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1. SAF Red Instant Yeast Lesaffre

SAF Red Instant Yeast Lesaffre

The main benefits of saf-instant yeast are its performance and speed of use. This product is well suited to all types of bread-making applications, even the most extreme ones. One of the top selling yeasts in the world is the saft instant yeast. It's long- lasting and fast-acting, unlike "rapid" yeast. It's reliable. Comes in a large bag. You can store in an airtight container for 6 months at room temperature or in the fridge for a year or longer.

Brand: Lesaffre

👤I don't think there is anything special about this yeast, other than it works perfectly. It tastes right and does what it's supposed to. It makes good pizza dough and breads. I think it compares to Fleischmann's and Red Star instant active dry yeasts. It's not a good idea to store it in a vacuum sealed package since it won't keep it fresh for long. I put the jars in the fridge to keep it fresh. I think it was a good idea, but I haven't had a chance to see it. Hope that helps.

👤I like to make my bread with this yeast and can't live without it.

👤I like this yeast and it is a good deal. I use it in my bread machine to bake my bread and pizza dough.

👤I've been buying this yeast for years for home use and we use it in our teaching kitchens. It works and has been reliable.

👤I just used it. I was worried because after reading many yeast reviews, it seemed certain sellers were selling dead yeast. I would definitely recommend this seller and product. My yeast was manufactured on February 20 and sold on February 22. I made bread today and it was delicious.

👤I used instant yeast for the first time last May. It came out great! I kept the pack in a bag in the fridge because it wasn't resealable. I've tried the same recipe 3 more times. The baguettes did not rise in the 3rd and 4th times. The pack has an expired date of January 22. I don't know why it doesn't work anymore.

👤Adequate yeast. It was supposed to be 448 grams. I received 413 grams. The seller said if they had not received a poor review, they would have made an adjustment, but they wouldn't because of it. F them.

2. Red Star Quick Yeast 3 25oz

Red Star Quick Yeast 3 25oz

There is no yeast that isGluten-Free. Certified Kosher. There is no genetically modified food in the United States. Allergens. It's dairy-free. Egg-free. A vegan. There are no animal ingredients in their products. Do not include peanuts, tree nuts, potatoes, or any other products derived from these sources. Red Star Active Dry Yeast is a type of yeast.

Brand: Red Star

👤At a time when people were cleaning store shelves and some people were trying to make money at the expense of putting people in danger by buying all the hand sanitizers just to sell them for a high price, some people were trying to make money at the expense of putting people in danger. There is a shortage of yeast at the grocery store. People were selling a pack for up to 10 times the normal price, because I wanted some to make pizza. This seller priced it honestly and it was the same quality yeast that you would expect from red star with years left before it expires. I'm very thankful for your service. Pizza is a comfort food for my kids. This gave us peace of mind.

👤Great price for shipping. Excellent seller.

👤Great yeast. I have used this brand for a long time and am very satisfied with it.

3. Red Star Active Yeast Pound

Red Star Active Yeast Pound

100% natural rose extract. The lemon extract can be used as a substitution.

Brand: Red Star Lessafre

👤Just received my yeast. The manufactured date is in July. The last date is July 2019. Today is March 31, 2019. The package of yeast will be gone in 3 months. I would like to return this item for the same item with better dating, but the seller doesn't accept returms/exchanges. Don't buy if you're warned.

👤I have been using the bobs red mill active dry yeast for some time now and have always had an issue with the yeast. It rises but not as fast. I bought the red star yeast because I was fed up. It's hard to explain, but changing the brand of yeast makes my dough softer, faster, and more beautiful.

👤I've been using this yeast for almost ten years and it's great. I always come back to this one. Always a great rise to my bread, and never any problems.

👤I've made a couple of loaves of bread. I like to use a preferment the day before making the bread for better taste and texture. Holy Moly! My preferment keeps crawling out of the bowl and we've been laughing. I didn't realize how much my older yeast had aged until I saw the rise of this yeast. Great product!

👤The product was not red. It is instantaneous. The package says it is Red Star Active Dry Yeast. I received a package that looked very different. It was very frustrating. Would not order again. It was purchased from eGourmet Foods.

