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1. BODYARMOR Strawberry Potassium Packed Electrolytes Preservatives

BODYARMOR Strawberry Potassium Packed Electrolytes Preservatives

Natural flavors. There are no colors from artificial sources. The vitamins B3 and B5 are 200%RDI.

Brand: Bodyarmor

👤I was told that this helped with milk production. It worked.

👤I went from pumping 1-2 ounces in 3 sessions to 8-9 ounces after drinking this for a day. It is a huge improvement for me. The pineapple is in the fruit punch and is worth it for the results.

👤He does a great job keeping me hydrated. I don't understand why the price jumped up so quickly, I bought this for $11 two weeks ago, now it's $20 I will no longer be buying them.

👤I ordered some drinks. There are two fruit punches and two strawberry bananas. There is a I loved the fruit punch so much that I ordered more. I didn't think they would increase my supply. I drink them to keep my electrolytes balanced. I live on an island in Japan and it gets hot. Depending on how active I am and how much I sweat, I drink 1-2 gallons of water a day. My baby is 3 months old. I went from producing 2 ounces of total breastmilk per session to 6 ounces per session. I produced 42 ounces of milk when I drank 4 of these in one day. Only 5 sessions were held. If I am not too busy, I pump 6-7 times per day. They don't make me sick like other drinks. The only downside is that they are so expensive. I like the fruit punch and strawberry banana. I might order more flavors to try. I didn't make it 2 months breastfeeding my two other children because I couldn't produce enough milk. I have enough to put aside for a freezer stash. I like the taste of them. Maybe someday they can make low and sugar-free versions. I recommend these over any other sports drinks.

👤The Bodyarmor sports drink has helped me with my diseases. Sometimes I'm barely able to move, but still eat. My body gets weaker when I don't eat. This stuff is amazing. This always tastes and feels good even on days when I can't hold down food. It gets rid of the pains caused by lactic acid depletion thanks to the potassium and electrolytes. The strawberry banana is my favorite of the flavors. I bought the banana flavor on an accident and thought I'd hate it. It is very good. There is a I put a bottle in the freezer for about 2 hours so it gets just a little frozen when I want a little sweet snack. I shake it up really well after taking it out. It becomes the perfect slushy drink, with little icy crystals coming out when you drink it. This drink is great for anyone with Sjogrens who has a bad dry mouth. The price is unbeatable. Local stores sell it for 50% more. I can't emphasize how grateful I am for the fast delivery, as I've come to rely on this stuff, and I always seem to get it a day early. Being able to have it delivered is especially nice since I'm unable to leave the house due to being high risk during this Pandemic. It has always been delivered safely, bottles wrapped securely in their 12 pack case as they would in the store, packaged tightly in a recyclable cardboard box. I would like to thank the people working for us who pulled my order, packaged it, shipped it, and delivered it during this time. You all are wonderful!

2. Wonderful Pistachios No Shell Roasted Salted

Wonderful Pistachios No Shell Roasted Salted

The bag is 24 ounces. It's flaVOR: They were roasted and salted. It's the same delicious taste, but with less work. They are great for snacking and are also a great addition to your food. It's perfect for cooking, entertaining and snacking. There are tree nuts in this note. California grows: They cultivate and harvest more than 75,000 acres of pistachios and almonds in California, using the latest sustainable practices. There is a non-GMO project.

Brand: Wonderful Pistachios

👤A bag full of love and snacking pleasure turned out to be a bag of hate and burnt promises. It was a big let down when we opened the bag and took our first bites. I don't have any knowledge of their manufacturing processes, but it's almost as if all the burnt ones are sent over to the wonderful area and packaged, then sold at a discounted price. The plate in front is poured from the bag, not sorted, and the bag shows what you're supposed to get.

👤It's horrible! The package was opened and there were burnt nuts. I was waiting to make my Christmas bark with these and the bag was mostly burnt. Will be demanding a refund.

👤I sent these to my brother who lives far out in the woods, so that he could leave packages with his nearest neighbor. He had to hike through the snow in the dark to save his gift after he left it at his neighbor's door. I was expecting him to be annoyed with me, but instead he got a message saying "Oh God these pistachios!" It's like a dream, I have beers as well. He's vegan, extremely picky about food quality, does raw food diet and green coconut milk fasts and other choices that are incomprehensible to my pudgy, sugar-loving, carb-reliant self, but we finally found common ground on these nuts. I would hike through the snow at night. Make sure to get enough for everyone, because people will try to sneak off with the bag when you're not looking, or wander through the kitchen wearing things with big pockets so they can load up while you're not paying attention.

