Best Hand Electric Mixer for Baking

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1. Electric Powerful Lightweight Efficiency Meringues

Electric Powerful Lightweight Efficiency Meringues

A generous and idea gift is the mixing bowls and measure cups and spoons combo, which come in color boxes and are space- efficient, and helps de-cluttering kitchen cupboards. It is a nice gift for someone who loves baking. The 600 watt electric mixer with 10 high speeds is an efficient solution to accommodate any baking recipe. If you mix the same food, you can save half the time compared to other competitors. The professional motor made of premium pure copper can prolong the service life of the handheld mixer 1.5 times. Naitesen electric handheld mixer has a storage base. The dough hooks can be plugged into the base to keep your countertop clean. The hand mixer is easy to grip. Food grade hooks and beaters are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. To make sure the attachment can reach the bottom of the bowl, it was lengthened. Attachments are free of warranty for 12 months. 30 days money back and customer service are included in the one year manufacturing warranty. If you have an issue, you can contact them.

Brand: Naitesen

👤I received a package with a mixer. I was delighted in the beginning, but not for long. The mixer looks like it has been returned. Having used it at least once, I stained it and wiped it off with something dirty. I return it back as I received it. I liked the mixer. It is powerful. I hope to get a new one.

👤The base for the mixer was useless. The strength of the motor under a load was very high. The product was not as good as the advertising hype would have you believe.

👤The product was used. The package didn't look like new. I will probably return it. The seller replaced the product. Thank you. I have been beating the machine for 15 minutes.

👤The makers of this made it great. The cord is wrapped around the bottom. It stands up and doesn't fall down. It works well as well. I like the creamiest mashed potatoes. The smoothness of the mixer makes icing easy to make. I love this machine. I don't know how I lived without it.

👤The mixer is easy to use and clean. I like that the mixer has a setting for adjusting the speed. The electric mixer was awesome when they made it. The cord is wrapped around the bottom so it won't tangle. It is upright so there is no leaning or splattering food. I'd never had a mixer with a lot of different things. This one is very convenient and saves me a lot of time. This 600W hand mixer with 10 high speeds is an efficient solution for any baking recipe, and it is perfect for mixing all my baking needs. Premium pure copper motor can extend the life of the handheld mixer by 1.5 times compared to other motor types. The handheld mixer is lightweight and has a storage base. To keep my countertop clean and tidy, 2 beaters and 2 dough hooks can be plugged into the base for storage. The hand mixer has an easy to grip handle. An electric mixer with a storage box is easier to use and store, and it helps to keep my countertop clean and tidy. This is a good electric mixer, it is small and compact, and it gets the job done. I would recommend it.

👤The baby has come in handy for me. Works well. You can use the stand for the mixer wand. It works like in one place. Champ.

👤The customer service was great to replace the damaged mixer.

👤We are pleased with the mixer. The buttons are easy to use and there is plenty of power to tackle some minor baking or mixing jobs. It's easy to put the stand back up when not in use.

👤Ahorita sigue funcionando perfecta y amace con ella.

2. Hamilton Beach 62682RZ Mixer Snap

Hamilton Beach 62682RZ Mixer Snap

Kitchen sieves are suitable for cooking, whisking, beating and stirring. You can adjust the kitchen mixer to fit any baking recipe with 6 speeds. The hand mixer has 250 watt peak power. The bowl rest feature allows you to rest the hand mixer over the bowl, so drips don't get all over your countertop. Attachments that are versatile: The traditional beaters and whisk are included in the kitchen mixer. The hand mixer has a snap-on storage case.

Brand: Hamilton Beach

👤This is not a smart purchase. I read reviews when I make purchases on Amazon, but rarely write them myself. You can see that the coating on the two blender heads is coming off in the close up photo I have uploaded. I noticed something shiny inside the cookie when I was eating it. I traced my steps to figure out what it was, and this hand mixer was the culprit. I'm pretty sure eating metal coating isn't good for you. The mixer attachment should be made out of steel, not chrome, as it's a kitchen appliance that's coming in contact with food and liquids. The whisker that comes with this is made of STAINLESS, and I'll continue to use that without any problems, because the manufacturer just tried to save some money by making it out to be made of STAINLESS. I only used the mixer once and used cookie dough inside a bowl. The chrome coating on the bowl came off because of the rubbing of the heads against it. It's not cool and should be taken off the market by Amazon.

