Best Lemon Zester for Baking

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1. OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler

OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler

The sheets are perfect for your household because they are easy to store in your pantry, closet, cabinet, or wherever you need them, and the design is sleek so you can use it as a serving tray. The twin blades are flexible and easy to peel potatoes, apples, and other tough skinned fruits and vegetables. The handle is large enough for repetitive strokes. Even when wet, the grip is comfortable. A built-in potato eye removal device. The large hole in handle is easy to store.

Brand: Oxo

👤This is my 3rd peeler. The blades begin to dull after about 2 years. They need to be replaced soon but I can extend the life by honing them with a knife steel. I wish OXO would sell the blades instead of throwing the handle away. We shouldn't be filling landfills with plastic just so they can make a few bucks on a new peeler.

👤When reviewing a potato peeler is the highlight of a day, we have lost some of our excitement. I used this one for the first time today and it was a great experience. I paid five bucks for a new peeler at the grocery store a few months ago because I couldn't get used to peeling my belly. It was dull and wouldn't have done much damage, but this one by OXO is like finding a long-lost friend. It works! It leaves in long strips. I am happy for the new potato peelers.

👤I had high hopes for this, but after I had my left hand left in a bloody mess and in pain all day, I'm very disappointed. The peeler slipped and cut through my finger, then cut out a chunk of my middle finger. I have over 20 apples, oranges and potatoes that I have to be afraid to peel in fear of cutting my body in half. You get what you pay for.

👤I threw away my grandmother's peeler, which has been in my possession for 40 years. I was sick over it. That one was the best peeler of all time. I went to Amazon to find a substitute for the Good Grips Peeler. I am in love with this. The handle feels great in my hand. You just run it down the item you want to peel and it will do the rest without you having to do anything. This was designed by someone who did an excellent job. I love this peeler. I'm still upset about my grandmother's peeler being lost, but this one will be a great replacement.

👤It's easy to hold. The way a peeler should be. I use it all the time and it works great. There is a picture of carrots. The head tilts to meet the produce like a razor. There is a protective cover. The peeler is dishwasher safe. The dishwasher cover is too large for me to put it in it. The drawer has the cover in it so it doesn't need to be cleaned.

👤This peeler is included in OXO products. I tried to peel 7 big yams at Christmas, but it took forever. I bought an OXO peeler to try it out. It is a world of difference. Their sink grate, kettle, scrubbers, etc., are all included.

👤We used the Henckles Twin Cuisine Peeler as both a vegetable peeler and a coring tool, but the coring ultimately did it in. The years of use and the additional leverage used to pry out potato eyes and insect holes in hard fruit was too much for it and the price of replacing it with the same tool was too expensive. We chose to do it with two tools and this was an excellent choice and I have no complaints with it. The price of the combined tools was less than buying another Hencklels. It feels good in the hand and not using the same tool for peeling and coring seems to be a much better choice than using a tool like this.

2. 1Easylife Stainless Zester Channel Hanging

1Easylife Stainless Zester Channel Hanging

The handle is soft and comfortable. The award winning innovative design. You might hear the claim that the pith of lemons and other fruits adds unwanted bitterness to the fruit, but 1Easylife lemon peeler has sharp holes in its head that remove the zest from the pith of lemons and other fruits easily. With changing poop! The hands are on the paper. -- Peeling lemon and orange is no longer a big deal with 1easylife lemon peeler. You can run the lemon peeler on your viola. You will get a good result. You won't feel hand cramps with the unique rounded style handle. 100% LIFETIME 1 Easylife Guarantee. If you don't love your new expert kitchen gadgets and tools, just return them. If there is a problem, they'll replace it or refunds it. It is easy to clean. This peeler has a blade that is sure to provide years of reliable use. This is a good way to get over the food and work with more basics. Place it under the water. Cutting to the point where there is light pressure. You can make your kitchen work with this peeler. You won't need a lot of effort. Everything you need to prepare fruit is in this package. You can use the other part of the tool, which has the insides of the little circles sharpened, to peel your fruit.

Brand: 1easylife

👤I've used a grater for 55 years to get fruit. It was messy. I was making some jam and saw this. I fell in love with it after using it. It is very easy to use and I used all of the tangerine's rind to rinse it clean.

