Best Containers for Baking Ingredients

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1. Vtopmart Airtight Storage Containers Supplies

Vtopmart Airtight Storage Containers Supplies

The patent is for the "Dimension 17.375''W x 13''D x 13.75'' H". It's perfect for pantry organization. The small containers in this set are perfect for storing a small box of cereals. They can be used to store baking supplies, cheerios, oats, pasta, cereals, rice, flour, sugar, coffee, tea, snacks, nuts. These containers are made of a type of plastic that has a longer life than other plastic containers. Clear containers make it easy to see what is inside. The plastic storage containers will make use of every inch of your home kitchen. If you have a large or small pantry, their containers will help you organize it. The containers are airtight to keep food fresh. The tight storage system will keep your food fresh. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. There are 24 reusable labels. These labels will help you avoid confusion between flour and baking powder. You can change contents whenever you need.

Brand: Vtopmart

👤I threw them into the dishwasher to see if they would do okay without being washed by hand. I'm really liking the thick plastic that came out. They're air tight, no leaks, and the labels are cute. I will order some larger ones from this brand.

👤People who never bought this product answer questions from people who are interested in it. There are 30 pieces for those who need numbers. Each container was put in a plastic bag and packed in a retail box. The first time you place the lid on top, you have to press on the rubber to lock it up, because it is well made. I never had any issues with the containers. I keep trail mix, nuts, and cereals. There is no problem of being stagnant with any. Highly recommended.

👤It works perfectly inside the shelves. I was looking for something smaller than the other boxes. You can reuse the water and wipe the stickers off. It was very tight and easy to open. I love the product.

👤This is what I was looking for. We stopped allowing boxes,packages, etc into our home after COVID-19 Hit, and we needed some organization in our pantry. I was hesitant to buy these because of the reviews, but we have had no issues with them. These are easy to clean. These are my favorite color and they are ideal for storing beans,pasta,quinoa,brown rice,Macaroni and taco shells.

👤The smell is similar to burnt chemicals. The smell is so bad that you can smell a ton of bricks when you open the box. I washed and soaked them. I put my food in it because it smelled like chemicals after they dried. I thought the smell was outside when I took a bite, but it was really bad and now I have to throw my food away. There is no way that this is safe to eat or breathe. There are other reviews that say the same. Buy from another seller and save your money.

👤The containers are large enough to hold two bags of beans. I have a lot of beans and grains, so I bought them. They're easy to use and the seals are good. I'm buying bigger ones for flour, sugar, and other things.

👤If I wasn't in a rush to organize my pantry cabinet and do it on a budget, I would have bought better quality containers. I bought a set of large, cereals and medium container sets with rubber seals and plastic lock in place tabs. I would not recommend purchasing this size for the fact that the larger containers are easier to lock in place than the medium ones. I decided to hand wash all of these after reading other reviews. I used containers for organization and didn't need an air tight seal. I ordered another set of the largest size, and I like how much of these hold, more than my glass containers do. I ordered the containers by Simply Gourmet because they wouldn't fit any of the noodles I ordered. The containers are okay, but not easy to seal, since I don't have the funds to upgrade, I will be keeping all that I have ordered. I would like to replace Simply Gourmet with the Oxo brand in the future. They arrived yesterday. I don't know how they will hold up.

2. Chefs Path Large Storage Containers

Chefs Path Large Storage Containers

This light weight plastic container is easy to wash and safe to clean in the dishwasher. If you don't like it, please contact them on your order page. They can give you a free replacement or a full refund. The complete bundle comes with premium food-storage canisters, a chalkboard pen, and 8 bonus chalkboard labels, which will allow you to organize your pantry like never before. The set is an ideal gift for any family. All your needs can be met in great sizes. There are two large containers (8.9 cups./ 2.1 liters) and two medium containers (8.6 cups./ /1.8 liter). The containers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. These air-tight food-safe keepers are ideal for storing dry foods such as flour, sugar, rice, grain, cereals, nuts, beans, snacks, pasta, coffee and tea. These air-tight food-safe keepers are ideal for storing dry foods such as flour, sugar, rice, grain, cereals, nuts, beans, snacks, pasta, coffee and tea. If you don't like their containers or feel they are not worth the investment, they will give you a full payment back and you can keep the containers as well. If you don't like their containers or feel they are not worth the investment, they will give you a full payment back and you can keep the containers as well.

