand: M Mcirco

👤I thought the containers were big. I wanted them to hold a big bag of sugar and flour. If you are looking for a family size box of cereals, these are not for you. The pictures make them look bigger than they are. I should have measured before buying them. I would not buy these again unless I was looking for small containers.

👤pasta cannot fit as pictured

👤These containers are great. I bought them for our new house and was excited about the price. I was wrong when I thought they were too small to hold much. The second largest holds 2 pounds of dried beans. They stack nicely too. My pantry is now organized. They come with a lot of labels and chalk markers. If you want to change what is in the container, try using a clean eraser.

👤The picture angle is larger on Amazon. I researched these and found that they were much smaller than I thought. I kept the larger sizes I ordered after this set. The pantry looks better organized with these containers.

👤These are not what the description and pictures suggest. I wanted to reorganize my pantry. I read the reviews before ordering and decided to give them a try despite the low ratings. A bad idea! These containers are not the size that they were advertised to be. The containers are the size of a pack of crayons. I don't know what I'm supposed to store from my pantry. They might be able to hold about 5 tea bags. I think that's correct. I'm utterly disappointed in the product and the fact that I have to spend more time trying to return these is frustrating. A word to the wise. These are small and not worth the price. I could've bought these containers from my local dollar store. The items were delivered on time, so I gave them a 1 star. They were nicely packaged and appeared to be intact.

👤I have used them for a variety of food items. They clean well. I put them on the top rack of the dishwasher. It can be difficult to clean off the marker, but it will come clean. When sugar ants went after my kitchen, every single container held up and was free of them. No one has broken or knocked on wood. Since my old containers broke, I am going to buy bigger ones. When we went camping, I just put the stuff in the cooler from the pantry. After a week in the woods, no bugs got into the food. The price is worth it. I have 5 kids and they can all use them.

👤These containers are small, low quality, and not transparent, as many reviews mention. I decided to return them because they were disappointing and I could find better quality containers for less. Usually it's easy to return items on Amazon, but this item claims it can't be returned because it contains gas or liquid. The seller has added a false description to try to avoid returns on an item that is clearly misrepresented to begin with. There are huge red flags. Do you want to avoid this product? The automated system was held up by the false description of the item, but the customer service was able to process a return via chat.

9. Vtopmart Containers Canisters Organization Dishwasher

Vtopmart Containers Canisters Organization Dishwasher

It is easy to clean and store containers. The lids are not dishwasher safe. The containers and lids are made of the same material. Imagine walking to your kitchen or pantry and finding everything is neatly organized. You can get everything you want quickly now that you're no longer messy. The containers will make use of every inch of your kitchen pantry cabinets. The kitchen storage containers set comes in 4 different sizes. There are 4 large containers, 6 medium containers, and 4 small containers. It's perfect for storing spaghetti, baking supplies, cereals, flour, sugar, oats, pasta, rice, coffee, tea, snacks, nuts and other dry goods. The side-locking lids with Silicone gasket make these storage containers airtight, and the top flips open easily. The tight storage system will keep your food fresh. All of them have the same lids that make it easy to wash and reuse. Topmart pantry storage containers are made of plastic which has a longer life than other plastic containers. You can easily get what you want without opening every container if you have clear containers. You will also receive 24 labels if you have 15 containers. You can change contents whenever you need. Peel and Re-stick can be changed with a damp cloth.

Brand: Vtopmart

👤I was thrilled with the cheap price of my order, and I imagined the more rigid, clear plastic that I wanted. I realized it was more opaque than Tupperware when it arrived. I had thought of larger containers, but they were not as large as I had thought. I didn't unpack it, but it looked like it was going to be sealed. It was probably a quality product, but not what I was looking for. I returned it.

👤This product was very disappointing. If you look at the picture of the containers advertised, they are made from a very thick plastic that you can't see, and the sizes are not the same as advertised. The containers are small and will be turned over to Amazon.

👤I'm suspicious of the number of positive reviews after I received the product. Many reviewers said that the bins are smaller than they appear in the pictures, and that they are not as clear. It was difficult to put the lid on. They can't easily click in place. It couldn't be done without holding a bin upside down in my arms and pressing very hard, not practical when it's full of sugar. The thin plastic hinges that held the tabs in place would not last long like this. This leads to a bigger complaint for me. I got a message that it was not eligible for a return when I initiated a return. I was surprised that it was a Prime purchase, but I couldn't find a return policy on the page of the product or the seller. It seems dishonest to me. I was able to get in touch with an Amazon representative who gave me a refund after an hour and a half, but I feel bad for the other people who didn't have time to fight for their refunds.