👤To get a consistent thickness, you have to press the front edge close but not into the fruit. It takes practice. I am able to do a full circle around a lemon, lime or orange in less than a week. I would have preferred a bigger cut. It's a pretty thin slice and it's fragile. This appears to be the standard size for channel knives. The zester works well and contributes something special to a drink. The barrel handle provides nice control and it's a nice size. You can use this tool and peeler to make your own drinks. The tool had a small scratch on its handle when I received it. The vendor offered to replace it, but it didn't affect the function. I didn't want to add to their overhead at this price. I use this frequently.

👤I can't believe all the good reviews of the product. Pushed so hard to get a small piece of metal that my thumb nail was taken off. It was not sharp enough to cut my nail. I got the Oxo, which is fantastic and made super long slivers like butter. It was only 9.99 so not much more.

👤I have a microplane, a grater, and I have tried everything to get lemon juice, but I only get lemon slime. This is what I have been waiting for. I like it. You will love it. Let's love it together.

👤My husband can now make drinks with little twists. I can not. The lemon peel tool requires a lot of strength. This won't work for you if you don't have strong hands. You are all set if you can open jar lids on your own.

👤This item does not work. The edges are not sharp. The distributor sprayed something in the package to make it smell like lemon. 3rd party distributors don't sell products with spray on them. I smelled inside the box it was packaged in, and I couldn't figure out where the smell was coming from. This item was packaged separately from another item I ordered. I requested a return within the hour. The scent could have been removed. The product doesn't work at all. Save yourself some time and find a zester that has sharper ends. These are not a good idea for a product that is supposed to make you happy.

👤I thought I would get a new one because they get dull. I have never owned a channel knife. The knife is not broken. The strips are very thin and deep. They are good to decorate drinks. I don't think they add much flavor. I don't think the zester is for me. I don't like it and it doesn't work. I went back to my old one. I noticed that the angle was different between the old and the new. The pictures are attached. My old reliable is at a different angle than the 1Easylife. Maybe it's not that the 1Easylife is dull but the angle is wrong for me.

3. Microplane 40020 Classic Zester Grater

Microplane 40020 Classic Zester Grater

It is easy to clean and can be washed by hand. It's better to rinse it after use. First, use a brush to remove food from the back of the zester, then cover it with a sheath. Microplane uses photo-etched technology to make blades that are ultra sharp. The plastic handle is free of harmful chemicals. The blade of the lemon is designed to remove the rind from the fruit while leaving behind the bitter white pith. It adds flavor to salads and baked goods. When you treat yourself and your family to rustic bowls of pasta, you can grate cheese to make fluffy mounds that melt quickly. Sprinkle fresh parmesan over eggs, salads, or any dish for a burst of flavor. The material stays rust-free and has sharpness over time. This item can be hung on a magnetic knife strip. The tool is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. To clean out tough to reach particles, use a kitchen brush on the underside of the blade. The dishwasher can be used to place the zester/grater.

Brand: Microplane

👤My mother-in-law and I bought this for my husband. She bought hers from Amazon. There were differences between the two. Hers had a sheath. The "made in USA" was different and it was slightly deeper. The biggest difference was that mine was dull. You couldn't run your finger against hers. I don't know how two products manufactured by the same company are different. I can only guess that the item I received was fake. If my mother-in-law hadn't purchased the same item, I would have assumed it was a low quality product. This kind of thinking hurts my trust in Amazon.

👤This item is not real. The Microplane I bought in 2009, shaved and lasted for almost 10 years, was identical to the one I bought in 2009. The patent number was listed on the handle. The replacement I got in May is not as good as the original, despite the fact that it has a banner on Amazon saying "You purchased this item on XX/XX/2009", which is not true. These blades don't cut as much as tear and crumble as you might think. They are not as sharp as my 10-year-old rasp, but are more likely to cause a trip to the emergency room. The item handle doesn't say "microplane" and there's no patent number. I don't know what items are currently being shipped by the Microplane brand on Amazon, but it's definitely not this one, so move along. There is nothing to see here.

👤I have had one for a long time and it has gotten dull. I ordered this to replace it. Even though it's the same "microplane" brand, the new one has a hard plastic handle compared to the soft rubber handle of the old one. The rubber grip at the bottom of the new one is not as strong as it should be. The sheath was missing. I'm sending this back because the sheath and rubber bottom were listed in the feature details. It could be a fake.

