Best Baking Weights for Pies Usa

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1. USA Pan Bakeware Aluminized 9 Inch

USA Pan Bakeware Aluminized 9 Inch

Pie crust shield can resist heat up to 450 F, due to the high quality food-safe silicone. They will use their Pie crust shield. The USA Aluminized Steel 9-Inch Pie Pan is heavy gauge and commercial grade. Air circulation for evenly baked goods and quick release is aided by a corrugated surface design. Americoat is coated with asiloxane that is free of PFOA, PTFE, andBPA. USA Pan is a family owned business that has provided jobs in the USA for over 50 years.

Brand: Usa Pan

👤I bake a lot of pies in this pie pan. It is wonderful because of its heft and thickness, which makes the bottom crust great brown. I like glass pie plates, but the aluminized steel pan is even better. Once the pie is cool, I can remove a whole pie from the pan. Try it in a pie pan. I like the pan's design, which is great for baking dough to stay put and in place.

👤The pie pan is thick and wonderful. Thank you USAPAN, always great products. I will kill anyone who uses a metal knife with this pan. I can avenge this pan for 20 years. The Americoat came off because of dents on the item which were caused by the packaging or the storage conditions. I was told to keep the old one by the customer representative from Amazon. Nothing was lost. This pan is a strong suggestion. I own over 100 different pie pans, including cast iron, silicone, steel, aluminum and stoneware. The one taking the cake is this one.

👤I checked Amazon for a metal pie pan after looking at the stores. I bought two different brands. This is the better of the two. It bakes evenly and is larger than the pie pans at the restaurant chains. I don't have to throw away the pumpkin pie mix because this larger pie holds it all. I like the pan so much that I'm ordering another one. It's made in the USA.

👤I thought I had found a set of small pie pans. They began to rust after the first wash. Is it a good idea to ask for my money back?

👤I'm a 63 year old man who started making pies. I made my first pies in a glass dish. The pies were stuck. I researched the issue on the internet and did not get a definitive answer. One person said pies stick to glass dishes. I bought a pie dish. My pies are easy to clean, sturdy, and handsome, but now they don't stick at all. The mission was accomplished. I bought a Pain De Mie bread pan from the same manufacturer and it's still going strong five years later. bread does not stick to this pan

👤This pie pan was purchased in November. I was happy with the way the pumpkin pie turned out. The second pie I made, a berry pie, came out wonderful as well. The coating on the pan was starting to oxidize when I washed it. I used a non-metal utensil to serve the pie, and I washed the pan with a cotton dish cloth. The company did not offer any satisfaction when I contacted them. They referred me to Amazon, who gave me a refund. I'm not happy with the product. It's made in the USA. We used to be proud of our manufactured goods. The company doesn't seem to take pride in its product.

👤I have purchased USA pans before and liked them. This time, big no. I noticed a lot of scratched spots when I opened the box. They looked like they had been dropped and dragged on the floor. This happened before Thanksgiving and I am so disappointed. My plan to make pies with evenly-browned crust has been compromised. It's really sad.

2. Weights Homemade Colorful Ceramic Kitchen

Weights Homemade Colorful Ceramic Kitchen

Silicone is softer than aluminum foil and can be put on the edge of a pie. It is easier to make pies with this Pie Crust Shield. It's easy to bake frozen and homemade pies because they don't burn pies. Does your blind baking pie have the perfect shape? Try the colorful pie weights and you will be able to make a perfect pir crust. Are you drooling over the fruit pie/tart, pudding pie, quiche, cream pie, lemon meringue, strawberry rhubarb pie, banoffee pie in the bakery? Fail to make it yourself? You haven't tried the pie weights. homemade pie baking is easier with WelifeUp colorful pie weights. Not enough to cover your pie plate? WelifeUp pie weights are enough for most home pie pans that are not over 10 inch, such as Pyrex glass pie plate, USA Pan aluminzed pie pan, etc. COLORFUL PIE WEIGHTS- Made from natural, food-safe ceramic stoneware, heat resistant to 480-degrees Fahrenheit. Pie weights are safe for baking. There is eye-catching decor in your kitchen. There is a lifetime replacement guarantee. The best customer service of pie weights will be created by them. Contact them if you're dissatisfied. You will receive a lifetime guarantee. WelifeUp pie weights will help you bake pies. Birthday gifts, christmas gifts, stocking stuffers for women andpie lovers.