👤I didn't read all of the reviews. My in-laws were going to visit. I was in a rush to get my cabinets organized. I ordered these because I thought they were similar to the before and after pantry photos you can find on the internet. The containers are not clear. They are frosted. They are just tall Tupperware. The labels are ok but the white marker doesn't have a sturdy tip so it doesn't look clean and sharp. The labels are not the same for someone as anal as I am. Consistency and cohesiveness are what I like. I wanted them to be clear. I kept my order despite being in a bind. I saw a lot of reviews that said they got a box with small containers. I think I thought the same. They are stacked inside one another. They appear to be small. I assure you that they are not. You have to unpack it and you will see they are all in the same place. They keep my coffee, almonds and granola easy to find. The containers don't fit in your cabinets because of their shape. The containers are not lined up side by side like books on a shelf because of the bulky lids. Eh.

10. Mixing Airtight CHAREADA Stainless Nesting

Mixing Airtight CHAREADA Stainless Nesting

The cake pan is ideal as a lasagna pan, cookie pans are great for sheet pan dinners, and round cake pans are perfect for roasting. The bowl is made of high quality food gradestainless steel for better shock-proof and rust-proof. Plastic is harmful chemicals. Silicone bottom is used in the bowls to make them stable while mixing, kneading or whipping food. The bowls are easier to hold with the silicone bottoms. There are 7 different sizes. The capacity is deeper to better meet your needs. A set of 7 can be placed together to save space. The egg whisk, spreader spatula, and basting brush are included. The bowls have their own lid that is air tight and can fit in the bowls and make sure food is fresh and clean. To seal them, push down and make sure it is tight. It's great for food storage. Simple to clean by hand and dishwasher safe. Bowl sizes fit on the fridge shelf. To minimize exposure to heat, please wash the lids. A great gift idea for a bridal shower, house warming or any other occasion.

Brand: Chareada

👤My daughter moved into a new apartment and needed some mixing bowls. I gave her the ones I had so she could buy the new ones. I am a great mom. It's a funny thing. I like these bowls more than the other ones. The best part is that the lids nest together as well. Having containers that stack together and then have the lids all over is worse. I save a lot of space with these. I have more space in my cabinet for new tools. The bottoms are non-slip. When mixing brownies, no more bowls. When storing leftover food, the 7 different sizes are very helpful. The lids fit nicely and are easy to use. I found out the other night that they are tight. I tripped over the dog while I was going to put soup in the refrigerator. The bowl fell and landed on its top. I'm sold on these bowls after that. I might buy my daughter a set. It's a funny thing. If you're looking for a quality set of bowls, I recommend you.

👤I was not happy with these. I didn't expect them to be so flimsy. One bang against another surface in my kitchen would cause a lot of damage. The primary problem with them is not that. I found that there was a black substance on them that wouldn't come off. I guess the company that made these decided to cheap out on the final cleaning processes, but I don't know. I couldn't get it off. I tried washing them by hand, but nothing got the substance off the bowls, and I ran them through my dishwasher twice, one time on the most aggressive settings I had. There was a problem underneath the outside rim of the bowls. I would end up with a weird substance on my skin if I ran my finger along, and it was hard to wash it off. If these bowls were very well-made, I would have tried to get this substance removed, but they are so light and flimsy, it is unbelievable. The lids are very cheap. I might have lived with the quality, but not with this problem. They don't need to include measuring cups and mixing utensils. The things look like they would be difficult to use. The cups look like they would break.

👤I don't believe in one star reviews but I had to read them. The bowls are sturdy. They have a non-slip coating on the bottom. The lids are not advertised as airtight. The larger bowls have lids that pop out on their own. I have Tupperware from the 80's with better lid. It's a 1 star for having worthless lids. If you want a better review, change your description. The lids are gross.

👤My wife likes to make her own Kimchi and we bake a lot of breads. The bowls are what we needed. It is possible to stack it to save space, but I will not suggest to tip it over as it is not drip proof. The mixing accessories are a nice addition. The last one we had was chipping in less than 6 months, so I picked this one. There is a The non skid bottom helps my kids not tip it over. Happy with the purchase.

