Best Bulk Dry Yeast for Baking

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1. TableTop Lesaffre Vacuum Packed Bakers

TableTop Lesaffre Vacuum Packed Bakers

Product of Mexico. Pack of 1. Storage in a dry place. After opening, be sure to chill. One 7 g package can be used for consumer. Sorbian monostearate is an ingredient of yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae).

Brand: Tabletop Kink

👤This is a good yeast. I keep my coffee in a sealed canister in the freezer and it lasts a long time. The active dry yeast is not cold or dry, so it can store well. Since this is a pound of yeast and we usually just use a couple of teaspoons per loaf, store it in the freezer sealed and it will keep for at least a year; I've gone five years but I don't recommend that. If you are making bread by hand or using a bread machine, I would suggest making sure the yeast is proofed before you put it into it. I prefer my mixer to make bread. dissolving the yeast and mixing it in works well for me. If you make a lot of sweet doughs, they don't rise quickly. The gold package yeast LeSaffre Saf-Instant Yeast, Gold, will do better if you get it. The yeast is made to take high sugar doughs. The number one brand in Europe is SAF, and they make a gold label yeast for sweet doughs.

👤I bake my own bread. Several years ago, I discovered this product at a store that no longer carries it. I was happy to find it on Amazon. It's kept in the refrigerator and lasts forever. The package will probably last a year. It's cheaper per loaf than the packets in supermarkets. Highly recommended.

👤The seller pointed out where the manufacture and use by dates are located. I didn't notice them initially, but they are there now. It is on the seam of the bag, and it was manufactured in December of 2019. If used by date, it's the best. The yeast is proof out. The rating was changed to 5 stars. I received this yeast and it is as advertised, but it does not have a use until the end of the year, so I don't know if it is viable yeast or not. I don't know how old this is. I'll revise my comments and rating if it proves to be true.

👤This yeast is great for making poolish or biga breads. The flavor of the grains is not the same as the flavor of the yeast. It stays in the freezer for as long as you need it, which is good because sponge breads don't need a lot of yeast. There isn't a way to buy it in a size that works for a casual baker.

👤The package was sealed and hard as a brick because of the vacuum packaging. That's a positive thing. I kept the yeast in my freezer to prolong the life, after I transferred it to a glass jar. I have made loaves of bread and rolls with it. The yeast behaved as expected.

👤When I started buying in bulk, the price of the little packets of yeast was about 3 for a dollar. Anybody who bakes often and doesn't buy in bulk is challenged. I bought yeast about two years ago, and I bake two or three times a week.

2. Fleischmanns Instant Dry Yeast 1lb

Fleischmanns Instant Dry Yeast 1lb

There is no need for a fridge prior to opening.

Brand: Fleischmann's

👤It will last in less than 3 weeks. It's cool. On March 17th, it was received. There is a chance for it to end on 5/2.

👤The old stock lasts two months.

👤I haven't tried it yet to see how it works. The package I received had less than three months left before it expired. I will think twice before ordering it again.

👤The ingREDIENT SORBITAN MONOSTEARATE IS NOT A PRESERVATIVE, IT IS A EMULSIFIER TO PROTECTION THE YEAST CELLS IN THE PACKAGE. This is to all the people who freak out when their food ingredients sound weird.

👤I bought a one pound bag of this yeast around 6 months ago and I really liked it. It rises very well. I like to change the yeast brands on my pizza dough frequently. The brands that advertise as being high powered or extra rise are just a marketing campaign and not really more powerful than the others. I like the flavor of this yeast a lot.

👤I needed to make cinnamon rolls for my daughter's class so I bought this yeast. I have been baking for 30 years and have never had rolls that were this large. They turned out great. Adding yeast to my dough was nice. I am excited to try this in other recipes because the package's expiration date is over a year away. This product is very good.

👤I'm pretty angry about how hard it is to find yeast now that everyone else is using it, I'm a person who always makes their own bread. I ordered 3rd week of May 2020 and it ended in April 2022.

👤When it arrived, mine was not vacuumed. It is not known what effect that may have had. It seems to work as an instant yeast. I use it for baking bread that is free of the wheat and so I will give it a kick start. It tasted and worked fine. I am not an expert so that is my conclusion. It was just over $5. The price had been raised by 50%. They think we don't notice or click on "subscribe and save" Thank you, I'm still breathing. I will look for a more reasonable product. Thank you so much. I refuse to play these games on pricing because they don't like plugged in customers. I am not sure if it is legal to price discriminate against a customer who buys a product. The concept of rewarding loyal customers or giving customers who buy an item multiple times a discount has been lost. We are rewarded by a price hike. I don't want to buy from a monopoly that is taking advantage of people during a health crisis like COVID. Don't even get me started on their support for BLM. I am sure my post will be edited orcensored, but whoever thought we would punish people for telling the truth in America is crazy.