Brand: Chef's Path

👤I'm working on organizing my kitchen cabinets. I picked these bins based on reviews. The bins are of good quality and the lids look good. I love the markers that come with them. They look great from my picture. One of my orders was missing a bin. I contacted the company through Amazon and received a very quick response from the co- founder. Wow! Customer service is great.

👤I found pantry moths a couple months ago. I was horrified to read how to get rid of them. They like grains and were told to keep them in air tight containers. I read a lot of reviews before making a decision. Chef's Path seems to be a small company with dedication to making great products and providing excellent customer service. The reviews of the products were good. I washed all the pieces by hand. I needed pantry moths gone and wasn't willing to risk it. I am sure the dishwasher would work. I put water in the container, put the lid on, and turned the container over to see if it leaked. There was no drop out of the container. I was very happy. My pantry is clean and organized, and my baking goods are safely stored. There are no sugar bags or flours. I would love to get more for pasta and crackers. I have 2 sets of the containers that I love. Highly recommend both products.

👤I couldn't let this one go by. I initially ordered the set of 2 extra large bins. I ordered 2 more identical sets because I was so impressed by the quality of these bins. There are so many things to say about them, but I will limit it to the top four. #1 They are easy to open and close and air and water tight. I tested them. There are two things. The measuring cups that come with each set are better than anything I've gotten from Kitchen Aid or Tupperware. They are great for keeping in the bins. #3 They are so cheap that I was able to reorganize my pantry. They are a steal compared to the garbage on the market. There are four They are made in America by a family owned company. The company cares about their customers more than they do their quality products. I had an issue with a bin from a different set. I received a new bin, an additional larger bin, and a set of spoons as a thank you. I could go on and on. If you purchase anything from Chef's Path, you'll never be sorry.

👤These containers are great for a 5 pound bag of flour and sugar. I was a bit worried that the big ones wouldn't fit as much flour and sugar as my old ones, but they fit more than I thought, and a whole package of flour or sugar would fit in these. I like how they stack and organize everything. The chalk pen on the labels is an extra nice touch. I would recommend these and buy them again.

3. Bowl Gifts Baking Cooking Weight

Bowl Gifts Baking Cooking Weight

There are gift ideas. The magnetic tool is a great gift for men and women who want to expand their tool collection. It is ready to give to someone. The minimum measurement is 1g. 1000g, 0.1g, and 1000-5000g are unique dual Increments. The bowl has a flip up and down mechanism. A space saving protective cover can be used to measure without the bowl, and easy storage in small size can be used to store free mix ingredients. There are various unit options that weigh up to 11 lbs and 5 lbs across 5 units of measurement. Clear Results: The large back-lit display offers increased visibility, so you can read your results more easily. There are multi-functions. Satisfy all your measuring needs from large meat, beef, pet, cat/dog food, hair color to small coffee, mail, postage, letter, jewelry, seed, drug, and more.

Brand: Etekcity

👤The scale is more accurate than I expected. Wow! I was completely frustrated with the Polder scale that we bought. Baking can make a big difference when the scale is less than 2 grams. The old was slow to register and expensive. Wow, this new scale. It's cheap, it's fast, and it's accurate. How accurate? A member of our family works in a lab and has access to reference weights. The scale was tested with 1 g dead on, 2 g dead on, 10 g dead on, 20 g dead on, and 50 g dead on. The scale that costs less than $20 is unbelieveably accurate. If I could, I would give this scale more than 5 stars.

👤The scale is malfunctioning, the batteries are dead when I use it again, and the scale is turned off. This has happened three times now and it has eaten 6 batteries. I replaced the batteries because I thought they were the ones that came with the scale. It happened again. I took the batteries out after each use, but it got old quick. I was hoping that it would be okay to leave them in once. Dead again. I don't know if that scale is turning on somehow, or if it's just a weird issue that causes it to drain the batteries even when it's off, but whatever. I am not sure if others have had this issue or if I am just the lucky one, but either way you have been warned to buy at your own risk.

