Best Baking Tools for Bread

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1. Food Safe Flexible Practical Multipurpose Scrappers

Food Safe Flexible Practical Multipurpose Scrappers

Every purchase comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, because they believe in their products. If you have an issue with your GREENRAIN product, get in touch with them. Friendly, easy-to-reach support will be provided by them. The size is 4.52" x 3.74" and the color is white and green. Made of food grade PP plastic, it is dishwasher safe and non-toxic. Use for scraper, shovel, chopping cream, cake, cheese, chocolate, dough, fondant, etc. You can clean it with warm water or a dishwasher after use. With the Dough Scraper, you can get every last bit of batter dough from each bowl without leaving a trace.

Brand: Lasenersm

👤My brother recommended this to me. They work well. I use it when I make my own bread. I used it 3 times and they broke in the middle, I was so disappointed.

👤It seems that the scrapper works well and is easy to use. It broke in half after being used 4 times.

👤I use it for making bread, no hard use, and usually just to remove the dough from the sides of the bowl. It's cracked after a few months after using for a few strokes once a week. I will probably buy another set, but just let other buyers know that it's durable.

👤I thought I didn't need this until I started using it. The scraper is a must have for scrapering dough off the sides of my mixer bowl. Baking is more enjoyable if you spend a couple of dollars. Happy baking!

👤It's just kidding. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't tolerate the heat. They work well in bread making.

👤Both of the scrapers developed the same cracks you have seen in other pictures. The little dot where they inject the plastic into the mold is falling apart. I am going to try out the scrapers. What can you say? The bench scrapers are cheap and functional. They cut dough on the bench after cleaning out the bowl of my kitchen appliance. They are soft and flexible, so they won't cut soft fruits and vegetables, but they can make dough.

👤I like that they are stiff but soft enough to fit in a bowl.

👤These are perfect to remove dough from a bowl or counter. It's easy to clean. I had some soft dough in my mixer and one snapped in half. I have a spare, but I am a bit disappointed since I didn't expose them to any crazy temperatures, but at least I have a spare.

👤These are the scrapper that I love. I use this scrapper to get my bread dough out of the bowl. It bends easily and is perfect for my hand. I used the scrapper to smooth the icing on the cake. I haven't tried putting the scrappers in the dishwasher.

👤Very Thin. Not flat. The dough sticks at the edge and it's hard to clean it. Don't buy.

👤The product was exactly what I was looking for, I use it to scrap food scraps off my cooking pans, and it does exactly that. The edges are flexible enough to curve around the curved parts of my pans.

👤I bake bread and use it to scape the bowl. It is easier than a spatula. Would recommend.

2. Silicone Measurement Fondant Counter Rolling

Silicone Measurement Fondant Counter Rolling

100% SATISFACTION WARRANTY. SMAK has a 1 year warranty and a 3 year free replacement after warranty registration, unlike other brands such as Themoworks Thermapen, Weber, and Taylor. The certificated is CE. Food grade unsalted The pastry mat is made of premium material. It is soft and durable. DOUBLE THYCKNESS: The Mat is almost twice as thick as the other mats. Thicker mats will not get wet. Even if grease or dough sticks to the surface, pastry mat can be easily cleaned to keep the countertop clean and sanitary. The anti-sLIPBOTTOM is very strong and can be applied to any surface. Every purchase comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you have an issue with your GREENRAIN product, get in touch with them. Friendly, easy-to-reach support will be provided by them.

Brand: Greenrain

👤I absolutely love this mat. I ordered the large size mat the very day I received it, and I was so impressed with it that I wanted to start with it. I have never used a silicone mat before, but I bought the smaller size to try it. I used it to make pasta dough. Anyone that has made pasta by hand knows that it takes a lot of time and effort. The mat worked well. I didn't need to add flour to the pasta. I was able to use this particular size of dough because it fits in a small counter space between my stove and the wall, and I was able to use it without any flour on the floor for the first time. I used to use a 12 x 18 plastic cutting board to knead dough, and I would always add flour and/or oil to keep the dough from sticking to the board. The dough was more elastic than usual when I put the pasta through the machine. I was able to focus on creating a great final product, not on reducing the mess. The directions said to clean it with boiling water. Instead, I put in the sink with hot water and dish soap and let it sit for a while. The mat does not stick to itself when I store it rolled up. The Medium size mat in the pictures is large enough to make ravioli. I immediately ordered the largest size to cover the top of my portable butcher block island, because I was so impressed with how well this mat worked. The mat does not have a lot of clean up. After use, rinse it off in the sink and it will look new. I don't have to clean my old plastic cutting board. I can't wait to use this mat to make cookies and cinnamon rolls. Have a great day, and thank you for reading my review.