Brand: Welifeup

👤They were nicely packed with a plastic bag. Nothing was noted differently than other reviewers. There are bright colors. I haven't tried baking with them yet, but unless they don't like the heat, there's not much mystery to it. There needs to be a layer of paper or foil between the weights and the dough in order for them to "sunk" in their dough.

👤I needed pie weights and I liked the multicolor ones offered by this seller. Most of them have small chips in their finish. I haven't baked with them yet, but I think they will be fine. I bought them for a functional use. There are many of them which will fit in a pie pan of any size.

👤Baking weights are perfectly adequate. There were some "chipped" weights in the packaging but no chips in the bag so it wasn't in transit. The bad is that they are not very attractive for pie weights, but the good is that the colors come out nicely when washed and dried. There's enough in the package to get the job done, and they're just about the right size. We are looking forward to baking with them. We won't be blind baking anything until November if anything goes sideways in the oven.

👤The container had several broken or chipping objects out of it. I had to redo my first crust after Sunk into my dough. I threw them out because I was worried they would break in the future.

👤The quality of the lid was very flimsy and bendable so it wouldn't fit on the rim of the container, which was the most annoying part. It looks and feels substandard and not trustworthy as a container to hold all those small pieces without a chance of them landing on the counter or floor.

👤These little balls are used. They clean up well.

👤I needed a Lemon Meringue Pie and these Pie Weights worked great. They were cleaned in a strainer and put on a baking sheet to dry. When they arrived, the Jar was open and the weights were rolling around in the box. The product was decent.

👤The colors work well for me. They should be washed and dried before use.

👤There was no packing around the jars when the bottles of beads burst open. The metal lids were damaged. The beads are small and light. I am not convinced that the coloured beads were worth the extra cost.

3. USA Pan Bakeware Rectangular Aluminized

USA Pan Bakeware Rectangular Aluminized

You can get the net weight by pressing the ON/Z/T button after you put the plate in. Scales are easy to scale in a cup, bowl, or plate. 30 days money-back and 2 years limited warranty are included. Americoat promotes quick release of baked-goods plus fast and easy clean up, and it is recommended to wash USA Pan baking pans with hot water, mild soap and gentle scrub brush or sponge. Nonstick Americoat coating is a patented Silicone coating which is Teflon, PFOA, andBPA free and provides quick and easy release of all baked-goods. The item is made in the USA and measures 9 x 13 x 2.25 inches. USA Pan has provided jobs in the USA for over 50 years and has manufactured high quality bakeware.

Brand: Usa Pan

👤The folded corners of the cake pan make it hard to wash. It takes several minutes to dry the darn thing after hand washing, even though I bake with parchment paper so the batter doesn't touch the pan. I put it on the floor, then put it on the floor again, then put it on the floor again, then put it on the floor again, then put it on the floor again. Sheesh! I didn't notice the USA 'Lasagnas and Cake' pan, which is 9x13, the same material. There are no folded corners and it has handles. I think America's Test Kitchen chose the folded corner pan over the molded corner pan and will probably end up buying that one and giving this one away. The aluminum pans do transmit heat quickly and effectively so your cake baking times will be at the lower end of the spectrum, so keep an eye on the cake as it approaches that low end. The lowest time recommended by the recipe was 2 minutes before my first cake was done.

👤After reading some of the negative reviews here, I decided not to purchase this pan, even though it was a good deal for an 8 x 8 pan. The Pyrex pan that I accidentally brought into contact with cold water after removing it from a 400f oven was replaced with a metal pan. I filled the pan with water after unpacking it because of the negative reviews and it passed with flying colors. I made cornbread for 25 minutes. The picture was perfect. The pan performed perfectly without warping and was easy to clean with a sponge and warm soapy water. The pan is quite heavy and makes it difficult to bake in, but it will be a favorite for a long time.

👤I already have two loaf pans that I love, so I was looking forward to using my new cake pan. The first thing I made was apple crisp and low, and the corners leaked apple juice, syrup. I placed the pan on a cookie sheet to avoid a bubble over, but I did not expect a mess from the corners. The corners of the cake batter were leaking and I was not happy about it. The quality is sub par.