👤I was happy to find this on Amazon so that I didn't have to pay the high shipping cost, even though I normally order from another company. I keep it in a freezer canister so that I can only take the amount I need for each yeast dough batches. It saves money over grocery store yeast.

👤This is my favorite yeast. It is vacuum sealed and compressed. I put it in a jar and keep it in the fridge. I have never had it fail.

👤I bake a lot. I use a lot of yeast between breads and pizza to avoid the expensive yeast packets sold at supermarkets, but not as much as a commercial operation. This is where I can see the value of the item.

4. Platinum Superior Baking Yeast CT

Platinum Superior Baking Yeast CT

It is simple to use. It's so easy to bake with yeast. The amount of leavening retained in the dough is increased. Home bakers will enjoy consistent baked products. Professional results are obtained every time. 0 calories, 0 fat, and 0 salt.

Brand: Red Star

👤I have been making bread for over 20 years using Red Star yeast from small local co-ops or Amish farm stores. I discovered the Platinum Superior yeast through a baking blog where it was highly recommended, but it is not available in this area. It makes a difference in the rise of the bread. The quality of the yeast can make or break a recipe. It is expensive. I think it's worth the money.

👤I was not happy that you sent yeast that was not compatible with my Easter cinnamon rolls. Don't send items that are about to expire.

👤I would give this 10 stars. This is the best yeast I have ever worked with. I am glad I can buy it at Amazon because I was disappointed when my local grocery store stopped carrying it. My breads come out of my bread machine at least three inches taller than with regular yeast, the bread stays fresher at least three days longer, and when I made cinnamon pecan rolls, the texture was more like yeast rolls. I will never use regular yeast again.

👤On arrival, yeast was dead.

👤This is the best yeast ever. I made cinnamon rolls with the regular active yeast and had great results. The yeast is amazing. Add with all the ingredients. The bakery quality is good. I've baked pizza, donuts, and cinnamon rolls and doubled in size, but I won't buy anything else because of the active yeast.

👤The yeast did not work after being waiting for a long time. It was not active because it did not proof. We tried to make bread with it. It did not rise at all so I threw it out. Maybe it was misdated or stored badly. The seller doesn't allow returns so it's a waste of money.

👤I make cinnamon rolls that are similar to a Cinnabon recipe. The Red Star Quick Rise yeast is the only yeast available at the grocery store. I don't like having to prove it's alive and often find it isn't. I ordered a few packets of Platinum yeast because of the many recipes that suggested it. I made a double recipe of the same cinnamon rolls using the Platinum yeast which you don't need to proof with sugar and warm liquid, you just add your wet and dry ingredients and a hot liquid and move on with the recipe. The first rise went much faster even in our cold house, as I sometimes turn the oven on to 170 and then shut it off and put the dough in there to rise faster, using this yeast. I will use this yeast from now on. The quality of the yeast affects the recipe and going through a packet after a packet of bad yeast is frustrating. I keep my packets in the freezer because they don't last long. Will be using them from now on.

👤We enjoy making pizza for friends and family in the wood-fired oven. We have used the same yeast for years. We saw this product and thought we would try it. What a success. Everyone noticed the improvement in taste and texture. We love this product and will continue to use it.

5. Fleischmanns Instant Yeast Oz Bags

Fleischmanns Instant Yeast Oz Bags

There is no need for a fridge prior to opening.

Brand: Fleischmann's

6. Fleischmanns Yeast Bread Machines 4 Ounce

Fleischmanns Yeast Bread Machines 4 Ounce

Add instant yeast to your recipes. Only one rise is required. No need to drink water. Fast acting yeast works well in bread machines.

Brand: Fleischmann's

👤The use by date is in February and I just received two jars. I bought yeast a couple months ago and have it in my possession. I couldn't use one jar in that amount of time.

👤I paid $25 for a bottle of yeast that costs less than $5. The ad is not accurate.

👤The bottom of the jar broke off when it was in the box. I tried to get the glass out of the yeast, but I don't want to put glass in my bread.

👤I love baking various breads and this bread machine yeast. Everyone knows how hard it is to find yeast, so I was happy to be able to get this. The dough setting on the machine is where I usually use to take the dough out to shape and bake it. I have plenty of time to use this jar of yeast before it expires, because the jar's expiration date is not until Dec 2021, but it was delivered today. Thanks!

