Best Deco Cookies Baking You Happy

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1. OXO Grips Cookie Stainless Storage

OXO Grips Cookie Stainless Storage

The cookies are created with the press of a lever. There are 12 classic and custom designs of steel disks. Cookie Press is kept steady by a non-slip base. The clear body shows how much dough is left. The lever is comfortable for repetitive use. Comes apart for easy cleaning. Convenient case to store disks.

Brand: Oxo

👤I've heard my wife scream and yell every Christmas for over 40 years when she makes Spritz cookies with the old metal screw press that she got from her mother. She got another press but it broke. She went back to the old one. The threads wore out in the middle of a bunch, so the old one just bit the dust. I read the reviews after I found this Oxo press. I got the Oxo press at Bed Bath and Beyond. What an improvement! We made the rest of the cookies in no time. You can read the other reviews for tips. The cookie sheets have to be free of grease and put in the freezer so that they are cold when you press them. They can come off the press by sticking to the cookie sheet. The dough should be squishy like a soft toy. You can change the size of cookies by the number of clicks you make with the plunger. The handle has about two plunges. The barrel and bottom ring are dishwasher safe according to the instructions. The top section should be washed. When hand washing the top section, we use a nylon bottle brush. Thank you!

👤I researched the world over and found that the electric cookie shooter is no longer made. The OXO COOKIE GRIPS Press is a good substitute. It is easy to use. It is easy to clean and the barrel is a must. The cookies were small for my tastes, but a double hit on the crank doubled the size of the cookie on the sheet, which made the recipe work out great. Good luck! I like the shooter.

👤This was a gift for my wife. It was a gift to myself since it was used to make delicious cookies. It worked well last year. We decided to get a good one for a long time. We got it out to make more cookies. We were left with a mess, a broken cookie press, and no cookies for our kids to decorate, as soon as she pulled the gun, a piece of plastic broke, and a spring went flying. OXO has been a go-to brand for us. There is a long overtime update. The replacement is still going strong 3 years later, despite the fact that this was replaced free of cost. The rating was based on the quick replacement and good quality.

👤I asked the OXO company how to make cheese straws. They did not reply. My rating is now a 4 instead of 5. I made the mixture using a wreath disc. Clicked at least 6 times. I sliced the dough off and twisted it. I like to freeze on the pan for 15 minutes to bake. Merry Christmas from Alabama.

👤Oxo has offered the best cookie press after decades of trying different ones. The Oxo was recommended by America's Test Kitchen, and they made a great one! I tried the butter and cream cheese recipes. My adult kids loved the cream cheese recipe. The press works like a dream. I'm sure younger kids could use it. The house will have tons of cookies.

2. Decorating Supplies Beginners Brithday Turntable

Decorating Supplies Beginners Brithday Turntable

This beautifully packaged kid cake decorating kit is a great gift idea for kids because of the increasing popularity of kids cooking and baking shows. Girls and boys will be happy to receive a birthday gift or reward for a friend or relative. Everything you need to start decorating cakes like a pro. Their cake decorating kit is designed to help you create your own masterpieces of all shapes and sizes, no matter what your skill level may be. Baking supplies include all the essential tools for baking, such as a cake turntable, piping bags, decorating tips and more. Revolving cake turntable with blue anti-slip base. Good for both Right and Left handers. Can hold a cake up to 11-inches and can even hold a larger cake on a cake board. It's ideal for beginners as well as professionals. 3 scrapers are useful to smooth icing on sides and top. Exchange tips without exchanging bags. Use a cleaning brush to clean. The flower nail can be used to produce roses. The flower lifter scissor can be used to shift the flower from nail to cake. If you have a problem with the item, don't hesitate to contact them. The customer service team is professional. They support new replacements or full refunds without a fee.

Brand: Aifusi

👤I was excited to use my decorating supplies. Everything was accounted for and nicely packaged when they arrived. I like the turntable, it doesn't have any hard spots. The tips are great. I absolutely love the disposable piping bags and the cupcake molds. I'm still learning how to use the frosting tools. They are easy to use and clean. I haven't used any of the other tools yet. I'm getting there.

👤I wish it came with an organizing kit or bag, it is a lot of pieces so many sizes, I am still trying to figure out how to store it all.

👤If you have a website to refer to, you might want to hold off on using any of these tools. I think the cupcake cups are worth it. I was happy.