👤This pan is amazing. Spend the extra dollar and buy this. I am so impressed with this purchase. It releases a cake with no crumb on the pan. The Fat Diddios pan is larger than the USA pan in the picture. It bakes evenly. I want to buy more. Excellent quality.

👤I waited to post because I wanted to use the pans and see how well they bake. They are amazing. These are the best pans I've ever owned. Everything bakes evenly and slides out of the pan. I said slides out. It's stuck on the bottom so you can't cut around it with a knife. They are easy to clean. Fantastic product!

👤Most square pans have rounded corners, so I was excited about this one. I should have read the fine print before purchasing because it is not dishwasher safe. I left soapy water in it for a couple hours and when I came back it was covered in rust. I don't know how well it distributes heat, I haven't baked in it yet. It looks like it will do that. I love rusty baking pans. I will always worry that the rust will be in my baked goods because it didn't fully come off. I was not expecting to have to line this pan with parchment. I have to deal with this rust every time I have to soak the pan. I am very disappointed that I picked this pan now. The corners were too sharp for me.

4. Talisman Designs Coverage Reusable Storage

Talisman Designs Coverage Reusable Storage

It is easy to clean up a dishwasher. The weights are perfect for blind baking a pie crust. If you want to prevent raw dough from puffing up in the oven, place the pie chain in the bottom of the pan. A flat pie crust can be made with no effort and a fast clean-up. Larger beads give 40% more coverage than other pie weight chains, and it's easy to use. There is a storage box that can be used to store all six feet of chain.

Brand: Talisman Designs

👤The weights are very light. I used a magnet to make sure they were metal. I used 2 sets of foil and it still buckled.

👤I was expecting a heavier metal weight and it worked out well. It was light and didn't hold itself in place while trying to lay out, so I had trouble getting it to cover the bottom of the pie. I wouldn't be the first one to re buy it now that I have it.

👤These on top of aluminum foil are great when you have to pre bake a pie. They are easy to clean and are much better than dried beans.

👤I really wanted this product to work for me, but I use a type of crust that shrinks easily, and I would probably need more than ten of these chains to do what I really need during blind baking. This is a great product if you have a few ceramic beads or other 6 foot chains.

👤I would have liked to have gotten the ceramic beads. The pie shell is hard to get even in.

👤You need to purchase several of these in order to weigh your pie down. During a bake, my pie pastry puffed up.

5. Wilton Perfect Results Non Stick Bakeware

Wilton Perfect Results Non Stick Bakeware

Ultra Cuisine's cooling and baking rack is perfect for the whole family, it comes with a complimentary recipe ebook and over 100 recipes to bake delicious treats and meals. Ready, set, bake. The 12-cup non-stick muffin pan is the perfect size for a warm muffin in the morning. This pan can be used to make cupcakes. Every day and every circumstance: bakeware. The muffin pan and cupcake pan can be used to bake batches of muffins or cupcakes. It is made of steel and has a reinforced non-stick coating. Non-stick. The non-stick and scratch-resistant coating on their muffin and cupcake pans allows your food to pop out easily, making it easy to clean up. Care instructions. The muffin pan and cupcake pan are dishwasher safe, however you should wash them in warm soapy water before each use. There is a muffin and cupcake pan. The Cavity size is 2 in. There is a dia. x 1.25 in. The diam is 5 cm. There is a 10-year warranty.

Brand: Wilton

👤It was damaged when it arrived. It doesn't look like it was damaged from shipping or handling, but rather a quality control issue. I don't want to risk having a super-glued muffin pan in an oven so I would try and glue it myself.

👤Three times, already rusted.

👤The old Teflon coated aluminum thing I used for decades has been replaced by the non-stick muffin and cupcake pan. The weight was the first thing I noticed. This is a serious piece of cookware that weighs at least twice as much as my old muffin pan. It feels great handling it. The slick surface is next. When you peel off the advertising stickers, you get your first taste of this surface. Normally, you would have to use a knife or a blow up device to get these stickers off, but they peeled off without tearing. I give a quick mist of Pam to the muffins when they fall out because I don't want them to be buttered or sprayed. It is amazing! The muffin cups have more batter in them than my old muffin tin. I'm giving the Wilton Premium Non-Stick Muffin Pan a big, fat five stars.

