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1. Thermometer Cooking BACKLIGHT WATERPROOF Temperature

Thermometer Cooking BACKLIGHT WATERPROOF Temperature

TILE DESIGN: It's possible to measure the surface temperature of various objects, especially temperatures above boiling points and below freezing points. The instant read food temperature meter has a temperature probe and advanced, highly accurate technology with a response time of just 2 seconds. There are multiple uses for the BBQ and baking thermometers. Their digital food thermometer is perfect for cooking. Easy-READ DIGITAL THERMOMETER FOR COOKING You can always read the temperature on the large instant thermometer dial, even in the dark. Their digital meat thermometer for food of any kind is water-resistant and can be washed and cleaned under running water. The meat thermometers for cooking and grilling are delivered in an elegant, foam lined box, making it the ideal gift for any barbecue or cooking enthusiast or professional. It's the perfect food temperature for cooking.

Brand: Alpha Grillers

👤I bought this thermometer a couple years ago and it worked great at first, but I was looking for a more accurate one and it wasn't there. It has acted up over the past 6 months. It would be difficult to turn on if it turned off while taking a reading. After pulling the battery and re-inserting a couple of times, the screen would eventually work after flashing on/off rapidly when trying to use it. It's hard to turn on the thing and it often won't stay on for long enough to use. I have replaced the battery on more than one occasion, but this is not a problem because the behavior remains the same. Something is not right with the unit inside. I received a reply from Sarah within hours apologizing for the problem and asking to verify my home address for a replacement unit. I thought I did a good job. This is awesome!... It's been 3 months. I've sent follow up emails asking for the status to be ignored. I don't write negative reviews but I can't stand false advertising. If you have a problem, you might not get this company to honor their warranty. Too bad...

👤I have had a Thermapen for over 20 years and it has been great, but it is starting to fail as it is hard to get a connection as you rotation the pen to turn it on. I was looking for a new Thermapen or alternative. I decided to try it out for the low price of $20 on Amazon. I compared it to the failing Thermapen when it arrived. The two pens were within 1 degree of each other. The Thermapen was 3 degrees low at room temperature, while the Alpha Griller pen was accurate. Both pens were within a degree or two of the stabilizing readings within 3 seconds. They did the same thing. The Thermapen comes in a variety of colors and designs. The Alpha Grillers pen does not. Functionality is the same. The Alpha Grillers pens have nice features like the backlight, calibrate, hold, and max/min that the Thermapens don't have. My Thermapen lasted for over 20 years, but the Alpha Grillers pen was less expensive. I don't know how long the Alpha Grillers pen will last. I bought some Alpha Grillers pen for gifts and am happy with it.

👤The thermometer is easy to use and what I expected. The probe came loose when it was cleaned with a sponge. The probe was pulled out of the body of the thermometer. One of the wire leads can't be re threaded because it extends down to the tip of the probe. The thin copper wire cannot be passed through a seal which is inside the probe. The return window is only one month, so I'm not able to get a replacement. This product currently has limitations on submitting reviews. Unusual reviewing activity is one of the reasons for this.

👤For years I have carried a small yellow probe in the arm pocket of my chef's coat, they die after the third time they are forgotten and washed. This one won't fit in my arm pocket, and that's not a bad thing. I gave this one a try because I was tired of spending all the money on the little Yellow Thermometers and kitchen staff. The greatest thing about this thermometer is it's both magnetic and has a hook on the side of the fridge to hold it. It's large and easy to see, and I bought three to hang in strategic places where they will be most needed in my restaurant. When the health inspector shows up, there is a top notch working Thermometer right where it's supposed to be, no more employees forgetting them at home, no more running through the washing machine, and most of all, there is a top notch working Thermometer right where it's supposed to I used it to find out that my fryers were too high, and that will save me the cost of the three thermometers within the next month, and give me at least one more day twice a week before I need to change the oil in my fryers. I have only had them for a week, so I can't rate them well, but I keep batteries around anyway. That's not the most of my concerns. I like it a lot. I don't think you're going to waste any money buying a thermometer with 40 years of cooking experience.