👤The little mixer from Hamilton Beach exceeds my expectations. I like it because it serves my baking needs and doesn't take up a lot of space in my kitchen cabinet. I mix the ingredients to make cakes, brownies, muffins, waffles, pancakes, cookies, and dough for different breads. It works like a charm. It has 6 speeds and a burst button that adds a speed boost. It's easy to clean, and the best part is that the cord store makes it look neat and easy to use. The attachment and bin clicks on to the mixer itself for storage. It has a design at the end that makes it easier to put the mixer on the bowl. I thought it was pretty neat, and it keeps the bowl from tipping over and spilling everything. The tetris battle that I always lose is the reason for the attachment and cord to store together. You have to apply pressure to close the container. I haven't. I'm afraid I might break it, but for now the order that seems to do the trick is beater and whisk together then other beater across, pushed all the way down, cord and click. This hand mixer is a no-brainer for the price and function. It has been 6 months since I got my mixer and it is still working. Practice makes perfect, and now I don't have to keep all the cords. I have mixed batter for many things. The little mixer goes the extra mile. I am happy to use it.

👤The mixer had a broken case. No big deal. The product stopped working after 5 months. Hamilton Beach was contacted to replace a mixer. They said they would replace for free, but first they had to pay $11.49 for shipping and handling. The replacement of the mixer is not free because they are asking the consumer to pay for a new one, and that's why I wouldn't pay them. The first one only lasted 5 months, so why would I pay for another one? Don't buy from this manufacturer and go with another that will stand behind their products, they will last more than 5 mos.

3. Dualit 4 Speed Professional Mixer Chrome

Dualit 4 Speed Professional Mixer Chrome

The motor is heavy duty and commercial quality. The four speed setting has a rotation speed of 540 to 1200rpm. The chrome finish has a handle. Beater Ejector Unit has a release valve system. Commercial certificate and SEMCO are approved.

Brand: Dualit

👤The mixer exceeded my expectations. It should come with a safety warning as it can easily remove a finger. It's jk. I and my wife are restaurant professionals, so this comfortable, handheld mixer has replaced our KitchenAid mixer at home. It is strong. It has a wide range of speeds, and the high speed is dangerous. It's easy to clean. The base of the mixer is flat and the cord winds up nicely in it. This mixer is recommended by me.

👤The cord placement makes it impossible to use in a deep bowl. If the cord was on the back of the unit, I would give it a 5 star rating.

👤The only mixer I saw with traditional flat-blade beaters was this one. The flat-blade beaters do a great job of mixing and Blending. The power of the mixer and the flat beaters allow them to cut through cream butter, cream cheese, etc. I gave my red KitchenAid mixer away because it comes with the wire and round beaters.

👤Went through 2 of these mixers in a year. The Asurion insurance was also bought. They never replaced the 2nd mixer. I bought a policy for four years, but it was a total rip off.

👤I know... I bought it in October 2020 after 30 years of waiting, as a wedding present, it finally gave up the ghost. After washing the blades and putting it away, I gave it a quick once over. I had the chance to use brownies I was making. I inserted the first blade and it clicked, but the second blade did not. The blade fell out when I turned it over. I noticed a small metal ring around one of the blades on the insert end. The one on the right had a small metal ring around the hole which held the blade in place. I tried it and the other one came out with the blade. I have been trying to get it back in there but I am out of luck. I am not sure what to do since the return and initial warranty are no longer valid. It feels cheap in the hand, but it did mix the brownies with one blade. I thought getting the most expensive mixer I could find on Amazon was not the smartest move I could make, but everything seems to be made to last a few years. Since I have seen others with the same issue, make sure you run it when you get it and insert the blades a dozen times or so.

👤I will love it for the price. It has a powerful motor. The cord has to be wound. It is important to read the directions for the beaters. The Walmart mixer is not the same as the one you get at Walmart, but it is better.

