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1. Anodized Aluminum Parchment Leakproof Release

Anodized Aluminum Parchment Leakproof Release

Every purchase of their 8 inch round cake pan comes with a complimentary recipe ebook to bake your heart out. The cake pans are made of anodized aluminum. Anodizing process protects cake pan itself and your health from harmful substances or toxic coating, which can be found in food. Non-stick coating cake pans can be replaced. The 4-inch round cake pans are perfect for baking your favorite cake recipes. The construction of the aluminum ensures even heating. It is designed for round tiered and layers cakes. It's good for serving fruits, nuts and snacks. Quality Workmanship: One-piece leakproof mold design allow to shape a round cake perfectly without any batter leaking, not as the springform pan. Roll edge design is comfortable to hold and won't hurt your hands. The mini cake tins are finished to make clean up quick and easy. It is recommended that you wash your pans. It can be washed with a dishcloth after being soaked in warm soapy water. To scratch the pan, avoid sharp and rough tools. The package includes 8 pieces of cake pans and 100 sheets of non stick wax paper. The quantity is sufficient for your daily use. It's great to make different dessert flavors for different occasions, for your friends at gathering occasion, for your guests on party, and for your families at home.

Brand: Awtbdp

👤I needed it for a few smash cakes. They were able to be protected during shipping because they were stacked inside a small box. The rounds were nice. I would recommend it.

👤These were easy to clean. The price was great. I am glad I took a chance on these. Don't buy them because you won't be able to regulate it.

👤Muy buenos, tal y esperaba.

👤I used spray flour. There was no stick at all. It was perfect in the dishwasher.

👤We make flan napolitano and small cakes.

👤The height of the pans is perfect for making mini cakes. The baked up was easy to remove and clean up. If you can make multiple mini cakes for an event or occasion, the price is right. I will be buying more in the future.

👤The paper they came with was stated. It is easy to clean and sturdy.

👤The molds are easy to clean and good quality. Good size for making small cakes or bake goods. The price is great.

👤Es una perfecta para los luch box cake. Los recomiendo % estn a las buen precios.

2. Far Stainless Non Toxic Healthy Dishwasher

Far Stainless Non Toxic Healthy Dishwasher

Muffin Pan, 12 Cup were included. E-far layer cake pans are made of pure steel without toxic materials and are healthy for your daily baking use. Tier cake pans are constructed by premium-grade and heavy gauge steel to avoid deformation, Rust resistant and sturdy for a long- lasting service life. Straight-sided design for making stacked cakes easily, a mirror finished surface for an easy and clean release, and evenly heated steel for your baked goods, are all part of crafter. There is a multi-PURPOSE. This small cake pan set is great for baking cake, quiche, deep dish pizza, fruit cobblers, flan and gelatin molded desserts, and is also great to steam food, store snacks. These round baking pans are ideal for Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, housewarming and other special occasions and are handy and versatile to meet most of your baking needs.

Brand: E-far

👤I was worried that it would be cheap, but they weren't. The cakes slipped out of the heavy metal. I needed them for my sister's wedding. She and her husband liked the cake. The guests did the same.

👤I made a layer cake for the first time and it was nice even cakes that easily popped out.

👤I make sticky buns for the family at Christmas. Some families are down to 2 people, so I usually use 9 cake pans. I wanted smaller pans. The pans worked well. The size was perfect for the pan. The Carmel sauce didn't stick to the pans. It was easy to clean up. I am going to purchase the E-Far cake pans to replace my Maker's Secret pans.

👤These are better than aluminum pans. Straight walled cakes pop out.

👤These cake pans are gorgeous. These were affordable, but not cheap. Grease them after I line them with parchment. I have never had a cake stick. That's saying something because I do baking that's free of wheat. I found cake pans that are more affordable than the ones in the store. 100% recommended. Dry with a hand wash. They will last a long time.

👤The pans are perfect for the smaller cakes. The layers are baked without drying out. Baking time is reduced by 1/3 because of their size.

