Best Decorating Airbrush Kit for Baking

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1. U S Cake Supply Decorating Selection

U S Cake Supply Decorating Selection

The colors are made in the USA with high quality ingredients and are certified Kosher. Their kit contains everything you need to start making your own masterpieces. The kit includes an air compressor with 3 air flow settings, a user guide manual, and a professional precision airbrush. It can be enjoyed by everyone, from beginners to experts. Simply add a few drops of color to your airbrush, power up the compressor, and pull the trigger. It's easy to start your own creations. You can use your imagination to create your own designs on dozens of colorful cakes, cupcakes, cookies and desserts with the help of the spray paint. Blend and shade colors, write script and add accents, use stencils to add detail, color fondant and other elements. Learning how to make your cakes and desserts look different is fun, safe and easy. Application practice is the key to mastering the use of an airbrush. The included users guide manual will show you how to use the airbrush and how to create masterpieces. If you're not satisfied with their cake decoration kit, they'll give you a full refund.

Brand: U.s. Cake Supply

👤I poured it in and it would blow out. After adjusting all the working parts and finally starting working, it will not work properly after checking everything at once. It worked well for a beginner air brush. There is a I went to exchange. I am told this cannot be returned. That is great! The seller can get away with broken items.

👤GARBAGE! The U.S. cake supply? I opened the box and it didn't have a gun inside. How am I supposed to use it without that? I won't get another cookie in time because my order is due soon. The colors spilled all over the boxes when they were shipped. Completely disgusted. Be careful, buyer. Order the machine from Cookie Countess.

👤When I received my air brush, I was overjoyed. I used the first few times. The air brush pen broke after 4 use. The air came out of the pen. The knob on top stopped working. I was disappointed. I used it the first few times. I would love to see them replace the pen.

👤I bought this kit to make a special birthday cake for my son. It seems easy to use so far, and it has worked just as it was supposed to. I am a complete amateur at cake airbrush and this set definitely meets expectations since I have no other reference point. Other sets do not come with a short instruction booklet. It comes with a good starter set of colors. They should last me for a while since you don't need a lot of color. If you don't want your cake to be colored, you should use a towel or plastic drop cloth behind it, which is a recommendation I saw when researching airbrushes and is certainly required with this sort of tool. I am very happy with this set. It was a bit more expensive than a few others I saw. I would recommend people who are just starting out.

👤This product was very disappointing. The gun broke when I used it twice. I can't fix it and can't use it. This was a lot of money. Buyers beware.

👤I have used this airbrush twice and I am a home baker. It is very easy to use. I was about to use the spray nozzle on the cake when I noticed it was loose. Some reviews say the nozzle broke after a couple uses. It is not broken. I found an exact copy of this one on the internet after watching videos about the nozzles. I had no idea how to reassemble it. I didn't have to do that. The screw inside the pink end piece needs to be tightened. The spring gives zero kickback when it loosens. If this has happened, don't give up on it. I almost felt like I had to have this cake done today.

👤The machine is small. I decorate sugar cookies with it. The colors are vibrant and true, and a little goes a long way. It is a perfect size for home use. The mist does a decent job, but it's easy to over do it. I run a small cookie business and it has helped me a lot. I wish it had a case for the pen and white paint. There is a Talking about the pen... I had to open it a few times to loosen it because the lever wouldn't work. It kept working great once we got it right. We made it work and I feel like it should not arrive like this. If your pen doesn't work, just play with it. You have to figure out what to loosen and tighten.

2. Decorating Supplies Springform Turntable Beginners

Decorating Supplies Springform Turntable Beginners

Everything you need to start making cakes like a pro is included in the CAKE SET. 3 PCS Leakproof Cake Pans.cake levler, chocolate mold,flour flag,Egg Beaters,Muffin CupMolds, Paper CupCakes,Carved Pens, Icing tips, disposable bags, flags, Russian tips,Scrapper sets,Silicone The Flower Nail&Lifter has 50 muffin cups. All the cake kits are made of high quality 304 STAINLESS STEEL and are compliant with US Food-Grade standards. It's safe for family cake making. It is a good cake decoration kit for making cheese cakes. There are 3 different sizes of cake pans for you to use. The Springform Pans are made of high quality carbon steel and are easy to release. Great cake baking set for beginners. Their cake decoration supplies include 48 icing tips with a number and chart, 7 Russian tips and 9 carved Pens. All cake decorating kits can be used to decorate cakes. The muffin cup molds are included. A hand-made cake can be used as a gift, it is good for daily desserts, birthday parties, wedding parties, and merry Christma decoration. For Birthday, Anniversary and Easter, the ideal gift is a Baker and Women. You will get a complete cake decorating tools with cake stand to make any cakes as a cake making starter and professional. There is a notice! You will get a PCS cake pan and blue decorating pen. Use a soft brush to wash cake pans. There are 50 cupcakes and 50 mini flags.