👤I really wanted to use this mixer. I ignored the reviews that mentioned the motor had problems because I read that it was strong. I sent them back after receiving two of them. The first one was dirty and covered in flour, and I almost cleaned it, but the motor didn't sound right. The second one was new with packaging but before I got the mixer out of the box a broken plastic ring fell out and on inspection it came from around the hole where the beater fits in. Lesson learned and I will not try a third one.

4. Electric Hand Mixer Attachments Accessories

Electric Hand Mixer Attachments Accessories

The electric mixer has a gift box design that is suitable for gifts. They offer the best quality products to make your life easier. If you need assistance, please contact them. The heavy-duty kitchen mixer has a pure copper motor. Don't worry about the baking mixer overheating, just whip up a large amount of meringue or frosting. The electric whisk makes it easier to reach stiff peaks. It is also light. Their hand mixers are great for keeping your hands and arms relaxed. They have all your mixing and baking needs covered with the electric hand whisk bundle. The small mixer has an egg white separator and a pair of dough hooks. The small hand mixer has 5 speeds. The only electric beater you need in your kitchen is their handheld electric mixer. The gift of a reliable kitchen hand mixer. The egg whisk or egg mixer is the perfect present for those who don't have enough room for a stand mixer.

Brand: Chillcook

👤Light and easy to use. I was saved a lot of time.

👤I bought this one because my old one was broken. It is easy to use. Get my work done.

👤Sometimes you don't need a cure for carpal tunnel after manually mixing thick banana bread dough. The electric hand mixer is easy to use and effective. It's smaller than the hand mixers I've had before. This is a good thing. It is easy to find a place to store it. I hadn't had an electric mixer in a while and this very affordable one has been a lifesaver.

👤I liked the mixer a lot. It is easy to store and use. I would like the attachment to be a little longer so that you can use them with different containers. This is not a very powerful mixer, but you have a few speed options. I have a KitchenAid that I use for large things, and one that is easily portable. It's easy to clean. This product is a good one to recommend.

👤We needed a small mixer in case it was needed for a recipe or two. This was perfect because we don't have a lot of room. It is lightweight and does what it needs to do. It comes apart easily after use. The quality and price was very good.

👤The mixer has created some items. It works well for a hand mixer. Light handling. You can whip at any angle with the grip. The clean up is very easy.

👤I needed to replace my old one. I was impressed with how light it is. You can choose from 5 different speeds. It also had dough hooks. It's definitely worth every penny.

5. Electric 6 Speed Handheld Powerful Lightweight

Electric 6 Speed Handheld Powerful Lightweight

The small and light plastic body has a human-designed handle that is comfortable to hold. A small kitchen storage space is taken up by the Redmond electric hand mixer. Bonsenkitchen 250W powerful handheld mixer has multiple 6 speeds and is perfect for daily mixing. You can blend more quickly if you have a faster function speed for each gear. Slower start gives you a smooth start and prevents messes. You can shift between different speeds with the thumb operated settings. Press the button to remove the attachment. The Food Safety Attachments are perfect for mixing cookies, brownies, cakes, and dough batter. All of the attachments are dishwasher safe. The attachment can hang on the removing storage brackets. They will not be lost to the depths of a drawer and will be dry quickly. The good quality hand mixer is the only thing they can offer you. If you need help, please contact them, their professional customer support is always here for you.

Brand: Bonsenkitchen

👤I should have been more careful with the reviews. This mixer was very fast. The dough was thrown everywhere. If you decide to get a shield around it. I will be finding dough for a long time. The lowest speed is too fast for me, so you don't need the turbo thing. I couldn't keep the blades inserted. I turned the mixer on and one fell out. Less dough was being thrown.

👤It's easy to hold, really good material and easy to clean, but it's noisy for a hand mixer, and that's without the turbo, that's the only complaint.

👤The mixer has a fast speed. I gave it 3 stars because of that. Hold on to the bowl. Be careful if your butter is cold orchunky. Don't let a child use it.

👤The beaters broke after using this a few times. The manufacturer said they would send a replacement. This was in March. I haven't received it yet in June. Smh! Not good business.