11. Vtopmart Airtight Storage Containers Pieces

Vtopmart Airtight Storage Containers Pieces

The towels are machine washable and maintain an excellent quality even after many washes. Will not shrink or minimize lint. These towels can be used over and over again. Reducing the use of paper towels is aided by this. It is advisable to wash your towels before using them for the first time. The kitchen storage containers set is perfect for different storage. The ideal size for a bag of flour and sugar is a 3.3 quart container. Medium containers are 1.5 quart and are perfect for storing a small box of cereals. They can be used to store baking supplies,oats, pasta, rice, coffee, tea, snacks, nuts. Topmart pantry storage containers are made of plastic which has a longer life than other plastic containers. You can easily get what you want without opening every container if you have clear containers. The plastic storage containers will make use of every inch of your home kitchen. If you have a large or small pantry, these nice looking containers will help you organize your kitchen and pantry better. The containers are airtight to keep food fresh. The tight storage system will keep your food fresh. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. You will receive 24 pieces of labels, which will help you not confuse flour with baking powder or baking soda. You can change contents whenever you need. Peel and Re-stick can be changed with a damp cloth.

Brand: Vtopmart

👤I got these for my wife as a Christmas gift, as our pantry was a mess, and I had written about it in a previous review. These are not the same plastic as the other set I got, but they are great. The sizes offered here are very large. They are smaller than you might think, but we used the 2 large ones for flour and sugar, and the fact that they are smaller than you think, actually works in their favor. We are very pleased with these. I spent over an hour looking at all the different brands and options, and I'm happy we went with the ones we did.

👤They have a good seal which makes me believe they are air tight. I would have liked to have gotten them sooner.

👤I am writing this review immediately because I was so excited. I wanted to organize my life and home this year. I've been looking for cheap places. Well made containers to hold my food. I have found it. These are strong. The clasps feel like they are going to break immediately after I purchased others like this type. These are close and strong. I dropped a full container of trail mix off the counter as I was filling the other containers and it stayed closed and didn't break. I am not getting anything for this review, just to help others.

👤I jumped on the Marie Kondo train and bought these. I like them. They are very sturdy and they stack easily. I ordered a second set in case I needed more food. I like them. I love my pantry. They are amazing.

👤I liked these. Cleaning the lids is one thing I don't like about them. They have a blue band on the top of the lid that makes it hard to clean and trap water if they are not completely dry. These are great and I recommend them.

👤I was surprised I could only buy one set because I was planning on buying enough for the pantry redo. Do you want to make money? I bought more containers to finish my project. The items are very nice and well made.

👤I wanted to replace my Tupperware that was not safe. Tupperware that is 10 years old is not safe. There is a This was a great choice. It has the highest rating for plastic. The pantry is clean and organized. The size of my pantry essentials is great.

👤The opening and closing of the lids are very easy. They stack neatly and give the cupboard an orderly appearance.

👤Endlich, in meiner Kchenschublade, alles wichtige griffbereit! Keine Angst ist hier zum Lebensmittelmotten. Ich hatte in der alten Kche, die in der Dosen! Im Eindruck ist die bekanntige Mann, aber so solls ja. In the gr. In the locker is 2 kilogram Mehl and in the Zucker is 5 kilogram Zucker. I alles Jetzt. I am griffbereit! Dosen.

👤I decided to get these after a lot of searching and reading. I was happy that I did. I got a measuring cup, 6 containers, 3 sheets of chalk stickers, and a chalk pen. You get 2 large containers which I filled with plain and self raising flour and 1.5 kilo bags which fit in easily. There is a I put icing sugar, caster sugar, raisins, and soft brown sugar in the other containers. All of these fit in as well. All containers are locked up. The chalk pen is very good at writing on the stickers. The measuring cup has a good fit. It's much easier to see what I want to use with all the stack on top of each other. It's better to use a peg to fold the flour. I don't intend to use leakproof for liquids so can't give an answer, so I haven't tested it with water. A good product and will recommend it.


What is the best product for baking supplies organization and storage?

Baking supplies organization and storage products from Qilinba. In this article about baking supplies organization and storage you can see why people choose the product. Simple Houseware and Chef's Path are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking supplies organization and storage.

What are the best brands for baking supplies organization and storage?

Qilinba, Simple Houseware and Chef's Path are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking supplies organization and storage. Find the detail in this article. X-cosrack, Iris Usa and M Mcirco are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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