👤I was excited to receive this mat, due to the positive reviews. I found an insect in the product that I can move around with my finger. There is no way to get the insect out without ruining the mat. I am supposed to use this for food.

👤Terrible! Don't trust the markings. If you go by their starting line, you will get one whole inch off. I was too disgusted to check cm. I was ordering boxes based on the thoughtless design of my handcrafted soap.

👤Update 6/27/19. The dough doesn't seem to stick to the mat anymore despite the previous problems. I was glad I didn't throw it away last time. I have used the mat for 4 times. I had the chance to review this product. I don't know if I got a bad mat or if the others did. The dough sticks to the mat. I thought the problem was the dough. But after my 4th use? The mat is not non-stick. It is a thin, flimsy mat and it doesn't stay on the surface. I am not buying this again.

3. Blender Admixer Dessert Kitchenware Stainless

Blender Admixer Dessert Kitchenware Stainless

Their mission is to offer each customer the wonderful products and service. If you have a problem with their whisks, please contact them and they will give you a solution. The tools are used to mix dough by hand. The material is made of oak handle and a ring. The dough whisk with the basin and flour is in the package. The total length is 13 inches, the handle is 9 inches, and the ring is 3.3 inches. Light and sturdy, easy to use, mixing dough fast, handles all types of doughs easily are the advantages. It is easy to store after use, it can be hung up or dried on the rack.

Brand: Coson Home

👤The metal head came off when the bread dough was mixed. The metal head and ring came off when the other one was used. They won't stay on. Cheaply made. The return date was missed by a few days. Very disappointing.

👤I didn't know if it would make mixing easier because I don't like having clumps of dough on my fingers after mixing. I used my new whisk today and it was very sturdy and did the job very nicely. It was easy to clean up the dough that didn't stick to the whisk. The hot water and soap dries very quickly. The handle is very strong and does the job quickly. I will probably gift my son one of the two that I bought. It's strong enough to be used on large batches of cookie dough.

👤I gave one to Mom and the other to myself. My family loves to bake bread, but it can be a pain to mix it all by hand. The dough whisk does an amazing job, it does all the mixing. I'm ordering more for Christmas presents.

👤I needed something to mix cake batter more effectively than a silicone spatula, which left a lot of dry clumps, and which required me to over mix to get rid of them. It looked like it was what I needed. The quality of the handle and attachment was something I liked about this brand. This is a clever design that can easily combine wet/dry ingredients in many different recipes. It's a masterpiece of design. Highly recommended.

👤I was a bit leery of this mix but I was surprised how easy it was to use. I don't like to mix it up because my hands are too cold. I wondered if using this whisk would help me. It worked. I was amazed. It was made for mixing up. It was better than my bare hands could ever have been, and I was happy with it. I can't wait to try it for dough, like chocolate chip cookies, or anything else that requires combining ingredients. It is more sturdy and larger than I imagined. I'm very pleased with the product.

👤A friend told me that I needed one. She was correct. It makes it easy to combine bread ingredients. My dough came together quickly. I don't think I could live without it.

👤These are great. I bake a lot. There are a lot of bread, rolls, batter breads, pancakes and waffles. I read about the whisks in an article and thought I would give it a try. It was cheaper to buy them from another seller. I love them. The round shape helps get all the ingredients in the bowl and makes it easier to bring the doughs together. I can't imagine baking without them. They are not cheap looking or feeling.

👤If you need clumps of flour broken up or if the batter is thinner, this isn't the right tool. I haven't used it yet for a heavy bread dough, but I'm pretty sure I don't have the strength to beat it all into submission. The tool is easy to clean, but it's mostly in the drawer, and I'm still relying on my hand-held mixer and Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I gave this a 4-star rating because it will perform. If you want to take up space in your kitchen tool drawer, you have to decide.