👤I used a piece of paper in the bottom to hold the cake in place. They are a good thickness, can't comment on how that impacts baking as I have a convection oven, but seemed to be even.

👤They used all three to make a cake. It worked out perfectly. I used all three pans to make two cakes for my birthday. It turned out great.

3. Fig Leaf Premium 7 Inch Plastic

Fig Leaf Premium 7 Inch Plastic

What other dishes work well with loaf pans? They are great for side dishes and desserts. They are always good travelers, use them for holiday family gatherings, road trips, large event preparations, or just because! Their bread baking pans make it easy to cook. It is made from premium quality aluminum foil that is heavy duty, recyclable, and Stackable. Thick transparent plastic dome lids help you see what you put inside. It is possible to keep your food out of harms way without worry with the use of secure snap on lids. It's perfect for everything from restaurant to-go containers, meal prep containers, school trips, camping, lunch, roasting, sample dishes, outdoor events, and more. It's great for packing food such as Spaghetti, Macaroni n Cheese, Vegetables, Meatloaf, Quiche, Lasagna, Roast and many other dishes.

Brand: Fig & Leaf

👤I've been buying these at the dollar store for 2 dollars and were fine, but these are heavier and have a better lid. They are used in my air fryer to make chicken recipes. Sometimes they don't get dirty. I can wash it out and reuse it, but just toss it. The price is good for the quality.

👤I bought these back in January and just finished the package. I'm very disappointed. I don't have 9 lids. I will not be buying my rice bowls there.

👤Love the size. They make a delicious dessert. This worked well for a pie because it was shaped like a cake pan. I already have glass mini pie plates, but I don't need to worry about getting my dish back, because these are so portable. I have found that even with dedicated pie pans that have clear lids, the problem is when it's a pie.

👤I cook for my son and grandsons. Delivery and Cleanup are easier with foil pans than with plastic containers. I have been buying this product for a long time. I have found the best price for these so far. The plastic dome lids give a little extra room for high food.

👤We used this to make food for my family. They are a good size for chicken pot pies and are a little thinner than I am.

👤I picked these up because I was tired of having to clean my air fryer after every use. It's perfect for my fryer. If I want to save for later, it comes with clear plastic lids.

👤I was looking for something to bake and then freeze in so I thought I'd give these a try. The recipe for my grandmother's coffee cake makes 6 of them. It is easy to stack in the freezer with the dome lid. You will find other ways to use them once you have them.

👤It's perfect for my air fryer basket. I wanted to cook food in my fryer without having to clean it. I have a recipe that calls for butter to be infused with the spices.

👤The disposable pie plates can be used to take pies away from home for events. For cream pies, the lids are a nice touch. I would prefer them to be 8 inch ones.

4. Beasea Disposable Aluminum Cartoon Baking

Beasea Disposable Aluminum Cartoon Baking

The value pack has 10 square aluminum foil pans. Their pans measure approximately 7.5” top length, 7.5” bottom length, and 7.5” bottom width. Premium quality aluminum foil material is more light weight and environmental friendly. The aluminum pie pan comes with a lid, it is a baking mold, and also a beautiful packing, do not need to demold and reduce loss. The good quality food grade aluminum foil material can be put on the fire to use, it can be used for pies, it can be used for cooking, and it can be used for reducing the use of electricity. Perfect Size4.7 inch top length with lid, 4 inch bottom length, 2 inch height with lid, perfect size to use, available with 10 different color, provide more choice for you. The package includes 50 cake pans and 50 lids. Beasea aluminum pie pan are great for making high quality family dishes, afternoon tea, banquet desserts and other delicacies, good for daily cooking, family dinner, friends gathering, festival celebrations, etc.

Brand: Beasea

👤The tins were great for making holiday pie bundles. All of the tins were wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent them from being damaged in transit. The tins are sturdy and are gold in color, so I wash and reuse some of them. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the tins fit perfectly, despite the negative reviews on the page. We were careful to cut away any pie dough that extended past the rim of the tins. The little notch in the lids is perfect for wrapping pies with ribbon or string. Will be giving away these lovely tins to make pot pies, quiches, and more, and will keep them for ourselves.

