Best Baking Tray Set Silicone

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1. Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial

Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial

For convenient cleaning, the dishwasher is safe. Naturals bakeware is made of pure aluminum and will never rust. This is the pan you will reach for when baking cookies or dinners. Foods bake and brown evenly. The rim is reinforced with steel and adds strength. If you want, you can use Silicone baking mats or parchment paper. Hand wash recommended. The dimensions of the pan are 17.88 x 12.88 x 1.06 inches. Nordic Ware is made in the USA.

Brand: Nordic Ware

👤The large surface area of the pans made it possible to fit a lot of potatoes at one time. I am having health issues that lead me to look at things I have overlooked. This is a review of the Baking Sheets, not a health seminar, so I will simply say that I am eliminating anything that could be contributing to having heavy metals in my system. I am not saying these baking sheets are the cause of my issues, but I will show you why I will no longer be using them. I use these BS twice a day for about two months. When I washed them prior to using them, I noticed that the soap looked gray, because I washed off some of the aluminum. In a rush to use the BS, I noticed some sort of metallic debris on the paper towel, after wiping off excess water with a paper towel. This has been happening after each wash. I was able to fit so much on the tray that I overlooked it. I discovered recently that my body is showing signs of too much heavy metals and I am taking actions to limit them. It took about 3 paper towels to clean up the mess. I've been cooking with these BS since April of this year. I've thrown them away.

👤I ordered Nordicware pans and USA pans at the same time, and used them both for the first time, so there's no difference in age. I baked gingerbread cookies, which were cracked on the Nordicwear pans, and needed a spatula to remove them, but the USA Pan cookies came off without a spatula needed. I can't speak to the wear of either or anything other than these cookies, so take this review as you will.

👤You can roast vegetables under a broiler or at 450 degree F, and cooked-on oil doesn't affect the pan's stickiness. This is all aluminum with steel around the edges so it doesn't warp. The pan is very heavy. My mom gave me an aluminum sheet pan when I moved out on my own. I have been abusing this thing for a decade. My mom had it before me. I have a small family of my own and my husband likes roasted veggies, but I like to make my own food at night. I'm looking for a sturdy one to go with my old beat up one. They would twist or warp over 400 degrees. It didn't seem like the price made a difference. I had cheap and expensive ones. At 400, they went funny. I assumed all pans did that, but I found this one. Actually, two. I now have three pans. I use the old one and the new one for veggies, and the third for baking cookies, so it will stay cleaner and stick free. The metal is really smooth and these are not sticky. These are a good choice if you're afraid of chemicals in your food. To make it easier to remove food from the pan, use a fat.

2. HOTPOP Silicone Baking Non Stick Rolling

HOTPOP Silicone Baking Non Stick Rolling

100% SATISFACTION 100% customer satisfaction is what they want. Please contact them if you have any questions. They will try to solve them for you. Ensure replacement or refund for quality issues. Their colorful varieties offer you many options and guarantee that your food comes out of the oven sweet and salty. The half sheets measure 18.6 x 18.6 inches, while the quarter sheets are 18.6 x 18.6 inches. Enjoy a healthier meal. Their best grade Silicone macaron mat eliminates the use of cooking sprays, butter, grease and oils in your meal, reducing the number of calories in your meal. Their improved mat will keep you and your family healthy. It's easy to clean because of its potential non-stick nature. It is possible that burnt sugar and fat can fall off on their own. It's very easy to wash, just rinse the mat in warm soapy water. You can use a dishwasher. The mat always comes out looking new after every wash. The premium baking mat is 100% reliable and can be used by anyone. This mat is 0.75mm thick and will ensure that your cookies and pastries are baked to perfection. The baking mat can be used in ovens, microwave ovens, freezers, and dishwashers. Quality not quantity is what they believe in as a brand. The baking mat is made to standard. This is the best baking mat you will ever use. If you get a full refund, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Brand: Hotpop

👤These mats are great for baking. It is easy to clean up.