👤The product is way over priced. I found it in the store for a quarter of the cost after I ordered it.

3. Fleischmanns Instant Dry Yeast Pack

Fleischmanns Instant Dry Yeast Pack

You can mix it with other dry ingredients. It's perfect for use in bread machines. It can be used in many recipes.

Brand: Fleischmann's

4. Red Star Instant Quick Yeast

Red Star Instant Quick Yeast

It's ideal for bread machines and traditional baking. The package weight is 0.026 kilograms.

Brand: Red Star

👤I am sorry to give Red Star Yeast a bad review but I have always found their yeast to be of the best quality and reliable. These were bought to make Easter buns. When they arrived, I checked the expired date and was satisfied that it was sometime in 2020. I had this nagging feeling that I should proof it before I added the dry ingredients because it did not rise, but I did because I was thankful that it did not. I contacted Amazon to get a refund for the jar of Red Star yeast I ordered. It was perfect this time.

👤Most of the local supermarkets now only carry the other major brand of dry yeast, which is Red Star. All of the stores have been selling out of yeast. I recently ordered two strips of Red Star Quick Rise Instant Yeast from this seller on Amazon, and used them to bake two traditional family recipes of Italian and Slovak Easter breads, both of which contain large quantities of cheese, and do not always rise as hoped for. The Red Star yeast worked well, and both breads rose just fine. Red Star dry yeasts do not stick to the packets, unlike other major name brands, which is something I have always appreciated. I know that I am getting the full measure of yeast when I empty a packet of Red Star into a recipe. If you've never used Red Star before, I suggest you try it.

👤I had to throw it out because my yeast did not bubble, but it may be the package I received. Too small of an item to be returned. Shipping was fast.

👤I used the Master recipe from "Gluten-Free Artisan bread" which says you don't need to proof modern yeast if it hasn't been on your shelf for a while. The yeast package had an expired date. You can make enough bread for 4 loves. There is a And guess what? The yeast was not good. I lost the organic flour mixes for 4 loaves of bread because of the yeast product. I proofed the last packet and found nothing in the warm sugar water. It was a perfect storm because the book said not to proof it and the yeast was a dud.

👤I use larger packages of yeast for baking. These packages are perfect for baking in my sister's or mother's house. It's perfect for travel and individual use. No measuring is needed to make sponges. The brand of yeast and the packages are recommended by me.

👤The yeast did not rise. It might be due to the packaging in plastic that the product came into contact with too much heat and died.

👤The product post on Amazon says it is free of the allergy. The actual packaging doesn't state that it's free of the wheat allergy. I paid over $5 for a single strip. When you're desperate for something, you do it. Not worth the risk. It's not worth my time to return an item that's under $6.

5. Hoosier Hill Farm Active Non Gmo

Hoosier Hill Farm Active Non Gmo

Hoosier Hill Farm has a culture of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Cell viability and leavening power are retained when the water is removed. This results in a yeast form. It is ideal for temperatures between 115 and 120 degrees. Active Dry Yeast is used for yeast-leavened bread and dough. Hoosier Hill Farm Brand guarantees your satisfaction. The bag of Hoosier Hill Farm Active Dry Yeast was re-sealable.

Brand: Hoosier Hill Farm

👤The yeast arrived on time. There were no problems with shipping. I looked at the ingredient list on Hoosier Hill Farm's website. Sorbitan Monosterate was on the ingredients list when the yeast arrived. I purchased the yeast because my family cannot eat it. That is a bad thing.

👤I am not sure about the price per pound compared to other brands. It was still cheaper than buying the little packets. It gives me a lot to share with my family and friends. The date is 4/2022. I put it in a container, in the freezer, and in a food grade packet. I used a small amount of milk bread today since I was inspired by the previous person. I added more pictures. My baking skills are not up to par. This is my first load bread and I have only been baking without box mixes for the past 6 months. I usually make cinnamon rolls, pizza dough, and bread sticks.

👤I bought it because it looks like it is American. To support local manufacturers. Great product. The yeast is very active and smells good. Sorbitan monostearate is researched and safe. Most of the other yeasts on the market have it. It's a good thing. Milk bread, buns, and everything that works for breakfast are what I like to make.