👤I have never used Fleischmann's yeast for bread machines before, but my bread came out perfect. Delicous! My family liked the taste. I made 2 lbs. This yeast is used to loaf. It was a miracle. My bread was terrible before the yeast. It's a must for bread machines. If I don't use yeast and flour in my bread machine, my loaf will be bad to eat.

👤It works well with my bread machine, I've tried two other brands which said they were rapid rising but seemed to have a longer delay before it starts rising so sometimes I would end up with a 1/3 loaf or I'd have to increase the rise time. I bought this one and it has been doing well.

👤I get tired of looking for individual yeast packets when we bake a lot. These were the first jars I ever bought. The first time I got the two pack, I thought it would save a little, but then I realized it would cost less. We've had no problems with this yeast and have purchased six jars to date. I would recommend them without reservation.

👤This yeast is used in bread machines. No issues, works well. When opened, store it in a cool place.

👤Just buy it from the shops for $7.

👤The product works well in my bread machine. I thought the cost was too high.

👤This yeast is used for making bread and buns.

7. Saf Instant Yeast Pound Pouch

Saf Instant Yeast Pound Pouch

Safe Instant Yeast is a top selling yeast. Comes in a large bag. For a year or longer in your freezer, store it in an airtight container, or for 6 months at room temperature. Fast acting and long acting. One of the top selling yeasts in the world is the saft Instant Yeast. Comes in a large bag. For a year or longer in your freezer, store it in an airtight container, or for 6 months at room temperature.

Brand: Saf

👤I used to have a small business. I bake a lot of bread with my own recipes. Quality ingredients and raw honey are what I use. The other two companies are not as good as Saf. You measure it by the amount of yeast in it. I keep mine in the freezer in a tight plastic container, and use it directly from the freezer, putting the container back in. I used to buy this yeast from the big famous baking catalog, but I'm happy that it's available on Amazon. I buy things from Amazon. I use the Zo bread machines to bake my bread. I don't follow those instructions to put the dry yeast on top of the other ingredients. I always "proof" my yeast by putting it in a warm liquid with a little bit of honey, and then adding the other ingredients. Good yeast will make it easier to make homemade bread. Also, note: People reading this did not find my review helpful. I want you to know that this is the best yeast there is. It will last for at least a year if you keep it in the freezer. Amazon ships fast. Hope this helps. It's a good thing.

👤I thought I was doing something wrong when my bread didn't rise after I bought this yeast. I have been making no knead bread for years. I tried to use more flour. The yeast was what it was. Fleischmann's yeast is not available anymore, so I might try again. If there is a problem, it will go back.