👤I made my first round of french macarons. I used the matts more as a size guide. They are very thick and flexible. I was happy with my purchase. And even more so with my food!

👤I returned the order for a replacement because one of the pads was not coated properly and the mesh was exposed in a small part of the mat. You don't want the fiberglass reinforcement to make it into your food if you check your pads as soon as you get them. The fiberglass is sealed inside the silicone layers, which makes it safe. If the mat is damaged, throw it out. I decided to put them in the oven to see how it works. I put them in the oven at 450. They smoke, which is odd. It looks like the heat bakes the mats. I don't know if this is normal because I have never owned these types of pads. I would guess not. When it's cooked, the fibers under the silicone turn light brown and the silicone starts to brown a bit. The mats are less sticky and don't smoke anymore. I'm not sure why they don't put them in an oven before selling to get rid of the coating that smokes off. It would make the experience more pleasant for customers. The mats are light brown. My guess is that the manufacturers expose them to heat before selling. The price of these is cheap, so that step was not included. I recommend you wash them and bake them, and wash them again before using. They become light brown once you do that, and they work well.

👤I like the way that it comes with a 2 size mat, so I don't need to cut it myself, the mat is good and the price is good. The mat did not get out of shape or curve on the edge after I baked the macaroons.

👤It's perfect for macarons. The only thing I would change is to offer the mats separately.

👤We are a bit of a foodie family. That has gone up during the Pandemic. New recipes and cooking shows are always interests of ours. The more we investigated, the more we were interested in the "Silpat" baking mats. The mats are much cheaper than Silpats. You also get two smaller mats in addition to the two full size mats. These mats are great for all baking uses. They prevent food from burning on the tray. They are easy to clean up even if you are baking on them. I love how good my muffins are when I use them. They're great when roasted on them. We've been using them for a while now. We tend to cook at home when there is a flu. These are good quality mats. These mats are very good. I don't think the Silpat mats would be worth the price upgrade. Maybe for a chef. We are not pro cooks. These mats are very good. Get some.

3. Silicone Nonstick Dividers Accessories Dishwasher

Silicone Nonstick Dividers Accessories Dishwasher

TILE SHEET PANS. It is possible to use non stick sheet pans for cooking as a serving tray. Once ordered, their kitchen baking pans set is guaranteed for a lifetime. It is possible to make different flavors of ingredients at once, meet different taste needs and reduce cooking time with pan dividers. You can arrange the cooking times of foods to get the most appropriate heat. It's perfect for families with picky eaters. The sheet tray divider made of premium silicone is easy to clean, it is non-stick, so baked goods can be easily released from it, only a small amount of oil spray is needed. They are easy to clean and can be washed with warm water. You can clean the corners by flipping it over. Brand Silicone bakeware is thick enough on the bottom and sides to handle temperatures from -50 to 220 degrees. It can be safely baked and heated in ovens and microwaves, and then served as a plate, and the leftovers can be put into the refrigerator. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. The silicone sheet pan can be used over 5000 times. It's friendly to the environment to not waste tin foil or parchment paper. They don't produce an odor even after a long time of use, and are stackable to save space. You will receive 2 small and 2 large trays that can be nested in a 10*15inch bakeware, and they are also perfect for larger bakeware or even air fryers. Silicone baking tray dividers can be used to store different food items and can also be used to enjoy the meal directly. Please contact them if you have any questions about the product.

Brand: Xomoo

👤I would like a bigger set. I think it will work, but it is too small for what I wanted. It will take more time. There is a coupon inside the set that I am editing. I filled out the forms online. The set was supposed to be shipped in a few days. I tried this twice after buying two sets. I haven't seen the free sets. A big scam.

👤Dinner guests who don't like spicy things will need to keep some food separate from the sauce. I only received 3x small and the description says they are 1.25” deep.

👤I use them in my air fryer. Silicone trays are used to make breakfast, lunch and dinner. They clean very well. I think they're a good choice.