2. ThermoPro Digital Thermometer Waterproof Calibration

ThermoPro Digital Thermometer Waterproof Calibration

The instant read food thermometer is an essential kitchen accessory that will make any food nerd out. It takes 3-4 seconds to read the meat temperature, and 0.9F to read it. The IPX6 is waterproof and has a non-slip grip. The IPX6 rating makes it necessary to clean the kitchen thermometer. Lock and Calibration function. The current temp can be locked on the display to make it safe to temperature probe and read it away from the heat. Product life is extended by the Calibration function. The BBQ Thermometer has a Crystal Clear display that allows viewing at night. 3000 hours of battery life is provided by theAAA battery with battery saving technology. The magnetic back of the Digital Thermometer makes it easy to place it on the side of a BBQ or use the hang hole for hooks.

Brand: Thermopro

👤Don't buy! I used this on the turkey for the first time on Thanksgiving and it worked well. The temperature didn't get above 78 degrees after I tried it again. I used an old-fashioned meat thermometer and it was 170 degrees. I can accept that most products don't work for a long time, but this one stopped working on Thanksgiving. I used it for the first time.

👤I got this off a recommendation and promotion from the amazing ribs website. The probe works well and is long enough to not cause me harm. The final temp reading is about 4-5 seconds longer than advertised. The reading is hard to see at night because the light turns off quickly.

👤I bought this to replace my Thermapen. It is cheaper and works better. Thermapen only works intermittently and sometimes slowly after it broke. Two other cheap ones didn't work out. I don't have to unfold it and wait for it to start up because it seems like it's accurate. Push the button and leave. It can be used for meat, chicken, and fish. I am very happy with it, but I don't know how long it will last. My favorite new appliance in the kitchen.

👤I pulled the London Broil's thermometer and it said it was 127 F. I trusted it because it kept giving me a low reading, but I knew it was in the oven. This is what I got. Absolutely well done. This is not okay. You can not be on Mars when you want to get to the moon. Not impressed, consider other options.

👤The copy that I received works well. I took it out of the package and tested it on my body temperature. And it was correct. I tested in a pot of boiling water and it was spot on. I've used it to cook everything, and it works the way it's supposed to.

👤I keep this stuck to the side of my fridge so I don't misplace it. I use a leave-in thermometer that is great for oven roasting, but this little tool is so much quicker and easier to use for a quick check of milk or water used in yeast bread and kefir. The display is easy to read. I'm not sure if it will be a good idea to make jam or candy, but I'm sure it will be a lot better than the traditional high-heat thermometers that require a bulb to be submerged in boiling syrup but not touching the bottom or sides of the pan. I could test against a traditional candy thermometer, and eventually do that.

👤Quality is good. There are large numbers. The 10% discount coupon code for the next Thermpro order on Amazon is not valid.

👤A favorite tool. I use it all the time. It responds quickly. Accurately. It's clear to read. Good size. It was wide temp. The range. Magnet can be used on the stove or fridge. A good product and well designed.

3. Updated Version Thermometer Waterproof Grilling

Updated Version Thermometer Waterproof Grilling

The cooking thermometer has a working battery. ULTRA FAST The meat thermometer has a high precision sensor. No more waiting for the temperature to settle over a hot stove or grill. It works well with beverages, deep frying, and baking. The food temperature can be found at -58 572 degree Fahrenheit (-50 300 degree Celsius) and is perfect for indoor cooking. The digital meat thermometer can be washed without fear. It can survive impact accidents with a strong plastic body. The SPHORD thermometer is waterproof and resistant to break. TheInstant read food thermometer allows you to get the temperature by the bright and large screen instead of fumbling with your phone to get a read. You can easily store this in a large hang hole, where you can easily access it. If the cook's readout stays on for 10 minutes, the cook's An ideal present for any cooking or bbq enthusiast! Enjoy a hassle free experience with the lifetime after sale service.

Brand: Sphord

👤I spend more time at home cooking because of the Pandemic that is going on in 2020. I wanted to have a perfect medium-rare steak at home, and I realized a food thermometer would be helpful. The reviews looked promising and the price seemed reasonable, so I pulled the Trigger. I was able to cook dozens of steaks with it, thanks to this little device. The device is easy to use. Pull the needle and put it in the meat. There was a boom. You know the temperature. Don't need to turn on or off. It's pretty convenient when you have a lot of things going on in your kitchen, and it turns itself on when you pull the needle out. The unit can be set to Celcius, which is great for those who are familiar with it. I've been living in the US for a while now, but I'm still struggling with the temperature conversion. The bottom of the device seems to be all magnets. Attach it to the fridge. How convenient! I live in a small apartment with a limited kitchen capacity. Not having to find a place to store this thermometer is a plus for me. I don't have to go through all the small cabinets to find it. It's right on the fridge door. The battery was something I didn't like about the product. I wish it had a microusb/usb-c cable. The battery is not accessible. I would recommend this device to anyone who is in the market for a food thermometer, it has an extra battery and I don't think the batteries will run out soon.