👤I received a kitchen scale a few days ago to replace the one that had been there for 14 years. My old scale weighed in at 1g up. I wanted a scale that could do what my old scale did, so I tried a few other scales. The scale does a better job than I anticipated. It weighs from 1g to 0.1 gram, but there is a catch, as you can see in the pictures. If you have something on it that already weighs 1g, it will be 0.1g better. In one of the pictures, it reads 299.9, and in the next one, it reads 300.2 after I added yeast. I made a poolish for may artisan bread and only needed a small amount of yeast, so this was perfect. This scale is recommended by me. The reason I didn't give 5 stars is because the scale around the two buttons is not "sealed" as it should be. If you drop flour, you can clean the cracks with a brush. Some always get stuck there. I put cling film on that spot. You can still use the buttons, but wipe off any ingredients that might fall on them. The manufacturer should look into this issue. It would be 5 stars to me.

👤If you are looking for a scale that is precise, I tested it with a 500g calibration weight and it weighed in at 501.2g, which is close to what you would get from the box. You can't calibrate the scale because it's not exact. It is easy to use, but I wish you could calibrate it to make sure it is accurate.

4. Rubbermaid Brilliance Containers Dishwasher BPA Free

Rubbermaid Brilliance Containers Dishwasher BPA Free

The glass is stainproof. The 6-piece pantry container set is shatter-resistant and 100% airtight to keep dry foods fresh and organized in your pantry. The latched container is fastened with an audible click. It is easy to see snacks and dry foods from any angle. Tritan plastic is shatter- resistant. The design is odor resistant, stain resistant, and freezer safe. Includes one 16 cup, one 12 cup, and one 7.8 cup containers, plus lids, for a total of 6 pieces.

Brand: Rubbermaid

👤It was hard for me to think of the sizes and what might fit so in case it was helpful for anyone else. The 19.9 cup is the same height as the 12 cup and 7.8 cup are stacked on top of each other.

👤I bought the set with 16 cups, 12 cups and 7.8 cups. It is a good value compared to other sets. The containers are made of clear plastic with rubber gasket. A 5 pound bag of flour is in the 16 cup container. A bag of sugar is completely filled by the 7.8 cup container. I will use the 12 cup container for cereals. The lids are easy to open. I am very happy with the purchase and I will be getting the other Rubbermaid Brilliance sets that I ordered so I can organize the rest of my pantry.

👤I replaced my ceramic canisters with these. They can keep brown sugar soft. I love this product and have purchased it in many different sizes. A new take on Tupperware.

👤It was traumatic after an invasion of mice last winter. I wanted to remove the possibility of mice feeling welcome or having access to food. They will chew on cardboard boxes. I bought a gallon size glass mason jars which looked great but were heavy and awkward to fill. I have arthritis and my husband broke his shoulder in two places, so we had to find something else. The Brilliance containers are what we need. The tall narrow ones are not as useful as the tall cup sizes, but they are all great, look great, use space efficiently, and are just an all around great place to keep your stuff. My daughter loves her glass storage jars.

👤In Texas we have a lot of humidity and needed something with a tight seal for the pantry. These are large enough to hold over 5 lbs of flour and over 4 lbs of Sugar. There were two of the 7.5 cups for brown sugar and one for powered sugar. The seal on them is great, you can see what is in them, it was clear glass and the stack was really nice. I would highly recommend and think I will order more for cereals, rice, and other items.

👤I love these containers. I use them all in my pantry. It was worth every dollar I spent.

👤I'm wondering if Rubbermaid makes anything I don't like. Exactly! These are great. I wish I could afford them all. The cat says it keeps her dry food fresh. They are a bit high in price.

👤I have several of the 9.6-cup Rubbermaid Brilliance containers, so when I needed a pantry container, I immediately turned to the Rubbermaid Brilliance collection. I ordered a pack of 16 cups. The good news is that I received what I ordered, so the issue of getting the sizes Reviewers ordered seems to have been fixed. The good news is that they are the same quality as the 9.6-cup ones I love. My 9.6-cup sizes have held up well and I have no doubt that they would do the same. The good news is that the 16-cup size does not nest. I mean that the same-sized containers don't fit inside one another for storage. I will be returning them because they are a deal-killer for me.