👤The sides are sturdy and the silicone is strong. I like how I can use these in different ways in my kitchen.

👤I purchased a dual air fryer and was looking at all the options for the tray area. I looked at recipes, videos, and what others said. I tried foil, ceramic baking dishes, and even bought metal pants. All of these had success, but still required: oil, detailed Cleanup or frankly created waste. The pans were too big to allow air flow. I was looking for a way to prepare items in advance. TADA... These pans are brilliant. Two small pans fit in each drawer so they can be used for smaller batches. Good air flow around them is important, and the larger ones hold more and narrow. They are important when removed. It is a good idea to have a cork,Silicon, or wood trivet near your fryer to set the hot items on. I brushed my home fries with olive oil to make them taste better, I have tried several recipes using the Silicon pans. I knew I could use the double set elsewhere. The Instant air fryer is larger than the ninja fryer. Many of the other accessories won't fit. These babies are great! I've tried a lot of different mixes to create recipes in these pans. I can make a small sample of different flavors for everyone or cook enough for myself or kids in the dual drawer fryer. I am very happy. The double set was purchased. It's true. I bought a box of foil sheets that are used in beauty shops to highlight hair and will be testing and reviewing them. I recommend the purchase of these.

👤Silicone is easy to clean, but food/grease/sauce that bakes onto the pans requires a Brillo pad to scrub off. The sides should be half an inch taller. They are bendy but still durable. Make sure to grasp both sides of the long trays when removing heavier foods from the oven/air fryer.

👤These are easy to wash. I use them to cook greasy food. It's difficult to wash out the interior of the oven. I would buy it again despite the fact that it was a bit too narrow for my Ninja oven.

4. Juvale Nonstick Silicone Bakeware Baking

Juvale Nonstick Silicone Bakeware Baking

USA Pan has provided jobs in the USA for over 60 years and has manufactured high quality bakeware. The red baking shaping dishes are -40 to 450F (0-230C) temperature tolerance and are designed for easy and convenient use. The set includes a round cake pan, a square loaf pan, and a circle pie pan. The square baking dish is 8.25 x 7.7 x 2.5 inches, the circle pie pan is 8.25 x 2 inches, and the round cake pan is 8.25 x 2 inches. The material is Silicone. The kitchen baking pan kit can be placed in the microwave, oven, or freezer and is made with a non-stick material. This Silicone bakeware set can be used to bake cakes, pies, brownies, bread, and more.

Brand: Juvale

👤Some of the pans I use for baking are metal and need to be replaced. I wanted to know how well they would stand up against the metals ones. They do well and can see where they will improve over time. The weight of the batter pushed against the sides causes them to be less than nice and straight. The mold formed to the batter, not horrible, but just something that was noticed. They are more flexible than metal, so you will have to plan more for how to use them. If you open the oven with one hand and use the other to put the pie in, there is a good chance that you will dump the pie into the oven. Overall, still very happy with them, but just think through the weight of what you are putting into them with their less ridged structure.

👤I know these are more flexible than others. I wanted to keep the cost down by replacing my baking pans with Silicone. I stopped baking because I was tired of the heavy weight. They take up a lot of space in my cupboards and I have to clean them up. I don't like the way metal pans cook. I use a metal sheet pan to support Silicone. I am glad I tried Silicone bakeware. I am very pleased with this set. I have a variety of bakeware, for a nice price, and I have a renewed interest in baking.

👤I ordered these because I was still afraid of the oven. I am now a believer. I found the pieces a little flimsy so using a baking/cookie under the dish is advised. I had trouble getting the cake out of the pan because it was still hot, but I think I can get better at it. I bought the cheaper ones because I didn't want to spend a lot of money and be disappointed. I feel confident that I can spend more money to get the ones that look better.

👤05.31.18 I have used all of the molds/liners for several months now and they have worked well. I have used them as stand alone molds and they hold up well, but I do handle them differently since they are soft and flexible. I have made everything I have done well, even if the molds are not greased, they are easy to clean and store well since they can be mangled if needed.