👤They were cute but not worth the money. When I'm at events, everything has to be packaged and closed up, and when things like this open up, it can turn customers away from my products. This shouldn't be a problem for the amount that they cost. They are perfect for my personal cookie cakes and brownies, and are so cute and perfect size. I need the lids to click on for me to keep using them.

👤The pies I used for the photo were small. I had yet to top them with whipped cream, as the covers hadn't yet been put on them. I have used these for pies. The recipients commented on them. They are strong and attractive. My neighbors wash them and return them. Definitely would buy again. There is a photo of mini chocolate mousses. They stack nicely and make a great appearance.

👤I was going to make 30 lime tarts for the baby shower. The quality of these was great, and the lids were sturdy enough to be securely stacked. Guests were able to see the inside decoration, but it was protected from the elements. The stackability was a pleasant surprise. It was easier to display and transport. Would use again.

👤These containers were what I was looking for. I was able to bake and serve my food. The lids can be difficult to get on but once I figured it out they were easy to put on. I would recommend others to purchase from me again.

👤The tins are large enough to make small pies for people who don't want a whole pie. People feel special getting their own pie. If you want to cook some extra to send home with someone who doesn't cook anymore, you're right. It's great for cornbread. Most of the time, leftovers can be reheated in the oven. A way to reduce the amount of plastic containers. Store the stack where they won't getshed.

👤I don't know what these tins could be used for. They are not much more than molded aluminum foil. They would not work for many items in an oven. They are so flimsy that I wouldn't trust them to not burn or fall on the floor. I wouldn't use them for watercolor projects. I threw them away.

👤These are very flimsy. I wanted to use them more than once. They were bent all out of shape by being patted in the pie crust. I had to bake them on a cookie sheet because they weren't strong enough to leave the oven. Some of the lids came with warped edges that prevented them from going onto the tins. Not worth the price.

5. 40 Pack 7 Inch Round Foil Pans

40 Pack 7 Inch Round Foil Pans

Easy clean, smooth brushed surface, Round corner design for no dead ends, Simply wipe with mild soap and gentle scrub brush or sponge, make cleaning a breeze, Dishwasher safe, save your time and less trouble, STURDY FOIL PAN WITH STRAIGHT SIDES. The straight sides work well for one-layer cakes, roasted vegetables and many other dishes. The transparent domed lids give you a nice clear view of what delicious food are inside, and the sturdy foil pans with lids are strong enough to be transported to wherever they need to go. There is a procedure for to-go meALS. These tins are great for taking food to work or school. Give to people who come to your restaurant. The metal folds over the plastic lid. Depending on the thickness of the contents, the lid can be dome up or dome down. There is a claw and a wheelbarrow wheel. The baking pan has a full curl rim. The rim makes serving easier. The wagon wheel design on the base provides additional support for heavier pies. The deep round foil pan can be used for almost any type of desert or main dish. You can make cinnamon rolls, apple crumbles or cheesecakes. A chicken pot pie is one of the dishes that can be had with a quiche. It's great for pasta salads, taco salads or any other delicious dishes. You can save time by throwing the disposable foil dish in the trash or recycle. It's a good idea to scrub a ceramic or metal baking dish. The 7 inch diameter outer rim is 1.5 inches deep and 2 inches from the top of the lid.

Brand: Dcs Deals

👤I know these are to-go containers. If I don't eat anything in my air fryer, I can put the lid on them and put them in the refrigerator, so I can just ignore it. These are great for making single serve meals, putting them into the freezer, and then popping them into the air fryer. I can take something with me when I want it and throw it away. I don't have to worry about losing one of my dishes when my adult kids take food home with them because they will not bring those dishes back to us.

👤My wife baked 1800 cookies and gave them to our friends. We used these pans for the third year in a row.

👤I have been looking for a way to bake for my family and friends, but I don't have an oven. I bought an oven. The cookie pans are not in the normal size. I bought some ovenware. I didn't want to give them to family and friends. I was looking for disposable pans. I was looking for 7” pans and found them here. I love them and received them. The covers are a plus. Can't wait to bake pies, brownies and cakes in this pans.