4. Atrccs Four Hole Non Stick Household Breakfast

Atrccs Four Hole Non Stick Household Breakfast

There is a carbon steel pan, a large silicone pastry mat, a mini plastic bench scraper, and a large plastic pastry scraper. You can get a free digital baguette recipe e-book with purchase. A great gift set of baking supplies. The bread loaf pan is the black one in the set of 1. You can cook cakes at home with this French baguette pan loaf. You can cook bread at home with this pan. You can make your own bread, which is more fun than making it yourself. The Nontick bread pan has a function. The french bread baking pan is soft enough to release the bread. The popping cake is non-sticky and can be quickly released if you press it with your fingers. The design of the bread loaf pan can help you avoid burns and slip easily when you put it into the oven. It is not easy to form. The bread loaf pan can bounce back quickly if it is folded and twisted. The French Bread Pan is a multi-functional bread loaf pan, which can be used to make delicious whole wheat bread, french baguettes, hot dogs, etc., which is very suitable for breakfast, afternoon tea, etc. It's helpful to make your own bread and improve your bread making skills. It is easy to clean if you are using a Silicone bakeware pan. The bread loaf pan is easy to clean. If you have any questions after you receive their bread loaf pan, please contact them. Within 24 hours, they will reply to you.

Brand: Atrccs

👤It worked well to make Maria's PSMF bread. I had a challenge with the recipe but no reflection on the pan. I would love to get this in other sizes.

👤The loaves are large. It's just right for subs or garlic bread. One can use this directly on the oven racks, but I prefer to keep my loaves supported by a cookie sheet. Next time I'll try a 1.5lb recipe and see how it goes, I used 2lb loaf recipe and got over the top bread. My recipe still overfills these loaves, but they are so good.

👤I used this baking mold to bake some hot dog buns. I lightly sprayed each mold well. The dough was baked without oil spray. The results were the same. The hot dog buns baked up nicely and didn't stick to the mold. They were cleaned up with soapy dish soap. I will try to put them in the dishwasher. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤It is easy to clean and bake. I recommend using a pan underneath it to keep it level in the oven.

👤That is all. My bread was stuck and I had to clean it with an ice pick. It wasn't good. I haven't used it since.

👤It worked great and I found it easy to clean, but that wasn't an issue for me. The recipe for Vienna rolls had me start them at 450 degrees and then lower them to 400. The sub rolls were great. I baked on the same cooling grid as before. It gives it more stability. You can put it on a cookie sheet.

👤These pans can be used for hot dogs and subs. Good product. It is a bit pricey, but what isn't these days?

👤I was so excited for this tray. I used it 3 times to make sandwich rolls. They tasted like plastic on the 4th attempt. I've soaked it, boiled it, and hand washed it, and I'll throw it out soon. It's a shame.

👤My daughter said that she made hot dog buns and submarine buns. She had to bake them using a special no-fat recipe. She loves this tray. She said that she put it through the dishwasher. I bought it for her.

👤I liked the idea of making hoagie buns with egg white bread.

👤It seems to be a good gift.

5. Inch Banneton Proofing Basket Set

Inch Banneton Proofing Basket Set

USA Pan has provided jobs in the USA for over 50 years and has manufactured high quality bakeware. It's perfect for any recipe that calls for Flour Water Salt and Yeast, and works well with any bread proofer basket that holds 1.5 pounds of dough. The Natural Rattan Cane Material sourdough bread banneton proofing basket set 9 inch proven to wicker is a great gift for bakers. Banneton basket ridges/depth produce spiral ring patterns and bake thousands of French Artisan European style bakery batard loaves for life. The bread making tools will score you more boules of this lovely quality for friends and family thanks to the included baking supplies such as the banetton, plastic dough bench scraper, and sourdough starter kit. You can make healthier artisan bread if you use healthy bread brotform bowls. The bread dough making scoring box tool kit can be used to prepare dough before placing it in a Dutch oven or La Cloche Baking Dome.

Brand: Bread Bosses

👤When I bought this product, I was trying to trust the reviews. There were other people on the market for more reviews, but I didn't know what to expect from a banneton basket. I buy it from bread bosses. The cover is on and it looks ok. Everyone uses theirs without a cover to get that outline from the bannetons. I also wanted that. The basket is not covered and it looks like trash. You can see the cracks that aren't mended with splinters. The dough scraper is cheap and flimsy. I was sad. I was going to write a review, but I saw the little cards the brand sends. The guy is Danny. I sent him photos of what it looked like and he didn't like it. I wanted what I was paid for. It is not cheap. The guy said that I could get a replacement or refund. Yes. It's nice over email. The questions were sort of unfitting. Not bad but not what I expected. He says he will send a replacement set. It has been over a week since I received my replacement and there has been no word or mail.