👤When we got this one, we were shocked. We had a Microplane grater for a long time, but it broke, so we bought a new one. The handle is a cheap plastic mold and not the rubber-coated original product, which made it feel cheap and fraudulent. The grater is not nearly as sharp as the original. We went to a store and bought ourselves a new one. What a change! You can see the original pictures with white printing. Shame on Amazon for allowing fake products to be sold. The price was more than double the original thing. Don't touch. It is!

👤The Microplane is not good. It is flimsy, the inside edges are not as sharp as they should be, and will cut your finger if you are cleaning out the inside, and the grating teeth are not as strong as they should be. I was replacing my existing Microplane with this one. Don't buy this. To get a better quality, upgrade. If you have used a similar one before, you will be unhappy with this one.

4. Deiss Citrus Zester Cheese Grater

Deiss Citrus Zester Cheese Grater

The tool is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. To clean out tough to reach particles, use a kitchen brush on the underside of the blade. The dishwasher can be used to place the zester/grater. The Hand Grater is built to last and has a razor-sharp steel blade that won't rust. Its curved sides make it extremely rigid and allow you to apply more force when it's needed. Save space in the kitchen and drawer by replacing your bulky, unsafe, and hard-to- clean box grater, cheese grater electric, cheese grater with container or heavy electric food processor with a single Deiss Classic Zester Grater & Food Shredder. The metal teeth of the parmesan cheese grater are easy to clean because they won't get stuck in the kitchen sink. You can pass your cheese grader under the water. New, restaurant-like recipes will impress your friends. Fresh lemon zest has a bitter pith taste. A pile of cheese that is almost instantly melted on hot pasta can be obtained when using the chef zester with hard cheeses. It's never been simpler to grate cheese or shredded carrots. The rinds of oranges, lemons, and limes can be sliced with the cutter-knife. You can have garlic or ginger in seconds, or a dessert with fluffy chocolate flakes. There is a lifetime warranty on its zesters for kitchen, rasp grater, and carrot shredder. You'll get the bonus, exclusive "Healthy Cooking Tips" ebook, absolutely free.

Brand: Deiss

👤I already had a lemon zester, so I was reluctant to buy another one. I thought you are 73 years old, so treat yourself. It is a better tool. You need less pressure to make a bigger quantity. Buy it.

👤I was impressed by the tool this grater has. I didn't think it would be this good. I've been using a box grater for grating cheese before I got the Deiss PRO grater. The box grater was awkward to work with. The Deiss grater is very easy to clean. The curved surface makes it easy to concentrate the material. I received an unexpected bonus with the Deiss grater. I've always had a problem with buying too much ginger because I only needed one meal. When I needed to use the ginger again, I had to grate a chunk of it, which was very messy. I just grating the ginger from the freezer. The frozen ginger is cut through by the Deiss PRO. That was amazing! I've been using this kitchen tool for a long time and it's one of the best.

👤Oh my gosh. I didn't think I would have such intense feelings for a lemon. This thing is amazing. Don't look at the other zesters, just get this one. It has a sheath to cover it. This thing works very well. It showed that lemon is the boss. I am not kidding. I used a small holed cheese grater for the lemon yesterday and then used this one today and it was like a cup, even though the regular cheese grader had 2 table spoons in it. The handle has a nice grip and is easy to use. Not heavy or light. I didn't think I would be so passionate about a kitchen tool.

👤The first use was done. If a great zester didn't come out, there was a different one, but it wasn't found in Amazon prime. This version is terrible.

👤I've heard that it's important to have the right tool for the job. A good tool as well. This proves it. When I have to make a recipe, I always groan. I had a pain in my neck for a long time. I have only used the Deiss PRO once, and it was a pleasure. It is easy to use and clean. This is a professional tool. I'm going to make a lemon cake. I appreciated receiving a thank you from the company, along with suggestions on how to get the best results. Excellent customer service is what I appreciate. Thank you.

👤The ginger grater is the best ever. Beware. This thing is very sharp. It is so sharp that it makes a butter-like consistency. When using it for grating fruit, you have to hover the fruit over the grate. If you make normal contact, you're down to the pith. To keep a light hand, you really have to concentrate. If you're used to a "normal" grater, it's a bit nerve-wracking. This thing is amazing. Be very careful. You will end up in the emergency room if you are used by children who are helping in the kitchen.

5. Good Grips Etched Zester Grater

Good Grips Etched Zester Grater

You can grate ginger, garlic, and hard cheeses. The grating surface is etched with sharp, etched steel. Convenient cover protects grating surface and hands when not in use. The non-slip foot provides control. The handle is soft for a comfortable grip.