👤I don't know why it took me so long to switch from non-stick metal to silicone. I've made a number of items, such as pumpkin pie bars, brownies, and cookie bars, and have been able to remove the food from the pan and cut it on a cutting board. I don't use a knife with these pans. I think the quiche is my favorite. It came out of the pan. I put it on a plate and served it at the table. I have sprayed a little cooking spray in the pan in each attempt so far to help remove the item from the pan. It was easy to clean up. I only gave these 3 stars because I only had them for a few weeks. Time will tell.

5. Silicone Muffin Cupcake Pan Set

Silicone Muffin Cupcake Pan Set

Each pan has a measurement of 13.9 x 10.8 x 1.2 inches. Premium Silicone Pinch is a 100% food-grade silicone mold, you just make a pinch, if it turns white, it is not. Silicone muffin pans are European standards. The muffin pan set is easy to release and clean because of its flexible surface and non-stick surface. A multi-flavor cupcake pan is great for making muffins, cakes, and other baked goods. The wide heat resistance range is 104. tasteless, safe for oven, microwave, dishwasher, fridge, freezer. Enjoy healthy treats with your family and friends. You could bake more treats at a time, save time and money with the Extra 12pcs Silicone cupcake liners. You never miss it because you are worry-free to order.

Brand: Caketime

👤These things look great! The issues I had were mostly user errors. The muffin and cupcake bottoms seem cleaner in appearance and taste when baked in metal pans. I had some issues, which are the CONS: - I filled up the mini muffin one before transferring to a rigid baking sheet. I didn't realize how floppy these things are. Before filling them, place the baking sheet blackened with these Mormons. I sprayed them with cooking spray. Maybe you don't need to. I only made half a tray of mini muffins because I sprayed the whole thing. The ones that were empty were stained after multiple attempts at cleaning. They still function well.

👤Egg pucks are a scramble in a cupcake tin. I did not use oil or spray the cups before pouring the egg mixure and scramble filling. The ridgers had no testicles. They were puffed out of the cups and slipped out for me. I'm buying more for Christmas.

👤These are the way to go. It's much easier to use traditional metal pans. They cook more evenly. I had to make cupcakes that didn't have liners.

👤I just got my set and love it. I understand that people don't like them but they are made out of Silicone. It's true! They are not going to be strong. I put a tray under it. They are worth the money and easy to clean. I am a founding member of F45 and during the challenge there are a lot of recipes I need to make. Egg muffins and cheesecake rounds were made by me. The trays made a difference.

👤You just have to be careful about how you do it after baking and the angle you do it at, because muffins pop out of cup just like it says. I did it yesterday and a few of my mini muffins started to fall apart. It's because of the awkwardness of pushing out the cup shape. It's not easy to put the oven in because it needs something flat underneath to carry it. Muffins taste normal after being put in the dishwasher to get the smell out.

👤These are great for making egg muffins. I haven't tried anything else yet. I'm sure I will. It is difficult to get from the counter to the oven without a baking sheet because the product is made out of Silicone. The mini muffin pan needs to be on a baking sheet first or you will have a giant mesh on your kitchen floor if you get it into the oven without incident. They are a little difficult to clean. The positives outweigh the negatives and I am happy I bought them.

👤I like the 2 large molds. They pass the test. I baked with one of them. I'm happy with the quality. The bonus was the reason I chose this item. It was a good deal and I was excited to get the cups. I assumed they would pass the test. I'm very disappointed that they don't. That is the only reason I'm giving the rating.

6. Piece Baking Gift Set Stainless

Piece Baking Gift Set Stainless

shears are kept closed for safe storage. It's the perfect gift for your favorite home chef, newlywed or yourself. The half sheet pan is made of heavy duty 100% commercial grade aluminum and has a reinforced rolled rim to prevent warping. The Silicone Mat can be used at temperatures from -40 degrees F to 500 degrees F. The cooling rack is made of commercial grade 304 STAINLESS STEEL. There is no artificial coating, fully welded, tight grid, or dishwasher safe.