👤I have never used a banneton before, so this has been a learning experience. Unless you're trying to not have a nice pattern in your dough, you don't need the cloth cover. The seam side goes up after the first proof that the yeast is active. If you want the banneton to stick better, mist it lightly and then drop it in your shaped dough. As soon as the banneton 2nd stage proof starts, make sure your oven and baking stone are ready to bake. After the 2nd rise is over, you can dump the dough onto a sheet of foil or paper and razor it. The finished dough can be easily released from the banneton if you sprinkle enough semolina. You can cover your proofed dough with a deep dish roasting pan or aluminum pan if you transfer the aluminum foil right to the baking stone. The first 20 minutes of the bake are kept in the natural steam by using a dutch oven. Remove the pan and allow the crust to develop. The banneton should be dry and brush out the inside with a toothbrush. The banneton is perfect for the next use. Happy baking!

👤The banneton I ordered was 9 inches in diameter and came in perfect condition. Danny with Bread Bosses sent an e-mail to me the next day. His e-mail said that the orange scraper in the banneton set may have a slight problem, but nothing Bread Bosses can't fix. The Bread Bosses logo can peel off the orange scraper and they are offering a free replacement. Danny responded within hours that a replacement scraper would arrive within a week. I am very impressed with the customer service of Bread Bosses and their response to an issue with the dough scraper. I received an e-mail from Bread Bosses with video instructions on how to use the banneton and an e-book on how to make a sourdough starter. These bonuses were really nice.

6. Bread Lame Designed Stainless Material

Bread Lame Designed Stainless Material

The round shape of the six quart Cambro food storage container makes it easy to pack it onto shelves. It is possible to be contorted or strait bale. The leash pendant design was created. You decide. The best designed and built buildings are getting better. You can either make this lame have a curved blade or both. It's like having two animals in your bedroom. Extra blades are cheap. The best box is not the best lame. The key to beautiful loaves is to have blades that are secure. When preparing dough for baking, confident scoring is important. The only tool that solved the issue was this one. The blade change is easy and safe. blades are important for clean cuts in dough. A thumb screw is all it takes to replace a blade. There were no detailed instructions needed. Simple, easy, and safe. It is easy to flip the blade over and use it all. The Double edge blades are used. Before you buy another item, check the reviews. This is the highest ranked person on the market. No other Lames are close to each other. It was developed by a baker. Every bread making supply list should include this premium, high quality lame. It's a great gift for a baker. The safe storage case is second to none. This is a high quality tool. It is made for life. Contact me if it fails to meet your expectations. I will be behind this product for the rest of my life. This is my promise as the designer.

Brand: Baker Of Seville

👤I have been using this for several months now and it has become a bit of buyers remorse. Let's start at the beginning. The package. The molded foam insert is a nice touch and the box is nice. It is good enough for what it is, even though it does not fit in perfectly. It has a couple blades. They aren't my favorite blades, but they are enough to slit some bread dough. The hand feels great. It is a nice steel. It has a good amount of weight. The machine is not finished well, but it just needs to slit some bread dough. The design is where the real disappointment lies. The idea is that you can switch between straight and curved blades. I wasn't sure which I would prefer when I bought this. The answer is either or not. The design of the lame has a thumb screw which you can use to take the blade off and move a washer to change between straight and curved blades. When scoring a loaf, the thumb screw gets in the way. It's not possible to get a deep slit that's deep enough to keep the top of the loaf from blowing out. The harder you try, the more you mar the loaf. The entire concept is not good enough. You can skip over this and buy a more traditional gift.

👤This is a very strong piece of equipment. When you hold it, it feels evenly weighted. The foam bed where the lame is nestled is a safety case. The case has a sliding lid. Even if you drop the case, it can't fall out. The case is placed in a box with the manufacturer's name on it. I keep it close to where I score most of my bread. It comes with a supply of blades to replace the one that is already affixed to it. The blade is attached by a screw at the central point with two bumps to align with the holes in the flat surface of the blade. It's easy to expose the opposite corners' edges by rotating the blade. You curve the opposing corners upwards, rotating them and letting them go back to their former positions only after being turned 180 degrees. The cost is worth it. You're buying more than just a gift. You're buying a system. The single edge razor blades will hold up to artisan bread scoring, as long as they are made.