👤The muffins turned out great, just like the product claims. Very strong. I was a bit heavy to lift with one hand. I used cupcake liners, but for the little browns on top, there was no need to clean them.

👤I don't like the pan at all. I expected the nonstick to be slicker than it actually is, but it seems like things still get stuck to the edges. I have to grease the pan up anyways.

👤My co-workers and I are very happy with the muffin pan. It is easy to use and clean.

👤I bought this pan for use in baking eggs, and from the first time I used it, non stick was not what it said on the box. I have only used it a few times with my grease, but each time it was worse. If you soak it in the baking powder it will allow the egg to come off. "Not" again. It rusted in two of the cups after it was let to soak. I used a dish rag to clean it. When I had the chance, I didn't return it.

👤I was skeptical since others had said that, but mine came in perfect. I'm ordering another one because it feels formidable and has no dents or damage. I can make 24 cupcakes. There are recipes underneath the stickers that come on it. Carefully peel them off. The pan was hurt when people yanked them off. If you are at risk of impatience, take them off. 2. Baking cups are a good way to keep your pans nice. 3. If you don't use all the spaces when you bake, be sure to fill the empty spaces with water before you put it in the oven. My mom taught me that it protects the empty compartments during baking. Baking is good!

6. International 2723 Ceramic Weights Storage

International 2723 Ceramic Weights Storage

Caution when removing pie weight after use of the top rack dishwasher. A pound of ceramic pie weights. Instructions are included with the amount of pie weights for 2 pie shells. Storage bag is included for easy storage. They are non porous so they do not absorb odors. Ceramic weights distribute heat evenly.

Brand: R&m International

👤When I want to bake a pie shell empty and then fill it, these pie weights work well for me. I put the weights on the unbaked crust. I bake for 10 minutes and then remove the weights. I put the pie crust in the oven and turn it off. It is hot enough to bake the shell. I finish the pie using edge guards if it requires more baking.

👤Since I was a child, I've made pie crust from scratch. I made fork holes in the pastry to make sure it wouldn't collapse. I have been watching baking shows on TV and decided to try them out. I wish I had them a long time ago. They were easy to roll back into their bag. I wish the manufacturer put a clasp on the bag to keep it closed. I tied the bag up with a bread twist tie to keep the beads from rolling out of the bag and all over the drawer.

👤I was told that I needed to have pie weights and ceramic balls. I decided to purchase 1lb after reading other reviews. The amount of balls available would have been too little. It helped my pie crust out more than I anticipated. I had to throw out 20% of the balls I used because they tried to take some of the pie home with them, and no amount of soaking and scrubbing could get the dough off. It's difficult to clean them when they're small. I think it's good that I don't bake pies that often, and that I got far too many, but I think it's a good idea to get a metal chain or a Silicon platform version of a pie weight.

👤I sent back 2 bags of pie weights because they were easy to lose. I opened the plastic bags they came in and found a lot of loose grit. I washed them with water. After they were dry, I picked up some in my hands and put it on my hands. I would avoid these unless you want it in your pie.

👤I bought these because I wanted to use them in a 9 piece tin, but they don't support the sides or weigh down the paper, and they don't even cover the base. The product is good, but the advertising is not. You will need more than one of these if you want to bake anything other than mini tarts or pies.

👤I needed it to fill my cake pan.

👤The description said it would fill the pie tin, so I bought one package. 2 or 3 packs would work better for me. One pack is not heavy enough to keep the pastry from puffing up. The bottom of a 9 inch pan is barely visible from the single pack.

👤I gave them a quick rinse and have already used them. The bottom of the pie plate works as expected. Even had a small bag for storage. If I need more, I would buy again. If you follow the suggestion, place crumpled paper in the bottom and then add weights, or you will be playing 150-piece pickup as well as cleaning them.