👤Great product. I was expecting it to arrive earlier than it did.

👤It was a gift for a child. Who loves using it. It was a perfect gift. You get a lot of items for a good price. It was easy to use.

👤The product was good, but packing was bad and the cake cutting level was bent.

👤La base giratoria llego, unico malo, todo porque todo, estn en ms.

👤vena todo lo.

3. Tovolo Spatulart Smiley Nylon Turner

Tovolo Spatulart Smiley Nylon Turner

At Baker's Signature they take customer satisfaction very seriously. Let them know if the baking sheets don't meet your expectations and they will make sure they are made right. Their products are crafted by trusted artisans from carefully selected materials that have been approved by approved suppliers. Their priority is quality. Get your baking sheets today and enjoy hassle free baking for the rest of your life. Bring fun and joy to the kitchen. When you flip pancakes, eggs, French toast, grilled cheese, and more, the novelty head makes you smile. The bright colors and fun design of your kitchen will make you happy. It could even inspire your kids to help. It's a good idea to keep your food away from you. The edge of the pan slides under the food. Under cookies, brownies, pancakes, eggs, and more, the edge should be moved. The flexible nylon bends slightly to give you more leverage to wiggle the head between the cooking surface and the food, allowing you to cleanly flip your breakfast, lunch, dinner, or baked goods. There is a need to prevent knife wounds on non-stick cookware. Nonstick skillets and metal pans will not be scratched by flexible nylon. The smooth edges slide under food without scratching, and the textured head provides a bit of grip for the food you are trying to take out of the pan. Get a grip with a knife. Sturdy steel handle gives you something to hold onto. The nylon coating on the end provides a comfortable grip, and the brushed steel provides stability to the flexible head. The dimensions are 11. 75" L X 4. 35" D; dishwasher-safe.

Brand: Tovolo

👤We only used it for a couple of months, so we need to get rid of it. The plastic integrity is no longer there, and we risk the plastic melting into our food if we don't discard it. The shape of the mouth made the spatula flimsy. The upper mouth gets weighted down too much when trying to pick up scrambled eggs. It's not very useful if I can't cook eggs with this. Very disappointed. There is no button to return or refunds because the window has closed. This review is being written as a warning to others.

👤Not good for eggs. A daily reminder of a bad purchase.

👤I bought two of them because I thought they were cute. I bought one for myself and one for my daughter. It couldn't flip over the eggs when I tried it for the first time. The spatula couldn't pick up the eggs because it was so thin. I am very disappointed in this product. I don't know how my daughter is doing with hers, but mine went in the trash that day. There was an egg covered in all of it.

👤So cute. I thought it would be fun to flip pancakes with this guy, but when the plastic warmed up it bent in half at the corners of the smile, so I didn't take that into account. Run it under cold water, but it will warm up again. The utensil caddy on the counter is where I wanted to put it, but it will be gone in the next kitchen purge. It's terrible as an actual spatula.

👤I've been a fan of Smiley Face since the 60s. I ordered it that minute because I was delighted and amused to find this one day. It isn't very strong for heavy pancakes and the job is to stand in my container above all the rest and keep smiling. I love it!

👤Really? I suppose you can use it to wave at people. That's what it's good for. Maybe use it as a decoration. It is too flimsy to flip. It won't flip a feather, it won't flip a piece of paper, it won't flip a pancake, it won't flip an egg. It flops back and forth. I told myself not to buy it. Why do I do that? Why? I like the expression on their faces. Why didn't I just get some balloons to cheer me up or comfort me? If you want to flip stuff, just get an old boring workhorse metal spatula and put a sticker on it.

👤Weak and flimsy will not hold a pancake. It is almost paper thin. The handle is very thin. Fun for a puppet at school, but not worth the money.

👤Jenny Can Cook uses the Smiley Face Spatula on her channel. She used the spatula to flip the hash browns. I knew I had to have one when I saw this. I am a big fan of smiley faces. I went to Amazon and typed in "smiley face spatula", and there it was! The adorable Smiley Face Spatula! The face of the spatula was large. The spatulas at home were not wide enough. I purchased this and I love it so much. The Tovolo company makes other adorable kitchen tools. This spatula is wide enough to flip large burgers, pancakes, grilled cheese sandwiches, steaks, etc. It is a great spatula, and it makes me happy just using it.