Brand: Kosbon

👤I have never done cakes with fondant. I love the pans and tools. The turn table was useful. The smoothers worked well for the buttercream. I was very pleased with my purchase.

👤It came with a nice looking package which is great for those who want to gift it. My wife is very fond of it. She was able to decorate my birthday cake with these items, even though she had never baked a cake.

👤I am a beginner baker, but I enjoy making delicious things for my loved ones. One family. Every housewife will find her at a point where she needs some things that are easy to get. Reviews and price made me buy this set, it was hard to find between all brands best. Every part of the kit is packed well and smells good. I was surprised that the box was small. You can buy this as a gift. I am in love with table and cake molds, but I need 2 of them, and they are very high quality, so I thought why I need 2 of them? You need as many appliances as you can if you want to make something big. piping bags, cake knives, and decorating tools are very helpful. I'm happy baker and ready to create more delicious masterpieces with this set.

👤I picked this out myself because I wanted to bake my own cake for my birthday and this was everything I needed. I got everything in perfect condition except for the tips manual, but after reading the questions on Amazon, a lady told me to email them, and I got an email back with the tips manual, so their customer service was on point. I love this. It was a great purchase. The only thing I can say is that the smaller tips should have been bigger. This was my first time decorating a cake or baking a cake and this kit helped me achieve my birthday goal.

👤I have been buying different decorating items in the store to use in cake decorating for my family and some of my friends birthdays. I realized I should check out what is offered online since I was spending a lot of money on different pieces. The cost per item for this is insane. I am excited to try all of the products because they don't feel cheap. It might take a while.

👤It has a lot of pieces. We didn't use all of the tips but my wife made me a birthday cake. The pan is good for cakes and also for making cheesecakes. You need to keep the box so that you can keep the set together.

👤I didn't use it because I was too skeptical after opening everything. I was not sure how safe it was to use because some things had a harsh chemical smell, others were dirty looking and all scratched up, and other things looked like plastic pieces were breaking off the edges. The cake leveler's strings were too long and flimsy. The quality is really bad, but I bought it because of the thousands of good reviews and not because of the small amount of bad reviews. I was so concerned about the quality of my cakes that I didn't want to risk baking with anything that could leak into my cakes. You get what you pay for. I invested 40 extra dollars in quality products after returning it.

3. Turntable Leveler Rotating EBook Cake Decorating Accessories

Turntable Leveler Rotating EBook Cake Decorating Accessories

It's dishwasher safe, perfect for your cookware. CAKE DECORATING TOOLS: Everything you need to start decorating cakes is included in the set. The Turntable is made from non-toxic plastic and is dishwasher safe. It is good for both Right and Left handers because of the hidden ball bearings on the clock. The bottom of the turntable has a non-skid silicone ring which provides stability on countertops, preventing cake rotating turntable from sliding from workspace. It's ideal for beginners as well as professionals. There are cake decorations and bags. You can take your cake decoration to the next level with the professional piping bags and tips set. Use the straight cake spatula to icing round cakes from the Sides and Top while rotating the cake turntable. RFAQK Cake leveler slices and levels cakes into even layers for creating professional looking layer cakes at home. Use cake icing tools to smooth the cake icing on the sides and top. The EBOOK USER GUIDE FOR BEGINNERS was written by RFAQK. The EBook User guide includes 3 cake recipes, method of cake baking, and icing cakes. 3 frosting recipes, a step by step guide for using cake turntable, spatuals, scrapper set, cake leveler and icing tips. 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The highest quality products are what drives them. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it to them for a full and prompt refund.

Brand: Rfaqk

👤This is not a good choice for beginners. With more time at home, I'll buy a set for home to use with my 4 year old, I have 11 years of pastry and cake decorating under my belt. This set is very upsetting to me. The offset and straight spatulas are the only nice piece of equipment. The pastry bags exploded. I wouldn't use something that small with the piping tips. The cake turntable doesn't move with ease, which is annoying when trying to smooth everything out while turning at the same time. The wires still have too much slack, even though I set it up per the directions.

👤This is great for beginners. It has everything you need to start decorating cakes. They should have been more clear about using the cake slicer. The instructions had no words to explain what to do. They didn't send any information on how to get the cookbook, which was disappointing.