Brand: The French Pantry

👤I used to have a few cookie sheets that served me well, but this year they became the holders of my plants. They were scratched, a few rust stains were visible on the sides, and now they needed to move onto their next chapter in my garden area. I was the only option under the sequestration. I went down a rabbit trail of opinions. When I thought I had found the one, I read another review that said it wasn't good. It took me 2 hours to read reviews and make my mind up, but I changed my mind before I press BUY. I was annoyed at the amount of time I had taken to make the purchase. I wasn't ready until I was. I found these cookie sheets, which was a good thing. They looked at the boxes I wanted. I really wanted the cookie sheets with the checkered rack and not the slatted rack, because I wanted them for BACON! I discovered that I wanted Silicone baking mats. This set had everything. They were on their way when I pressed the button. I love them! I have had them for a while now. They are used every Sunday for bacon. They are easy to clean. I have not had any issues with warping. I dry them so I don't see rust. I don't have to watch it because it's the easiest and least messy way to make bacon that all turns out perfect at the same time. I put my strips on the rack and warmed them to 350. In 20 minutes, bacon is done. It's easy. I would buy these again.

👤I got a half sheet pan from the local restaurant supply store and it has lasted for at least 10 years. I thought it was a good deal to buy all standard commercial sizes, since it came with the grate and the silicone mat, and I finally decided to clean up the mess of mismatching pans. It feels like it's 30% thinner than the pan I already own. My 10 year old pan has no dents and it's been through a lot, so I don't mind that it came with a dent. I went to my local store and found that they sell combo packs with the grate and the silicone mat for the same price. I'll just go to my local store now that I know what I'm buying. I'll keep this one because I still have a good grate and mat.

👤The first thing I looked at when I got the set was how well the mat and rack fit into the pan. I waited to give my review after I used it. I was amazed at how well the bacon cooked. I washed the mat by hand and it was very easy. The pan and rack went into the dishwasher and came out clean. I'm going to use the mat for my holiday baking. This set is great.

👤I bought this set for my daughter. I bought another set for myself. It's great for roasting veggies, and it's a little deeper than most sheet pans.

7. Checkered Chef Aluminum Stainless Included

Checkered Chef Aluminum Stainless Included

Lock and Calibration: Digital meat Thermometer has a Lock Function that will lock the temperature on the display, so you don't need to linger too long near the heat, and the Calibration function adjusts your grill probe sensor back to the correct accuracy, making it a kitchen Thermometer which lasts a The perfect cooking combo is here. This baking sheet and wire rack can be used to cook healthier, drip-free meals or bake your favorite treat. The quality baking rack is designed for every situation, from cooling cookies down to putting it on the oven. Say goodbye to burnt bottoms with a Sturdy Pan. Their cookie sheets for baking are made from the same material as the ones used in the kitchen and have extra strength to prevent warping. Their wire baking rack and sheet pans are designed to work together and apart. The pan is 9 12 x 13 and the rack is 8 14 for a perfect fit. The baking mat is perfect for no-mess cooking and cleaning. It's a good idea to put it in the bottom of the baking tray.

Brand: Checkered Chef

👤This product was pretty good. I have baked a lot of things with this pan/rack, and everything has turned out great. I have been using this almost everyday for about two months now, and it has never warped in or out of the oven. The highest temperature I have used it at was 450 F. Very strong. The wire rack is sturdy and can fit inside the pan no matter the temperature. It will scratch. - It will be hard to keep it sparkling. It has brown grease spots. The pan's edges are brown, but I use tin foil in the bottom to catch the juices. It is almost pointless to try and keep it clean, even though there must be a way to get those stains out. I am satisfied with how it performs in cooking my food. Which has been great! In regards to cleaning, I put the wire rack upside down in the pan and pour soapy water in it so that it will soak for at least 30 minutes. I take the wire rack into the sink and use a brush to clean it up, not a sponge or rubber. If you use a sponge scrubber, you can catch it on the edge of the rack and tear it. The brush will reach more areas than the sponge. If you don't care about your pan looking pretty, I would recommend you to get a new one. Good luck!