5. TAEVEKE Containers Airtight Set,Ideal Food,Sugar

TAEVEKE Containers Airtight Set%EF%BC%8CIdeal Food%EF%BC%8CSugar

There are 8 sizes of cantaloupe bowl. Square is 14 ounces and 27 ounces. The round was 11 ounces and 22 ounces. For a gift for a family member. Premium cereals storage containers set, with 6 large dry food storage canisters (4L/135.3oz), You will get 20 chalkboard labels and 1 marker, just wipe clean with a damp cloth to change what you have written. You can use the labels to keep track of when to replace your old cereals with new ones. Their container bundle is made from clear plastic, non-toxic and odorless, so you don't have to worry about toxins in your cereals. It's easy to keep track of how much you have left with the clear plastic. When needed, refill. It's large enough to hold flour, sugar, rice, nuts, beans, cereals, snacks, pet food, or anything else you might need to store. The containers are easy to clean and hold even the full container easily. The containers are dishwasher safe, or you can wash them by hand with a free cleaning brush, and the parts are easy to disassemble and reassemble. Kids are allowed to pour out the cereals without making a mess, because the containers have a hole in the lid. The flip lid of these plastic food storage containers was added to have aSilicon seal around it. No air or water can enter into your cereals, so the 4 sided-locking lids with Silicone seal keep them fresh and dry. The containers are made of durable flour and sugar and have a modular design which makes them easy to reuse. It's perfect for kitchen and pantry organization. The containers are made of durable flour and sugar and have a modular design which makes them easy to reuse. It's perfect for kitchen and pantry organization.

Brand: Taeveke

👤This seller has sold this product multiple times. Everything appears to function well after they are packaged. I did a water leak test and it passed.

👤It came with one of the sleeves that was missing. Hopefully this won't affect the ability to close the lead.

👤If you value freshness and ease of discovery, you should throw out your old air leaking serial boxes and get this thing.

👤If you want to store your orange bead desiccant, put a cup or 2 of it in each one and let it sit for a few days to dry.

👤It is easy to use and clean. Keep the lid closed. It says good.

👤I love these, they were washed, I poured all my snacks in them, and two of them wouldn't close. The toprim of the container is bent. It's upsetting.

👤The bottoms of 2 containers were broken. The box was undamaged.

👤I was looking for bigger ones for flour, Sugar, Rice. I am happy that I can shop on line.

6. ME FAN Containers Airtight Chalkboard Supplies

ME FAN Containers Airtight Chalkboard Supplies

If you have any questions about their products, please don't hesitate to contact them immediately, they will deal with it to your satisfaction as soon as possible. PREMIUM QUALITY + DURABLE: Premium food grade plastic materials are used in the ME.FAN containers. The durable plastic containers can be used for a long time, easy to wash and dishwasher available, good for you and your family. The set of 6 large storage containers is large enough to meet all your storage needs. The set of containers are perfect for all shapes, sizes, and volumes, and can be used in your home kitchen. Storage containers with side-locking lids will keep food fresh while protecting it from air and water. You can keep your food away from anything that might enter it. See-tHROUGH + STACKABLE DESIGN. The clear containers body gives a clear view of what the contents are without the need of tags or notes. The containers have a modular design that will save you a lot of space in your pantry fridge, freezer or cabinets. There is a free corrugated label offer. 24 waterproof chalkboard labels are made from superior vinyl. Marker not included, just write, peel, stick. If you received cracked containers, please contact them with the email and they will try to help you.


👤Like the ease of organization with these containers, but they are not clear like glass. There is a slight frost tint to the containers. Didn't like it. I used my cricut Machine to make labels for each container.

👤It holds just 10 lbs of flour. There is room for about 3 inches to spare. Exactly what I needed.

👤Like the ease of organization with these containers, but they are not clear like glass. There is a slight frost tint to the containers. Didn't like it. I used my cricut Machine to make labels for each container.

👤I use it for storing all my flours and it's nice and big. I bought another set from Verones and they are hard to get. These are better. The plastic helps the lids snap on tight.

👤The containers are made of a heavy plastic that does not smell, and the size is nice. The pack I received had one lid missing and one broken, and I think that the durability is going to be poor. If I barely touch the lid flaps, they come undone. I plan to put a lot of flour or sugar in the smaller containers, but if the lid is not properly secured, it will be a disaster when I lift the container off the shelf. They do not stack well because they do not lock in their position atop the other containers, so they can slide off of the container that is underneath. If that makes sense, I have other brands that stack and stay in position. I will be returning the set and ordering something else.