7. Norpro Pie Crust Weight Chain

Norpro Pie Crust Weight Chain

The trace of clay powder left on the surface of beads is easy to clean and use. Before use, wash with warm water. Store in a cool dry place. The measures are 6' / 72" and 184 cm long. The pie weight chain is strong and resuable, so you can avoid bubbles and cracks in your pre-baked pie shells. Promotes even baking and prevents air pockets when baking empty pie shells. Place the chain on top of the pie shell. Lift the chain when your crust is baked. It is easy to use and remove. It's great for homemade pie crusts. It's ideal when making banana, chocolate, coconut cream pie, lemon meringue, key lime pie and more. It's in a convenient storage case.

Brand: Norpro

👤It works just as well as the baking balls because it takes up very little space in a drawer. At least to me.

👤I learned that I can use it to clean narrow-necked jars because I don't bake pies. Put some soap and water in the jar and shake it up to clean it.

👤I got a rusty set, tried to find the retailer, but they had a different name, and I had to file a complaint with Amazon. Yuck! Rust pie is not an option.

👤Excellent price. It's hard to find in my local stores. A single pie crust makes it much more satisfying. It was worth the price.

👤I already had one of the Norpro 6' chains, but needed two more in order to get full coverage in the pie pan. Norpro's is more substantial than the others. It is expensive, but worth it.

👤I use this item frequently and bought it as an extra set of ceramic beads. When blind baking, beads come away from the pan quickly, and works well in conjuction with beads to fill the shell.

👤During initial baking, the single pre-baked and partially pre-bakedcrust didn't get soggy. When filling with beans or rice, it can get slightly soggy. I tried a softer flour from the South and it may be the cause of the crust shrinking down the sides. The pies were the same. I'm curious about baking upside down. I will use Pilsbury flour dough for the chain.

8. Innovations Perfect Crust Stainless Weight

Innovations Perfect Crust Stainless Weight

Flat, ready to fill pie crusts. After baking, it is easy to remove. Less fuss baking, dishwasher safe.

Brand: Jaz Innovations

👤Product is not what it appears to be. I ordered these because I wanted a chain of solis balls instead of a string of hollow beads. This is not what I was expecting. The product description is wrong and the actual weight is half of what the seller says it is.

👤The chain is 5 ounces. The ceramic weights that I have today weigh more than 10 ounces. I use 2 sets of ceramic weights for a single crust. The ceramic weights are not on a chain, but I will continue with them until I find a better product.

👤These are so light-weight they don't do anything. I was so disappointed that I bought a product that was a misrepresentation of the purpose of pastry weights. I can only assume that the seller's friends gave him high marks.

👤Excellent for blind baking pies. I had a white ceramic ball pie but it was difficult to clean because they were dirty. I would recommend this chain to all because it is easy to clean and has more than enough length. Great product!

👤I knew when I bought it that it was what I was looking for. I was hesitant about buying something from a company I had not heard of. I received a dishwasher safe chain. It's from RSVP International. I've heard of them.

👤She uses it and has no complaints. It works better than the ceramic bean style ones as the chain can be more easily placed, moved, and removed.

👤They work well. I could have used more than 10 inches to cover the pie shell. I had to add some weights.

👤I've made a lot of pies over the years, and have found a way to keep the center of the pie shells flat when I need them to be for banana cream and lemon meringue pies. I bake at 9700 foot elevation and things don't turn out the way they should.

👤It was small and only covered half of the pie. It was difficult to put it down and it didn't give a lot of weight.

👤The product is easier to use than the ceramic balls I have. The chain was a little light in the weight department. It does the job.

👤Just love it. There is no more burnt beans or chickpeas. This does a great job of keeping the pastry flat. They claim it is dishwasher safe. How do you keep it so fluid? The regular dishwasher baskets don't have this slithering thing.

9. Ceramic Pie Weights Baking Pies

Ceramic Pie Weights Baking Pies

There is a capacity of 1012 dia and 10 dia frozen and home-made pies. Home baking family fun. Colorful rainbow pie weights for baking, rainbow kitchen natural clay beads pie crust weights, ceramic beans for baking pastry weights for pies, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, 1 cm diameter baking weight stones and 2lb/900g total weight...enough for lots of baking fun Natural, safe and hardy. Ceramic pie weights for baking are made from natural, food grade, non-absorbent and durable ceramic material with no odor or use of harmful substances. Baking beads are used for blind bake pie crust, blind bake pies and blind bake quiche dishes. There are ceramic pie weights for baking Apple pie, Pumpkin pie, Pecan pie, Banoffee pie, Lemon Meringue pie, Banana Cream pie, Sweet Potato pie, Key Lime Pie, Strawberry Rhubarb, fruit tarts, Chocolate pies and savory pies. It's ideal for baking pie pans and pie dishes. There is a story about a damsel in distress. Baking must haves include a jar with a heart design, a metal locker for storing pie weights, and eye catching baking tools. Baking essentials gift for someone you know who loves to bake is Blind baking beads pie weights for baking gifts.