👤SUCCESS! I didn't have a lot of doubts about the quality, but more of the size I was concerned about, but it fits about a pound and a half of thick cut bacon on here with no problem, and the rack holes are perfect for the bacon not to fall through! I am very pleased with this rack and look forward to many more. When shopping, the empty bacon bag is included.

👤I really wanted to use this product. I was washing for the second time. I washed it when I received it, but didn't use it until I was ready to use it. I wiped the paper towel on the soap I used. The video shows something coming off the tray as I was drying the sheet. I don't think it's food safe to me. I threw away the package I was stuck with.

👤I used this to cook a turkey. The bird turned out well. I received this item and it appears to be bent/warped. The pan is in the middle. I kept it because I needed it to entertain my guests the next day. After the very first use, there were a lot of spots of discoloration that appeared after cleaning.

👤When I picked it up, I was surprised by its heft. It felt heavy so I got a magnet and verified it was aluminum. I think the heft is due to two things. The pan itself is a heavy gage aluminum with a nice robust beaded edge, and within the rolled edge bead my magnet detected what could be a heavy steel wire. A steel wire inside the edge is likely to help stiffen the pan. I'm very pleased with this pan so far. I'll adjust the review once I get used to it.

8. Rachael Ray Nonstick Bakeware 11 Inch

Rachael Ray Nonstick Bakeware 11 Inch

Stackable design. The professional baking set has a space-saving design for convenient storage. It is compatible with both standard and convection ovens. It's suitable for oven, refrigerator and freezer. Baking sheets with rolled-rim baking pan edges are designed for easy everyday baking and oven cooking. Excellent food release is provided by the high-quality nonstick cook sheet. High performance jewelry. Even with potholders, the wide pan handles with colorful heat-safe silicone grips offer a comfortable grasp. Baking sheet is dishwasher safe for quick clean ups.

Brand: Rachael Ray

👤This was a replacement for the one that came with my set. The non-stick wore off quickly. If nothing is in it to absorb the heat, it warps.

👤We use them almost every night after I purchased 2 sets of them. They are easy to clean. They're a bigger size with a higher lip. They've been used for everything from cookies to roasted vegetables. When it's replacement time, I will continue to purchase these. The product is great value and quality.

👤I need the high edges of the cookie pan so I got rid of it. Mistake. I didn't expect quality if the pan was old. It is rusted inside. It makes no sense that water pours out from inside. I put foil on the base and the food will not come off. The rubber on the handle is useless. The size is the only good thing.

👤This order is so happy. It was purchased a year ago. This is one of the best baking sheets I have ever owned. I don't have anything to stick to it. I don't have to clean it very hard because it has not lost its coating. Baking sheets warp in the oven. The shape has not changed.

👤Everything slides off of this pain. It was very easy to clean. The best plan I have ever had. Definitely buy more.

👤I bought two large cookie sheets. They are easy to clean and sturdy. They will stay nice if you clean them after use. They look great with hot water, a dish cloth and Dawn.

👤I was excited when I bought them, but they don't hold up. They are stained after 3 uses. I did not use a dishwasher or use oils liquid. They are terrible. If the temp is over. The oven is too high when removed. Will not buy again or recommend it.

👤I was disappointed that the sheets wouldn't fit in the normal size oven because of the interlaced hands. They should be given away without being asked.

👤Aguanta una temperatura de hasta 225 grados, en el horno segn especificaciones del fabricante.

👤Me encanta. Adems decumplir perfectamente con su funcin.

👤There is a plaque. trs facile a nettoyer. It's vaut la peine.

👤It makes a loud noise in the oven. As it cools, it returns to its normal shape.