👤The bread is being baked in a machine. Buying the Fleishman's Active Yeast was inconvenient and expensive. I found this Active Yeast from Hoosier Hill Farm while searching for a substitute. I started using this with homemade bread and it tasted better. I will not use anything else from now on.

👤Sorbitan monosterate is in this product. It is not pure yeast. I won't use it. I was given credit by Amazon without having to return it. I don't have my yeast anymore. A waste of time. Full disclosure of the ingredients is what they need.

👤I am very pleased with this yeast. I started baking bread a month ago and ran out of yeast I got from a friend. The yeast worked great out the gate. I made a loaf of Japanese milk bread with this exact yeast.

👤Hoosier Hill Farm was selling a 16oz bag for 13 bucks, which was a lot less than the 888-666-1846 There is a This is recommended if you do a lot of baking. This is worth it for people like me who make a bread/cake once a month and 3-4 pizzas a week. I'd still recommend this one even if the other sellers reduce their prices on yeast. I've had no problems with this yeast and have gotten good results.

👤I bought this yeast to give it a try because getting yeast has been a challenge lately. I've baked a number of low- and full-fat bread and pizza recipes since. My usual brand of yeast has worked well in those recipes. I didn't have to change my recipes because they were the same. I spent less money to get the same result. I don't like the idea of using a bag with a zip for storing yeast, but it seems to work well. I will buy this again when I need more, but a pound of yeast is enough to keep me baking for a while.

6. North Mountain Supply RS PC 12 Classique

North Mountain Supply RS PC 12 Classique

The country of origin is the United States. The item was sold by North Mountain Supply. They are an authorized Red Star distributor and offer the best yeast on the market. If the yeast doesn't work before the date, they will provide replacements and help. It's ideal strain for large volumes of wine.

Brand: North Mountain Supply

👤The beer was bubbling in 2 hours after I added a bit of nutrition. HOLY! Super yeast! It might become self aware, intellegent, and kill us all in our sleep and become the next major species on this planet. It might have designs on the rest of the universe. O.o

👤I used this to make a variety of wines, one of which was a store bought cider that contained potassium sorbate. It started working for them within a few hours at a temperature of 68 to 72 degrees in a water bath aided by a 50 watt fish tank heater. The mixes are still bubbling at a steady rate three days into the brew. This yeast can allow for as much as 15% alcohol to be produced before it stops and it can handle higher brew temp than others. I should have some hard apple cider, apple raisin wine and cranberry pomegranate wine in about a week. I doubled the amount of yeast because of the sorbate, but it was still less than the gallon of ju8ice.

👤I've used this for different types of wine. I started it in a jug and it came out to 8.8% alcohol, but it could have been the conditions. I'm making wine from frozen juice concentrate. I started it in a bucket and it was 4% after a week. I'm up to 12.7%. It isn't finished. I think the description says it should die off at 15% alcohol, but I could swear that it was only 13%. I'll be thrilled if I get to 13%, but I'll wait until the air lock stops bubbling and then take a measurement. I'll assume it's 13% if it happens to be. I think the warmer laundry room has aided in the better fermentation of the 12.7% alcohol jug. I don't feel like I have to worry about it not working in the basement or laundry room because of the large temperature range.

👤I bought this yeast for my first attempt at making a drink. It worked well. We bottled our first batches a month after everything went well. Everyone is happy and says the bite on the back of the mead reminds them of champagne. I'm glad I had this for the first go-round because I don't know if it's the yeast.

👤I use this brand of champagne yeast for many years to make hard cider and wine. Excellent results are always produced by it. A little goes a long way.

👤I decided to try these after reading a forum post and have not been disappointed. Highly recommended, produces delicious breads.

👤Some recipes request this yeast when making fruit wines. So far, so good. The yeast makes alcohol by eating sugar. We will know in about 18 months if I made a product. First time making wine.

👤dependability is the most important thing about yeast. An off flavor can ruin the whole thing if you put your whole harvest into the hands of the microorganisms. This product has given me consistent results for many years.

7. Platinum Superior Baking Yeast CT

Platinum Superior Baking Yeast CT

It is simple to use. It's so easy to bake with yeast. The amount of leavening retained in the dough is increased. Home bakers will enjoy consistent baked products. Professional results are obtained every time. 0 calories, 0 fat, and 0 salt.

Brand: Red Star

👤I have been making bread for over 20 years using Red Star yeast from small local co-ops or Amish farm stores. I discovered the Platinum Superior yeast through a baking blog where it was highly recommended, but it is not available in this area. It makes a difference in the rise of the bread. The quality of the yeast can make or break a recipe. It is expensive. I think it's worth the money.