Brand: Oxo

👤This is the best and easiest to use tool I have ever owned. There is a large surface that is too big for fruit. A very light pull will give you longish ribbons of zest with no pith at all, and the zest falls easily to the plate or board under it. There is no need to mess with the inside of your box grater. It is very easy to clean. It comes with a cover to help keep it sharp, it also has a drawer that you can use to keep your hands free from rasping when you pick up anything from that drawer. Thoroughly pleased. I am thinking of getting another to guard against the time Oxo stops making these.

👤I expected this tool to be useful when I needed a small amount of parmesan. Individual needs can be met with a single plate of pasta. I was wrong. Since this came into my house, I haven't used my box grater. I am impressed with how quickly this can make a cup of fluffy parmesan. It's near mirror finish makes it easy to clean, and I particularly like the snap-on plastic shield that protects those incredibly sharp cutters. The harder the cheese is, the more concentrated the flavor is. I usually saved the hardest part for my sauces. The toughest cheese is handled by this new grating. I encourage you to be careful with this tool. Over the years, I have used my fingers to grate any number of old box or handheld graters with no damage to my digits. I'm pretty sure this tool can make salad out of any finger. Be careful!

👤I've purchased several of them over the years and this one is the best. The handle and balance are perfect for grating. I used it at least 6 times after having it for less than a week. The protective cover is amazing and easy to clean. You will not regret buying this one.

👤I use this for grinding and grating. It does a good job. It seems like it's a little deeper than my old microplane, but I think it's for the best, since it skims the surface and doesn't dig as far into the lemon as the old one did. There is less pith in the zest if that's how it's done.

👤I chose this one because of the good ratings and the satisfaction I have with Oxo products. I think I got a bad device this time. There was nothing easy about using this tool to get the lemon juice out of it. The teeth barely touched the surface on my first attempt. I was able to get a very fine zest with zero pith. Normal pressure wasn't enough to sink the teeth into the rind. I have to return this.

👤I never listened to the people who told me to get a good garlic and spices peeler. I was a fool. This thing makes it easy to clean anything that touches it. It's easy to get a small amount of lemon juice with no pith, so you won't get the bitter lemon flavor that comes from grating it. The metal is strong. If you don't have enough skin on your hands to fenagle the cover off safely, you will be warned. This comes with a razor sharp blade, which is perfect since you can't really sharpen something like this, so you might end up cooking a bit of your fingertips in your garlic shrimp, and the burn of garlic on an open wound will leave you nursing your hand and your pride. That means you need to attach the cover when it isn't being used, or Timmy is going to run to you screaming after he reached into the drawer for a spoon and scratched his hand against an uncovered zester.

6. Orblue Citrus Zester Cheese Grater

Orblue Citrus Zester Cheese Grater

Their promise is to give complete costumers satisfaction. If you don't like your product, just let them know and they will replace it or give you a new one. They care for you. It has never been easier to grate and dice ingredients. This handy tool can grate even hard cheeses with very little force. Your cooking needs to be upgraded. You can use the lemon zester to add fresh flavors to your recipes. Enhance your cooking techniques to impress your friends and family. This tool will last you a long time and is tough and durable. The handle is comfortable and easy to grip. Cleaning up is easy with their lemon peeler. To clean, pop it in the dishwasher. You can wash it by hand and use a brush. A protective plastic cover that you can pop on and off at any time is a safe and convenient storage option. Store the blades away so they can't be reached. Also, note: Product color may vary due to lighting sources.

Brand: Orblue

👤I like this one. It's better than the one I use now. The blade is sharp, the handle is comfortable, and the color is great to find in the drawer. It has tips on the end of the blade so you can hit the cutting board to get the goodies off without ruining the blade or board. I highly recommend it.

👤The blade is very sharp and sturdy. The handle is non-slip. The blade can rest securely on a cutting board. Good price. There is a Dislike: no.

👤This product has many things that I like. I love the idea of being able to do many things. I love that I can use it to grate an entire onion into my pan and my kids will never know it's in the dish. It is easy to hold your food product in one hand and hold it in the other. My other grating products are bulky and require me to clean another dish to grate onto a plate then transfer the results to the end result. This product is lightweight and compact. I highly recommend it.