👤If you have dexterity issues like I do, you don't have to deal with the shell, because a handful of pistachios before bed is equivalent to a dose of melatonin.

👤There were a lot of foul tasting pistachios in this bag. The foul tasting ratio was close to 98% good, 2% bad. The foul nuts were horrible. I wanted to love them since they're easy to order and they're shipped to my door. Not going to risk it again.

👤These were not fresh and were roasted in a way that tasted horrible. I bought a bag of these for someone I was giving a gift to and I hope the bag I got for myself tastes better than the one I just received, because I know the person who received the gift wouldn't tell me if they were bad. I would like to get a refund. I've never had to return a product for bad taste. It's important that I get a decent refund on all the items I order on Amazon because I'm an extremely frequent Prime shopper.

👤The nuts were not good. It's hard to get the taste out of the mouth. This brand is usually the best. I think I have a bad bag. I bought a second bag and it was the same. There were several foul tasting pistachios in the quarter cup. I have bought from my local store and paid more, but I don't like rotten nuts. From here, I will stick to other nuts.

3. Original Golden Variety Halloween Cookies

Original Golden Variety Halloween Cookies

There are 56 snack packs in this bulk variety package. There are chocolate chip cookies and butter sandwich cookies. These treats are very popular. Cream with chocolate or golden wafer cookies, chocolate chip cookies, or peanut butter sandwich cookies are some of the most popular cookies. Everything is sweeter with these cookies, from work to the classroom to lunch, bus trips, gift bags, goodie jars, party favors, and dessert baskets. They can be added to your favorite recipes. Individually wrapped snack-sized packs are a quick and easy way to prepare for last-minute parties, movie nights, game days, school lunches, office snacks, and crowds of all ages. Each pack has 100 calories per pack.

Brand: Oreo

👤I liked that they were only 2 cookies. I only had one cookie in it. Buying cookies and putting them in your own baggies has no value compared to the price. The cookies are not normal sized.

👤The package was very poorly packaged and the cookies were out of the packages.

👤I think I'll order this again, because the package was undamaged, and several of the two cookie packs where busted open with cookies in the box. This happened when the products were put into the first box.

👤This was a gift that we were expecting to be neatly displayed, however it was thrown in the box very embarrassing.

👤The box was half full. The description says I will 14 packages of cookies, but that didn't happen. The chips taste like cardboard. I didn't want soft chew bars. It was very disappointing.

👤It's perfect for lunches, care packages and during the Pandemic. I love the individual packaging.

👤It works well for a snack.

4. GoGo Applesauce Friendly Unsweetened Recloseable

GoGo Applesauce Friendly Unsweetened Recloseable

Fruit snacks are made from 100% fruit with no high fructose corn syrup, no added colors or flavors and no sugar added. See nutrition facts for calories and sugars. There is a pack of popcorn. The variety pack of 20 includes 10 Apple Apple, 5 Apple Peach, and 5 Gimme Five. Kitchen pantry safe with unsweetened applesauce pouches. Free from major allergies, there are vegan snacks in portable, BPA-free pouches. Non-GMO Project verified. Kids and toddler snacks. Pack these plant based pouches in a backpack, diaper bag, beach bag or travel bag to make kids smile while on a road trip, a car ride, or a game. Fun and easy sponges. If you want to make your child happy at school, you can use an applesauce squeeze pouch in the freezer overnight to make a frozen icepack for their lunch box. The kids need to be nourished. GoGo squeeZ provides the nutrition the kids need to play and explore. It's perfect for adults as well. You can keep a snack pouch in your lunch bag, gym bag, or purse. There are snack pouches from GoGo squeeZ fruit on the Go, GoGo squeeZ fruit and veggieZ, GoGo big squeeZ, GoGo squeeZ happy tummieZ, and GoGo squeeZ smoothieZ. Your family will love it.

Brand: Gogo Squeez

👤I am physically disabled and have been for many years. I need to eat my meals. I'm wondering if the pouch idea came from NASA's programs. I remember when I was a kid eating something that was advertised as what astronauts ate when they were in space. I wish I had GoGo when I was a kid because it's so easy to eat.