👤The attachment points are closer together than a standard American mixer. Attachments are thinner and narrower than standard ones. The spacing of the attachment appears adequate. The batter may be prone to the attachment getting stuck. The shifter knob is easy to use. Excellent fit and finish.

👤The hand mixer is small and powerful. Batter was slung everywhere by the first speed setting. So disappointing! Returning!

👤It works as it should. The placement of the button causes an issue. You will make a huge mess when you engage it.

👤It works well. Stores are easy to find. The speed options were the only complaint I had. It was fast even on setting 1. If you use a deeper bowl, it would be fine to get the job done with little mess.

6. Hamilton Beach 62692 Mixer Snap

Hamilton Beach 62692 Mixer Snap

The KitchenAid trademark does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by KitchenAid or Whirlpool properties. No more lost beagles. The included beaters for the electric hand mixer can be lost or misplace if they get lost in the snap-on storage case. It's easy to add or remove items from the case with a convenient access door. The Hamilton Beach hand mixer has everything you need to start mixing. It comes with a whisk and traditional beaters. There is a snap-on storage case for all the accessories. Reducue Messy Ponies are a type of Ponies. The slower first speed of the hand mixer helps keep the ingredients in the bowl. It's perfect for folding in dry ingredients. The hand mixer has a peak power of over 300 watt and can mix and whip ingredients with ease, whether you're making light, fluffy meringue for a pie or adding heavy ingredients like nuts to cookie dough. It's difficult with 6 speeds and quick bounce. This versatile hand mixer with storage case has 6 different speed options for a wide range of mixing tasks, plus QuickBurst at any speed level for those times when you need an extra burst of power.

Brand: Hamilton Beach

👤Not as seen on the picture. The picture has a kneading attachment. The attachment came in the pictures, which was the only reason I bought this mixer. Very disappointed. Wasted time and money.

👤It was a Christmas gift. The mixer was junk when it was in the box. It makes a loud noise and a burning smell when I turn it on. I was told I would have to go through Hamilton Beach when I tried to return via Amazon. I was told I could get a new mixer if I paid $11.49 for shipping. If the replacement didn't work, it would have to be shipped back and the replacement would have to be paid for. Hamilton Beach refused to waive shipping on a DEFECTIVE product that I have only used 5 times while Amazon skirted the issue with dates despite this being a product that was opened as a Christmas gift less than 2 months ago. There was a half star option for both of you.

👤A mixer that has a slow speed that doesn't throw everything out of the bowl is finally a thing. This is my 3rd try, with the other two having had 3 speeds, so I can really enjoy this one. It is still within reason, so I'm happy.

👤I bought this hand mixer to replace an old one that I bought a long time ago for less than $10 I liked that hand mixer. I owned it for many years and never had a problem with it. I wouldn't have replaced it if it weren't for the fact that the plug was accidentally submerged in cooking oil. I decided to upgrade to the Hamilton Beach mixer that had more speed options because I didn't want to risk a fire hazard. I liked the snap on this mixer because I was constantly looking for my beater attachment and I wanted it with me. I have to say that it is ok, not spectacular, after using it a few times. The carrying case is convenient. It's good for combining ingredients at a slow speed. I like that it comes with a whisk attachment, it's heavier than my previous mixer, and it's tiring my hand sooner than I would like. The front of the mixer has a dusting of cocoa powder or cinnamon on it. * The beaters are too close together, which makes it harder to remove the batter from the mixer, so I prefer the less expensive mixer I had before. I might consider buying something else.

👤I wanted a hand held mixer that would allow me to quickly mix and blend cakes and icing. The mixer did nothing of the sort. The blades are advertised as being quick to fall out. This product is garbage and you should not spend your money on it.

👤I bought this as a replacement for a high end mixer that had great reviews. The mixer cannot hold a candle to this one. The high end mixer was highly rated even though it was only a 3-speed. Well... I used it 3 times and bought it. This is the one to replace it. ! Power is powerful. I like the storage feature of the beater. Highly recommended.