👤I have ever purchased a Thermometer like this. The magnet inside the device is strong enough that the glue won't dry out and be thrown in the drawer, or just be left in the mix. When the probe is extended, it shuts off when the probe is closed, so you don't waste the battery, and if the probe is left open, it will time out itself so you don't waste the battery. It comes with one in it, but also a spare as well. The box has a meat temp on it, but if you want to grill it or store it in the fridge, you should use the back of the thermometer. I recommend this for everyone, as a grilling dad.

👤I would have liked to reach out to the manufacturer. I didn't have the chance to try it out until late November and early December because I got the item back in October. I cannot find a way to reach the seller on Amazon, so I have to make contact within an allotted time. There is a The termometer appears to be well made but for the two times that I used it, the temperature readings do not stop when inserted into the foods. The temperature numbers go up and down and the readout never settles into one number. I have no way to reach the manufacturer of this thermometer. It has the makings to be a great thermometer. I have a lemon.

4. Taylor Digital Cooking Probe Thermometer

Taylor Digital Cooking Probe Thermometer

You can make your purchase with confidence because they stand by their products. They believe that you deserve the best and that's why their products are tested and made with love. It is possible to cook food without leaving a trace. The probe with the 4-foot silicone cord is durable and can be used without opening the door. The temperature can be programmed and the time can be adjusted. The actual temperature on the display should be set to the target temperature. The timer feature has a range up to 24 hours. TILE DESIGN: The cooking thermometer can be laid flat or kept at an angle. The rate is very high. The temperature is measured from 32F to . The batteries are included. Use and care are important. Do not put the thermometer in the dishwasher. It is important. The probe will be hot after use. Use potholders or oven mitts when handling a hot temperature.

Brand: Taylor Precision Products

👤My bottle warmer doesn't have a timer setting, so I use this thermometer to time my baby's milk. I own 2 of these thermometers. Never again. Why did I purchase 2? PROS is accurate when it works. The temperatures were the same when I measured them using a different thermometer. The timer is easy to use. You don't like reading user manuals. The use of this thermometer is obvious. The timer lets you see how long it has taken so you can start to gauge how long it will take for certain things to warm up. It takes my daughter's milk about 3 minutes to warm up from ice cold to 100 degrees. I can plan accordingly. The alarm is loud, but you can choose a silent setting. The numbers are large so you can't see them in person. It doesn't work for more than 2 months. I have bought a couple of this thermometers and each one stopped working within two months because it doesn't show the temperature of the item you are heating. I can't tell you what "LO" is, but it means the thermometer is done working for you and you are out of luck. Return is not pleasant. You would think that a manufacturer selling an item with a known defect would make it easy to return it. Send you a new one when you complain, right? Nope. If you return this item first, Amazon will give you a new one or you will have to wait for your refund. There was no customer service. There was no apology. There is no free shipping on a new one. It was very dull. The manufacturer has yet to fix the weird "LO" defect that so many reviewers have complained about. Please click "yes" to let me know that this review helped you.

👤I bought this just 4 months ago to replace my Taylor thermometer that had been around for at least 5 years. This is junk. A turkey was ruined because the probe didn't register. A dozen eggs were ruined when the timer stopped. Went to switch off and it snapped off. And of course the double checked battery. It is fine. So angry. Time and energy in a kitchen are difficult for a disabled person. To waste that and the food due to faulty products infuriates me.

👤I bought this unit twice. The first one stopped working after three months when it wouldn't function. I bought a second unit because I suspected it was the probe. I put the new probe into the old unit after it arrived and it worked perfectly. The new probe worked for about 3-4 months and the unit only read "HI". If you buy this unit, you are throwing money away because it is a great unit when it works. Do not buy this product until the probe is fixed.