👤My package was gross. Some smelt and busted open. I threw it away. I can't give 0 stars.

👤My family has a major sweet tooth, and despite not having any added sugar or high fructose corn syrup, it's still very sweet and is a go-to snack. These work great because my toddler isn't ready for a bowl of applesauce yet without a dip in the tub. I was worried that he would use them as a crayon. Thankfully that hasn't happened. He's too afraid of missing anything to waste it. The shape of these is nice, they are thinner and a little longer than some pouches I've used, but they're not floppy. If you like slushies, you can pull one out of the freezer in the morning and use it as an ice pack for lunch. The pouches are certified to beBPA free and have no preservatives.

👤The kids like them. When I'm a passenger, I find the caps in the van. I was shopping to replenish my small cups of applesauce because I don't want to go through an entire jar without it growing mold. I ordered this package because I realized that I could enjoy having these little packages in my own fridge and freezer. If I become sick, they will be easier to eat because of their smooth texture. They don't need to be refrigerated. I like them cold when I need to be cooled down.

👤I bought this for the first time in March 2020 and it was delicious, a different package, they were all a delicious mix of apple banana strawberry. I bought it again last week and they sent me a different thing, but I think they are spoiled because they taste like mold, I have tried a few of those and they taste terrible. A couple of packages were broken. I will call and return that. The product I bought in March was great, but now they change the flavor, divide it, and make it moldy, I am so disappointed. Hope to not get sick just for tasting that! It's Shameful.

👤I really liked these. The flavors across the different varieties are disappointing and would have liked more variety in the pack. It takes 2 pouches to satisfy adult hunger.

👤My kids love GoGo SqueeZ applesauce, and this item has many of their favorite flavors. My kids like the strawberry flavor. You can use the pouches as a freezer pack. A great snack for kids.

👤I thought the package was closed because it was opening. I didn't open this box until after the return date because I bought more than one box. There was a damaged pouch in the taped package. The top items were okay, but the lower levels were sticky and there was actual applesauce across the bottom. I am happy I didn't give this item to the food bank. How can you ship an item that has been damaged and has a food product inside?

5. Ultimate Package Variety Assortment Crackers

Ultimate Package Variety Assortment Crackers

40 count of your favorite Frito-Lay snacks are perfect for snacking and can be used as a care package for a loved one. 40 of their favorite Frito lay snacks are included. The ultimate snack care package has a variety of salty pretzels and sweet flavors. You can eat it on the go or share it with friends and family. It's perfect for college bound students, military personnel, kids away at camp, office co-workers and much more.

Brand: Frito-lay

👤I have a couple of little guys that are roaming around my house. They come back after a day of learning. They are hungry, looking for food, and if I don't have anything to give them, they will choose to live the rest of the night in a land called Attitude. My secret weapon is this box. I whip out this box when they come through my door. They can take anything from Doritoes to cheese and pb crackers. The groans are gone. The little guys are happy. The land is peaceful. Don't let them know that I sometimes eat in the box for myself.

👤I received the product from the delivery man after I found ants in the food. It did not touch my porch. I was so excited. Will not buy again.

👤It would be difficult to be more dissatisfied with this order. The box the snacks were sent in was full of ants. Yes, ants. It took a few to realize where they were coming from. It would be a good description of belief. I found a chip bag that was deflated and had a small hole in it. I opened it and found a lot of ants. The air in the snack bags was gone so they all went into the trash. When I cut the tape to open the box, the ants wanted out and I was still in disbelief.

👤The box was clean and the chips were clean. Dates may be June and August. Great find for the price. There were a lot of old reviews of broken bags and expired products, but it looks like they have been fixed. I am glad I took a chance on this purchase.

👤Really? I only got cookies for my two young kids when I bought this for them.

👤The box had something on it. Thanks to Amazon, I now have the gift of ants, no snacks for the teenagers that are coming to my house for the holiday weekend, and I need to go to a grocery store to buy snacks and bug spray to fight the ants. I am very disappointed and grossed out by this. A lot of money, time and energy is wasted.

👤This was ordered for kids lunch. All of the snack items were expired. Since June!

👤My niece is away at college and I wanted to send this package to her. She loved it. I will order again. I was pleased with this product because it had no expired product dates.

👤J'ai adorĂ©, assortiment de snacks.