4. Google Wifi System Router Replacement

Google Wifi System Router Replacement

The Oven Safe, Dishwasher Safe and other similar products are backed by a LIFETIME warranty. One point replaces your router and additional points expand your network to keep the connection fast in every room, as well as blanketing your home in reliable coverage and keeping buffering at bay. 1 Pack covers up to 1500 square feet and 3 Pack covers up to 2500 square feet, and points work together to create a mesh network for more coverage. You can stream with speed if your internet remains fast. Simple setup in a few steps; use the Google Home app to create your network and get online in minutes. Parental controls allow you to manage screen time, restrict certain kinds of adult content, and pause the internet whenever you want. It's easy to control the home wi fi system, which lets you check your network speeds, set up a guest network, and more. You can add more points to your existing system if you need more coverage.

Brand: Google

👤I am writing this review to expose how GOOGLE wants to take over our lives. I am a computer engineer and a computer network engineer with many other certifications and awards. I'm trying to prove that I'm not your average user. After the last few updates, we noticed that speed was going down dramatically. I have a large house with 7 different areas. I called the support line to report an issue with internet speed, after having tried all devices, moving things around, resetting the network, and replacing the main device. I have a stellar FiOS connection, nothing is wrong with my fiber cable and you can get full bandwidth when connected to the Fios modem/router as well as when you run a speedtest within the Google Home app. There were no issues there. They only had to set the Fios modem to bridge so that they could take over my home network from A to Z. I don't care if they do, but the main question is why. Why force all users to use the same speed limit after they have invested a lot of money in a mesh network? It worked well for 3 years. In my other homes and 2 offices, I have Fios and other systems that work perfectly. No issues, no speed limits, no BS. The difference between the garbage product and the new Deco system is insane. No issues, no interference, no down time. Nothing. I bought a brand new set of devices and installed them in the exact same locations, but I was still faced with the same problem, so I decided to change my devices. I advise you to stay away from the internet at all costs.

👤I was very excited to receive three of these wonderful extenders, but I was surprised to find out that my internet speed was not as fast as I had thought. I talked to a tech support person from the company that makes the modem/router and they said it wasn't compatible with the internet. I need to get a new modem that is compatible with the internet service provider that I use, in order to take advantage of the performance features of the internet service provider. I was told that ARIS would work. Be aware if you are an AT&T internet subscriber. I returned the item and continued to look for another solution.

👤I'm impressed as an IT tech. The setup on a consumer product is very easy. My coworkers and I recommend these for employees who work remotely to improve their internet signal in their homes. There are several success stories and no complaints. If you have previous hardware that has ethernet, you can simply connect it to the WAN port and it will use the ethernet as the back up and the speeds will be better. The documentation on this feature is hazy.

👤The instructions on how to install the Google Home app are not up to date. The meaning of different colored lights and different light pulse speeds is not explained until you visit a support page. You have to dig deep into the support blogs to find out how to hardwire, and even then you get conflicting information. The instructions for how to add a switch to connect some devices to the internet are hard to find. The recommended install app thinks that you have a NEST system than a GOOGLE system. The better choice is the GOOGLE app, but that is not what you are told to use. After four exhausting hours, I found a way to get a call back from the internet company. We had it up and running in an hour after a smart young woman called me. It works well now that it's installed. The upload speeds are based on a test. I wish I'd called the home tech support guy to get a different system.

5. ELitao Cookie Play Food Kitchen

ELitao Cookie Play Food Kitchen

The temperature is safe from -40 to +446 degrees Fahrenheit. There are 16 pieces of pretend play food that are perfect for kids to play with. The quality and safe materials are made of high quality plastic, Toxin-free paint, and small pieces that are suitable for a 3-year old child and over. Play Food for Kids and Best Gift is a gift that will help your child socialize and let them learn to make and share food. Children's enlightenment, Role-playing and creativity help raise children's awareness of colors and food shapes, and stimulates children's imagination. It should be used with adult supervision between 2 and 3 years old.

Brand: Elitao

👤The donuts barely cover my thumb, even though the pieces look large in photo. A 50 cent piece is not larger than that.

👤My two-year-old loves playing with food and tea. We already had the cups and saucers and a cute little dessert stand and this is what we needed to have first class teatime.