👤I was not happy that you sent yeast that was not compatible with my Easter cinnamon rolls. Don't send items that are about to expire.

👤I would give this 10 stars. This is the best yeast I have ever worked with. I am glad I can buy it at Amazon because I was disappointed when my local grocery store stopped carrying it. My breads come out of my bread machine at least three inches taller than with regular yeast, the bread stays fresher at least three days longer, and when I made cinnamon pecan rolls, the texture was more like yeast rolls. I will never use regular yeast again.

👤On arrival, yeast was dead.

👤This is the best yeast ever. I made cinnamon rolls with the regular active yeast and had great results. The yeast is amazing. Add with all the ingredients. The bakery quality is good. I've baked pizza, donuts, and cinnamon rolls and doubled in size, but I won't buy anything else because of the active yeast.

👤The yeast did not work after being waiting for a long time. It was not active because it did not proof. We tried to make bread with it. It did not rise at all so I threw it out. Maybe it was misdated or stored badly. The seller doesn't allow returns so it's a waste of money.

👤I make cinnamon rolls that are similar to a Cinnabon recipe. The Red Star Quick Rise yeast is the only yeast available at the grocery store. I don't like having to prove it's alive and often find it isn't. I ordered a few packets of Platinum yeast because of the many recipes that suggested it. I made a double recipe of the same cinnamon rolls using the Platinum yeast which you don't need to proof with sugar and warm liquid, you just add your wet and dry ingredients and a hot liquid and move on with the recipe. The first rise went much faster even in our cold house, as I sometimes turn the oven on to 170 and then shut it off and put the dough in there to rise faster, using this yeast. I will use this yeast from now on. The quality of the yeast affects the recipe and going through a packet after a packet of bad yeast is frustrating. I keep my packets in the freezer because they don't last long. Will be using them from now on.

👤We enjoy making pizza for friends and family in the wood-fired oven. We have used the same yeast for years. We saw this product and thought we would try it. What a success. Everyone noticed the improvement in taste and texture. We love this product and will continue to use it.

8. Fleischmanns Instant Yeast Oz Bags

Fleischmanns Instant Yeast Oz Bags

There is no need for a fridge prior to opening.

Brand: Fleischmann's

9. Nutritional Parmesan Fortified Seasoning Foods

Nutritional Parmesan Fortified Seasoning Foods

The fruit is labeled as "flaVOR-PACKED nutrITIONAL YEAST." Their yeast is full of vitamins and minerals. They have added a punch of garlic and vegan parmesan to satisfy your cravings while supporting your health. The fruit is labeled as "flaVOR-PACKED nutrITIONAL YEAST." Their yeast is full of vitamins and minerals. They have added a punch of garlic and vegan parmesan to satisfy your cravings while supporting your health. It's perfect for specific dietary needs. This garlic parm cheese flavor yeast powder is vegan, dairy-free, and low- calories, so you can still enjoy the taste of garlic parm cheese without having to eat actual cheese. You know and love it. Garlic is full of beneficial vitamins and minerals, and it helps boost immunity, curb inflammation, and promote cardiovascular health. This vegan seasoning has healthy yeast, onion, and sea salt. Natural ingredients taste good and are good for you. Their seasoned nutritional yeast can be sprinkled on anything. Sprinkle it on salads, soups, popcorn, pasta, chicken wings, and more. Feel your best with a hot beverage. This premium yeast seasoning is rich in vitamins and minerals, and it's delicious.

Brand: Sari Foods Co

👤I don't understand how anyone wouldn't get five stars. It is delicious and healthy. Key information! Never buy supplements with vitamins or minerals other than organically. I am not a fake reviewer. I take my reviews very seriously. When people read the reviews I have written, they understand that it is a thought out review add to help others. We want to use our hard earned money on legit products. I have purchased this product multiple times and will continue to do so. It is delicious and you can eat it all day. Hope this was helpful.

👤I found a bug in the product. I'm anxious about using this product.

👤The nooch seemed fine. It was a powder that worked for what I needed it for, but I noticed pieces of wood mixed in. There were pieces of wood mixed together. It looked like something had gotten into the machine. If there was any type of quality control, they would have been noticed. I was given my money back by Amazon, but I wanted to warn others. Before you use it, make sure you give it a close inspection.