👤The small containers that I bought won't close on the 4dets that I purchased because the top lid on the cereal came out. There is a need to use rubber bands. There are two small ones in each set that I bought. I am disappointed that I am finding the exact ones for less. The price went up as soon as I gave my review. Guess that is how it works. They kept them all. The large ones look nice. I will get them at the 99 cents only stores where my friend bought me smaller rectangular sizes.

👤It was exactly what I needed. After years of eating it, one would think they would know how to clip the bags up. We end up with a lot of wasted cereals because they don't pay attention. Well, no more! These are perfect. The others don't have the pour spout because they aren't air tight. There is a lock on all of the sides. It's tight enough to keep it bug free but not tight enough that the kids can't get into them. They were packaged well and on time. I can see many other uses for the cereals, so I might buy another set. They are great for dry storage. My kids left the solo cups in them instead of using the measuring cups that came with them. I will probably look for scoopers to stay.

7. OXO Good Grips POP Container

OXO Good Grips POP Container

The Progressive International Store has over 40 years of innovation in kitchen products and accessories, with unique gadgets and tools for food preparation, plus thoughtfully designed food storage containers. The opening and closing system is unique. The plastic food storage container was included. The corners are curved for smooth distribution. The corners are curved for smooth distribution.

Brand: Oxo

👤I am a big fan of Oxo containers and have bought a few of the other versions. This is the first time I've ever used a newly remade lid version. When you grab the container by the lid, it's not as safe as it could be. The push button makes a loud click when you push it, and the rubber part that is supposed to expand to seal the container barely does, I had to take the lid and put the rubber part against my finger to verify it does expand. It only works because of the thickness of the fingernail, not enough to seal against the container. The seal mechanism in this version is different, but it is a cheaper dumb down version of what worked well before! If you want the good Oxo containers, stick with the awesome steel lid pop containers, they are truly air-tight and have the same under-lids seal as this one which I don't believe they have since I just bought one about 4 weeks ago. The extra cost is well worth it, as they cost more per container.

👤These new ones are terrible. I can lift off the lid when I press down to seal. There was no seal at all. Three of them are like this. The old design for pet food was too tight. These are expensive.

👤The new lid design does not seal as well as the previous design. The mechanism does not seat the seal completely against the container. I will purchase the smaller version when I return it. This container/lid design combination is not recommended.

👤Not usually one to write a negative review, but I have a lot of oxo pops that I bought a year ago and this is a new design that doesn't work. Not sure why anyone would use these now that the seal doesn't work. Photos of old and new.

👤The container and lid are shown in the photos, but the lid is not included.

👤I ordered four. One came broken and the other did not have a lid. Amazon is great, they replaced both. The problem is that all of the original containers have no suction at all. One of the two Amazons that were replaced has amazing suction. These containers are expensive. I now have 3 that don't have a tool to help them. I think it is a hit or a miss.

👤The lid was missing. I have a plastic tub that won't keep dry goods fresh. I was waiting to hear from them about the replacement lid. I don't want to have to pay to return an item that isn't there and I don't want to have to deal with the post office.

👤I received the container and it was empty. It's difficult to be air tight without the lid. Good luck with customer care. I wouldn't buy this again.


👤I have bought several of the OXO POP containers in different sizes to organize my food. I washed them all out and filled them with my ingredients before testing the seal. They are not cheap. I was horrified to discover that the large containers are not sealed in the least, and that the lids can be lifted off with a push. I know I can return them to Amazon for a refund, but I wanted to know what the manufacturer had to say. I uploaded photos and a video to OXO Good Grips UK over 2 weeks ago, but have since been ignored. I am assuming that the manufacturer will not honour its life time guarantee, since they have not received an acknowledgment from the technical team. I will be returning all of these to Amazon for a full refund and I will be buying containers elsewhere for half the price.