👤I decided to make my two year old a birthday cake. Two weeks before the party, I decided to order this set because I didn't find a recipe that would help me as a beginner. There is an E-book through which beginner like me can get some ideas reading baking and icing.

👤I've used this for a couple of years now. It works well for making cakes for family parties. I have added more decorating tips and a cake spatula to help move the cakes off the turntable.

👤Leveler is a bad thing. You can not use it. The wire was not a good one. The spactulas were fine. One of them looks at the box. The turntable is amazing. It is easy to clean. It is worth every penny. The piping tips add to the look. There is nothing wrong with them.

👤I need a turntable on short notice. You can't ask for more for under $13. The turntable is working well.

👤It seems good quality for what I will use it for. The turntable is not completely flat in the video. I don't want to be a professional. The only thing you need is the instruction card. I think the blue scrapers smelled like bacon dog treats but after washing it wasn't as bad.

👤The owner of this bussiness puts their heart and dedication into their products and service. Excellent customer service and very informative instruction to follow up the order. The spatula and turnable one are my favorites at this price. I can't figure out how to use the leveler, but I won't use it much. I think it is okay.

👤The kit was great, except for the spatulas. The spatulas were washed and the handles turned red. We scrubbed but there was still more slime coming off. What are they given? Is it safe to eat if it comes off in your hands? The one on the right has been washed at least 10 times. The one on the left went through the dishwasher to see if the detergent worked. You will be slimed if you get them wet.

4. COSSCCI Handheld Airbrush Compressor Decorating

COSSCCI Handheld Airbrush Compressor Decorating

If you're not satisfied with their cake decoration kit, they'll give you a full refund. There is a single-action air brush. The mini air compressor has a mini screwdriver and a single-action airbrush. Even without an air hose, the integrated structure can be used. If you want to turn off the air flow, you can connect the other brand dual-action airbrush with the package. There is a convenient multi function. A one-handed air brush painting kits and air pump can be placed in your backpack or pocket. It is possible to use spray guns for tattoos, art painting, cake decorating, make-up, nail, handicrafts, models, body paint and other things. Even without a power supply, the airbrush gun can be used, just like a mobile phone. It can be used for 30 minutes. You can use the cable to charge your computer, power bank, or other device. A new reorganized circus. The portable air pump has been tested many times and has improved the service time of the air pump. The curved design of the air pump increases hand-held comfort. It is simple to operate and easy to use after you have prepared the spray material. There is a kind note. If there is a problem with their makeup kit, please email them for a replacement. Once turn on, please adjust the tail screw and then move thetrigger backwards to spray water or paint.

Brand: Cosscci

👤I have to change the consistency of the paint to work for me. You have to play with it. battery life is not that long. It doesn't come with a brush to clean the inside, but it can be used while plugged in.

👤This thing is portable and works like a regular airbrush, but without the large compressor and hose. I would recommend you to use paints made of acrylic.

👤I used to be a cake decorated so I have air guns. It's nice to not have to worry about a cord. The bad boy is light weight and strong. It worked very well. I am very happy with the purchase so far. You can not beat the price. The instructions are easy to understand and help out a lot.

👤I like using the gun 3 times. It has stopped working. This was adult operated and was clean as it was used. The gun doesn't do anything when pressed on the on/off button, but it appears to charge, green on the power adapter.

👤Really like that it's battery powered. It's so convenient to use. Very fast. I use warm water to decorate cookies so it's easy to clean after each color. I've never used an airbrush before, but after watching videos, it's so easy to use. It only works when plugged in, but it stopped holding a charge 6 months later. It is still works even though it is no longer corded.

👤I love this kit. I chose this one over others. It works just as well as the more expensive one. It works well with Americolor Amerimist. I will buy more products from this company. After 2 years, still working great. It's possible to attach an airline to the compressor to make it so the gun is not attached to the compressor.

👤I bought this just over 3 months ago and it's useless now. The compressor doesn't work. It won't hold a charge. Sometimes it will stutter if I try to use it while it's plugged in. It'll turn on, but if I move it it will die. I've barely used it. I'm very sad.