9. TOPZEA Silicone Baguette Nonstick Perforated

TOPZEA Silicone Baguette Nonstick Perforated

Buy with confidence. They have the best stain resistant Silicone cake baking pan. If you don't like what you see, they will give you a full refund or replacement. Add to cart with no risk. The non stick is more flexible and durable than the stick. Each pan is 12.2"x 9.2", gutter size of 3 wave loaves mold is 11"x 2.2", gutter size of 8 gutter baking tray is 3.8"x 2.3" The perforated design of the loaf pan makes loaves to crisp evenly and remain soft inside. The baker baguette is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. It's widely used for baking bread, loaf, cake and more in bakeries and home kitchens.

Brand: Topzea

👤I like this a lot but I'm not happy with the bottom since they have mesh-like holes. The bottoms get too brown. They are easy to use and clean.

👤These are amazing and they brown my bread. I love these pans.

👤This item is very bad. It is hard to get out of the oven and it does not cook well because it does not hold in any way shape or form. Don't waste your money.

👤These work well, but are too flexible. I don't like silicone molds.

👤The shape and size are awkward. The dough is stiff enough to not distort when loaded. I was hoping for a better feeling. The bread looks like muffins.

👤These pans are great. Don't worry about sticking to the pan. The crust comes out flaky.

👤I have been using it to make bread rolls. Pan was easy to release, plus it had all of the sides covered.

👤It's hard to pick up when filled. I would pick metal if I had to do it again.

10. New Star Foodservice 38422 Commercial

New Star Foodservice 38422 Commercial

There are multi-FUNCATIONS. You could bake more treats at a time, save time and money. The essential items you need for baking are provided by this Sheet/Bun Pan 2-Piece Cookie Sheet and Silicone Baking Mat Set. The baking mat makes it easy to clean. The Baking mat combo is designed to be a perfect fit. Heavy gauge commercial aluminum is used for the sheet/Bun Pan. It is designed to be resistant to both cold temperatures and high heat applications. The pan has a beaded rim. The Baking Mat is made of fiberglass and has the highest quality of food grade silicone. The temperature is from -40 to 480 degrees. The pans are easy to stack and store when they're not used. Stacking pans saves space so you don't use up valuable kitchen real estate. This item should only be washed and sanitized. The Baking Mat is a quarter size.

Brand: New Star Foodservice

👤I wanted to buy new sheets, mats, and cooling/ cooking racks after initially searching for silicone mats for our cheap baking sheets. I searched and read many reviews of Sheets that warp, lose their form, collect water, rust, and emit strange odors. Poor welds, rust, warp, or are just weak are some of the things that Racks can't support. I lost confidence in the ability to find something reliable on Amazon. New Star Foodservice showed up before I adjusted my search criteria. I decided to proceed with my purchase after reading the reviews. I put these with heavy duty rack from Hamilton Housewares. I rearranged the sheets for our oven to fit in the largest sheet set. My wife and I are happy. We now have these high quality sheets in all of these sizes. So far, so good! We don't see any of the issues reported by other reviewers because everything is clean.

👤There is a chance that you will get all of the parts. It seems that this item only gets the pan or mat. Don't risk it if you love returning items.

👤I needed a pan to fit in my oven. I chose this one because it came with a baking mat, which was something I had seen on Amazon. It fit in my oven. I baked sugar cookies and they came out great. The pan is thick and rolled under tight. This pan is very good. I want to bake 12 cookies at a time, so I'm ordering another one.

👤The pans scratch easily. There are permanent marks on the pan pizza I made, but the finish is okay and the scratches are not rusting, so I can deal with that. I found my silicone mat peeling up large pieces of plastic, some of which stuck to the yams, when I made baked yams the other day. The mats were greasy and hard to clean without using baking soda to absorb and oil that may have fallen on them in the cooking process. I don't know if they got something from detergent and soda. It really doesn't seem like this should have happened, I don't like leaving negative reviews. I bought these because they came with mats that fit them, now I need to pitch those out so I don't get plastic in my food. It's too much to pay for a baking sheet that's okay.