7. Liraip Electric Upgrade Handheld Accessories

Liraip Electric Upgrade Handheld Accessories

The scale can be used to mark from 1 inch to 6 inches. You can adjust the kitchen mixer to fit any recipe. It will meet all of your mixing needs with 5 regular speed. ULTRA POWER ELECTRIC HAND MIXER. The upgrade motor of the new generation Liraip electric hand mixer is much more powerful than most traditional handheld mixers. A powerful motor makes it easy for cooks to mix different kinds of ingredients. The electric hand mixer has 4 STAINLESS STEEL accessories, 2 X Dough Hooks and 2 X Beaters, no rust and fall off will appear after long time use for cooking or baking. The handle is made from long lasting materials and lightweight. They offer the best quality products designed to make your life easier. If you need help, please contact them, their professional customer support is always here for you.

Brand: Liraip

👤I ordered the mixer because of the many positive reviews I read about it. I plugged it in to make sure it worked. It took 3 seconds for one of the beaters to break. The metal had small strips that weren't securely attached. I was very happy that I could return it quickly and get a full refund.

👤After many years of service, I had to retire my hand mixer. I have seen ten pounds of potatoes before, but not on Thanksgiving day. When it was time to whip the cream for dessert, it was twice as fast as my old beater. I was very pleased with my purchase.

👤The machine is labeled as 400w but it is only 250w on the packaging. The mixer is made of plastic. The attachments are not very strong. The packaging and instructions are obvious pointers that it came from Wish. If you're a serious baker or going to use this for a lot of dough, take a pass. I'm going to return it.

👤The beaters didn't click. Poor quality materials. Not worth the price. Buy a better product.

👤This hand mixer is very nice. The one we used before was easy to get stuck in. This one is more convenient and has more uses. I think we can use this product to make bread. I think it's convenient. The motor is well-made and the speeds are very fast. It's a good product. The product is very good value for money.

👤This is a good product. I am looking for a good electric hand mixer for baking. The mixer is strong and mixes well. The hand mixer has a button that can be used to quickly remove the attachment.

👤I bought a newer mixer that was supposed to give me 200 more watt than my old one, but it wasn't very good at dealing with thicker batter. It is a great appliance but not as good as I had hoped for in the power department. Too much power on low and not enough on high.

👤Multiple settings are not worth much. Have used it to make pies and cookies and have made mashed potatoes. I bought the sugar free pudding mix and almond milk to make a low-cholesterol pie. If you've ever tried making pudding with almond milk, you'd understand that it's impossible, but this mixer did the trick.

👤Great product. It is very easy to use and comes with a whisk and a dough kneading attachment. I don't have a kitchen aid in my current home, so I use an electric whisk as a replacement. It is easy to store. It's much quieter than a mixer.

👤The box was battered and there were scratches along the body of the mixer, it was disgusted that this was considered suitable to send out.

👤I am very happy with this product. It's a good price for a great mixer. There's nothing to dislike about this mixer, it's lightweight, easy to use, and powerful. It is very easy to inject the button and remove the mixing hands. You don't need to worry about a plug sockets because the cable is long enough. I did my first muffins with it. The colour is nice. The packing was very strong and the order was received very quickly.

8. REDMOND Electric 5 Speed Handheld Kitchen

REDMOND Electric 5 Speed Handheld Kitchen

We offer the best quality products designed to make your life easier. If you need help, please contact them, their professional customer support is always here for you. The upgrade hand mixer electric has 5 different speed and function, which can help you with all your mixing needs. The kitchen hand mixer can help you blend quicker. The electric hand mixer with heavy duty 300V motor is more powerful than the standard motor. The speed of mixing is improved by ultra power. Press the button to remove beaters from the mixer. The electric kitchen hand mixer will help you cook top-notch cuisine and no rust and fall off will appear after long time use, it comes with 4 PCS 304-Stainless Steel accessories, which can tackle different kitchen tasks. The Kitchen handheld mixer can be used to stir eggs, dough and mixed potatoes, which are suitable for cooking, whipping heavy cream, and grilling. The upgraded handle makes your cooking process easier. The stylish handheld electric mixer is a perfect gift for a wedding or party and will bring you happiness and relaxation, choose Redmond with confidence and welcome the stylish handheld electric mixer into your family kitchen.