👤I bought the ice cream set and a taco set for my neighbors twin girls' birthday and they would each have something cute to use for their kitchen that they could also share. I was shocked by the difference in quality. The set looked like it would be good at the Dollar Tree. There was no chance that I was giving one gift to both twins. I went back to the internet and found the ice cream set that was worth more than the $20 I spent. This is nowhere near $18 quality, so save your money.

👤The quality is great. They are soft and not hard plastic. It was a real life feeling.

👤My toddler loves it! This is a good choice for toddlers with an interest in baking. The pieces are large and light, and good quality. My toddler is learning to pick things up. I am glad I bought this.

👤This little set was great. My daughter is obsessed with cupcakes. This was perfect. You should beware of the size before you buy. It has small pieces.

👤It's good enough for us with a toddler who likes to stuck stuffs to our oven toaster and pretend he's the muffin man, now he has something to put in there. I would like to see a neutral or blue color alternative for the pinks.

👤I bought it for my granddaughter because it was the right size for her hands and the colors were appealing.

6. Wilton Preferred Press Cookie 13 Piece

Wilton Preferred Press Cookie 13 Piece

There are 2 square cake pans that are 20.3 cm in diameter. The baking set has a limited warranty. Ready, set, bake. Press to impress with this cookie tool. The cookie press makes it easy to bake beautiful spritz cookies. Every day and every circumstance: bakeware. There are 12 Fit Right discs in the shapes of a Christmas tree, wreath, snowman, pumpkin, turkey, dots, doily, pinwheel, heart, and biscuit. PERFORMANCE: The design of the press makes it easy to hold and it has a soft- grip so you can press out lots of cookies quickly. Quick clean up. The cookie press should be washed in warm soapy water. There are 12 different shaped discs and the cookie press.

Brand: Wilton

👤It broke on the first use. The plastic tube screws on to the handle, but the threads just popped off after the first cookie. I made my dough on the soft side to avoid this, but it broke for me, even though I had seen it in a few reviews. Disappointing. I would pay more for a well made press.

👤I bought this because I was excited about the Christmas disks that don't fit my Mirro press. The directions don't help, telling you to match up arrows. The disks don't stay in place. I went back to my house. There is a piece of junk.

👤Good for a toy. The gear is made of plastic while the inner toothed push down rod is made of medal. The result is that medal wins over plastic as the medal toothed push down rod breaks the plastic gear/handle leaving this product useless. The money was wasted. Amazon won't accept a return on this item and it's headed for the garbage can. You can buy an all medal cookie press.

👤The mixed reviews made me hesitant to order this. I have a pampered chef press and I was trying to find a replacement. I wanted to try it out as soon as possible. I made my usual cookie dough recipe. I think it worked out well. The cookies were very easy to shape. I made an entire batches. My granddaughter helped me with the decorating. It was easy to clean. I would recommend it.

👤I am not happy with this product. I have had a cookie press for over 50 years and it has worked great -- good cookie recipe and perfect shapes every time. I am well known for my butter cookies that I made with that press. I lost it in a move and ordered this as a replacement. It is not good. Sometimes you have to press two or three times to get the cookie to come out, even though they say to press just once. They are all different in size. My recipe was in the box with the lost press. I followed the receipt and the cookies were bland and floury, not the butter cookies my family remembers. I will try to get another brand in time for Christmas, because I have thrown the press in the trash. I don't recommend this product.

👤The purple knob came off during the first use. I only used it for a few months. It's a product that's been around for a long time. It should last less than a few months.

👤This didn't work at all. The old one was lost in moves. You pressed the button on the old one. This one had a good idea. I followed the instructions but no cookie came out. I tried their recipes. There is still no luck. The postage would make it not worth it.

👤Didn't work as expected. The dough was not separated from the gun after 12 cookies. The gun instruction was not clear on how to improve it's performance. I've used a lot of Wilton products and I've never seen one like this before.

7. Gooday Modelling Patterns Sugarcraft Decorating

Gooday Modelling Patterns Sugarcraft Decorating

The cookie icing needle tool is made of plastic and steel. The cake decorating needle tool is easy to use and durable. Sugar paste, Biscuit Icing Sugar and Weeding cake decorating can be done with a scribing needle modelling tool. Also can be used to fill in corners. Can help pick up decorations off of your table, like polka dots. The small needle can recover smooth discharge air if the bubble burst. You can draw the outline of a cake with it. The tool is perfect for cake making. The perfect tool for cake making. Warming tips, please take care of the needles, do not give them to your kids, and thank you.