👤Over the past 15 or 20 years, I have had two or three of this particular model of meat thermometer and have always been pleased with its performance, reliability and longevity. The braided wire cover that all of the past units had was replaced by a plastic one when I received this one. I have heard that this wire can melt if it contacts higher temperatures. The first time I put a roast in the oven, I closed the door. The wires inside the covering are so thin and brittle that they break from the fatigue of normal bending. Taylor made the metal probe of such poor quality that when it was inserted in the roast, the metal probe bent. The braided metal covering of the past did not cause the wire to be damaged from heat or the probe to bend, but with this new unit this is no longer the case, which is why I gave this item two stars. This has allowed Taylor, the company manufacturing this, to create a market for a new item: Replacement wire/probe which they sell for more than the price of a replacement thermometer.

5. Taylor Precision Products Classic Thermometer

Taylor Precision Products Classic Thermometer

Cave Tools makes products with confidence so you are confident in your barbecue, and they design their products using only feedback from their end users to make tools built to last. The temperature is measured from 105- to 185- degrees. The face shows the proper temperatures for meat, poultry, and yeast. It's dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. The thermometer is made of tough steel and is approved by the National Sanitation Foundation.

Brand: Taylor Precision Products

👤This is the best meat temperature on the market. There were no bones about it. I've had disasters on my dinner table when I've tried others. Since I bought the thermometer, cooking roasts has been easy. I cook all of my meat. The results were amazing on my gas grill. It's a little bit. Why have I ordered a second one? I decided that I needed to clean off the grease spatters on the thermometer after I got in a cleaning frenzy. The front of the soap steel wool pad is where all of the markings are. All of the markings were gone. I love this thermometer because it's incredibly accurate, but I have learned that if you clean it with anything abrasive, you'll be ordering a replacement.

👤I dropped and broke the glass tube because it wasn't protected. After a series of leave-in thermometers which all eventually get washed, I finally found this. It is great. You can put it in the oven, wash it, or stick it in the roast, but you should not use a scratchy guide. The guide is the only thing that keeps it from being perfect. The guide was better because the cooking temp was stamped into it.

👤I was not happy with it after I bought it. It takes a long time to register a reading with the yeast. I think it's meant for meat. It's okay. I'm still using it and it's not horrible. Slow!

👤I have owned a number of digital and analog meat thermometers, ranging in price from $10 to $200, and this is the best of them all. The glass Thermometer is very fast at reading. It is accurate because it can stay in the meat while it cooks. Glass thermometers have less issues with calibration than other types. The problem with glass is that they are fragile. Taylor did an excellent job of protecting the thermometer from breaking. The thermometer provides a measurement very quickly. It is quicker than some of my dial thermometers. Taylor states on their package that the thermometer is dishwasher safe, but I wouldn't use it in the dishwasher. I don't want to risk having detergent leaking back up onto what I am cooking because it is possible for soap to work its way between the two. I will only wash this once.

👤This is only a hand wash. The poor reviews are due to people breaking them in the dishwasher. The spring or digital versions are not as accurate as these. I've had no luck with a digital one working for more than a few months.

👤I needed to replace my last non-digital cooking thermometer because I couldn't read it again. I can't imagine a digital being accurate for that long. The shield over the glass tube gives the thermometer more protection.

👤The product reads 10 degrees higher. Not accurate. There was a hard white lump stuck to the package. Possibly not good. Cannot return item. Don't.

👤When I bought one of these thirty years ago, I was unhappy with the one that I had to buy because it could not find another. I am pleased that I have found this again.

6. Greater Goods Wireless Thermometer Providing

Greater Goods Wireless Thermometer Providing

A lifetime warranty allows you to request a return without having to worry about it. The Meat Temperature Guide can help you cook meat. The design and quality of the food thermometer make it a premium choice. The kitchen will never be the same. Cook well. The most important thing to do when checking temperature is to have a accurate thermometer. It is an affordable device that can accomplish its task. Don't let an accessory ruin your style again. The sleek, compact design of this thermometer can make a home anywhere in your kitchen with its thin profile, built-in magnet, and folding probe. Their friendly team in St. Louis are ready to help you with any questions you might have about your food thermometer. They want you to have the best experience from start to finish. They design and produce the highest functioning, most affordable food thermometer, but they value the positive impact of a purchase on a global level. They only partner with ethical factories and ensure a portion of every sale is given back to a charity that matches the nature of what you will be using. The side tab has short videos about how they give back.