Brand: Redmond

👤The mixer is fast and fast. The cake mixer is on the kitchen counter. You need to be very strong to remove the beaters. I can't release them by pressing the button. My husband had to remove them. I have it packaged for a return. I wanted other shoppers to know my experience.

👤I looked at the reviews and saw that they were great, but now I see people complaining about the number one setting being on five. This is terrible if you want to be covered in whatever you are mixing. I wish I could return it, it's the first time I've used it, and I wish I'd known what a waste of money it was. Any suggestions for a mixer that runs fast?

👤The speed is the only thing I like about this mixer. I knew it would be difficult to start, but it is. It serves my needs but wouldn't purchase it again and wouldn't recommend it.

👤I need a new hand mixer. Black Friday mixers were cheap. I bought a new house and felt like I needed some new kitchen items. I saw this one because I told the hubs. Red! Wow! Let's try it, I like it, had some goof reviews. The size of the box was great. It has 2 sets of mixers. It was used to make mashed potatoes. I would recommend this product if it had a case that held the attachment.

👤The low speed was too high for me. It is pretty powerful and well made. It's a little heavy. It depends on what you are using it for and whether you would like it or not. I need a stand mixer for small jobs.

👤It's a powerful mixer. After moving to the US, we were challenged to find a powerful kitchen appliance, but that seems to have been the case. It looks great with appliances in the same color. The button is bad. Some people might find out how it works and press it. I need to press it with both hands to get the beater tool out. We do liquid mixing in the kitchen sink because the beater tool seems to have a slight defect. It sprinkles some stuff around. We used to have a Kenwood mixer back home, but it didn't have that peculiarity.

👤The mixer is a good value. I like the power of hand mixers. I bake a lot of cakes and cookies. Stand mixer for bread. The beaters are too short. The batter for the cake and cookie dough makes a mess. Many reviews said the eject button was hard to use. The beaters drop out well if you press down at the top half of the apparatus. The middle will be a challenge. Hope this helps you! The beaters attach to the plastic parts and that is what causes the mixer to fail. It's so frustrating.

👤The mixer was well built and powerful. The fastest speed is too fast. I couldn't slow it down fast enough.

9. SHARDOR Powerful Electric Whipping Brownies

SHARDOR Powerful Electric Whipping Brownies

The use of the Kitchenaid Trademark does not imply any association with or endorsement of Kitchenaid or Whirlpool Properties. The heavy duty motor of the Hand Mixer is more powerful than the standard motor. Each speed can run faster than the previous one. 5 speed and a lot of power. All of your mixing needs can be met with a multiple speed electric hand mixer. Start at a slow speed and gradually work your way up, reducing splash. The electric hand mixer has four safe attachment, two dough hooks, and two beaters, perfect for cooking or baking. You can get help creating a healthy kitchen. The plastic storage base is convenient because you won't lose them to the depths of a drawer. It's good for making bread cakes, flour, cookies, whipping cream and everything in between. 2x Beaters, 2x Dough Hooks, and a storage base are what you get. They will reply to you in 24 hours if you have any problems with the hand mixer.

Brand: Shardor

👤Excellent mixer! The power and various speeds settings are what I like about this model. I used to have a mixer that would slow down when mixing thick batter or cookie dough, but this one powers through everything with ease. Its powerful. The storage rack is very cool. You can store the mixers and the attachment in one place, so no more losing parts. It's compact and easy to store in my cupboard. You could keep it on the counter because it takes up less space than a tea saucer. The purchase is very good quality and construction for the price point, and I am very happy with it.

👤This weekend, I finally got to open it and use it. For family and friends, I make many InstantPot Cheesecakes. The Shardor did a great job. It had the power to whip up cream cheese, but it was also slow and controlled enough for the delicate part when you add eggs to the thick batter. The last mixer was terrible. It was too powerful on the lowest setting. It made a lot of unnecessary messes. The Shardor is better than the other ones. I like the extended length mixers that it came with. It was easier to mix in our bowls. I haven't had any negative criticism yet. It's been great. I will update my review if there is a change. If you catch it on sale, this mixer is a great value.