Brand: Generic

👤I've been looking for a better blind baking solution than the bag of dried lentils that I've been using, and I found these adorable rainbow ones! They work well and are not boring in the kitchen with the nice storage jar. I was worried about pouring the hot beans back into the glass jar immediately out of the oven, so I let them cool a bit before doing so, but the jar held up fine even while the weights were still warm. If you're looking for something a little more fun than the standard pie weights, you should purchase these.

👤The pie weights were in great condition. They look attractive on my counter and add a pop of color. I did not find any broken, cracked, or chipped weights in the packaging. The glass jar is sturdy and I like the heart design, it's a nice touch. I love these and will bake many pie crusts and tarts.

👤I am very happy with the rainbow baking beans. They make me smile when I'm blind baking a pie crust. The beans come in a cute glass jar which makes storing them easy. Highly recommended!

👤The jar the weights come in is cute and they do their job. I've never used pie weights before, but I did when I bought a new pie plate. Had to throw it away, then tried again. Happy baker, pie crust stayed put!

👤I bought it for her as a gift, but I know she used them and was pleased.

👤It works as expected. Pleased with the amount. It fills a plate. No butter seems to have been absorbed by the weights.

👤It's a good idea to rinse them prior to use. It worked great. Also decorative. It would make a great gift for an aspiring baker.

👤The product arrived on time. Have not used them yet.

10. Wilton 2105 8243 Premium Non Stick Bakeware

Wilton 2105 8243 Premium Non Stick Bakeware

There are two baking pans, 9 x 13 inches. The baking set has a limited warranty. Baking homemade or store-bought pizza can be done in 14-inch pizza pans. The pan bakes pizzas evenly and resists warping. The non-stick surface of the pan makes it easy to clean. 14 inches dia. x 1.5 inch. x 1.27 inch For the best results, wash in warm soapy water before each use.

Brand: Wilton

👤The multi-purpose pizza pan/ baking tray is a good size, has a good non-stick coating, and is great at conducting heat. I found that I had to reduce my cooking times for thin or delicate items, otherwise they burned, because I found that the same items were cooking on a regular baking pan or cookie sheet. In the photos, you can see a potato galette, consisting of thinly sliced potatoes, green onions, and leeks. I apologize for the asymmetrical nature of the mini 9 inch version that I made in a hurry. The bottom layer of potato slices burned in about 1/3 of the normal cooking time because the pizza pan was so good at conducting heat. I checked, and I would have been left with a pile of potato chips. The pan is so slippery that you have to worry about it sliding off as you remove it from the oven. If you move too quickly, you will throw your food off the pan. The lip around the edge is small. This is a completely flat platter. I had to use it as a serving plate, but it held up well to cutting utensils. Long term use of pizza cutter might degrade the coating. It becomes slightly floppier when hot. It is a rigid circle when it is room temperature. You can feel it flexing and bending when it comes out of the oven. If you're not prepared, you'll throw your food off the tray when it comes out of the oven. I wanted to come back to this review after a month because my suspicions about the durability issue were confirmed. The non-stick coating has scratches after a month of consistent use. Hot foods are still released from the surface. okay Pizza crusts, chicken wings, etc. You can clearly see that it does not handle cutting utensils. Well. I was forced to use it as a serving tray on only 2 occasions, but that was enough to mar the surface. If anyone cares, the underside of the tray has started to develop the beginnings of rust spots. This was after being in the dishwasher a few times, but not sitting in water or steam for long. It was an $8 purchase, so it's not surprising that the surface would become easily scratched or rusted.