👤I've been a vegan for a few years now and I enjoy the yeast. I was diagnosed with the MTHFR genes last year. I can no longer take it. I was so excited to find a non-Fortified yeast. I only had Red Star yeast. The taste is the same. From what I can remember, Sari's is a bit less flaky. I can put the smaller particles in a shaker. I'm thankful for this yeast. I'm thrilled to have yeast back, because I can't eat everything that has folic acid added to it. I put it on everything from salads to pasta. I follow up with some yeast when I put salt or garlic salt on. I can't thank you enough for this product.

👤This grade of yeast is very good. My wife is vegan because of her health. Too many times, taste and normal meals are out of reach. Not when using this yeast. The taste is good. We ate pasta with alfredo sauce and fresh basil. The dish was free of many allergens, yet it tasted as authentic as any homemade or Italian restaurant could. I was able to get my phone, but the picture of the meal was gone before I could post it. No doubt, 5 stars!

👤I bought this for my cats more than myself. I had been using another brand of nooch and although the majority of the sites I read said it was fine for cats, I did not like its bright, artificial-looking color and overdose of synthetic vitamins. I was concerned about the long-term use of cats because it seemed like a lot. I knew I had to find a way to work around the drawbacks because it really helped my picky cat eat more food options and take necessary food Additives. It is clear that Sari Foods fits the bill. I have to keep it closed in the pantry or the cats will break into the bag. I have to put at least a small amount on all the food dishes or the cats will leave their bowls to find one that has it once they smell it. It comes in a very generous size and is filled to the brim with no air in it. It is not a beige color like the electric yellow I usually see, which makes it obvious that there are unnecessary things left out of this product. I will return to Sari Foods when I need more, I am very pleased with this product. I think you can go wrong with Sari if you have a picky pet or like yeast.

10. Gefen Dry Yeast 1 Pound

Gefen Dry Yeast 1 Pound

Seal in freshness with vacuum-packed stuff. The recipe for challa is included on the package. A delicious challa recipe is included on the package. Until opening, there is no need for a fridge.

Brand: Gefen

👤This is from China. I would not have ordered it if it was possible to see that on the picture. It's a mystery how it can be considered a knight when it's from China. It is not permissible for return. I can't use something that costs me the most. I don't mind using products from China for most things, but I won't eat anything from China because of the vague Sanitation practices and the fact that so many things have ended up in the news.

👤I have been baking a lot lately and have been going through yeast like crazy. I decided to stock up on bulk style and am very happy with it. You end up with light, fluffy bread/rolls/pretzels/croissants when you use this yeast. I will only use the yeast brand from here on out.

👤It is blowing up bread. It doesn't leave any good flavor or taste. There is a If you like American quick yeast, you would love it.

👤The taste and quality of the yeast is amazing.

👤My go-to yeast! I use it to make bread every week. It does a great job.

👤I got yeast from the grocery store today and made the same recipe. The Gefen yeast was weakened or not made right, and it doesn't work. It was in a sealed container. I've used baking yeast products before, but they seem weak, and my first two attempts resulted in poor rising. It was packed in the late 19th century but is flat now. I wish I could get my money back.

👤I had to buy Gefen brand yeast because red star brand yeast is sold out everywhere because of the virus. I will never buy the other brand again. This yeast is superior in every way. I'm happy that I couldn't find the other one. You have a new customer with me.

11. Fleischmanns Active Yeast Ounce Count

Fleischmanns Active Yeast Ounce Count

Highly reliable. Adding active dry yeast to your bread recipes is possible. There are 6 packets of Active Dry Yeast. Follow your recipe if youDissolve in warm liquid. Not recommended for recipes that call for rapid rise yeast.

Brand: Fleischmann's

👤It didn't rise, it didn't fall, it didn't die, it didn't die, it didn't die, it didn't die, it didn't die, it didn't die, it didn't die, it didn't 6 small packs for $26 were found at a local store.

👤After realizing a price, I tried to cancel. Will not pay for it. It's a scam.

👤My packets were torn open. I have to keep it for the other packets since it is impossible to find in the midst of the covid-19 epidemic.

👤The bread machine is brand new. Wouldn't send a replacement. It will take 3-6 days to get your money back. Not good. There is an update. A replacement was sent the next day.

👤Fleischmann's Active Dry Yeast works well.


What is the best product for bulk dry yeast for baking?

Bulk dry yeast for baking products from Tabletop Kink. In this article about bulk dry yeast for baking you can see why people choose the product. Fleischmann's and Red Star are also good brands to look for when you are finding bulk dry yeast for baking.

What are the best brands for bulk dry yeast for baking?

Tabletop Kink, Fleischmann's and Red Star are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bulk dry yeast for baking. Find the detail in this article. Hoosier Hill Farm, North Mountain Supply and Sari Foods Co are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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