👤I used these with my mom and she loved them! This recipe is perfect for four of the seven-inch pans and is usually used to make two large pies. It's perfect for sharing with friends.

👤I like these. I bought them at the Dollar Tree. I'm very happy with these. Good quality.

👤These pans were used to make dinner rolls. The tops were easy to apply and show the finished product. The pans were small but perfect for my needs.

👤It was used for a bake sale. They work well for any occasion.

👤These are hard to find. Great deal.

👤I used to bake a large cake. Overall, these are just fine and I wish they were taller. I would buy again.

6. Hiware Non Stick Springform Removable Bottom

Hiware Non Stick Springform Removable Bottom

USA Pan has provided jobs in the USA for over 50 years and has manufactured high quality bakeware. The 8 inch pan is perfect for making a variety of desserts. The double layer coating eliminates the need for flouring the pan. The springform buckle has an easy way to release baked goods. The oven is safe to 450 degrees. It is recommended that you wash your hand.

Brand: Hiware

👤The pan was used a second time. I washed the pan before using it, and it came out great. After washing the pan, and using it a couple weeks later, the pan formed RUST because water got stuck in the bottom fold. The Rust leaked into the crust. The second use of this pan is in photos. I don't know how to remove the water from the bottom fold so it won't rust. The non-stick layer came off my cheesecake. I used a plastic utensil to remove the cake from the pan and the film came off and ruined it. I was very disappointed and returned the pan.

👤My mother is a baker par excellence and had been using an aluminum springform for 40 years. After being knocked around for so long, it finally began to leak. It was necessary to replace it and it needed to be good. After reading the reviews, I tried this one but held off on my own review until Mom made a dessert. She said the pan was perfect. It's perfect if she says so.

👤The pan's bottom design is not right. The lip on the bottom section almost forces you to install it in the ring, rather than down. This will make you destroy your cheese cake to get it out of the pan. I have been making 9" cheesecakes for a long time. I give them as gifts. My daughter's wedding was the one where I baked them. I decided to go with 10 cakes because my 9 pans were worn out and the USPS frozen them for 10 cakes. You should keep looking.

👤I wanted a way to make fresh pizzas at home that I could control the calories in, but I couldn't find a way to do that until I found these pans. I buy the freshly made pizza dough in the bakery section at the grocery store, divide it into 6 equal parts, let it warm up to room temperature, then I spread it with my fingers into one of the pans which I lightly oiled, and then roll out each piece on a board and The last step is your choice, and you can pile it on without worry of a mess since the springboard pans keep everything nicely contained and easy to remove after baking. Then eat 18 minutes later in the 400 degree oven or wrap in foil and place in a freezer storage bag. The calories are not very high if you shop at the grocery store. I use multigrain. I can make and bake pizzas at the same time with the 6 pans I have. These pans are easy to use and it's great to have fresh pizzas made at home.

👤Good pan. Excellent quality. There were never any problems with leaking. I was not happy with how shallow it is. I can only fit a pound of meat in the pan for some recipes. Many of the 7inch pans are 3” deep. This one has a huge difference in volume and cook times. I prefer the spring form over trying to push a bottom out. It's something to consider for your personal purchase needs.

7. CHEF Stainless Layer Cake Pans Pressure Dishwasher

CHEF Stainless Layer Cake Pans Pressure Dishwasher

Reuse or recycle. After a baking session, don't clean up glass pie tins. Borrowing dishes from neighbours. Their disposable tins are perfect for home bakers. When done, just use your dish, enjoy the pie, and recycle. The P&P Chef cake pan set is made of pure steel, which is healthy for your daily baking use. One-PIECE CONSTRUCTION - Full sides all around help to keep food contained without any leakage and ensure cakes perfectly come out, The cake pans are solid constructed to avoid deformation, Ensure rust resistant, Spread heat evenly, Sturdy and durable to last for a long service life Matching every style of your kitchen, smooth edge without sharp angles for comfortable holding, 2-inch straight side is good for uniform cakes for easily cutting and making layer cakes. Functions - 8. It is necessary to cut naked embryo cake into several tiers to make tier cakes, but the round baking pan is sufficient for this. The dishwasher is safe. The round cake pan is dishwasher safe and easy to clean, as shiny as new after washing.