👤There are five brands of baker's yeast in the US. I've never been able to detect a difference between Fleischman;s and Red Star, and most supermarkets only carry Fleischman;s and Red Star. I haven't noticed a difference between the supermarket brands and the companies that own Red Star, SAF and bakipan yeast. The difference between active dry yeast and instant yeast is that the instant yeast has smaller particles that are activated more quickly, and thus dough rises more rapidly, sometimes cutting rise times up to 50%. You want to use 1/3 as much instant yeast as active dry because you can't easily adjust rise times in a bread machine. It's better to use active dry yeast for dough that's refrigerated because it's warmer than body temperaturre. You can put the yeast in with the flour, and the liquids that are 130F are the best. The machines expect liquids to be around 80F. Thermometers are cheap, but the ingredients are not. A pound of yeast is equal to 21 strips of yeast, saving you 85% on your yeast costs. If you use a lot of yeast, buy the two pound size, which costs 50% more. If you have a septic tank, you can flush a small amount of yeast once a week for a "green" alternative to Rid-X. The best place to store yeast is in the refrigerator or freezer. When you break the vacuum, the yeast expands to about 3 cups, so fill a jar with yeast and put it in the freezer, and use a glass container in the refrigerator as your "working" supply. Remove the jar from the fridge, measure out what you need, and immediately seal the glass jar and return it to the fridge before the humidity can condense. An opened package is supposed to last 4 months in a tightly sealed bottle, but it lasts a year or more for me if I open it. If the yeast is still active, it's Proofing. If you want to make a yeast sauce, you can add a half cup of water and a half cup of table sugar. The bubbles should reach the one-cup line in 10 minutes. You need to replace your yeast if it doesn't work. If it's close, you can use extra yeast, but you need to order more yeast right away, because too much yeast gives dough an off taste. I have a Salvation Army store spoon that I use only as my "yeast scoop", like people have coffee scoops, Miralax measuring cups, measuring cups in the lids of their laundry detergent, etc. Some would call me lazy, but I call it efficient. You need to know what size cake is called for to use this yeast in a recipe. yeast cakes are 2 ounces, but different sizes have been made in the past. A packet of flour can leaven up to four cups. It takes at least 0.6 teaspoons of yeast per cup of flour to use bulk yeast. There is a love/hate relationship between yeast and sugar. Too much sugar competes for the water and yeast doesn't work very hard, resulting in a heavy product. Extra yeast is needed for sweet doughs that are more than a half cup of sugar to four cups of flour. When you have only the wheat sugars, no added sugar, as in pizza crust, you get a very nice pizza. Too much fat will stop your baked goods from being moist. If you knead the dough too long, it will be too stiff to rise properly. The cake flour made the Colonel's original chicken finger licking good, but it wasn't enough to build a strong loaf. Baking powder and baking soda in self-rising flours are bad for a yeast. You want to blend it thoroughly with the flour before adding liquids because it will slow or stop rising. When I first moved to seniors housing, I brought fresh hot dinner rolls to a potluck dinner, and since then, I've been called "Steve, the bread baker". If you've become familiar with "Art Ritis", a good stand mixer with dough hook is a must for homemade breads and other baked goods.

8. Fleischmanns Instant Yeast Bags PACK

Fleischmanns Instant Yeast Bags PACK

There is a pack of Fleischmann's Instant Dry Yeast. Add Instant Dry Yeast to your recipes by mixing it with other dry ingredients. Only one rise is required. No need for water or fridge prior to opening. Use within 6 months of opening when storing in a tightly covered container. The yeast works well in bread machines. It is free of all types of food and has been around for over 150 years.

Brand: Fleischmann's

👤The yeast is fine. But holy price! A pound of yeast costs over $30. It's ridiculous.

👤The yeast wouldn't work. That's a problem for a large bag.

👤The yeast was great for bread. I paid less than $11 for a pound because I was aware of the negative reviews but I waited until the price was reasonable. When it arrived, some said it was hard as a brick. It is made to keep it fresh. The yeast goes back to its original form when you open it. I put the yeast into a jar and put it in the fridge. Very happy with the results! Will buy again.

👤I can't get a refund on this item. The yeast was dead, despite the yeast expiration date being fine. I have made a lot of bread with my bread machine, but when I got this one, my loaf of honey wheat bread did not rise. I tried a loaf of summer wheat bread and it didn't work. I tried doubling the yeast content in the third loaf but it was still not effective. The loaves did not rise. Fleishman's is great, but I won't order it from Amazon again.

👤The top of the packet is non-refundable. We can't use it or return it. Money being staged.

👤I bake a lot for fun. I have been making my own bread for years. This was the best deal I could find on yeast because it was so much easier to buy in bulk. The yeast bag was packaged in a padded envelope to avoid puncturing it and ruining it. I've already made a pizza dough out of it. It turned out great.

👤It works, but it's way overpriced. The packaging is deceptive. That's 16 ounces and it's advertised as 1 pound. The shipping weight is not known. It doesn't add up.

👤The same yeast product I buy at the grocery store is used in it. The price per ounce is the same as the supermarket jar. I filled and refrigerated my empty jar so I could use it for baking. I put the rest in the freezer with a rubber band. It must be fresh, as each loaf I have made rose beautifully. It's a good idea to recommend it.

9. Fleischmanns Instant Dry Yeast Pack

Fleischmanns Instant Dry Yeast Pack

You can mix it with other dry ingredients. It's perfect for use in bread machines. It can be used in many recipes.