8. Airtight Container Set CINEYO 7 Canisters Organization

Airtight Container Set CINEYO 7 Canisters Organization

If you don't like their containers or feel they are not worth the investment, they will give you a full payment back and you can keep the containers as well. The Durable Square Containers are STACKABLE and will fit into your refrigerator, freezer, which will allow you to get the kitchen organized and free up space in the pantry. These clear containers are easy to clean and ready to use. There are 7 PIECES SET CONTAINERS - 1 tall container (1.9 liters), 2 medium containers (1.2 liters), 2 small containers (0.8 liters), 2 mini containers (0.5 liters) and full range of sizes to satisfy your storage requirements! It's perfect for storing solid foods such as flour, grains, beans, nuts, sugar, snacks, noodles, coffee beans and tea, and also for holding liquids such as water, drinks, soup, and so on. The sealed food storage containers are made of high-quality plastic material and the lid is made of high-quality silicone. Their containers are drop- resistant. The plastic of these containers is very clear, so you can identify the contents without opening them. To keep food fresh, you can open or close their plastic containers with only two fingers. Simply flip the ring to open or close. There are free labels and markers. Keep track of what's in each container and never confuse flour with baking powder or baking soda.

Brand: Cineyo

👤They're fine. Some reviews have said that the measurements are a bit smaller than advertised. The canisters are flimsy, they feel like plastic will break if you look at them wrong. The chalk marker that I received did not write well, but that's fine. I didn't know why I bought these. The lids are the real issue. They are not good. They are not very sanitary. The soft plastic seals fold over when they close. The locking mechanism causes the lids to close at odd angles. I had to take every lid to dry them because they pooled up with water inside the lid or inside the seal, even though they were not water-tight. I bought them for what I wanted, but I wouldn't recommend them or buy them again.

👤The ounces are not close to reality. I tried to put a 12 ounce box of cereals in a 28 ounce container, but it only took half the box. It is more like 6 to 8 ounces. Remember about half of what they say if you remember the volume. I need to find a use for them and buy ones that are more accurate. I think it's false advertising but I think I can't return them because I put stuff in them. It was brutal!

👤The containers are sturdy. The only reason for a 3 star review is that they are small. I wanted to be able to store larger amounts of dry goods. I keep them because I can store tea, coffee, and maybe some spices. The containers would be perfect if they were bigger. I would pay more for that.

👤Most of the ingredients that I order come in bags which are hard to store, so I have a pantry, but most of the ingredients I order come in bags. I was looking for storage solutions when I saw this set of containers. The pantry shelf was the perfect size for the containers. I was thrilled with the quality of the product and the fact that the pen and black labels were included. It is much easier to get the ingredients I need now that I know how to open the containers. Great product!

👤The containers are easy to seal. I have arthritis and I can't handle Tupperware's sealed lid because I love it so much.

👤DIMENSIONS The lid takes up 1 12 inch of the height, which is down from the top of the container to the top of the lid. I am trying to give a very clear description, hope all these details are understandable. The total height of the space is given since the lid goes down, but they allowed for this in the design so they hold even amounts. Each one is square 3 12 x 3 12 2 that hold 2 cups and measures 4 14 high and 6 14 high. Don't forget to add 1 12 inches to the height measurements. The small container has 2 14 inches of space and 1 12 of height. When a few people said they were easy to open, they weren't kidding. It was a lot more than that. My right hand is weak and hurts to hold a pencil after having surgeries on both thumb joints. With these containers, I can flip the lid open with one hand, which is very sore. They are very strong.

9. Libbey Small Glass Bowls Ounce

Libbey Small Glass Bowls Ounce

Their packaging is used with the best foams to ensure safety in transit. This set is a great gift for a wedding or a birthday. The bowl set keeps leftovers fresh and delicious. It's ideal for weekly meal prepping. The bowls are 3.45-inch in diameter and have plastic lids. To help preserve your products, please refer to the Libbey website for care and handling instructions.

Brand: Libbey

👤I make my own yogurts with these small bowls. After a while, the bowls became harder to put on. I use hot water to wash them, and it seems like the lids are getting smaller. I tried to find replacements for the bowls. I found these silicone stretch lids for mason jars after searching again. I bought a set of ten to try it out. They worked well, but you need to make sure the bowls are dry. If you need to replace the lids, try these. Some pictures to see how they look.