👤Don't buy! I received it on November 2, 2021. Not impressed!

6. Hint Fruit Infused Variety Bottles

Hint Fruit Infused Variety Bottles

Water with a touch of fruit smell. Their fruit flavors are surprisingly accurate without adding sugar or sweeteners. The result? It tastes like pineapple, watermelon, berry, and cherry with zero calories. Four of their top floaters. The Variety 12-pack contains 3 bottles of Watermelon, Blackberry, Pineapple, and Cherry. The water has a fresh-picked flavor that is sure to satisfy your thirst. There is zero sugar, zero calories, and zero fat. Water has a clean taste that you can feel great about drinking. HINT helps people fall in love with water. Most people know that they should be drinking more water, but plain water is boring. People drink more water when Hint Water tastes so delicious. Better hydration, better health. Staying hydrated can improve your health. Hint Water is Kosher certified. It's the perfect way to hydration.

Brand: Hint

👤I was very disappointed to read that the court case of California did not reveal the high amounts of propylene glycol under the coverup labeling. I am allergic to that ingredient. It is very upsetting to drink the water and find out it is causing me symptoms. I contacted the company, but they never responded and the symptoms were confirmation of the guilt. I will not be buying again.

👤I was violently sick 2 days ago after drinking only half a bottle of water, and I have a warning for you. When I got out of bet in AM, I threw up three times because I don't vomit easily and I was up all night with horrible stomach pains. I got food poisoning but the only change to my diet was this water and my husband did not have any issues so it wasn't my cooking... I should have realized when I drank a couple ounces of pineapple the previous day that it was the culprit, because it was plain and simple. ethyl alcohol and 1,2-propylenglycol are used in the manufacture of fruit essences. When you first open the bottle, there is only a hint of flavor and that is only when you smell it. When you open a bottle, you are left with plain water that has a chemical like aftertaste with no hint of a flavoured water scent coming out of the bottle. I usually add a drop or two of liquid sweetener to make the flavor pop out, but not with this brand, so now I have a bottle of sweetened water with more of an aftertaste. I am not sure what the reviewers are saying about the water. It is not in any of the two flavors I have tried, watermelon and pineapple. The husband said that it tasted like the old nestle bottled plain water that has been sitting around overnight in our room. The water is not all what it claims to be, and now you get dumb down water products. The hard bottles are not cheap plastic ones.

👤These are very nasty. They use oil to flavor them and leave a bad taste in your mouth. The watermelon doesn't taste like a watermelon but who knows. This was a waste of money.

👤The "Emperor's New Clothes" are drinks. There is not enough flavor or taste in this stuff. It is the worst drink I have ever paid money for. They ruined a bottle of water. The best thing about this hoax is that they put it in sturdy plastic bottles. It is worse than the "Near Beer" beverage I remember from the 60s. My Dad said that the guy who named it was a poor judge of distance. I'm pretty sure whoever makes this stuff is laughing all the way to the bank. Turn on the spigot and fill the glass with water.

👤I don't know why there are so many positive reviews, even though the bottle claims to have natural flavors. I can't identify the chemical taste they have, but they are horrible. If you read the bottles, you will see that cherry water has other natural flavors. The water has a horrible taste to it. If you want fresh tasting water, you should buy yourself a filter pitcher.

7. Stretch Island Leather Snacks Variety

Stretch Island Leather Snacks Variety

There are a variety of 6 flavors of Stretch Island All Natural Fruit Leathers. The flavors include cherry, apple, strawberry, grape, and apricot. The real fruit is real. There is a cup of real fruit inside every strip. No added sugar is included in this snack, made with real fruit puree. All natural. Stretch Island is free of artificial flavors, colors, andPreservatives. Convenient: Take a strip of pure fruit and take it anywhere. There is information about the dairy allergy.

Brand: Stretch Island

👤They all taste like strawberry, down a star, maybe it's just me. It's a good option but they are very sticky to eat, down a star. Not good, down a star. Big enough to eat two and not to want to eat the entire box in one sitting. My dog eats everything, so no star change is appealing to her. Fruit Leather is a star. I don't have to eat two because the portion could be bigger.

👤40/ 48 strips were received. The apricot flavor was missing.

👤I was hoping our package wouldn't match the other negative reviews. There were 3 strawberry strips missing from ours. I wouldn't buy these again. It feels like I got cheated, and I wonder if someone opened the box at the plant, stole 3, or tried to make more money by decreasing the qty. We put it in our box. It's not right, but it's hard to say.