Brand: Greater Goods

👤Excellent set of features and quality at this price point. Accurate. This is a nice big display. Greater Goods packaging is the same as other items. It's easy to read. The insert looks nice on the fridge. I like the fact that this thermometer is large compared to others. It is hard to get lost and fit in my hand. It won't power on until the probe is extended. That is great as these tend to get put in a drawer where they get bumped and then your battery dies at a time when you need it. It has a nice sound when it finds the temperature. The button will help cut down on bending, craning your neck and reading at weird angles. The display is clean and easy to read. Greater Goods donates a portion of their proceeds to various charities. I have a number of their products and they all work the same. I think I will get some longevity out of this purchase. For a value-priced thermometer, it has a lot of features and is of high quality. This is the temperature you want.

👤The Greater Goods Thermometer came at the perfect time, as I haven't seen my old instant read one in a while. I'm very pleased with this device. It's incredibly well made, like all Greater Goods products. Many of the other intent thermometers on the market have a similar feel to the thermometer. It's easy to use and it has a function. The only complaint I have is that it is not an instant read. It can take up to 10 seconds to temp a high-heat item, which is the same amount of time as my last one. I've used some thermometers that will temp the same item in a few seconds.

👤You don't need to read the instruction manual to use the Greater Goods digital food thermometer. I put the probe into a roast beef, ham, a whole roasted chicken and a turkey, and in a few seconds, it was easy to read the temperature. No more guessing. After using, you need to clean the probe and close it down. The digital guy is a game-changer after years of using the old fashioned thermometers. I highly recommend!

👤The design of the digital food thermometer is very nice. It's easy to handle because it's a perfect size and shape. It's easy to turn off and on. Pull the sensor away from the body. It's easy to use. The sensor is tucked away in a small recess in the side of the thermometer, so it doesn't get caught on anything when it's not being used. The sensor can be used to check food temperature in the oven without it getting burnt. The display is large and easy to read. While the display is not backlit, it's still clear enough to read later in the day, before you need to turn on the lights. The hold button is located near the display. This allows you to check the temperature of food in the oven without having to open the oven door to take the reading. It was so easy. The black body of the thermometer is very nice. It doesn't show scratches easily because it's a matt color. It's very easy to clean because it's smooth. I haven't had to change the battery yet, but it's very easy to access. It's flat, thin, and low-profile to keep the Thermometer size convenient, but it's also a common battery size that you can buy just about anywhere, which is very nice. A very nice food thermometer is at a great price. Highly recommended!

7. DOQAUS Waterproof Instant Thermometer Calibration

DOQAUS Waterproof Instant Thermometer Calibration

If the cook's readout stays on for 10 minutes, the cook's An ideal present for any cooking or bbq enthusiast! Enjoy a hassle free experience with the lifetime after sale service. It takes 1-2 seconds to read the wide temperature range from -58F + 572F with accuracy. You can cook beef, chicken, pork, fish, lamb, or turkey perfectly every time. The DOQAUS meat thermometer digital is great for beverages, deep frying, and baking. IPX6 waterproof has durability. There is no need to clean oil stains after using REAL IPX6 waterproof certification. Also, note: Please don't put it in a dishwasher. The anti-fracture body of the waterproof food thermometers is stronger. It can survive impact accidents. It's a super long probe. A cooking temperature probe made of 304 STAINLESS STEEL has a length of 1.7 inches and a diameter of 1.6mm. Longer probes will keep your hands away from the heat. The turkey temperature can be switched between Celsius/Fahrenheit. There is a backlit and auto resurrection display. You can read the temperature in the dark with the backlit button, and you can get the clarity temperature with the large screen. The auto- rotating display is more convenient for right or left-hand persons to use, and it allows you to enjoy cooking every time, because you can read the numbers from any direction. Customer service is LIFETIME. You can either get the initial pre-calibration through a reset or manual calibration. You don't need to worry about purchasing DOQAUS thermometer meat. If the instant read thermometer didn't work for you, please contact them and they will provide the best solution for you. All your questions will be answered within 24 hours.