👤I don't like doing dishes. I try to use less when cooking so I don't have to clean it. The idea of using a few small bowls for food prep was not something I wanted to do. There are carrots, onions, and other vegetables here. It was inconvenient, but I only had the one cutting board to clean. I intended to use the bowls as snacks and less plastic bags. I wanted them with lids. They work well for that. I'll use them for things like fruit, nuts, and veggies. I started using them as part of food prep and discovered that it's less work to use more bowls. I don't have to juggle things on a single cutting board as I chop up veggies. Things are overheating on the stove so no more digging into that container. I can line up a few ingredients in a row. It's worth it if you want to carry small snacks in, or meal prep in, or both. Not at the same time.

👤The port size and USAGE are listed. Our dog eats fresh dog food that needs to be refrigerated and manually measured per meal. Our dog needs 12 ounces of food per day. These are perfect for this purpose. These little containers add convenience to everyday life and we don't mind measuring each meal. The containers will be great for portioning yogurt. The small glass bowl is easy to clean. It can be washed in the dishwasher. If your dishwasher is too hot, hand washing the lid is probably the best way to do it. There is a leak proof. See the picture. The container lid tilted to the side and the water did not leak. I don't know if these will be leak proof forever since there is no rubber seal under the lid and plastic is prone to warping over time. Great little containers. They are glass bowls and not plastic. This product is made by Libbey.

👤If it's possible to feel that sentiment for objects, I really like these. They are better than I expected. I like to use them for dinner prep. Hold garlic, lemon juice, or something similar. That kind of thing. You know you want a smaller cup. It's fine. I will. This is one of the best purchases I have ever made. The top 5. They have little ones! Icing on the cake! I think the review is sarcastic, but I'm not trying to be. You should buy this product. I will probably buy another for myself and another for the drawer for the next time I go because these are awesome.

10. Chefs Path Airtight Storage Container

Chefs Path Airtight Storage Container

If the product isn't working out or worth the investment, they'll give back all the money. You can keep the great products. Chef's Path airtight food storage containers will make more efficient use of every inch in any space, and their canister sets for kitchen counter organize your kitchen easily and with the style you like. No longer messy, just organize! Includes 1 large, 2 medium, 2 small, and 2 mini containers. The containers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The perfect gift for yourself or someone you care about, this set of 7 premium kitchen canisters and chalkboard markers will help keep everything organized. chalkboard labels are an extra bonus. The containers for organizing are designed to make life easier. Poor seal and cumbersome opening are caused by these innovative kitchen appliances. The food will be fresh and dry. If the product isn't working out or worth the investment, they'll give back all the money. You can keep the great products. If the product isn't working out or worth the investment, they'll give back all the money. You can keep the great products.

Brand: Chef's Path

👤I would give this zero stars. I noticed the first cracks after I purchased these six months ago. I let it slide because it only happened to one container. All of them have cracks six months later. The bottom is cheap and can't hold up against the seal. The cracks make them airtight when there are no cracks. It is not. The lever can be moved up top to release the seal. I wouldn't buy these again.

👤I have received my second set and have added a photo. I haven't filled all the containers yet, but they are accounted for. Everything about this company is wonderful. I took advantage of the extra 10% off and ordered the 4 piece set of containers, and added the food storage set as well. The containers made my bakers rack neat and organized. I had to use the pasta container in order to fit a 4lb bag of sugar, they are a bit smaller than I anticipated. The package included a coupon for 10% off on a second set, which was fine with me. I ordered right away. I can't wait to see my set displayed. If you are discouraged by the size, then purchase smaller packages of sugar and flour in the future, because I promise you won't be disappointed. The chalk pen and bonus reuse label are awesome. My handwriting is not like the photo. It doesn't look bad. Again, I love them!

👤To organize and hold dry pet food and treats. There is a shelf on the fridge door that holds pet medication. It is easy to clean. The main container is dishwasher safe. Plastic is better quality than the Chef's Path cereals containers. Positive: Kids can easily open the lid, and it's cat proof. Susan holds them perfect. It's nice to see what's in the cabinets at one glance. After liking the first set, they sold out of them. I bought their competitor's brand to compare it to "Dwellza Kitchen", which has not arrived yet. There is an update. The Dwellaza Kitchen products arrived. Chef's Path has no water trapping, and has an opening under the lid that traps water when handwashed, making it easier to lock and clean. Chef's Path is the only purchase I have made. The family agrees that Chef's Path is the best. It was worth it. Chef's Path is the best of all the brands purchased.

👤I haven't had these long so I can't attest to their quality, but on first glance they seem to be great. The plastic is thick and the seals are air tight. The food items will be protected. They look nice and are able to fit in less space.