Brand: P&p Chef

👤I'm going to use these pans for the first time. I felt a rough spot on the bottom ring as I washed them. I noticed that it had a crack. I'm not happy. These pans were of good quality. I don't know how long they're going to last. I'm hoping there are no health risks with the material. If I find out there are other problems after I bake my cake, I will update the post.

👤I have never baked anything before. I thought I would do something special for my wife. She backed her cake with these pans. They baked great. They did a great job cleaning up. I could not have been happier. If you fill these to bake to the top of the pan, that's one thing. My cake was about 10 inches tall. It was very impressive to look at. I was a cake baker. That's right!

👤The cake pans are wonderful. I used them the same way I use my older pans. There was no need to trim the edges of the cakes because they were perfectly baked. The cakes and pans were clean. They look brand new after several uses. I put them in the dishwasher to see if they worked. Some of my other pans don't come out clean and need a hand washing, but there is no sticky spray oil left.

👤The pans worked well for my cake. I was looking for a bigger size. It was covered with icing and perfect!

👤I made a small cake with these pans and it turned out great. I was worried about the bottom of the pan and the sides, but when I lined the bottom with paper and padded strips, everything worked out.

👤These may be the best cake pans I have ever had. The cake slipped out after they baked it well with no depression in the center. The sides are straight and easy to frost. I used cheap cake pans when I was a child. I'll be buying other sizes of this pan when I need them.

👤I was making a desert for Christmas and needed 8 inch round cake pans. They were delivered early on the 24th. I like that they are made of steel. I bought the liners with the tabs. My cake turned out perfect because of the pans.

👤The product was great. My wife used it the day after christmas to make a great cake. It's easy to clean and it looks classy.

8. Premium Aluminum Disposable Plates Quiche

Premium Aluminum Disposable Plates Quiche

Also included: The dimensions of the cake pans are 6 x 2 in. There are 15 x 5 cm and 8 x 2 in. 20.3 x 5 cm and 10 x 2 in. There are 25.4 x 5 cm and 12 x 2 in. The pans are 30.4 x 5 cm. PIE TINS ARE DURABLE. The lip curling outward gives your pie crust the support it needs to bake properly. The folds on the sides of the pan help you crimp. It's difficult to find oil tins that are perfect for baking, storing or shredding. These tins can be used for home baking, or for freezing ready-to- bake crusts. They can be used as cake tins, camping plates, roasting tins, and takeout dishes. It's perfect for that 9-INCH PIE. The plates have a 9 inch outer rim, an 8 inch inner rim, and a 7 inch bottom. This makes them a great size for bake sales, birthday parties, charity gatherings, large events, or baking for the farmer's market. Just about anything. It's like a chicken or turkey pot pie. A pumpkin pie. There is a dark chocolate apple pie. Or a cheese and onion meal. A nice apple dessert. You can use the tin pans to make a cake. These pans have everything you need for baking. Reuse or recycle. After a baking session, don't clean up glass pie tins. Borrowing dishes from neighbours. Their disposable tins are perfect for home bakers. When done, just use your dish, enjoy the pie, and recycle.

Brand: Gypsy's Cart By Nocry

👤The value is great. We made 70 apple pies for the non-profit that supports new moms. Not a single tore, broke, bent or was warped. I was worried because some reviews said they were flimsy, but I found them to be quite durable. They are disposable pie tins, which means they are not the same as your pan. The heavy fruit filled pies we made were not damaged by the strength of the pie tins. It's perfect for making pies. Delivery was on time and on budget. Well packaged. I would recommend this product.