👤Over the years, I have gone through several BRead Lames. Most are not good. I didn't expect to find anything I wanted at Amazon. I came across a product that was designed for bakers. "This has to be a quality product", I thought. I ordered it because I took a chance. This is lovely. It is perfectly weighted and does not look cheap. Why do I mention it? It's important. You want a product that is large enough to fit in your hand as you slice through the dough. I've had my hand bitten off. This is dangerous because it's a double-edged razor blade. I have used this product twice. It's a quality product because it's designed with bakers in mind. It slices through dough. It's easy to pull the razor. You have to exert some pressure, but you won't have to worry about the product flying out of your hand. It's made of metal. I believe in him. The job it was created to do was done. Thank you for your work. This may be the last product that a new baker thinks of but it's important because if you don't create slits in the bread, the dough will not bloom properly as it becomes bread. This device is the most important tool in a baker's arsenal. What are you waiting for? Buy it. You won't be disappointed.

7. Amagabeli Nonstick Perforated Baguette Cooking

Amagabeli Nonstick Perforated Baguette Cooking

This cutting guide bread was constructed with 100% bamboo. It is very stable and doesn't break easily even with lots of chopping. The Amagabeli Baguette Bread Pan is non-stick and heat resistant. The surface of the baking pan allows for loaves to be evenly distributed. The environmental friendly coating of the baking tray is specially formulated for superior baking and easy release of baked goods. The French bread baking pan is made of food grade carbon steel that is eco-friendly for strength and durability, and the pan has an anti-stick coating. The Italian loaf pan is made of thicker material than the regular ones and it is easy to clean. The weight of the bread making tool and the French bread baking pan is 17 ounces, while the baguette bread mold is a 4-Well French baquette pan. Home bakers can bake warm, fresh French bread baguettes from the comforts of their kitchen with the Amagabeli baguette form. The foundation for any appetizer is the Baguettes. Baking bread with Amagabeli bread baking pans is something you will love to do. If you have a problem with this Amagabeli baguette loaf mold, baguette rack, bakers couche, bread pans for baking, French bread baguette pan, French bread pans for baking, hoagie roll pan, or perforated french bread pan, please contact them immediately. They advise against using softer dough in this pan.

Brand: Amagabeli Garden & Home

👤It is wonderful if you make it with this thing. I make my own baguette and this mold is a very good one for its price and efficiency. You can make 4 middle size baguettes with this mold. I live in France, but I don't think the French bakeries or the French stuff which do the best baguettes are the best. The French colons left the country running as fast as they could, but fortunately not without leaving behind the tradition baguette recipe. Some bakeries around that dare to call themselves French bakeries and make people pay a mountain for terrible bread should instead ask their Asian friends for a copy of their recipe. If you want to make a recipe that is interesting, you will need 2 hours to make it, and you will need 500gr flour, 10 gr dry yeast, 10 gr salt, and 300 g water. You can mix activated and dry yeast together if you want, but first you need to pour your dry yeast, sugar or honey, and a spoon of flour into a little recipient. Add a little bit of water and blend it well. The yeast should bubble and you should pour your 500 gr flour minus the 1 percent you poured in the yeast to make it active. 300 gr unrefined flour with 200 gr rice is a good mix, why not try the healthy dark-rye or spelt flour? Add the flour and salt together. Make a well in the center of your flour and pour the yeast; blend with your right or left hand and then add the water with your other hand. There is a When you blend the ingredients with your hands, knead the dough for 15 minutes. You can shape your baguettes in your mold. Make a few cuts on the top of them with a sharp knife. The temperature in your oven should be 428 degrees. To put delicately the baguettes covered with a clean and wet cloth, open the drawer under the oven. Allow the baguettes to rise for one hour. Put the baguettes in the oven without the cloth and close the door if you want to use the dripping pan. The bread should be let for 11 minutes. Some people like the crust more than others. You can find many different recipes of baguettes outside, try them all and find the one you like better. I am very happy to have ordered this mold.