Brand: Fleischmann's

10. TableTop Lesaffre Vacuum Packed Bakers

TableTop Lesaffre Vacuum Packed Bakers

Product of Mexico. Pack of 1. Storage in a dry place. After opening, be sure to chill. One 7 g package can be used for consumer. Sorbian monostearate is an ingredient of yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae).

Brand: Tabletop Kink

👤This is a good yeast. I keep my coffee in a sealed canister in the freezer and it lasts a long time. The active dry yeast is not cold or dry, so it can store well. Since this is a pound of yeast and we usually just use a couple of teaspoons per loaf, store it in the freezer sealed and it will keep for at least a year; I've gone five years but I don't recommend that. If you are making bread by hand or using a bread machine, I would suggest making sure the yeast is proofed before you put it into it. I prefer my mixer to make bread. dissolving the yeast and mixing it in works well for me. If you make a lot of sweet doughs, they don't rise quickly. The gold package yeast LeSaffre Saf-Instant Yeast, Gold, will do better if you get it. The yeast is made to take high sugar doughs. The number one brand in Europe is SAF, and they make a gold label yeast for sweet doughs.

👤I bake my own bread. Several years ago, I discovered this product at a store that no longer carries it. I was happy to find it on Amazon. It's kept in the refrigerator and lasts forever. The package will probably last a year. It's cheaper per loaf than the packets in supermarkets. Highly recommended.

👤The seller pointed out where the manufacture and use by dates are located. I didn't notice them initially, but they are there now. It is on the seam of the bag, and it was manufactured in December of 2019. If used by date, it's the best. The yeast is proof out. The rating was changed to 5 stars. I received this yeast and it is as advertised, but it does not have a use until the end of the year, so I don't know if it is viable yeast or not. I don't know how old this is. I'll revise my comments and rating if it proves to be true.

👤This yeast is great for making poolish or biga breads. The flavor of the grains is not the same as the flavor of the yeast. It stays in the freezer for as long as you need it, which is good because sponge breads don't need a lot of yeast. There isn't a way to buy it in a size that works for a casual baker.

👤The package was sealed and hard as a brick because of the vacuum packaging. That's a positive thing. I kept the yeast in my freezer to prolong the life, after I transferred it to a glass jar. I have made loaves of bread and rolls with it. The yeast behaved as expected.

👤When I started buying in bulk, the price of the little packets of yeast was about 3 for a dollar. Anybody who bakes often and doesn't buy in bulk is challenged. I bought yeast about two years ago, and I bake two or three times a week.

11. Hang Tail Marine Shanghai Chinese

Hang Tail Marine Shanghai Chinese

Shanghai dry yeast is famous for making rice wines. The yeast ball can turn up to 500g of rice. Around 11 balls and 4 ounces.

Brand: Hang Tail Marine

👤I bought three bags of wine balls and found that there were many black bugs around the white balls and that they were climbing in the package. The policy for this item is not returnable. It was a bad experience.

👤The yeast balls are very good. We used a yeast ball to measure four cups of sticky rice. It turned out to be very good. The rice is sweet. It took 48 hours. It has been warm recently. The rice was even better when it was in the 72-76 range. I recommended this product to my friend after buying four more packs.

👤This product only has one-star reviews. This can't be true, many people are having the same complaints. A yeast that isn't working. This is because the yeast balls are not sealed. The yeast is loose and can be seen in the pictures. I have a lot of experience with beer. A sterile environment is important. You can't return this item.

👤This is a great value for the amount of packages that contain 10 or more balls. You only need one ball for each batches. The item was well packed and the balls are double packed so you don't have to open them all at once. Highly recommended! Thanks a lot.

👤I must be doing something wrong as my wine always tastes a bit sour, but these balls do work and are fresh.

👤Good stuff. It was made from rice. Came out well.

👤Once it is fermentable, it tastes great.


What is the best product for baking yeast packs?

Baking yeast packs products from Lesaffre. In this article about baking yeast packs you can see why people choose the product. Red Star and Red Star Lessafre are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking yeast packs.

What are the best brands for baking yeast packs?

Lesaffre, Red Star and Red Star Lessafre are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking yeast packs. Find the detail in this article. Fleischmann's, Saf and Tabletop Kink are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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