👤The aluminum used in these pie tins is very flimsy and doesn't hold up well. You need to be extra careful with the pie crusts because the pie tin would bend when you pick them up. The groves in the bottom of the pie pan made it difficult to make sure there were no holes in the crust. Unless I was in a pinch, I wouldn't buy again.

👤The disposable pie tins were perfect for my birthday party. I didn't have to worry about whether the pies would hold up because I was able to make 14 different pies. They were strong and perfect for what I needed. When the pie came out of the oven, it looked like it was going to be put on a shelf.

👤These pie tins are really nice. It is perfect for all the things they use. It is worth the price. You should put a cookie sheet under the full tins after baking. These are very sturdy for disposable pie pans, but they are still flimsy. The pies I made were baked evenly and the only problem I ran into was moving the pies around because the pie tins are disposable so had to be handled more carefully. Everyone liked the pies. The sides of the pans work well to keep the small stuff from rolling around, and my family uses them for different craft activities.

👤I like the depth and the size. Sturdy and durable. The value is great. I was able to use it twice. Great for making a dish.

👤These will be great for my wedding. We are roasting a pig and eating BBQ food. Guests can take food to-go when they leave with a lid on top and the pans keep food from sliding off the plate. One of the 50 packs I ordered got dinged up during shipping, so there are several pans that are bent up. I will have to bend them back to their original form, which will not be the same. The seller might be able to prevent this for future orders. It's not easy to keep them 100% perfect, as shipping travel is taxing on packages, but I think there could be improvements to aid in protecting original form of pans.

👤They worked for my pies, but they don't hold my pumpkin or apple filling well. They are very thin and have a knife in their hand. Pies for gifts would work well if you have a small business, but not if you have a large one. I didn't have time to send them back and wait for different ones because I had too many orders to fill.

9. Inch Round Foil Disposable Aluminum

Inch Round Foil Disposable Aluminum

PANS are made in the USA. NYHI disposable foil food containers are made in the USA to ensure the highest standard of quality. They will give you a full refund if you are not completely satisfied. No questions were asked. Baking, serving, and storing in one convenient place with little ones: Their disposable 9” cake pans are perfect for convenience. MontoPack makes food service an enjoyable experience. Straight-edge dishes encourage even cooking and fit more food per container because of their deep, slanted walls. It is possible to bake pies with strong, flat bottoms. HeAVIER-DUTY ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION. It doesn't mean disposable is wasteful. Their foil cake tins with lids are made of thick, high-quality foil and are strong enough to be used again and again. They are easy to grip and hold. The 9-inch pie pans with lids help to reduce your carbon footprint by saving money while handling all your soups, salads, cakes, cookies and other light fare. The kitchen is clean. Clean conscience. If you want to keep your party going, skip the cling wrap, heavy glassware and expensive party plates. The 50-pack of aluminum pie tins lightens your load. Prepare food for an army.

Brand: Montopack

👤I wanted to put pies in the pans. We decided to sell pies to people at my work because my girlfriend is a chef. When I took the last order, we had almost 40 pies to make. My girlfriend makes pies that are not $5 special. The standard disposable pie dishes are not deep enough to hold each pie. These worked out perfectly. We made the pies smaller to fit, but we didn't have to scale back. These were great for Lemon meringue ice cream pie, French silk pie, pumpkin chaffant, and Dutch apple crumb pie. They held up well, and we made a small amount of money, and the price point allowed us to stretch our money a little better. It was a great experience and I'm glad we found these and will be using them in the future.

👤These took a long time to arrive. I received them. They stuck a large name sticker on the bottom of the pan. I am not sure if I will be able to return them because they are stuck on stickers.

👤These are sufficient when a crust is used. I had to hold the edges of the pans while pressing to make sure the pans wouldn't bend. The pans and refrigerated crusts were sturdy once we were in them. I like the covers. That's an issue with pies. You have to use plastic wrap or aluminum foil if you don't have a covered pie plate. The pans and lids will be useful for more than just pies. I will buy more when I need it. Two thumbs up from me.