👤The last package I ordered was either changed or a bad one. They are not as dense as they were. I am stumped.

👤These fruit snacks have a different texture and flavor than the ones you are used to. They are not the thin and flavorful ones I remember having as a kid. They are thick and tasteless, even though they are healthier. I didn't like them at all and my kids didn't like them either. I brought them to the break room at work because I thought coworkers would grab them.

👤There's no added sugar and I like these for that. There are not many options for a fruit snack that doesn't have a lot of sugar. These are great because they're made with only fruit, they won't melt or freeze if I leave them in my car, and the kids I nanny love them, so I always keep extras in my car. I like the organic ones but they're pricey and non-GMO is a good deal so I prefer the second one.

👤I have been buying this product for a long time. I was happy to know that they are sold by Amazon. This saves me a trip to that store as well as the extra money I spend once I get there. The fruit leathers are a family favorite. Artificial colors, flavoring and ingredients are things I try to avoid. I try to keep sugar out of my children's food. These are excellent! There is still a fair amount of sugar in there, but I feel better about feeding my children from naturally occurring sources. They are soft and chewy. The berry flavors are my favorite. My kids like all the flavors. These taste amazing because they are made out of good ingredients. I turn to this when I have a sweet tooth. My craving is satisfied if one or two of these are present. My son goes to child care and I pack his snacks. My child packed these in her lunch. We love them. I recommend these if you want a snack that is sweet and delicious.

8. Pringles Flavored Variety Original Cheddar

Pringles Flavored Variety Original Cheddar

These ready-to-go snacks are delicious and fun to snack on. Pringles Potato Crisps are available in cups of different potato crisp varieties. Original is Kosher Pareve, and it's always tasty, never greasy. Variety Pack contains milk and wheat ingredients and can be eaten at home or on the go. There are 27 cups of ready to eat potato crisps, 6 cups of Original, 6 cups of Sour Cream and Onion, 6 cups of Cheddar Cheese, 3 cups of BBQ, and 3 cups of Pizza.

Brand: Pringles

👤This was not a good idea. They were crumbs when they arrived. Not a single chip is intact. Pitiful.

👤The snack sizes of Pringle's are very convenient for a quick snack and lunch. The chips were broken into pieces when they arrived. I was worried that might happen during shipment but I gave it a shot. We will pay a little more to get the chips in store for now.

👤I was worried that they would be crumbs upon arrival. However, they were intact! They have a lot of different things. I haven't seen flavors like pizza in stores. We love these so much that we have them on a subscription. It's a great size for school lunches. I highly recommend.

👤All pringles are delicious. My kid loves the cheddar flavor even if he isn't a fan of cheese. This is all positive. We didn't get all the crumbled up stuff. I can't relate to those reviewers. The portions are the main issues for me. There is nothing to eat. The cup will not contain many chips. I don't want them to stop. I think that's correct. All that plastic is the other issue. What a waste. Think about it, all those people buying these multipacks have a few pieces to eat, and then they go. The plastic cup will live on. I am not a tree hugger, but I might give them a hug or two, especially in the summer, but these cups are a waste. They are the real deal, not the flimsy ones. I probably won't do it again. It's a pity.

👤These are great! They were in an Amazon box and didn't get crushed a lot. They are a little bit, but what can I say? It is bound to get a bit broken because of the amount of travel.

👤My son has 27 students in his room so finding snacks with that quantity can be a challenge. I found this and my son loves pringles for the money. I'm sure the other kids liked them. Everyone can have their own cup of chips from the three different flavors in the box. I will buy them again in the future. I try to get something different each month, but I will run out of options and come back to these. They would be great for his school lunch as he doesn't eat in the cafeteria. I might get them again for that, instead of the individual bags I usually carry. Great find!

👤Each packet contained different amounts of chips. One packet may have 15 or more chips, and the other may have 10 or more. Most of the time they have been sitting in the warehouse, they tasted like it. The sour cream and onion was the only variety I liked. I feel like these were over priced, and just sitting around the warehouse type of product. I am always worried about purchasing food products from Amazon because they can be hit or miss, and I am left holding the bag.

9. Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers Classic

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers Classic

There are 10 single-serving packs of Goldfish colors and 12 packs of Goldfish Cheddar. It is always fake, never real. Goldfish crackers are always baked with no artificial flavors. Goldfish should be kept within reach. You can have all your favorite Goldfish flavors with you. It's perfect for socializing or enjoying the company of others. The delicious flavors of Goldfish crackers are great for sharing with friends or family. You should add excitement to your memoirs. Add Goldfish crackers to soups, sprinkle them on salads, or serve them as a side to your lunchtime sandwich. There is always a variety on hand and ready to enjoy.

Brand: Pepperidge Farm Goldfish

👤The person at the warehouse thought it was a good idea to include a case of coconut water in the box. Goldfish crackers are in open packages. Who trains these people to package? The slip of paper will provide padding. I am canceling Prime as soon as my youngest is old enough to drink. I have adjusted my orders to try and minimize items being grouped like this and damaged in-transit. I wasn't good enough this month.

👤I bought this box of cheese gold fish because I forgot what it tasted like. If you like snacks that are salty and dried... Go for it. It's good for my friend to give her students that didn't bring snacks because I end up giving this whole box to her.

👤I buy a few items for my son's lunch. He is picky like most kids. He likes something one day and doesn't the next. We have had these for a month. I am impressed with how fresh they are. Each package has a different size. I have these for myself as well. Scan is easy for my weight watchers points. They are not too salty and provide a quick snack. My son likes them and I am very happy with them. A snack that stays fresh.

👤The opened box had been re- closed with a clear piece of tape and there were 4 packages missing from it. Ripoff.

👤There are cheese fish, pretzel fish and multicolored fish in this box. They are very good. My mom received all but two pretzel bags. My sister and I shared some of the others, which made me lose a lot of my appetite. I'll probably order more when appetite returns.

👤Even though they are wrapped individually, the product became very old very quickly.

👤I called Amazon after buying one boxe and they fixed the problem. The product was simple and fast. Dated 3.3. I would recommend buying them for my grandson class. I think so.

👤I got this product about a month and a half ago. It is ridiculous that this product is close to being finished.

👤The amount of each kind of Goldfish crackers could have been better if my littles had the pretzel kind. It was great, except for that. I was impressed with how much was in each baggie. Well done!

👤The variety pack is good and kids like it. I think it's a good idea.

10. DripDrop Dehydration Electrolyte Watermelon Servings

DripDrop Dehydration Electrolyte Watermelon Servings

A doctor created a patented formula for DripDrop ORS to deliver fast dehydration relief. It also contains vitamins and minerals for immunity boosting. An ORS is a way to treat the signs of dehydration. It is 99% less expensive than an IV, and it provides faster dehydration relief than sports and pediatric drinks. 3X THE ELECTROLYTES and 12 THE SUGAR OF SPORTS DRINKS are formulated to address the signs of dehydration relief fast without the sugar and stickiness of traditional sports drinks. The body has a sodium-glucose co-transport system. Stay hydrated and recover faster from dehydration with the formula meticulously crafted for fast absorption. Dehydration can be caused by alcohol consumption, workout, travel, heat exhaustion, and feeling under the weather. The 8 flavors of DripDrop ORS taste great and offer dehydration relief fast.

Brand: Dripdrop

👤This product was very disappointing. I drank it within 30 minutes after I got them. There is an allergy to this product. So... I am allergic to sucralose, so I read the package and found it. I combed the product description page again and again, but there was no mention of sucralose as an ingredient. I wouldn't have bought this product if it had been listed. I need a good electrolyte replacement for my diabetes, but this one is not good. Why are they not willing to list all the ingredients? Could it be that they know? Do you not want to purchase their product if you know that sucralose is toxic?

👤I was hoping that this would be an alternative to drinking water. It is difficult to keep hydrated while working in an operating room. After a few days of use, my blood pressure rocketed. After my system was flushed and I stopped using this product, the high blood pressure stopped. I am very disappointed that I can't use this. Sharing to help others be cautious. The product is well packaged and affordable, and the flavors are subtle and make drinking water more enjoyable. I am sad I can't continue with it.

👤Have you ever taken adderall and not needed a prescription? Have you ever done a rail of booger sugar in your twenties? If you drink a packet or two of this and you get the same result, I can paint and clean my house in an hour. If you don't, now is the time to experience this type of energy. It is 10/10 recommend.