👤I've been using an instrument for a while now. I bought this product because I wanted to take a break from using my old wired compressor and save money on my electricity bill. The wireless compressor I ordered was supposed to arrive on the 10th, but it didn't. There was a notification that it would be delivered a day early. I was very excited to try it out after it arrived. I unboxed the compressor and it looked good, but the black box the compressor came in was a little damaged. The box was where everything was listed in the description. I connected the compressor to the airbrush and turned it on. I realized that the air was flowing through the brush when I pressed thetrigger to release the air. I put the top back on the spray cup and turned on the compressor after filling it with water. Without me pressing the Trigger, the air and water were spraying out from the nozzle. The only way to stop the flow of air or paint is to turn the compressor off. I took the airbrush apart and saw that the Trigger wasn't made properly. There was no way to connect the two pieces because they were put in the same place. There is a piece of equipment that you connect to the hose that allows you to release air flow and push thetrigger back up to build air pressure. It has two small holes and one slightly larger hole with a post in the middle that resembles a tiny button to push thetrigger back up to build air pressure, on some airbrushes they areremovable and some are just permanently manufactured that way so you don't have to worry about changing pieces The compressor is designed for beginners. If they designed this compressor with the piece I described, it would be perfect for what I needed it for, but I can't shut the air/paint flow off bytrigger, so I'll be returning the product for a refund. I would be less disappointed if I could find an accessory that would fit the machine. I will post pictures and a video of what I'm describing to make this product work for more experienced airbrushers. I hope the review is seen by the manufacturer so they can fix the main issue. I don't like the fact that I have to use my compressor because of this flaw. The first picture is of the pieces. The compressor is the second. The piece that I removed from my personal airbrush needs to be added to the compressor in order for it to work properly. The last two pictures are from my personal camera. This is what the Trigger is supposed to look like when you take it apart. I hope this helped someone.

5. Decorating Airbrush Coloring Pressure Cupcakes

Decorating Airbrush Coloring Pressure Cupcakes

If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, they'll fully refund it for you. This manual airbrush is great for beginners and seasoned professionals, it makes cake colorings and some simple decoration easy. Easy to Use Manual Airbrush is a cake decorating tool that allows you to quickly and easily apply paint to cakes, cupcakes, chocolates and other desserts. There are funny, glamorous and eye-catching cakes. It's perfect for beginners and professionals. You can use it to decorate cakes. It can be used at home or in a cake shop. It's ideal for 3D effects. Bring your cakes back to life! The spray gun is suitable for all kinds of pastries. The container with scal can hold up to 40 liters, the Net Weight is 0.2lb, and the decorating pump has a diameter of about 9.6 x 1.2 inches. Each spray gun has a set of storage tanks. Their worry-free 18-month and friendly customer service is what you get. Feel free to contact them with any questions. Their eternal pursuit is your satisfaction.

Brand: Dikedon

👤A Medida thatuno lo acciona para sacar el lquido se va a chorreando por los lados.

👤I was excited to purchase it when I first saw it. It seems easy to use. I didn't like it. The straw/hose was getting stuck. I had to pump the handle many times, and the dust sprayed onto the cake intermittently. It didn't work the way it should. The bottle that holds the powder popped off. It's horrible and time consuming. It wasn't worth it for me.

6. Airbrush Master Decorating Airbrushing Chefmaster

Airbrush Master Decorating Airbrushing Chefmaster

The colors are made in the USA with high quality ingredients and are certified Kosher. A set of 12 Chefmaster airbrush food colors and 3 Master Airbrushes are included in the Professional Master Airbrush Multi-Purpose Airbrushing System. There is a bonus Master Airbrush Quick Start Guide. The Cool Runner II is a superior performance compressor with two cooling fans that allow it to run cooler for a longer period of time. Includes a cleaning brush set. Model G25 dual-action airbrush has a 1/16 oz. Model G70 Trigger style gravity feed airbrush with a 0.3mm tip and a 1/2 oz gravity fluid cup, Model E91 single-action siphon feed airbrush with a 0.8mm tip and 2 - 1/2 oz, and a Model G70 gravity feed fluid cup and 0.2mm tip are all Steal bottles. The 12 Color Chefmaster food coloring set has 0.7 ounce bottles. The strongest and truest colors are found in theedible colors. They are made in the USA with high quality ingredients. If you're not satisfied with the product within the first year of purchase, they'll give you a replacement or refund.

Brand: Master Airbrush

👤The G25 airbrush broke after two uses. It's a shame. The person tried to contact them for a refund and was told to keep going. The brush is very important for intricate detailing and writing, so it seems the machine is useless at this point. Now what? Is it necessary for me to spend more money on a new airbrush? Come on. What has happened to customer satisfaction?

👤1 aergrafo sucio, de mala calidad ciertas, rayadas la caja.