👤A minimum of time and effort is required to make fresh baguettes. The dough is divided into one loaf, with 167 grams of flour, 50 grams of water, and 1 gram of yeast. Wait until there are no dry bits, cover it, and let it sit out at room temperature for about 6 hours. You can either form and bake now or wait until next day. If you make more than one loaf, divide the dough on a scuplture. Place the dough in a circle with the top third over the bottom 1/3's and gently tap along the seam with your fingers. Roll the baguette from the center. The goal is to keep the gas bubbles from collapsing. Allow loaves to double in size about 2 12 hours by placing them on your tray seam side down. Baking place a rimmed cookie sheet partially filled with water and a folded dishtowel on the bottom rack. The oven should be at 450 degrees. When the water is steaming nicely, just before baking, spray the dough and slash it to form its ears, three slashes at a low 30-degree angle. Remove the water pan after 12 minutes. If you want a nice even color, bake for 7 more minutes, then bake another 7 to 10 minutes until you like it.

8. Banneton Proofing Basket Sourdough Scraper

Banneton Proofing Basket Sourdough Scraper

The set includes a pen, bags, and different-shaped nibs. The perfect size for your loaf is 1 round bread Proofing baskets 9-inch D x 3.35-inch H. The Oval Banneton basket can hold up to 1.5 pounds of dough. Their handmade sourdough bread basket supports dough during the rising process and protects it from excess humidity, prints a beautiful ring design and is made of Indonesian natural rattan cane. If you want to clean the basket, brush the leftover dough with a scrub brush, shake the excess flour out, and then store it in a dry and ventilated space. Baking with a professional sourdough kit. The complete artisan bread baking tools and gadgets set has specialized accessories, cloth liners creating a smooth surface for scoring designs, 1 plastic scraper to pull the dough out of the container, and a danish dough wisk tool designed to stir the wet dough. The best bread baking kits are available. Their package is a great gift for bakers and bread lovers. It includes a complete e-book guide for how to make your sourdough bread from scratch with a Sourdough starter recipe, ten unique designs, and an e-book of 21 selected bread recipes, but it doesn't include baking supplies. If you need more information, please contact them and they will do everything they can to make sure you are happy. If you need more information, please contact them and they will do everything they can to make sure you are happy.

Brand: Shori Bake

👤I wanted a quality kit that I could use in my sourdough workshops. I replaced my equipment with theirs after ordering a few from Shori bake. My workshop students love them and don't have issues with mold like other people. The baskets are sturdy, the whisk is durable, and the bench knife is solid. Will definitely be ordering again soon.

👤This is a great gift for a sourdough baker. The baskets are made with no hair on the reeds and the liners are strong. If you don't get flour into the fabric, it can be bad. The dough beater is heavy duty, and it's okay for a starter kit. If you make a lot of bread, upgrade later. It's perfect for me. The bench scraper is nice. There are lots of recipes and tips online. It arrives in a nice package. One of my favorite purchases.

👤The baskets are small and not what I thought they would be. I will continue to use my tea towel, terra-cotta bowls and large bread pans as my bread making tools. I wouldn't recommend this kit.

👤I started making sourdough bread a year ago. I thought I could only buy what I made. This comes with a lot. This is a great gift for a bread maker. It is very sturdy and easy to clean. My sister loves to make bread and I will order this for her.

👤When the world went into lock down in 2020, I was late in baking. I chose this set because it had everything I needed for a new bread maker and it was very sturdy. There are no gaps in the banneton. It comes with a recipe for sourdough bread that I am not a huge fan of, but I know I will eventually make it. I am glad it came with the set. For my first attempt, I went for an overnight no knead bread and it came out amazing and I can't wait to bake more. I needed this to get me started on baking my own bread. This is a great gift for anyone who is interested in bread making.

👤Exactly what I'm looking for. This works well for bakers who need a less expensive product. I don't wash in water.

👤This set is so good that I use it frequently. I'm a home baker, no pro, but my bread looks great, and all the tools are very handy. I would buy it again.

👤We made a lot of loaves of bread with our short kit. The Bannetons are strong. The bread making tools are useful. We are very happy with our purchase. The company is very helpful. They answered quickly after we reached out. Looking forward to using the Bannetons for a long time. We have baked a picture of the bread, but could not make it happen. Will try again in the future.