👤These work well. I was told to use pedialyte. These were found instead. A liquid bottle is where pedalyte comes from. I don't like the taste. I have kept them in my house ever since. The year off was the same as chemo. If you have the flu, hiking in the hot weather is a great option. When my daughter was in college, she said they were wonderful for a bad night's sleep. 2 packs in 16 ounces of water is what I use most. If you have a throbbing head from dehydration, these can help. The World Health Organization created this product. I am not sure if that is still true.

👤The packets mix well in a bottle of water, making it easy to rehydrate quickly. It does not contain caffine and tastes great when cold, so you can sip it throughout the day. Lemon is my favorite flavor, but the watermelon and berry are equally good. I drink 1-2 drinks a day along with unflavored water to keep hydrated while I run 4-5 times a week and strength training on my no running days. I prefer the small 8oznpackets of Liquid IV and the ability toHydrate quickly to the point that I've purchased both of them. I gave a few packets to my coworkers who don't workout but don't drink enough water or feel fatigued by lunch time, and they have purchased some, and they are believers. Don't waste your time by searching, just add it to your monthly shipment. You will not be sorry.

11. Kelloggs Nutri Grain Breakfast Vitamins Minerals

Kelloggs Nutri Grain Breakfast Vitamins Minerals

The soft baked breakfast bars are a great grab-n-go snack. Rise and thrive with a soft, chewy crust made with whole grains and a variety of fillings. Whole grain is a good source of vitamins and minerals. It's convenient, travel-ready, and ideal for on-the-go moments and busy mornings; stock your home pantry, and pack a backpack or tote bag. There are 32 total breakfast bars with 8 apple cinnamon, 8 berry and 16 strawberry varieties.

Brand: Nutri Grain

👤If you read the small print in the description, you'll see that the picture and title says you'll receive 16 bars of each flavor for 48 bars. I was confused when I read the small print and realized that I received 8 in box x 4 for 32 bars, but the title and picture said 16 in box x 3 for 48 bars. Someone needs to fix this.

👤The picture says 48 bars. I received 4 boxes of 8. There is false advertising.

👤I enjoy them. It's great for snacking and is healthier than most snack foods. I emphasize the most. They have less sugar than candy bars but have more vitamins and minerals. These were definitely not a good deal at $1399. You get an extra box of each of the three flavors if you win. I can still get them at a better price at any grocery store, even with the 15% off, because I have done it for the last year. For a long time, I bought these from Amazon for an excellent price of $22.70 per 48 bars. I checked under the category of other sellers. I rarely buy anything that isn't Amazon Prime. If there are any issues with the products, they will stand by them. I found a couple that were the same price as the rest of the bars, Apple cinnamon, berry and strawberry, a total of 48 bars, and with free delivery. I will definitely be getting them that way from now on. I suggest anyone who likes bars and is willing to pay a bargain to do the same.

👤These bars are easy to take along. I need to snack on healthy items. It's easy to carry a pocket or purse with you when you're on the go. When I'm lagging, they give me the right amount of sugars andProtein. They are a good value and they taste great.

👤The apple cinnamon is good, but the strawberry ones were not. When I called the company about the taste, they were going to contact production to find out what was going on. She said in her notes that they had stopped using artificial flavoring and coloring. I told her that they need to add some flavor to it.

👤My order was finally delivered to me on Tuesday. I asked for my money back because I didn't know it was going to be delivered. I was worried that it was going to be delivered in my mailbox, but I think that it arrived on Saturday, Sept. 26th 2020. I was going to refuse it when it was delivered to me on Tuesday, the 29th, because I made a complaint about the time frame and not receiving it when the computer page said that it was delivered to my mailbox. I picked it up because I needed the sugar. I had one before dinner. I will pay the charge as I eat them, if you reverse it on my EBT account. They are very sweet. iva


What is the best product for ebt eligible food itemsshipping baking?

Ebt eligible food itemsshipping baking products from Bodyarmor. In this article about ebt eligible food itemsshipping baking you can see why people choose the product. Wonderful Pistachios and Oreo are also good brands to look for when you are finding ebt eligible food itemsshipping baking.

What are the best brands for ebt eligible food itemsshipping baking?

Bodyarmor, Wonderful Pistachios and Oreo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for ebt eligible food itemsshipping baking. Find the detail in this article. Gogo Squeez, Frito-lay and Hint are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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