👤I really liked the feel of the grater. It was very comfortable and felt natural to me. It was very easy to use. The rubber stops on the end make it very easy to meal prep because you don't have to worry about sliding. The blades were very good. It was easy to grate my block of parm cheese. It provided smooth passes when I used it for zesting. It was easy to clean because the grate is a bit wider, which makes it easier to remove food from crevices. I would recommend it.

👤I have been looking for a zester for a long time and I am having trouble getting used to it. I am used to the handle being able to come off because water can get inside and make it mold, but this handle is stuck on and I can't clean it all the way. It came very sharp and well-done, but I am afraid the handle is going to smell if I can't wash it. I didn't like how it came out of the factory. I wish they had cleaned it before they shipped it out. If you are looking for something cheap and quick, I would recommend spending more money on quality.

👤This bag is made up of many things. The Microplane brand has slightly higher teeth. For things like garlic, the result is more like a paste, which is what Microplane is. This is a better tool for garlic. It is almost impossible to grate hard cheese. The cheese is stuck in the grate. You will tire out. I'm going back to Microplane for a fine cheese grater because this one has a very comfortable handle for garlic.

👤I was not sure what I would get for the price. I didn't know how well-made it would be, so I didn't purchase anything from this company before. It's a great addition if you need a sturdy zester. I got a flimsy zester before this one and it bent when I tried to use it. This one can take the pressure. It has a nice cover to keep it safe while it's put away. I bake with it with lemons, limes, and oranges to add a nice flavor boost. The price is a good value, and this zester works great for that.

7. Lemon Zester Cheese Grater Vegetables

Lemon Zester Cheese Grater Vegetables

Kitchen must-have: sharp blades that cut quickly and cleanly. The rubber bottom on your counter keeps you safe. It prevents food from escaping the bottom of the grate so you don't have to clean it up. The JoufyU ZESTER is made of premium 18/8stainless steel and has intensive square razor sharp edges. The wordTILE is used. This is a helpful cookware that can be used to make pillowy mounds of cheese, fruits, and vegetables. It is easy to control, comfortable and safe while grating food with the Silicone Anti-slip Handle. The hang hole design will save space in the kitchen. Don't worry if you get a dud grater. The photochemical etching and uniformly distributed square blade of their zester is made of strong anti - bluntness that ensures it to be used for many years. It is easy to clean and can be washed by hand. It's better to rinse it after use. First, use a brush to remove food from the back of the zester, then cover it with a sheath.

Brand: Jofuyu

👤The item was well packed and received in a timely manner. The product is amazing. It is razor sharp and can be used for shredding cheese. The size is larger than I anticipated, but it is the best for this purpose. It is easy to wash by rinsing it under water. Highly recommended!

👤I am an avid cook and baker and have used many a zester. This is a top notch zester with a wide surface area, good grip, stand on the opposite side to lean it over a work surface, and sharp little blades that easily zest. I'm impressed!

👤I was using a grater that wasn't used for lemons. I ordered a real one. This comes with a cover and a cleaning brush. It helps to get out the lemon peel from the tiny openings. This tool makes quick work of peeling lemon cakes, pies and custards. I froze some of the lemon juice so I could use it in the future, since I was able to get a bigger amount from using this zester. A+.

👤This works like a charm to remove the lemons from them quickly and efficiently, even though it's longer and bigger than I expected. When you just need to do a small amount of something when a food processor seems like too much, I expect it to work just as well. I love lemon flavors in everything I bake. I have no idea how a grater like that could disappear. I ordered this one after giving in. It is very light to hold, and the metal just slides over the lemon's surface. I have arthritis in my hands and this was a relief to have something that works. The brush is small and the cover is large. It's not that easy to get it clean despite my five-star rating. I gave it a good rinse under the tap, but it still took some doing to get all the bits out. You don't want to touch the metal cutting bits to make them stick to your skin. I'm satisfied with my purchase, but I'm not sure how long the tool will last.

👤I have been using this in my cooking a lot. I am a big fan of fresh hard cheeses and was getting tired of having to use my big food processor to grate cheese when I don't need much. The ease of using this tool saves me time in the kitchen and in the clean up. The design is perfect for me. I have eaten oranges, lemons, limes, ginger, garlic, and of course cheese. I use this zester to get fine shavings. The clean up is easy. It's nice and sharp so you don't have to press hard. My family loves spaghetti night because I can shred a fine dusting of parmesan onto their plates right in front of them, like they do at fancy restaurants. The length is perfect, it's lightweight and sturdy. This would be a great gift for anyone who likes to cook.