👤My husband bought this for me. I was excited when I opened the box, but a little confused. Many parts have little to no explanation as to how to use them and how to clean them up after use. I was confident enough to try it after watching a few videos. I thought the motor was shorting out when I turned it on, because I had never used an air compressor before. Once the air pressure builds up, the motor stops. I've only used one gun so far, and it takes some practice to get used to the grip and correct touch. I was able to create some cute designs despite my limited experience. I need to watch more videos on the other guns before I can try them out. When the compressor is running it vibrates and bounces. I was cleaning my gun when it almost fell off the counter. I put it inside a tray or tea towel to minimize movement. The unit has a strong chemical odor, I assume it is some kind of lubricant inside the compressor and hope the odor will go away with time. I am satisfied with this purchase, but I would like more instructions, but in this computer age, lack of instructions are not a big problem. I would recommend this set to anyone who makes pastries.

👤I was very excited to use the airbrush. The set-up was very easy, I read through the manual. I had a friend who showed me how to disassemble and reassemble the gun, so that might have helped, although there is no assembly of the gun needed to start. The compressor gets very hot. I have used mine on a table and a countertop in an open room and it has not had any issues with over heating. The compressor vibrates when it is operating. I had to put it on the floor because the cups on my table were not enough to keep it from moving. I don't know what the difference was. There is a I have had to adjust the needle for some issues with the airbrush. I had issues with sputtering as well. I was shown what I was doing wrong by my friend, who is very familiar with airbrushes. I was releasing the Trigger at full spray instead of taking it back to a air only position and then releasing it. Proper technique is important to proper working order. I haven't used either of the spray guns yet. Water was sufficient for cleaning the gun according to the operations manual. Most cleaning solutions are not food safe. If you are only going to use water, use distilled water as your last rinse so that you don't get minerals drying in your gun. I have been using Everclear alcohol to clean it. It has worked well so far. I took the needle out to clean it after I finished my project, even though the instruction manual doesn't tell you to do this. It's been helpful to have a friend that was an artist tell me things I didn't know. There is a The Americolor Amerimist colors are great. I didn't get a shimmer color with this purchase, but I ordered metallic colors of bronze, silver, gold, copper, and red sheen, which were great colors for the Steampunk cake that I made. I would recommend this kit to anyone who is interested in airbrushing their confections.

7. Gocheer Multi Function Dual Action Compressor Decoration

Gocheer Multi Function Dual Action Compressor Decoration

If you don't like the way the air compressor works, they'll give you a refund or replacement within the first year of purchase. The kit has been upgraded. Compared with other sets on the market, the upgraded airbrush kit brings you a higher air pressure and a higher performance, it can also be stable after a long time use. You can use it to accomplish many professional needs. The kit has dual-action features. The double-action airbrush can control the fluid by the end of the gun, as well as the volume and air by thetrigger on the pen. The included 0.2 and 0.5mm nozzles allow this extremely versatile airbrush to be used for a wide range of purposes. The Gocheer kit has superior performance for painting and make-up. The air pump uses advanced case painting technology, which is shiny wear-resistant and gorgeous. Is a great gift for your family or friends. Whether it's a novice or a senior artist, this kit is easy to use and widely used. It's perfect for painting, model coloring, nail design, art drawing, cake decoration, and many more. Meet your professional needs. All-powerful accessories. There are lots of accessories that can meet your requirements. One-time purchase of cost-effective kits, no need to buy other accessories. The professional airbrush cleaning kit is included in the set.

Brand: Gocheer

👤For the price, beginners and pro alike will appreciate what you get. The finish of the airbrush is excellent. I've been looking for a portable option for the compressor, and it's powerful and silent. It's just a portable one like my dedicated one. I see myself using this portable compressor more. I was not expecting that much air for its size. The extra needle sizes seem to be of good quality. The hose is flexible and nice. The weight and feel of the airbrush is nice. The pattern is even. The fluid trap gives a nice balance. Large and small scale projects are covered in the three sizes of cups. The extras you get to service your airbrush is great. I wanted a portable compressor, but decided that an extra airbrush wouldn't hurt, and seeing all the extras you get was a no-brainer. I was surprised by the quality of everything. It's just as good as my Eclipse. I would buy this again.