👤I bought this to fix the beaters of a 52 year old Penncrest man. I like that the mixer is more powerful than my old one. I like that it can sit on the counter with the beaters and dough hooks in the unit. It's very handy. I thought I had put the beaters in correctly when I tried it the first time. I started creaming butter and sugar when one of the beaters fell out. I don't think it matters as it does with the dough hooks. After that, worked well. Batter was used to make upside down cake. It worked out great. The dough hooks were used to make WW dough. It did not include all of the flour. I think it would have been easier to use a narrower bowl. It worked better than mixing by hand. The price was great for a nice mixer. I hope it lasts as long as I do, but I doubt I will be around to see it. Would like to be able to cord for a bit longer.

👤When it came across lemon seeds, it was made from plastic. The motor warms up fast so you can only use it for 2 or 3 minutes before it cools down. If you are only making a smoothie, that's fine. It takes 2 to 3 days to freeze the juice from your lemon harvest. Disappointed.

👤The mixer is easy to store. Love the multiple speeds and reverse setting. I have used it many times. Baking and cooking can be done quickly. Most of the time, I use the large mixer. When I am, it is ready to go. It's easy to clean. I stopped baking because the large mixer was hard to clean, but now I am doing it again. I love this mixer! This item is recommended by me.

10. SHARDOR Advantage Electric Stainless Attachments

SHARDOR Advantage Electric Stainless Attachments

The parts are dishwasher safe. Baking with ease has 5 regular speed and a function called the turbo function. Start at a slow speed and gradually work your way up, reducing splash. The electric hand mixer has a variety of safe attachment, perfect for cooking or baking. The construction is easy to clean. You can use a damp cloth to clean the body. All of the items are dishwasher safe. The compact storage base keeps everything in one place. It will save space for you and they will not be lost to the depths of a drawer. What you get is a 1x hand mixer, 2x Beaters, 2x Dough Hooks, 1x whisk, and a storage base. They try to make sure you get a perfect hand mixer. They are ready to help you if there is a problem.

Brand: Shardor

👤I received my mixer today. I used it to make frosting. Cleaned up well. I dropped it on the floor when I realized it didn't seal. I was able to put the mixer back together after it got bent. The storage box and mixer doesn't work any better than the bag I used for my mixer and parts. I used the same thing on the new one after that. The design and storage were the main factors that swayed the decision on this purchase. I was disappointed in the design solution for storage.

👤My sister-in-law bought an older model of the hand mixer. I bought the new model when it was on sale, after trying it and loving it. This one has more power than her. I couldn't tell the difference between the two. This model has the same features as the older model, but it comes with a whisk and a holder. I went with this one because it was on sale and I really liked my sis-in-law's older model. The plastic holder was disappointing. The mixer just lays on top of the holder. I knew both of those things when I made the purchase. The blender is very sturdy. It took me over 5 minutes to mix with my hand mixer. I'm talking about thick sticky cookie dough. Awesome! This thing is powerful. The older model was able to whip egg whites to a stiff peak with just the beaters, so I assume this can as well. I think this will be strong enough to make bread. I wish it came with a container that snaps in place and 2 whisks. I am very happy with this hand mixer.

👤It is necessary to have a slow speed. The slow speed is barely slower than the fast speed, which only has 2 speeds. The design of the appliance saves space.

👤Sometimes I need to make a small amount of whipped cream or mashed potatoes with my stand mixer. The big stand mixer was taken out of the closet. I bought this mixer on prime day. It is powerful. The little case that does not attach to the mixer but does keep it all is fine to hold the mixer in the closet. I recommend.

👤When our home burned down, we lost all the previous items we'd bought, one being a hand mixer that was locked into the bottom storage container so you could pick up the entire product and transport it to where you were. The new one doesn't do that and it made me sad, but other than that it is very nice. The new mixer was received on January 14, 2021. I am very pleased with it. Thank you so much for listening to me. Excellent customer service from you! It's a good thing.

👤The storage does not stay on. Is it "lays" on the storage? There is a For this price? It was horrible to return today.