👤I've been looking for air tight containers since we found out we have pantry moths. I decided to give this product a try after reading other reviews. I was worried about it being plastic, because I don't trust those thin and flimsy containers, but this is a very thick and sturdy plastic and the lid takes a bit of force to snap on, so you know it's not going anywhere. I will be buying more of this product.

11. Rubbermaid Brilliance Airtight Container BPA Free

Rubbermaid Brilliance Airtight Container BPA Free

There is a design called Stackable Design. The plastic storage containers will make use of every inch of your home kitchen. These containers will help you organize your kitchen and pantry better, whether you have a large or small pantry. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Save space and keep pantry organized by using the Rubbermaid Modular Food Storage Containers. It's great for pet food and easy to clean and scoop. Food can be kept fresh by keeping the lid tight. The containers stack are for storage. Container walls are thick and durable. There are Freezer-safe, top-rack dishwasher-safe, andBPA-free. A set of 10 food storage containers includes one 19.9-cup, one 16-cup, one 12-cup, one 8.1-cup, one 7.8-cup, one 6.6-cup, one 3.2-cup, one 1.3-cup, and two 0.5 cup mini containers.

Brand: Rubbermaid

👤The wing closure on one of the tops was missing. One of the ten sets received is not usable. No response from Rubbermaid is the most annoying thing. If you're listening, please let me know how you'll fix it. I contacted Rubbermaid directly last week. They were efficient and kind. I will get a replacement top in the next week. I will report back. Amazon should look at its quality control. Amazon did not work with messaging.

👤I still love them on my second set. They are addicting. There are still no complaints. I have been wanting pantry storage containers for a long time. I wanted to buy the Oxo set. I decided to look at the oxo containers in person after reading the reviews. The oxo set does not work if flour gets on the rubber stopper according to one reviewer. I can see how this would happen after looking at the containers. I have a set of regular Rubbermaid containers that are hands down the best storage containers I have ever had. I wondered why fix what isn't broken. These containers are very dangerous. I was thinking of paying more for the Oxo ones. These things are nice. They're STURDY. They wash well. They are close to perfect. The button on top of the oxo ones are more visually appealing. They stack well and make my pantry look so clean. I just moved into an apartment and wanted to make sure my food was sealed in case of bugs. These have met my expectations. I will give these out as gifts when I buy another set. They are very nice. I highly recommend them. Save your money and grab these instead.

👤These are the most beautiful containers. It's better than oxo and less breakable. You will not regret!

👤One of my containers had no lid at all. I was told to send a proof of purchase and a picture to Rubbermaid in order to replace my product. They stopped responding to me and haven't sent a replacement. Very disappointed. The containers are lovely. I want a full working set for the price.

👤I redecorated my kitchen with these and I am in love with them. I can see how much I have. Since these are air tight, I know it will stay fresh.

👤The rubber ring on the Oxo push button containers did not grip when the lid slipped off because of the flour coating on it. The locking mechanism will never make that a problem with these containers. They are great! They are guaranteed not to leak. I highly recommend these! I bought a second set. They are made in the USA.

👤These containers are wonderful. I used to use OXO branded ones, but they made my cereals hard to eat. I only kept flour, rice, and white sugar in OXO containers. I have been using the Brilliant containers for a couple of years and they are durable and keep their air-tightness. I have tried many air-tight containers. I use them in the freezer and refrigerator for a lot of things, including garlic, chopped up onions, grapes, strawberries, cookies, cake slices, and donuts. They keep my baked goods fresh for a long time. The set is a good deal since it costs less than $20 I bought this set to store chips, crackers, and brown sugar, the ones OXO did not do a good job on before. The air cannot get through, so these are not as easy to open as the OXO ones. It is not difficult once you get used to it.


What is the best product for containers for baking ingredients?

Containers for baking ingredients products from Vtopmart. In this article about containers for baking ingredients you can see why people choose the product. Chef's Path and Etekcity are also good brands to look for when you are finding containers for baking ingredients.

What are the best brands for containers for baking ingredients?

Vtopmart, Chef's Path and Etekcity are some of the best brands that chosen by people for containers for baking ingredients. Find the detail in this article. Rubbermaid, Taeveke and are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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