👤I'm not a painter nor have I ever used an airbrush. I wanted to do a custom paint job on a transformer figure, but I didn't want to use a paintbrush on it, because it could show brush strokes. I did some research on the internet. A friend of mine has a 3D printer and printed me up a few things. Testing Gocheer's capabilities as well as my own. I used Magicfly Airbrush Paint along with thinner and metallic paints for the blade look. It's still a work-in-progress from the pictures posted. There are only 5 afternoons where it's possible to use a spray gun. It works very well for anyone who is wondering. The kit comes with a lot to get you ready. For anyone interested in getting into airbrushing. I recommend doing some research, tricks, and techniques. It will keep your airbrush longevity going longer if you know how to clean it. I have only run into a few issues and have been able to solve them all quickly. I clean the airbrush as much as possible. I've been very pleased with Gocheer's work. I get a chill when I am using an instrument. I never thought I'd be doing that.

👤The Gocheer Mini Airbrush Kit is a good value if you are looking for a beginner's kit. I paint miniature models and warhammer and use an airbrush for the first time. The kit will do that nicely and be worth the money. I expect that as my skills develop, and if I have an interest, I may want to buy more, but for now this is a perfect fit. The compressor is small and quiet.

👤The airbrush was in good condition when it arrived. Everything works as expected, and the accessory was packed in bubble wrap. The assembly flyer is useful for taking the airbrush apart. The compressor has three different speeds and an on/off button, and it is surprisingly quiet. Everything you need to use and maintain an airbrush is included in the purchase. I'm loving my first airbrush.

8. Airbrush Professional Master Multi Purpose Airbrushing

Airbrush Professional Master Multi Purpose Airbrushing

The carrying case keeps the cake decorating kits protected in separate chambers and helps you choose which one to use. The Master Airbrush Multi-Purpose Airbrushing System has 3 of the best selling Master Airbrushes. The Airbrush Resource Center access card is included. The Cool Runner II is a superior performance compressor with two cooling fans that allow it to run cooler for a longer period of time. The holder is for 2 airbrushes. Model G22 dual-action with a 1/3 oz. is one of the 3 types of Master Airbrushes. Model G25 dual-action with gravity feed fluid cup and 0.3mm tip. A 1/16 ounce container. A Model E91 single-action siphon feed with a 0.8mm tip and a gravity feed fluid cup are included. Steal bottles. The U.S. Art Supply Primary Colors Water-Based Acrylic Paint Kit has six colors. Bottles and Reducer. There are 6 Opaque colors: bright blue, grass green, bright yellow, bright red, deep black and white. The mixing wheel and cleaning brush set is a bonus. If you're not satisfied with your purchase within the first year or five years, they'll give you a replacement or refund.

Brand: Master Airbrush

👤I had no idea how to use an airbrush, so I was all for this kit being advertised as a great one for beginners. It is not. 1. The whole kit was missing. It wasn't one I wanted to use, but it was owed to me. I contacted Amazon and they didn't reply. 2. It was barely any instructions. I don't know how to use this thing. There was a booklet on what was in it, but not actual instructions. I didn't know how to clean the brushes. It took a couple of houses to get the brushes to spray. 3. The brushes are too heavy. I used to get 4 sprays of Pro Air before it would get bad. I was shaking the paints and then pouring alcohol on top of them to break up the clog. The whole process was exhausting. Sometimes it wouldn't spray the cleaner even when there wasn't a problem. It was very annoying. 4. The bottle fell off the airbrush. Did I put it on the wrong way? I won't know because there are no instructions. It looked like I had it on the right when I looked at the images. I had to go on. I wouldn't suggest this kit for beginners. It's too much of a hassle with no instructions.

👤I was looking forward to testing it. The items were missing from the pack so I had to return the first order. It took a week to get the refund. The cleaning brushes were missing again. I bought brushes on the side. I used the G22 and G25 brushes twice. G22 broke again. I decided to expose the nozzle chuck by removing the nose cover because the paint was not coming out. I used the mini wrench to remove the metal. The screw broke. The airbrush is no longer working. It was pretty disappointing. I didn't expect high quality for that price, but at least a descent fabrication. I need to pay for a new brush, so I can't paint, but I will keep the compressor pack.

👤First time using an instrument. I watched a lot of videos on the internet before I decided to do this. I spent the entire weekend messing with it. I made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot. It becomes easy to use once you spend some time with it. The paint cup top was one of the mistakes I made, as it restricts air flow when using it. I guess that is just there when not in use in case the paint falls out. The PSI should be adjusted with the knob. Make sure you use a thinner or water to get the paint thinner. Make sure you clean it after use. I would definitely recommend this product. I hope to use it a lot.

👤The product is cheap and you pay for it. I didn't use it much and it broke down on me. I bought a more expensive one and haven't had any issues with it. I thought it would work for that.