👤These pans are great. We've purchased two of them. We eat a lot of frozen pizza so it's nice to always have one clean or in case you want to cook two at once. The pan is non-stick and does not have a high lip so the pizza can be easily slid off. This was one of the few pizza pans that did not have holes in them. Why is that important? If you don't want your crust to be super crisp then you need to avoid the pans with holes. I think this is the best pizza pan on Amazon. I was very pleased with my purchase.

👤If you are like my family, the pizza pan you bought in the day is now covered with stains and needs to be trashed. This is the perfect pan for homemade pizzas. It holds up to slicing a pizza with a wheel. Clean up is easy and no stains can be removed. Pizzas are usually baked on your wire oven rack. This pan would fit. I recommend this purchase to everyone.

11. Mora Ceramic Pie Pan Baking

Mora Ceramic Pie Pan Baking

This holiday season, share your love of baking with friends and family. It is time to hit paUSE and fake news. This is more than a pan. Mora is Latin for "Pause", meaning to slow down. It's time for you to slow down and hit pause, because you are always being told to do more, to go faster, to be better. You can use your Mora pans to do that. Every time you use a Mora pan, it's a reminder to hit pause, give yourself some time, and practice meditation. Their pan is designed with you in mind with extra deep sides and fluted edges. The inside is 9 inches wide and 2.5 inches deep and will fit any standard pie recipe. The sides are easy to use and beautiful. Only they have a clay that is 20% stronger than the competitors, which makes it stronger and more durable. Their clay has the ability to keep your food hotter for longer. Their pans are dishwasher safe and can handle over 500 degrees F. Crystallized glass. Their glaze is strong enough to prevent scratches from metal utensils. They produce a glossy glaze that is strong enough to resist scratches under 1000 grams of pressure. Their products are microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe, and their smooth glaze makes it easy to clean. They will give a free replacement for any faulty products. Let them know what happened. You are important to them so they offer daily customer service. They won't settle for anything you don't love so they want to help you hit pause. Unless you are, they are not happy.

Brand: Mora Ceramics Hit Pause

👤A pie pan is deeper than a typical deep dish pan. It's perfect for pot pie. It cooks on the bottom and stays that way. The lowest rack helps the bottom crusts cook better. The dark gray color is something I love. It's too deep for fruit pies unless you love the filling. You can add whipped cream to pies. Sometimes I prefer to use a flat edge pan, but I wish they had a non fluted style as well. Highly recommended.

👤This is the prettiest Pie dish I have ever seen. The pictures don't do it justice. It is high quality, smooth, heavy, but not overly so, and the color is beautiful. It is a great addition to my kitchen. I don't know if I should bake it or use it in a display. It's a good idea to give it as a gift. We ate too fast for pics, so I made a shepherd's pie for dinner. I needed to use this so I could clean it and it looked brand new after drying. 100 percent recommend!

👤The pie crust and contents were cooked perfectly in this dish. The whole pie was delicious and the bottom crust was nice. My new favorite dish is definitely a keeper.

👤This pie dish is perfect for baking. Put to the test today. A+ and 5 stars! I can't say enough about this beauty. Well done, Mora Ceramics.

👤The pan is pretty. Pies were nicely cooked. There were no soggy crusts.

👤I was looking for a pie pan that had smooth sides. Many of the others had inner walls that were calloused. This one is on the side wall. I have used it 6 times. Works well.

👤The pie pan is made of ceramic. I received it before the expected time. It was in perfect condition. The maker quickly sent an email to ask for it's safe arrival. This is very important to me. Thank you Alix for your quick attention. I would purchase again. Be sure you have enough lead time. I'm pretty sure it's hand made. Quality product! I'm going to give it to my son's girlfriend. She is going to love it!

👤I wanted a pretty deep dish. This is great! I have made pies and quiches. It is easy to clean. Has not scratched. Thanks for a great product!


What is the best product for baking weights for pies usa?

Baking weights for pies usa products from Usa Pan. In this article about baking weights for pies usa you can see why people choose the product. Welifeup and Usa Pan are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking weights for pies usa.

What are the best brands for baking weights for pies usa?

Usa Pan, Welifeup and Usa Pan are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking weights for pies usa. Find the detail in this article. Talisman Designs, Wilton and R&m International are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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