Brand: Doqaus

👤This is used to make marmalade. It worked well, but sometimes it failed to turn on. After I tapped it into my hand, it turned on. I thought it was a bad battery connection. There was excessive up/down play on the coin-battery when I opened the battery compartment. I put a soft, thin gasket on the back of the battery and closed the battery compartment to make it work.

👤I really liked this device. I need it on the fridge. It is easy to read and I am pretty sure it was correct, but I have nothing to say. I cleaned it with a soapy dishcloth after using it for five months. The temperature gauge was pulled out of the main body. I can't use it like this because I can't get it back in. The return window was only a month.

👤The reading on the screen can change directions based on how you hold it. I bought a thermometer to use when I was making breast milk. It's important to have a quick and accurate reading. I don't know if it's 100% accurate. I assume it is.

👤We use a nice temperature for meat. The rest of the device works as expected despite the fact that the battery died in less than a month. The battery is dying constantly. We can only use it a few times and the battery is dead every time. temp is not reading right now, have replaced over 4 times. Do not recommend it!

👤Disappointed with the flimsy product.

👤This is used to measure baby bottle temp. It seems to be an accurate one when compared to the one we got from the hospital. The numbers flip depending on which way you hold it so they're upright.

👤It works well if you take note of whether it is on Fahrenheit or Celsius or if you think it is broken.

👤It doesn't always start. Sometimes the battery is out of place and you need a tool to open it.

8. Lavatools PT09C Commercial Thermometer Chipotle

Lavatools PT09C Commercial Thermometer Chipotle

Don't wash your hands in water. The readings were better than 0.9F. The features include C/F, temperature hold, and MIN/MAX. The clip is easy to carry. The regular versions are perfect for fryers, bread, sugar, coffee, wine, and homebrews. Backed by a 3-year limited warranty.

Brand: Lavatools

👤An inexpensive instant read thermometer. I wanted a cheaper thermometer for my vacation home, and I have the Lavatools Javelin and Thermapen. It's just as accurate as the other models, but it's slightly slower on the read. The probe is larger in diameter than the other top models and it takes longer for it to cool. It's cheaper than Javelin and Thermapen, but it's not as good as it could be. I will take the trade-off. It's a 5 star thermometer, and it's for the price.

👤I've used this thermometer a couple of times and thought it was showing a lower temperature than it actually was. A boiling water test showed the temperature was higher than it should be. There is no way to correct or adjust the variance like the old dial type thermometers.

👤It's too long for use in a kitchen. Don't get me started on the ergonomics. Either you use two hands to operate it or you cover the display with your thumb. The probe has a display. It looks like it is 1. Right-hand centered 2. It is hard to read unless you are close to the target. The Lavatools Javelin PRO Duo Ambidextrous Backlit Instant Read Digital Meat Thermometer (Indigo) is not as good. Would not recommend it.

👤This one really hurts. It's a nice temperature. It's easy to use, easy to read, and only one button. "I thought" is what it checks all the boxes for. The problem is when I put it in a duffel bag. The probe has no LID. It is an accident waiting to happen. It can bend into a break or stab something else. I bought another one that folds shut. If you are going to put it in a drawer, this one is great. There is no lid on it. I don't know.

👤I recommend the javelin for a few dollars more. Lava tools has one of the best javelin thermometers. I've been a chef for 16 years and I swear by the javelin. This is not a good starter thermometer.

👤Readings are close to what I was expecting. I think it was off by 2 F, depending on where the probe is positioned. I don't need to know when my water is boiling. I want to read 167 F for my microwave meals so I don't get overheated. The sheathe was snug to remove. I filed it down and it is perfect. The orange color is easy to spot in a crowded drawer. Hopefully the tiny battery lasts and doesn't get eaten when the meter is off.

👤I have been using an old thermometer that takes forever to use when I cook in the Air Force, as soon as I started using, it is tough, but a good long term use, but the only thing I would say that is a con is that it could be a pro. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a new Thermometer.

👤This is a big step up from what you usually see in the stores. It's a good size and rugged, but it's accurate and fast. The one I have is just a few seconds and it can take several minutes to give a reading. Very pleased with the value.

9. Lavatools Javelin Digital Thermometer Chipotle

Lavatools Javelin Digital Thermometer Chipotle

The response time is better than 0.9F. The display is easy to read and splash-proof. Convenient storage on fridges or ovens can be done with an integrated magnet. It's also a great way to cook bread, chocolate, yogurt, and cheese. Nothing else on the market is as good as the NSF certified superior build quality. Backed by a 3-year limited warranty.