👤These are a great deal for disposable pans. I bought these to make holiday pies for my friends and family. The only thing I can say is that it's not a pie pan because the sides don't have a slant to them as typical pies have, it's more of a cake style pan. I have made a lot of holiday pies and they came out great.

👤I needed two raised things for the project. I was hoping to find a hinged covering on a base, but no such thing as that size is available. When I stumbled across your item, I was able to use 2 of your pie-tin covers for the project, which I've been too busy to work on at the moment. There is a Wow! The price for 50 pie tins with covers is amazing. I had to use a tin with cover to take bagels to a friend in the hospital. They were heated in the microwave and then put in a tin and cover. He had to stop and pick up his mail. The bagels were kept warm by the tin. I bought them for my project. I wouldn't have had a way to keep the bagels warm. A cook is in our complex. She will get the remaining tins and covers. She'll use them well. The man is named Terrell.

👤The disposable pans had a lid. I bought these for my bake sale and gifts. I made some pies which turned out great, so no problems withstanding the oven temperature. I could put a label on the pie tops because of the lids. The lightweight foil design arrived in tact and held its shape when adding ingredients for baking, because the order arrived quickly and well packaged. They keep their structure well even though they are lightweight. Good purchase.

10. CHEF Stainless Bakeware Leakproof Releasing

CHEF Stainless Bakeware Leakproof Releasing

The P&P Chef cake pan set is made of 100% pure STAINLESS STEEL and is free from harmful substances or toxic coating peeling off into your food. The mirror is built to last and is Rust-free and durable to last for a long service life. The design of leakproof one-piece construction, allow to shape the cake perfectly without any batter leaking, not as the springform pan, 2-inch straight side is conducive to uniform cakes for easily cutting and making layer cakes, Smooth side without rough spots to cutting hands are some of the benefits of Cleanliness - it's clean. These mini cake tins are mirror finished to reduce sticky risks and make clean up quick and easy, Dishwasher safe to save your time and less of cleaning hassle, and soak it in warm soapy water for a while, and simple wipe with a dishcloth. It's ideal for making mini cakes, mini brownies, mini quiches, breads for one person or kids, and can also be used as a fruit container and food serving pan.

Brand: P&p Chef

👤I have baked for over 40 years. I don't like aluminum because it doesn't work well in the dishwasher and for health reasons. Quality pans that check all the boxes are what I need. I bought the 6 inch cake pans from this company and was impressed, so I came back for more sizes. The quality was the same. They are heavy enough to bake well without being too heavy. The non stick cake pans will brown the cakes. The cakes can rise to a nice thickness because they have that extra height. They are pretty when they go through the dishwasher. I grease and flour my pans and put it in the bottom with no problem. Even though you take precautions, some pans stick. Even without the dishwasher, they clean up well. I am very pleased. The box they come in is good quality and I can put the cake pans on a shelf with the size written on it.

👤Love! My first pans were 6. They were great. The cake layers slid right out after I added the paper to the bottom.

👤These are easy to clean. The heat is more concentrated because they are made of steel. You would bake at a shorter time span. I did it on my cakes but didn't realize they bake faster.

👤I love these pans. My son asked for a venom cake for his 9th birthday and I have never made a tiered cake in my life. I wanted to make a layer cake, but I couldn't find one. I thought this was a good time to try. He loved it. 2 boxes cakes were enough to fill all the pans. It turned out great for my first attempt. These pans are very good.

👤These cake pans are wonderful! I didn't have an oven because my kitchen was being renovated. I wanted to bake my husband and friend birthday cakes in my mini oven. This worked well. I like to stack these 6” cakes from now on because they make the most adorable cakes. They were easy to clean. I used non stick spray and paper liners that came with my purchase. They fill two pans and 4 cupcakes with boxed cake.

👤My first attempt at a four layer cake. These were great! It is easy to clean.

👤I can make a half recipe and get the same number of layers with these pans. I've gotten into baking in the past year, but didn't want to make cakes because who needs a full size cake just sitting around? Unless you're having a party. I know I don't. It's a choice between low-fat and sugar-free. I can make half a regular pan recipe and come out with the same number of layers. Still makes 8 pieces. It seems to bake evenly. I grease and use a paper round in the bottom to make sure the cakes come out smooth. It is easy to clean up.