9. DecoPac Airbrush Color Deep Pound

DecoPac Airbrush Color Deep Pound

The chart that serves as guide for the numbered icing tips and ebook in the guide, it help you how to use the accessories and make a cake or cupcake. The variety of tools in the kit is essential for beginners. High quality. Every time, the food color - DecoPacedible Airbrush For cake decorating delivers intense shades and color consistency. The food airbrush kit add-on can be used for cake and cookie needs. It's colorful. Food coloring in eye-catching colors can transform plain cakes to brilliant colors. You can mix and match the paint to make artistic cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other goodies. DecoPac Airbrush Food Color is ready to use and compatible with most cake decorating kits. It's suitable for use with gum paste, chocolate coloring, and more. Food that is safe. All your cake and cookie products are safe to use with Decopac. Their cake spray food coloring is made in the USA and can be used to make chocolate and other cake and cookie style foods. The DecoPac range of cake decorating colors has everything you need to give your cakes a professional touch.

Brand: Decopac

👤When I first put the frosting in, it was a weird grayish blue. I threw it away because it wasn't what I wanted. The dark blue color of the frosting will turn into a liquid if you microwave it for 20 seconds. Then you take the beaters back to it. Don't be upset when you don't get the dark blue color right away. I'm not sure if many people know about this hack. I submitted two pictures of the frosting. The first one shows a grayish blue and the second one shows a bright blue.

👤This product is used to achieve our pastel colors. Excellent product. A little goes along way.

👤I bought the white. It doesn't work with my gun and it causes me to have trouble with it. I thought I could mix it with another color to create a different hue, but it didn't come out of the nozzle. I don't know what to do with it.

👤This product was bought by me. It ruined the texture of my chocolate. It turned my chocolate into a paste that wasn't spreadable. The texture of my buttercream was different. This item is not eligible for a return or a refund. I decided to try AmeriColor because of the value. I don't recommend this product to anyone.

👤This is for my "stars" on my cake. It was the first time that it had been made. The white is very bright. It worked out great.

👤The thick white paste photo was a bit deceiving but it wasn't an issue for me. The fact that it is very watery should not have been a surprise. You know how pictures can be. I used it for teeth and the whites of the eyes for a sculpture so it wasn't used on a large scale.

👤The person in the baking dept. at Walmart gave me the credit for the tik tok video showing us the beautiful colors. I have purchased several brands of food coloring but never had bright colors, so I had to ask what brand was for food coloring. I was happy to be given a brand name. The price is reasonable. I like the bright colors. The blue is bright.

👤Muy buen producto.

10. Airbrush Cake Decorating Kit Including

Airbrush Cake Decorating Kit Including

If you're not satisfied with the product within the first year of purchase, they'll give you a replacement or refund. Stay in control, work at your own speed, and use 3 speed cardiopulmonary settings. The mix off air and color is accurately controlled by UNIQUE FLOWCONTROL AIRBRUSH. The 4mm stay clean needle is perfect for large bake jobs or tiny detailing. "Love it or Your Money Back" guarantee for cakes. If you don't agree that your cakes look great, they will give you a full refund. There is a special kit included. Cleaning brush, airbRUSH, concierge, cleaning pot, cleaning sponge, and color wheel are included.

Brand: Watson & Webb

👤I didn't buy gold and silver colors at the store because I knew my kit was coming with those colors. I was disappointed to find out that the kit did not have the gold and silver colors I was promised. I received 3 bottles of cleaner instead.

👤This was the first time I used an airbrush. I didn't use the supplied color because it wasn't dark enough, I wanted an intense red. The bottles are difficult to remove and the case is nice. The spray was even and easy to control. I am looking forward to my next project because the airbrush was easy to clean.

👤The W&W airbrush works well. I like the colors that come with the storage case. It takes a little practice, but once you get it down, it's amazing. I use it to make cookies. You need to cover the surface until you perfect your technique.

👤I can control the air speed. The case and extras are a plus as I was considering purchasing a sprayer from my local cake shop one speed, but with no extras. For the first time, I learned how to use cookies. I had red hands for two days.

👤The pink color was leaked when I opened the package. I am not sure if it was used. I tried the airbrush this morning. I sprayed my cookies. Nothing came out after the first shot, but it tried it 2 more times. Sending back. The whole package is a great price. I don't want to exchange it for another lemon.

👤The compressor is easy to use and my wife likes it. The kit includes everything you need to start decorating cakes, cookies or other desserts. It comes with several colors, stencils, and accessories that are neatly stored in a high quality case. The customer service from Watson and Webb is second to none.