Brand: Gooday

👤These are for detailing baked goods. I thought buying these would save me money for a long time. I would have to use it regularly for a year in order for it to be worth the price. I am. I can use these to detail cookies and just wipe them clean with a damp cloth. Time will tell if the needle point stays in the plastic and doesn't fall out, so I gave it 4 stars. I think it was a bit smaller than I thought, but I don't remember seeing the dimensions in the description. I have used them twice so far and I am very satisfied with them. I would buy again.

👤I don't know how I kept my cookies fresh. I use these every day. I use them when I make a mistake and need to smooth out icing, when I decorate wet-on-wet icing, and when I need to make an outline on a "dry" cookie. These are perfect for many things in the decorating world.

👤I have never used these before, but they were easy to use.

👤A great price for cookie decorating tools. I was new to the process, but these were easy to use.

👤I used a toothpick to smooth out the flood icing when I made sugar cookies with royal icing. I saw these and thought about not doing it. My daughter agrees that I love them more than using the toothpick. They were used for my sugar cookies and sent a picture to show you.

👤It was shipped in a box with too much space and only a few of them remained because they had to leave the box. I feel bad for the person who is getting poked. I wouldn't wash them because they have work. The metal is starting to turn a bit.

👤These are not very serious. If I had to buy again, I would choose a better quality. 2 of the tips were not fully attached to the handle. I used super glue to fix it. The tips are flawed, as though they never went through a final polishing to make them sharp.

👤I have ordered these tools before. The tools are great. I had to order more because I misplace them.

👤The sticks are the perfect size, even though they were smaller than I thought. I decorate cookies with fir.

👤It works well for sugar cookie decorating.

👤The product was exactly what I was expecting.

8. Decorating Decoration Straight Tweezers Supplies

Decorating Decoration Straight Tweezers Supplies

Their products are inspected and packaged before shipment. Customer satisfaction is their service standard. They will solve your problem within 24 hours if you have any questions. They will provide you with a better shopping experience. Order with confidence. The complete cake decoration tool set includes 7 pieces cake decorating brushes, 6 pieces stir needles, 2 pieces elbow and straight kitchen tweezers, 15 pieces in total, Sufficient quantity and nice combination set can satisfy your daily do-it-yourself and decorative demands. The sugar needle scribingrs are made of plastic and metal, the baking decorating brushes are made of plastic and fiber, and the practical tweezers are made of steel, which are sturdy and safe to use. Simple operation: this cake paint brush is practical for depicting a variety of patterns, also appropriate for removing fingerprints on surface impurities, soft, reliable and easy to clean, and the tweezers make it convenient to pick up. The size of the stir scribing needles is approx. The cake decoration brush is about 5 inches in length. The tweezer is approximately 16.7 to 13.9 cm/ 6.7 to 5.56 inch in length. Proper dimensions make them comfortable to handle when decorating cake and cookie. The cookie decorating tools set is a nice choice for you to enjoy a happy baking time with your family and friends, which can serve as meaning and well prepared gifts for baking lovers on birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, graduation, housewarming, anniversary, Mother's.

Brand: Geiserailie

👤Clean and fast shipment. It's great for details in decorating with royal frosting.

👤A fun project with a teenage daughter. It is easy to clean and use great tools.

👤Soft brushes for applying colors. The picks are great for spreading royal icing and ensuring chocolate makes it into all the nooks and crevices of your molds, and the tweezers are great for applying small details. Useful tools have a great value.

👤The items arrived before the time they were supposed to. I use the brushes for chocolate and the tweaser set for dipping amd decorating. This set is very good.

👤They are what I needed to decorate cookies.

👤Tienen una textura Sueve. I permite poner las piedras.