9. Bread Bakers Lame Slashing Tool

Bread Bakers Lame Slashing Tool

This bowl scraper set comes with a lifetime limited and a one year hassle-free replacement. The Sourdough works great, it makes your bread look like it came from the bakery, makes homemade bread look professionally made and look amazing. It's better to cut with a very sharp knife. The handle is shaped to fit and feel great in your hand, making it easy to use, and it makes your sourdoughs look beautiful. It's so easy to cut the top of the loaf with a bare blade on a wooden coffee stirrer. It's made of good quality wood and handle design makes it easy to use. It becomes very easy to use once you get your hand on it, it's a great tool for a baker. Unlike their competitors, they don't have three rings at the end of their handle, this prevents dough flour from drying and sticking inside the rings, preventing a messy bread lame clean up. Storage box makes it safer than having it floating around in a drawer if you forget it is in there, at the same time protecting the blade for re-use and keeping it clean. You can use all 4 corners of the blade before changing it, because it's easy to turn each blade around. A small leather pouch protects the blade from damage.

Brand: Bread Bosses

👤Hello people! Excited to post this review. I bought this bread a few weeks ago and am very happy with its performance. The packaging and branding is above expectations. The wooden box that protects the lame keeps little fingers out of harm's way. The handle is made of wood and the stem is made of steel. As a professional chef, I can't have a cheap tool in my hand. My 15 year old rocks it, but this is a well made and easy to use lame. The unit has 10 Dorco blades. These blades are of the highest quality. The blades are as thin as rice paper, making it easy to carve deep or fine lines in your dough. The quality of the blade and design are perfect. The blade is held at a curved angel by the design. Get up and have one person with you.

👤I used this tool as a beginner home baker. The design was well thought out, the lame was easy to use, and the boxing and extra's are noteworthy. The bread is well weighted, that is to say it isn't too light or heavy. The length of the wooden handle is not too long and it feels comfortable in the hand. The design gives the user a lot of control for both long, deliberate slashes and for short deft cuts. A leather cover for the blade in use, and a wooden storage box are included in the lame. I can already see an improvement in my scoring skills, thanks to this purchase.

👤I've tried multiple bread doughs to use this. Two hour baguettes are from Boules. I can't get a good score no matter what I do. I've tried a variety of flours to see if they give it better grip. I don't care, it just pulls every dough I've used it on, rather than giving me a deep cut. The cheap plastic thing that came from a battan kit does a better job. I was hoping this would be the answer to my grip issues. Maybe I had a lot of blades. I've tried to cut paper with a blade, but it just ripped it, instead of a nice straight score.

👤I was looking for a lot of things. It has a wooden handle, but has two open sides of the blade. The one-sided nature of wooden lames can make it hard to score a loaf. I can switch the blades less frequently. The length and weight of the handle worked well for me, and didn't make me clumsy. The box is a huge plus for me because I sometimes bake in multiple locations. It has a beautiful case and a leather blade. It seems to help make it safer. The biggest problem I had with my previous lame was that it protruded too far and caused double scoring lines. The handle allows you to adjust where the blade is. I felt like I had gotten my money's worth with the extra blades and box. The tool is made by bakers. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in baking.

10. OXO Multi Purpose Stainless Scraper Chopper

OXO Multi Purpose Stainless Scraper Chopper

Every purchase comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you have an issue with your GREENRAIN product, get in touch with them. Friendly, easy-to-reach support will be provided by them. Great for cutting dough, sectioning crusts, chopping veggies and more. The blade has quarter inch markings for easy measuring. The handle is soft and comfortable. Tall enough to keep hands away from food.

Brand: Oxo

👤It has solid construction, but it's not the type of thing that's "Why did I get this?" A good handle, a great blade, and a small ruler on the bottom of the blade. I assure you that the star isn't knocked for lack of quality compared to price. It's been sitting around without use for a while. My family cooks. We bake. I come home to homemade pizza, salmon picatta, rattatouile, and fresh made antipasta salad. I try to bake at least one cake a week. My wife is the chef and I am the baker. We know how to cook in an amateur home kitchen, we have the hardware to do it, and we love using our hands. With that in mind... I thought I would use it as a scraper and chopper. That has not happened. I haven't found a use for it yet, and I don't know if a knife, pizza cutter, hands, or other tool would do as well. If you don't know what you'll use it for, get this and pass.