👤This looked like a great way to use sugar cookies. I was not happy with it. The directions were very easy to follow. From the beginning, it didn't work right. I know how air brushes work. There was air coming out of the tip of the pen when I turned on the power. I wondered if there was a problem with the handle, but moving it back and forward didn't change the air at all, it was as if it was always in position. When I added the color to the holder, it would immediately spray out, making the mess worse. I tried to see if I could see what was wrong with the pen, but I couldn't find anything that would fix it. The colors that came with it were a good variety, but there was a leak and I had to shake them before using, so that made a mess. I liked the fact that the motor had different settings, but I couldn't stop the flow of air where I couldn't stop it. I was disappointed that the carrying case didn't work as I had hoped, so I returned it for a refund and bought a different one. The product came with some stencils that I wouldn't use. The cleaner that came with the cleaning reservoir was small and I was happy to have it. The pen holder was attached to the pump so that you could rest the pen when not in use. The kit has some nice features, but where it didn't work, I was very disappointed.

11. Master Airbrush Decorating Airbrushing Dual Action

Master Airbrush Decorating Airbrushing Dual Action

There is a special kit included. Cleaning brush, airbRUSH, concierge, cleaning pot, cleaning sponge, and color wheel are included. The Model G22 Multi-Purpose High Performance Precision Airbrush has a 1/3 oz. The cup and tip are small. 6 foot braided air hose. The C16-B Black Mini Air Compressor is lightweight and portable. Automatic on/off shutoff with a maximum air pressure of 25psi and produces 15psi air pressure on demand. Air-on-demand shuts off air when not in use. A built-in holder is included. The 12 Color Chefmaster food coloring set has 0.7 ounce bottles. The strongest and truest colors are found in theedible colors. They are made in the USA with high quality ingredients. A bonus How-To- Airbrush Manual and Guide Booklet is included. If you're not satisfied with the product within the first year of purchase or the second year of purchase, they'll give you a replacement or refund.

Brand: Master Airbrush

👤I read the reviews to see what people thought about the machine. I decided to take a chance because I read some good reviews. That didn't work out for me. The machine blows in spurts after the first use. I saw a video on the internet that said if you tighten the needle, it will start working. Set the gun down, went to use again, and it wouldn't release any color. Sounds like a problem? It blew off for about ten seconds and then stopped blowing liquid. Thetrigger is messed up. I wouldn't purchase this again. I had high hopes for this. I was so excited to get to make cookies for my business that I am crushed. They sent it with a package and it got two stars.

👤A few of the paints had leaked out after I received this product. I was very disappointed. I got it going and it didn't put out a lot of pressure, but I didn't go onto cookies as I should have. This gun doesn't have an adjustability, so you're stuck with one setting. I would not order again or recommend anyone to do so. I thought I was going to love this and it was a great deal, but I got my money's worth.

👤The machine didn't come with a case, but the stencils it came with were similar to stickers. Those are not the reasons I bought it. The machine works. I had no issues trying it after cleaning. It came with all the colors. Good for the price.

👤When it sprays it looks great on cakes. It's hard to get it to spray in between colors or add more of the same color. There are a few more reviews of that problem. The product is easy to use and take apart, it's great. I wish I didn't have to fight for it. Not bad for a starter kit. I used this for the second time this week and the compressor went out.

👤I used this item to decorate cookies. The system was easy to use and clean. I can't wait to use it again.

👤The airbrush works well. The kit I received didn't come with the food coloring I was told it would. I would have returned it for the correct one, but I didn't have time to do it. I made my own food coloring. I don't think it's worth the extra money if they don't send everything advertised.

👤I was scared to use it as I had never done it before, but it was so easy to use that I was able to decorate over 200 sugar cookies very quickly. Can't wait to use it again.

👤The machine works well and saves me a lot of time. A great purchase!

👤No me llega el aergrafo, lo devolvi aduana.

👤La aduana las dos veces tienen compres.


What is the best product for decorating airbrush kit for baking?

Decorating airbrush kit for baking products from U.s. Cake Supply. In this article about decorating airbrush kit for baking you can see why people choose the product. Kosbon and Rfaqk are also good brands to look for when you are finding decorating airbrush kit for baking.

What are the best brands for decorating airbrush kit for baking?

U.s. Cake Supply, Kosbon and Rfaqk are some of the best brands that chosen by people for decorating airbrush kit for baking. Find the detail in this article. Cosscci, Dikedon and Master Airbrush are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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