9. Premium Baguette Transfer Peel Beautiful

Premium Baguette Transfer Peel Beautiful

The pastry mat's thickness is 0.75mm. It's perfect for baking, kneading, rolling, candy, pastry, cookie, bun, bread. Beautiful craftsmanship: well-designed, elegant, and professional baguette transfer peel. Its texture and weight are designed to feel perfect in the hands, which is why it is beautiful to look at. It is an extremely functional. Roll the dough onto the peel and off to the baking surface with the help of bevelled edges. There is a hole for hanging to store away and a ruler for measuring. The design is called the "EZ-PICKUP". Picking up the board while it lies on a flat surface would be easy because the shorter sides are unlevel. It's perfect at 22.5" x 4" x 0.25", it's not too long, not too short, but it's perfect. This length is shorter than a standard home oven's width for easier placement of dough onto baking stone. The transfer peel will help you to transfer your shaped dough easily. Simply return it for a full refund if you feel it fell short of your expectations.

Brand: Saint Germain Bakery

👤The product will arrive in a timely manner. It's sad that commands a good review. There is not much to do with a flipping board. I am an amateur when it comes to bread making and French baguettes, but it is wider than most I have seen. The side markings are great. For someone who doesn't make a lot of bread that is very helpful. Good quality wood, easy to handle. I would recommend this to everyone.

👤I didn't think I needed a bread transfer peel, but I saw it when I was trying new recipes with a couche. I like it. It makes the transfer much easier. When you bake the loaves proof, you don't get squashy bottoms. You can get the same thing if you do this with your baskets.

👤The tool is not usable due to the large amount of splinters. I wouldn't bring this peel with me. Terrible disappointment.

👤The board on its own looks great until you unwrap it and realize that the label is peeling off and staining the board. It was pointless to stick it on since the board was shrink wrapped.

👤I use a plain long board to transfer my dough so I can save money. It was a good idea until I saw a splinter. I finally caved in and bought this transfer peel. It is easy to measure my dough with the number markings on it. It fits right in my oven and is not too big or small. It makes the transfer of dough into the oven a breeze if you enjoy making baguettes.

👤The delivery package was great. The plastic covering the peel was cracked open and the end was dirty from the dust at the storage facility. The plastic wrapping is very rough and breaks into pieces when touched. It's on the manufacturer. I think it's overpriced to be honest. You can treat it like a couche and just wipe it down with a dry towel if you don't want it to soak in water. I haven't used it yet. I'm sure it will do its job well.

👤I decided this was a necessity after ruining a few baguettes. I ordered the bakers couche from Saint Germain Bakery and was impressed with the quality, so I ordered the peel board from them as well. I treated the wood with food grade mineral oil and started baking a fresh baguette. The loaf was safely transferred to the pan. The measure marks are of good quality.

👤My stone is only 14 inches deep, while this has a 20 inch ruler and border. A slightly smaller board would be better. This board is perfect. It's light. It is easier to transfer a proofed baguette from the cloth to the other side. The ruler helps me to decide if my dough is long or short. A gift for someone who likes to bake French bread.

👤Really enjoying using this item. It's very easy to pick up the dough.

10. Tates Bake Shop Cookies Variety

Tates Bake Shop Cookies Variety

There is a variety pack of Tate's bake shop cookies. Chocolate chip cookies, Oatmeal Raisin cookies, White chocolate macadamia nut cookies, and chocolate chip cookies are included. There are baked cookies that are thin and delicious. These cookies are appealing because of their texture. You can use these cookies for party snacks.

Brand: Tate's Bake Shop

👤I really like the cookies but am disappointed that I got taken! Didn't know walmart had these. They are much cheaper there.

👤When it comes to eating, I'm pickier than a two-year old. I don't know how many different brands of chocolate chip cookies I have thrown out because they don't please me. I put them in my shopping basket reluctantly. I tried them when I got home. These cookies are delicious. I buy them on Amazon at a time. I only gave it a 4-star rating because I love them so much, you can't eat just one. They cost 40 cents a cookie and you have to eat four at a time. If there was a 10-star rating, I would give these chocolate chip cookies.

👤These are the best cookies you can buy. Along side a cup of really good ice cream for company, with tea...

👤What are you going to do when you have no time to bake cookies for a crowd? These cookies were ordered from Amazon. I have had Tate's Cookies and they taste better than my homemade. I received a lot of bags. 64 cookies are in the 2 bags of 8 cookies each. Eating just one of these cookies is almost impossible. They have a homemade taste. There are 4 bags of cookies, each with a different flavor. The oatmeal has raisins that are a little too soft for me. You and your guests will be very satisfied. It is recommended. prisrob is on June 23

👤I wish chocolate chip cookies were more cookie. I have been looking for a cookie for a long time. The Butter Crunch ones are wonderful. It was so delicious. When you have eaten a couple, you should put the bag away.