👤I bought this scraper based on a recommendation from America's Test Kitchen and another from Dexter-Russell. The OXO Good grips scraper is perfect. The handle is made for your hand. The handle has a rubber feel. The blade has a nice edge. There are no worries about the edges being bent or sticking up. I like the ruler on the blade. I've tried a few other scrapers, and you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't go with the OXO Good Grips one.

👤The product is labeled as being rust resistant. I washed and dried the scraper after each use. After a few uses, it rusted. I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤I love this product but I found out last week that it is not made of steel and it has a rust stain in the middle that I can't remove. I only use it about once a week. It was strange to see a rust stain on the steel.

👤Oxo products are very popular. Everything they make is reliable. I have had some of their products for a long time. This scraper is not an exception. I use it to pick up food from the counter and put it in the pot. You can cut bread or pizza dough with this sharp edge. If Oxo made cars, I would buy one. My policy is to not buy stuff with a bunch of freebie reviews. Amazon has to stop this.

👤I was looking for reviewers who used this for cake decorating and did not notice many so I thought it would be helpful to know that this will work for that purpose. This is strong. I use it to smooth buttercream on my cakes and it works very well.

👤While it was functional and straight, it was good. The ends began to bend over after a month of use.

👤I have a genetic abnormality. This is a great way to get chopped veggies and meat. The chopping is not a new story. I've used it to scoop onions,garlic, and other vegetables. It's important to keep the sharp edge of your knife. I've used it to make yeast rolls. The dough did not stick. You can use the dough to slice cookies that have been rolled and chilled or frozen cookie dough. I got a one for my mother who loves it and I liked it so much.

11. Riccle Slashing Scoring Leather Storage

Riccle Slashing Scoring Leather Storage

USA Pan has provided jobs in the USA for over 50 years and has manufactured high quality bakeware. The dough scoring with the wood handle and stick is secure and effortless. It is designed for confident precision cuts. Store securely in a leather cover. Their built-to-last lame bread tool is safe and quick to refill. It is possible to use a bread razor blade with a double edge blade. If it fails to meet your expectations, please let them know and they'll try to resolve the issue as soon as possible. They value their customers' satisfaction more than anything else.

Brand: Riccle

👤It works well. The blades are very sharp. Extra blades can also be used. Attaching a blade to a body of water is very easy. It is very safe. The blade scored very well. It is easy to carry. The cap is very safe.

👤I wanted to make the loaves a bit more pleasing, and have been making a lot of bread. It's easy to use, and it was a good price. I think it's a matter of practice to get the blade on the handle. I was pleased with my first attempt and I hope the loaves get more elaborate as time goes on.

👤I had a problem the other day. Very happy with this set. It was neatly made. It comes with a number of extra blades and has a nice leather slip-on case. It was sticky on my loaf of buckwheat. The person scored it perfectly. The blades are sharp. Highly recommend it as a tool for bakers.

👤I received this in the mail yesterday and was excited to use it. It was easy and convenient. The lines were perfect, and once I get more practice, they will be even better. It is very sturdy and comes with extra blades.

👤It arrived quickly and as described. The wooden handle, 10 blades in a storage box, leather blade cover, and instructions were included in the box. It was easy to assemble. Compostable/recyclable packaging is a bonus. Can't wait to use!

👤I used to use a knife to score the top of my bread when I was making sourdough. I got this bread and it's a big deal. It's sturdy, the handle feels good in your hand, and the blades score the bread perfectly. I will not make another loaf without this tool. You need this if you're a bread maker.

👤I have used this for bread scoring and pastry dough. The pastry dough needed a delicate touch and it did just that. I could not have gotten the lines that it created with a knife. It was not as successful on my bread. I was not able to get a deep enough score in the wet bread dough recipe that I use.

👤It works, costs little, and increases your bread game. Nothing to complain about.

👤The works would be purchased from this seller again.

👤It is very sharp for dough and easy to use.


What is the best product for baking tools for bread?

Baking tools for bread products from Lasenersm. In this article about baking tools for bread you can see why people choose the product. Greenrain and Coson Home are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking tools for bread.

What are the best brands for baking tools for bread?

Lasenersm, Greenrain and Coson Home are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking tools for bread. Find the detail in this article. Atrccs, Bread Bosses and Baker Of Seville are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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