8. Microplane Premium Stainless Zesting Grating

Microplane Premium Stainless Zesting Grating

Limes, lemons, and even oranges beg for mercy even with a soft squeeze of the hand, which is engineered to be easy on the hands. You will be amazed at how easy it is to use this professional lemon squeezer. If you get one for you and one for your best friend, you may just enjoy it when they serve you a nice cocktail with a plastic cocktail pick. The blade of the lemon is designed to remove the rind from the fruit while leaving behind the bitter white pith. It adds flavor to salads and baked goods. Change your life. When you treat yourself and your family to rustic bowls of pasta, you can grate cheese to make fluffy mounds that melt quickly. Sprinkle fresh parmesan over eggs, salads, or any dish for a burst of flavor. Asiago, Pecorino and Padano are some of the hard cheeses that can be grating. To flavor many popular foods, grate ginger and garlic into a paste. Ground spices can be created from cinnamon or smilng. If you want to fit a cork back into a bottle, shave it down to fit. There are so many possibilities. USA blades are Ultra Sharp. Microplate uses photo-etched technology to make grating blades. The material is made of surgical grade steel and is rust-free. This item can be hung on a magnetic knife strip. Counter tops are protected with non-scratch end tabs. The tool is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. To clean out tough to reach particles, use a kitchen brush on the underside of the blade. The dishwasher can be used to place the zester/grater.

Brand: Microplane

👤The microplane zester is very sharp. The little feet on the bottom eliminate the possibility of it scratching the surface upon which you rest it. It makes fast work of hard cheeses. The Asiago is often at the table because we love it so much. I can't give it five stars because of a flaw. It accumulated on the underside of the zester when I used it to grate lime. I used my index finger to wipe it off. Oh wow! The sides of the zester were not finished. One of them sliced my index finger open. I never thought that this might be a problem, because the last brand of microplane zester was finished smoothly. I will use a pastry brush or a dinner knife in the future to remove the item. Lesson learned!

👤I check the equipment review of Cooks Illustrated before buying anything for my kitchen. I have had microplanes in the past and give them as gifts. Every home should have at least one or two. This is the one Cooks Illustrated suggested, so that works for me. It's important that you keep the hard plastic sleeve on it, otherwise it could bend in the utensil drawer and end up breaking, but sometimes other people in my kitchen haven't gotten that memo. Don't put it with anything else until the plastic sleeve protectors is on it.

👤I bought a Microplane a long time ago. I told my mother about it, and then I bought the exact same product for her. She told me that hers wouldn't grate. The tines were flat and easy to bend, and therefore useless, when I tried it. I think it's a fake product. My blade says "Made in USA" on it, but hers says "Stainless Steel", which is different from mine. The buyer should beware.

👤This is fine. It takes a lot of rubbing to turn ginger into mush. It doesn't have enough bite to peel a lemon. The Microplane 38000 model is labeled "coarse" and it is perfect and makes great tiny shreds. This one is disappointing. A waste of money.

👤This is a review of the Microplane 46220 Premium Zester/Grater. If you don't use your dull one a lot, it's easy to settle for an old one. How much difference could there be? The Microplane 46 220 is a good quality tool that will be used more often. I'll probably never need to buy a zester again. It's made from surgical steel and dishwasher safe. The plastic cover is hand-washable. It's perfect for cold chocolate, hard cheeses, ginger, and garlic, and it's also great for spices. It provides a solid grip and has a nice comfortable feel in the hand. The grate is very sharp and food can be properly shredded. Making due with an inferior product is more fun than using a beautiful, quality tool. I would buy this again. If you found the review helpful, please click the "yes" button. Thanks and happy!

👤I used to only use cheap graters at places like TJ Maxx for a couple of dollars, before using the Microplane. I was hesitant about spending more than $10 for a grater. I decided to try this item out after my previous one broke down. Delivery was fast and the packaging was decent. I used a wedge of Parmigiano-Reggiano to make a tomato soup. I remember the first grate. It was smooth, plentiful, and effortless. It was an eye-opening experience for someone who had only used cheap graters. It would take me at least 15-20 grates to come out from the Microplane. I was left with more cheese than I needed when I forgot about the soup and continued to grate in awe. This should show you how much I appreciated the product. I recommend this grater for its sleek look and performance. I was initially confused by the product numbers of the Microplane, but after a quick look it was clear that the different X's in 46X20 referred to the color of the product. If anyone is confused, there's no difference in the product.