Brand: Lavatools

👤The probe cracked when it was used to measure the temperature. LavaTools failed to respond to many emails after submitting a warranty submission. I would avoid this company's products. It's not hard to offer a lifetime warranty if you don't honor it.

👤I liked this thing at first. The feature is great for storing. The auto-shutoff helps with the battery being good. After a year of use, it began to give inaccurate readings. For example. It's 70 degrees F in my house. If you take out the battery enough times, it will eventually read right. It may work again if you turn it off and store it for a few days. I don't know if it would work at a time when I need it. The lack of support from Lavatools is the worst part. I have been unable to get lavatools to respond to multiple warranty inquiries, one of the main bullet points in the item description. You fill out a form on their website, but they don't send you a confirmation, ticket number, or anything else via email. You don't have a reference for the next contact. They haven't responded to the requests I've sent over a month and a half ago. I have to give this 2 stars because of poor customer support.

👤When it worked, this insta-read thermometer was great. My thermometer stopped working recently. The display shows an error message. I have tried replacing the battery a few times but it still doesn't work. When I contacted them a week ago about my issue, they failed to respond. The lifetime warranty and great reviews made this a great purchase.

👤I have had this for a few months and it works great. The feature that allows me to stick it to my stove is something I like. I had the chance to test the waterproof and so far it works well. It survived a few washes and the dip that killed my last thermometer. It works as advertised so far. I haven't put the "water proof" through the ringer yet, but it does read a fair amount faster than the last "instant read" temperature probe I had, and I thought that read pretty quickly.

👤This is one of the best meat thermometers we have owned. It was just as advertised. The work stopped after 10 months. There was a blank screen when opened. The new battery didn't make a difference. The -58 degree reading that was caused by playing with the battery was not shown again after closed. Only used on roasted chickens. Never been abused. Never wet. It was stuck in a chicken. There is no point in contacting Lavatools after reading other reviews. Will not purchase anything from them again. The review said they could get the thing to work by pressing on the battery. It seemed to help after several tries. I put a piece of paper on top of the battery to make sure it was showing the correct temperature. I expect to have to open and play with the battery each time. My other standard thermometers will be my first choice.

10. Kizen Instant Read Meat Thermometer

Kizen Instant Read Meat Thermometer

Nothing else on the market is as good as the NSF certified superior build quality. Backed by a 3-year limited warranty. Their meat thermometer takes a temperature in as little as 3 seconds. It's time to say goodbye to over cooked food and hello to perfectly cooked steak, fish, or turkey every time. Their digital meat thermometer is great for many uses, including deep frying, baking, grilling, and more. This tool will help you improve your cooking skills no matter what you're cooking. The Kizen digital thermometer can be washed under water. It is also resistant to drops and kitchen accidents. Their easy-to-read cooking thermometer displays temperature on a glowing screen, making it convenient to know when to cook. The instant read food thermometer is an essential kitchen accessory that will make any food nerd out.

Brand: Kizen

👤It was just what I needed and at a great price. The roasted pork loin was a perfect medium.

👤When I received this thermometer, I was so excited. I wiped the instructions down after each use. I only had to use it twice. The screen is not turning on anymore. I made sure the battery was tight and I replaced it with a new one, but it still isn't displaying anything. So disappointed. The waste of $20

👤I am very disappointed. The temperature lasted about 8 months. It was easy to use, accurate, and I liked that the safe cook temps for meat were there for reference. Water was behind the display last month. I ran my towel along the probe after washing it. The probe never worked again. What a waste. My rating was changed. I threw the product away when it failed me. It wasn't until I wrote a negative review that I realized it had a warranty. I assumed that since I didn't have the damaged item anymore, I wouldn't be able to send it in for replacement. I got an email telling me that a new one was on the way. They made it right after seeing my review. I didn't have to do anything. Customer service like this is rare. Thank you. This product is very good. The second thermometer failed. We were very careful with it. Washed immediately and hung up, never in a drawer or in the water. The screen failed. The first two digits were blank. Was it 7 degrees? Was it 47 or 167? This time, I did not receive a response from support. I hope my meat is cooked all the way.