👤I am not a cookie person until my co worker gave me one. I'm telling you that I'm addicted to these now. It's hard to find them in the stores in NYC, and they are between $5-7 a piece. The chocolate chip is the only thing I have tried. I'm excited to try all of them. Thank you for selling these on Amazon, you are saving me a lot of time and money.

👤These cookies are the best I have ever bought online. They would agree that I have been an executive chef for 42 years. They are a steal at the price. .... Do it. You will be able to reorder at some point in the future if you buy them. I sent them to one friend and four family members. I should get more cookies after this review. But... They are profits. I understand.

👤I've been looking for a really good cookie. Corn syrup or chemicals ruin the flavor of most chewy or soft foods. Making oatmeal commercially requires different ingredients than homemade. Tate's chose a cookie that was thin, crisp and delicious. You don't get many in a package, just two individually wrapped trays holding about 6-7 cookies in a quality, re-sealable bag. These are as close to homemade as you can get. I would like to see them have more raisins. This is not what you want if you prefer soft oatmeal cookies. I had no broken cookies in the pack of 4 because they were well packed and the cookies were thin and crisp. There would be packs of 6 or 8. They are that good.

11. Heavy Stainless Baking Cooling Inches

Heavy Stainless Baking Cooling Inches

You can use these cookies for party snacks. 100% Solid 304 (18/8) STAINLESS STEEL Construction - no metal coating that can chip or scratch and transfer toxins/chemicals to your food. This versatile rack can be used to bake, roast, decorate or cool. Try it for making fried chicken in the oven, which will allow grease to drain after frying. Heavy gauge steel is engineered for supreme durability and rust/warp-resistance. The raised feet and grid size were designed to allow optimal air circulation. The pan not included makes the rack fit perfectly in the Jelly Roll Pan or Cookie Sheet. The Oven Safe, Dishwasher Safe and other similar products are backed by a LIFETIME warranty.

Brand: Spring Chef

👤My magnet is everywhere. It is plated. I will be sending it back.

👤I can only imagine that this item has gotten dumbed down because it was not very good quality. I had to remove a lot of metal burrs outside of the rack. The rack is not 12” as stated on the label, it is shorter and rattles back and forth, no big deal. I bought a larger rack from another brand that fits perfectly into my baking pan and does not budge, but can a basic 5 dollar one do the same job?

👤My search for a good rack has been very frustrating, too many of them are not solid or flimsy. This one is very sturdy. All of the wire is good heavy gauge. I had to file off a few edges on wire because of slight warpage. It's better than most. I would buy it again. I didn't receive this product in exchange for my review. I feel free to speak my mind after paying full price.

👤I received my 2 racks yesterday and they are great! Love that they are high quality. I will use mine for cooking bacon in the oven and other uses. The pans fit perfectly on the racks. After reading the reviews and getting different answers, I still don't know if the rack is above or below my pan. The top of my pan is about a quarter of an inch below the rack. This is where I wanted it to be. The rack is strong. Thank you for the great product.

👤I have only used this once and I am very happy with the results. I have made bacon poppers before, but they never got the bacon crisp. This rack made it look beautiful. I can't wait to cook fried chicken and other items.

👤I am very happy with the performance of this rack. I use this rack to bake chicken pieces. The wire diameter is a little smaller than other racks, but it is still sturdy for baking/roasting. It was clean after a run through the dishwasher. I have had rack that have been plated steel or coated steel and eventually they break down. The cheaper versions will last less than this one. The only thing I have a problem with is that some of the cut ends of the wires were a little dull. I have a question about whether this rack will survive an oven cleaning cycle.

👤I received a request from Spring Hill to give a review. I used mine to bake chicken wings. I put mine in Franks hot sauce for about 6 hours, then sprinkle with a little black pepper and smoked paprika. The rack made them come out better than ever. Next time, I might lightly broil them for that extra crispness. The rack is well made. The meat wouldn't stick if I sprayed it with Pam. It fit perfectly in my pan and held about 18 wings. It was easy to clean up with a plastic scrubber. The instructions said to dry it immediately. Even though it says for baking and broiling, they don't list a temp. The wrapper has a max on it. I couldn't find one.


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