👤I like it. I'm giving it a 3 because I'm very disappointed that the case doesn't snap closed, so you just sit it on top of the clear case, but if you pull up the actual blender, the bottom piece will fall off. I feel like they got cheap and didn't do anything to change it. I had a different one with a case and it snapped on nicely.

11. Mueller Electric Stainless Accessories Whipping

Mueller Electric Stainless Accessories Whipping

The kitchen mixer set has many different attachments. No Time Wasting is why pull out a traditional stand mixer when this ultimate hand mixer has all the functions you need in a matter of seconds. It is the perfect solution for the busy baker with a 5-speed dial and extra function that allows you to choose the optimum mixing speed for any recipe. You can mix and whip in comfort with the lightweight handle and soft grip. The upright stance design makes it easy to set aside the hand held mixer and the slide control makes it easy to shift speeds with a single touch. Heavy-duty dough mixer hooks make it easy to mix dough and other heavy mixtures. The beater attachment is designed to beat heavy cream, butter, egg whites and batter as well as dishes like mashed potatoes. The dishwasher safe attachment can be cleaned using the easy eject control. No more dangling cord and compact and portable! The snap on storage case makes this slim kitchen appliance super space efficient so you can easily store away your baking supplies or take with you where you need to go. All of their products are covered by their total satisfaction promise. This stylish and easy to use electric mixer is welcome in your family kitchen. It was made in China.

Brand: Mueller Austria

👤Is this for baking or drilling? I was worried that the mixer would drill through my bowl all the way down to the ground.

👤I was able to make some power pancakes without the batter spilling all over the place because of the sturdy mixer. The dough hooks are a feature that I like. Have you ever tried to stir a jar of peanut butter with a butter knife, even though the oil was coming to the top? It was quite a mess if you were like me. With the dough hooks, you can place them straight down to the bottom of the jar, hold tight to the jar and turn it on, so you can blend your nut butter in seconds.

👤The little mixer was a surprise. I thought it would be flimsy. I was wrong. I tried it on a few things to see what it could do. My expectations were high because I have other Meller things in my kitchen. I made a recipe for potato rolls which allowed me to make mashed potatoes and yeast dough. The dough hooks were used to mix the dry and wet ingredients. The hard work was done by the mixer and it needed a little finishing. The motor seemed to have a lot of power. It was used to mix a boxed cake mix and make buttercream icing. Beaters are easy to clean and have a storage box if you want to keep it. Overall, I was impressed. It is comparable to my handheld Kitchen Aid mixer. It would be too much to handle an extremely stiff bread dough, but that is what the huge stand mixers are for. If you don't want to use the heavy stand mixer to do most smaller jobs in the kitchen, this mixer is a great addition. I would highly recommend this one.

👤It was very easy to use. My 7 year old was able to mix the cake batter with this product. It comes with a storage case. It wasn't very loud.

👤Very disappointed. Speed1 is too fast, there isn't a button on top to pop out the 2 metal twirling silver cake mixers. You have to get food on your hands and reach under to pull things out. It's hard to use the bottom plastic container for parts when you're done with it.

👤The beaters on her old mixer would fall out when she was in the process of mixing, so she needed a new mixer. I ordered this mixer based on the reviews and features. Mom was happy. She likes the speed functions, the mixer's overall design, and the storage case that holds the beaters inside. When she gets the mixer out, she can easily find the beaters that are stored with it, instead of having to dig around in a kitchen tools drawer for them. Awesome purchase!

👤I love this mixer. I use my stand mixer for everything. I want power, but sometimes I want to pull it out. The hand mixer is satisfying for me. It has amazing power and is a great feature. The storage cover and dough hook are great features, you place your mixer and hooks inside and it's all one great piece. I have never been a fan of hand mixers. Awesome job.


What is the best product for hand electric mixer for baking?

Hand electric mixer for baking products from Naitesen. In this article about hand electric mixer for baking you can see why people choose the product. Hamilton Beach and Dualit are also good brands to look for when you are finding hand electric mixer for baking.

What are the best brands for hand electric mixer for baking?

Naitesen, Hamilton Beach and Dualit are some of the best brands that chosen by people for hand electric mixer for baking. Find the detail in this article. Chillcook, Bonsenkitchen and Liraip are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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