👤There are two types of digital cooking thermometers: those that read instantly and those that are not meant to be left on the grill or in the meat. They are supposed to be left in the oven. If you leave the thermometers in the oven, they can be further divided into remote reading or not. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, but I prefer the instant read variety. If there is a few degrees difference, it can mean well done or rare. Pork and chicken can be potentially dangerous if they are not cooked to the correct temperature. The thermometer is fully featured and well-priced. The seller is anxious to make sure the product is suitable and he seems to be a good one. I think this is a good purchase, but I will have more experience with it.

👤I left my review here. The seller told me that the thermometer was covered by a lifetime warranty. They apologized for the issues and sent me a new one. They contacted me several times to update my review, which was concerned with how it made their product look. I decided to leave the original review, but update it, as I don't change my opinion on the product. The product should not have worn out in three weeks because the seller was willing to send a new one. The original review said that the thermometer was easy to use and accurate. It only lasted three weeks before it stopped working. I replaced the battery, but nothing happened. A product that will stop functioning in less than a month seems expensive. I wouldn't recommend it.

11. Taylor Commercial Waterproof Digital Thermometer

Taylor Commercial Waterproof Digital Thermometer

There is a hole in the story. You can either attach the food thermometer to the wall or the refrigerator once it's finished. You can store it and take it whenever you need it. The waterproof design is. The product is not ruined by this thermometer. The unit should not be submerged in water. The sleeve can be used to adjust the temperature. After each use, it's important to thoroughly clean your thermometer. The 0.8 inches display is easy to read and use. The rate is very high. The temperature can range from -40 to 450F. The 9842 has an average response time of 5. 3 seconds.

Brand: Taylor Precision Products

👤I'll give it that much, it worked for a while. I only used it once a day to make a cup of coffee. It has been on life support for a while. I replaced the battery and it seemed to work, but that is fraught with danger. It's like taking the battery out of a race car. The battery is very tight, and the tray that you have to push the battery in with is useless. I finally threw it after messing with it for a long time. The probe is not long. The unit is not warm. It works perfectly, but it is difficult to work with the battery tray. A waste of time. If you spend a bit more, you can get a better quality thermometer.

👤It can take 30 seconds or more to get a reading. Too long time for things to cool down while trying to get a reliable reading. It seems pretty accurate once it settles on a reading. I have an oldCPS brand digital thermometer that reads in a few seconds. I need a replacement for its snap together case because it won't stay together anymore.

👤Poor quality. I realize I am not dealing with a scientific instrument at the price point. I would hope it was somewhat accurate since it is intended to be used for food safety. It seemed to be off when I first used it. I tried to check it out in an ice bath. This one reads 15 degrees F lower than an actual thermometer used to compare to. I need to turn the calibration screw in a certain direction.

👤This is the new Taylor Digital Thermometer. I got many years of accurate temps from that one. I don't think this one will do the same thing. There was a piece of plastic that you had to remove so the battery could make contact. I didn't have that. The rubber insert that holds the battery in was covered in green corrosion when I pulled it out. Not a good start. I don't know how bad the inside of the thermometer is, but it seems to be working. I don't think this will last long. It has a calibration screw, but it is too sensitive. It takes a while to get to the correct temperature, so I wouldn't call it an instant read thermometer. What do you expect from a $10 Thermometer, not much, and that is what I got. I'm sure I'll need a fine thermometer soon, so I hope Taylor goes back to making them.

👤Most probably function fine with a low-priced Thermometer like this. I have one that doesn't. When I opened the package, it looked like the same thing as the one I received in the same shipment. I boiled some eggs when I tried to put it into the pot of water. The picture is attached. The water was probably between 190 and 200 F. I tried putting it in the water. That was worse. I don't know what it means, but it shouldn't be happening with water that is more than 32 degrees. It's probably a nice Thermometer, but my unit is not worth the time and trouble to come back to, given the number of positive reviews.


What is the best product for baking thermometer bread?

Baking thermometer bread products from Alpha Grillers. In this article about baking thermometer bread you can see why people choose the product. Thermopro and Sphord are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking thermometer bread.

What are the best brands for baking thermometer bread?

Alpha Grillers, Thermopro and Sphord are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking thermometer bread. Find the detail in this article. Taylor Precision Products, Greater Goods and Doqaus are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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