👤These pans heat up fast so be careful when baking with them. The cake batter is a little too heavy on the outside and underdone in the middle. It isn't that big of a deal that they are small cakes. Baking in a water bath should help it bake more evenly. I haven't tried those methods yet.

11. MontoPack Disposable Aluminum Foil Tart

MontoPack Disposable Aluminum Foil Tart

The mini pie pan is made of 100% aluminum foil and is durable. The graduated bottom of the pie pans is 3” larger than the small ones. Convenient for quick and easy clean-up is a big plus. Simply dispose of the tin plates after you eat, they are great for picnics, BBQ's, camping trips and travel. There are baked goods for any occasion. These pie pans can be used in many different ways. You can use them to bake pies, cakes, and cheesecakes, or use them to make chili bread bowls. It's perfect for stack and store, to-go and muffin prep. These pans are easy to stack and store for food prep, and are great for holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. A bulk pack of 50 pie tins is perfect for weddings and other special occasions.

Brand: Montopack

👤I wanted to make a homemade peach pie. They didn't let us down! I was worried that tin pie pans would not allow me to bake from proper heat dispersion, like glass ones would. .... They were perfect. I made 6 pies to try out, and ended up making 6 more the next night because they were so good. It is much easier to make mini pies in a cupcake pan. Don't forget to oil them. These pies are a great option for sharing with a friend for a larger portion. Sharing would be an egregious error if you were buying these because you love pie. If that is the case, then you should know that they were personal pie tins, because I ate them that way.

👤I can now make individual pot pies because these are hard to come by. It's hard to cook good meals for one person because I love pot pies. A regular recipe makes about 4 or 5 pot pies. It works well. They are very economical and I love them. Monto pak and Amazon made these available.

👤I love having them in my kitchen. I use them for a lot of things. I can bake batches of pies and freeze the ones I don't eat immediately, without using my regular baking pans. I use them to save leftovers that I will be heating in the oven or a toaster oven, to bring meals or snacks to a friend when I cook something special, or to send guests home with a "doggie bag" without having to hand. It's convenient for everyone. They are cheap so that I can use them a few times and recycle without feeling guilty. They are made of aluminum, so I can recycle easily with my cans.

👤I used to buy these pans in several stores in my town but now I can't find them anywhere. I read the reviews and made a decision. They are good. Good quality and a good price. Pot pies are made for friends at Christmas and birthdays. They are great when you have a homemade pot pie for dinner. I make a big batches at a time and freeze them so my friends don't have to buy presents. And for us too. They are the right size for individual desserts. I will buy them again.

👤It's perfect for making mini quiches, mini pot pies, mini everything. I like using it. The item was in a sturdy box. These don't stick to food, which is a plus.

👤I wanted to make small pies. The pans were perfect. They were light and strong. When I made my pie dough crust, they didn't crinkle or fold. These pans are very good. I will definitely be buying more when I run out. They baked a nice pie. I put the pies on dessert plates after removing the pans. I can only say that they were perfect.

👤I wanted to make my own pot-pies with less salt. These look small, but they are not as small as the pre-packaged pot pies. I had some in my freezer that I did a side-by-side with. These can be filled with your own filling, which can be much more substantial than store-bought. I can usually eat a small pot pie and a side vegetable. I will cut back on the filling next time because I ate too much with these. The appearance of the size when you get them is not as important as the amount of food you can pack into it! It was meant to be disposable. The pies slid out. If you like to eat your pot pies upside down, this is important.


What is the best product for baking tins round?

Baking tins round products from Awtbdp. In this article about baking tins round you can see why people choose the product. E-far and Fig & Leaf are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking tins round.

What are the best brands for baking tins round?

Awtbdp, E-far and Fig & Leaf are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking tins round. Find the detail in this article. Beasea, Dcs Deals and Hiware are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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