👤I have used these in baking pans for everything from baking and roasting chicken thighs to asparagus and mixed vegetables. I've used them to freeze all of the above, plus things like ripe bananas, which peel right off without sticking, as a way to vacuum seal for long term storage. When chicken is roasted with a sauce and then frozen on a pan, the clean up is no harder than it would be if it was cooked. If you feel lazy and don't want to exert that much effort, they are dishwasher safe for top rack cleaning.

👤Wow! I am very impressed with this pan. It is a very sturdy pan and with the silicone mat, this is a steal of a deal for the super low price. It works perfectly with my Breville Smart Oven Plus Countertop Convection Oven. I bought this set and I am very happy with it. It arrived in two days. Thank you very much!

11. AmazonBasics 6 Piece Nonstick Bakeware Baking

AmazonBasics 6 Piece Nonstick Bakeware Baking

Measures 7.3" x 11.5" The weight is 1.2lb. The set includes a loaf pan, 2 round cake pans, a 12-cup muffin pan, and a 13x9-inch roast pan. Heavy-weight steel is used for heating. It is easy to clean a nonstick coating. It is safe to cook at 500 degrees F. It is recommended to hand-wash.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I received this set. It was washed and left to dry. It has been about two days without any problems. I went to grab the cupcake pan to bake and noticed it was rusty. Wtf? Did you just purchase this and one wash to rust? Whoever they are receiving their pans from should be reconsidered by Amazon.

👤I was excited to try the pans. I've only used the sheet pan. I made some potato skins. I heard a loud clang while I was baking some fish at 350. The pan is twisted. I'm still within the first 30 days, so I'm debating returning the rest of the set.

👤The second time I used the baking sheet, I removed it from the oven and it immediately warped and bent, sending roasted potatoes and hot oil all over my kitchen. I can't speak for the other items, but I'm not impressed.

👤The baking set is the worst I have ever purchased. The bakery goods are ruined because they tear in chunks, with much or most of the products still stuck to the pan. You can't serve rotten pans or give ruined bakery goods as gifts if you consider the purchase price and the loss of expensive ingredients. I used the bread loaf pan for the first time. I had to soak it for several hours and then change out the fresh soaking water because of the layers of gunk that had stuck and torn when I tried to get it out of the pan. The color of the pans looked stained when baking product had touched them. The pans were ruined the first time they were used, but I did not leave them damp or to air out.

👤The job is basic, light and cheap but does a good job for a decent price. I had to throw out the cupcake pan because it had rust that I didn't notice before. Upon arrival, inspect.

👤6 minutes into heating up a frozen lasagna, it was a loud clang. Cookie sheet buckled and warped. It was good that the lasagna was heavy enough to not fly over my oven. I will return this set.

👤I'm not sure if I just got a bad set or something, but this bakeware stunk up my house. The smell it gives off when put in the oven is horrible. I had to use an air purifier to get rid of the smell. I thought I might need to wash them again before the next use. The stink was still there after being washed twice. I threw them away.

👤I was worried about buying these with the reviews it has, so I'm going to leave a review. These are wonderful. I have used these for two weeks. Absolutely no issues. I saw posts of people with rust and metal, and I think they have no idea how to care for their cookware or even how to cook. It is not that difficult to clean and dry your items. Don't cut too hard on the pans, they're not meant for that. These are worth a lot of money. It is a steal. It is worth it to just buy them. I will show you how they are holding up if you contact me directly. These reviews of people who are not clued up.


What is the best product for baking tray set silicone?

Baking tray set silicone products from Nordic Ware. In this article about baking tray set silicone you can see why people choose the product. Hotpop and Xomoo are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking tray set silicone.

What are the best brands for baking tray set silicone?

Nordic Ware, Hotpop and Xomoo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking tray set silicone. Find the detail in this article. Juvale, Caketime and The French Pantry are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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