9. OXO Grips Citrus Zester Channel

OXO Grips Citrus Zester Channel

There are 5 peelers in the set of 15. The 2-in-1 tool is easy to use. The steel holes are sharp. The channel knife can make strips or twists. The head is durable and won't rust. The handle is soft and comfortable.

Brand: Oxo

👤The best zester I have tried so far is the Good Grips one size black one. To compare the two, please check out my other reviews or search for the item on Amazon and look for my review on the product page. I have long fingers for a woman and I don't mind the wide thick handle. I am 5' 11" I like the shape of the zester and it fits in my hand. If you're more diminutive than me, you might want to check out my review for the Victorinox zester/s. The Oxo zester is a great choice if the handle doesn't turn you off. It gets five stars from me. I tried the channel knife on the side of the zester and it worked well. The Victorinox zester does not have a knife. Check out my profile page for my other reviews. If this review has been, I have put all of the zesters I have tried to date in an ideas list so you can find them easily. I review a lot of household items. You can follow me on my profile to be notified when I post another review. I spend a lot of time on my reviews to help other people. I hope this has helped you.

👤I was intrigued by this design because the normal zesters take forever and get a lot of pith, so I was curious about this design. Oxo makes one of the designs I was checking out, because I've never had a Oxo product that wasn't made. The first time I used it, I cut myself on it because I had a parrot on my shoulder. It's possible to hurt yourself on it. It's easy to not hurt yourself if you don't have a parrot on your shoulder, and every time I used it it was much safer than a normal zester. I'm very glad I got it, and I wish I'd had one. I don't feel bad when there's a recipe that requires the use of a lemon. It's easy to strain out of liquids because the zest comes out in long strands. It would make it easy to make candied citrus peel, if you're into that sort of thing.

👤You have to be careful with this. It gives you a false sense of security. It doesn't help with cheese, nutmeg or ginger because it's only designed for citrus. It is difficult to hold it without slipping. I think I would have been better off with a safety guard.

👤I have been working for several years to get a fully stocked bar. After making lemon twists with either a vegetable peeler or a paring knife, I discovered the tool I needed to make pretty citrus twists is called a channel knife. I decided the OXO's Good Grips Citrus Zester and Channel Knife was the best channel knife for me because it has a short, rubbery grip for no slippage in a wet hand and is a right-handed knife. I felt awkward holding a small piece of fruit with a channel knife that had slick metal grips and had to be drawn in a way that I didn't like. It went out of stock as soon as I bought it. Everyone must have been working on their home bars in the early stages of the Covid-19 stay-at- home orders. It was back in stock after a month. I have a wonderful knife that cuts a nice strip of lemon, lime, or orange. I don't use the zester because I like the way my microplane creates the sharper, more finely-speckled zest, but I did test it and can confirm that it is sharp. If you're right-handed, I recommend it. Sorry lefties!

10. Razor Sharp Protective Dishwasher NSpring Narrowzester

Razor Sharp Protective Dishwasher NSpring Narrowzester

The handle is soft for a comfortable grip. It is easy to clean and store the grater. It's also safe to use in the dishwasher. Storage and space saving can be achieved with a hanging holeto. Even a child can grate the hardest cheese into fluff. The handle of the grater is made of non-slip material. The food - grade material is used for the zester, it has a razor blade. It's resistant to be blunt with time. Don't hurt your fingers while using them. Their peeler suits for fruits and vegetables, such as lemons, limes, parmesan, ginger, coconut, orange, chocolate, cinnamon or garlic. 100% Money back if you are dissatisfied with the zester.

Brand: Msfiaioo

👤The blades are too sharp, and I used this product once. That sounds like a non-problem to me. They're sharp, it's a grating! The little teeth are too far away from the plane. The lemon got caught on the teeth as I tried to peel it. The lemon flew out of my hand as it got caught on the teeth multiple times. There are holes in the blade cover. This is a great way to cut my hand when I reach into the drawer. I will be donating this item. I ordered a name brand replacement.

👤This product is great. The blade and handle are very sharp, perfect for grating hard cheeses or fruit. It has a storage cover. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤This is not good. The grate is too large for a good dish. The resulting zest is not usable in desserts and the actual zesting is difficult. The large holes make it hard to play music. If I need to use the cheese grater to grate the pastries and desserts, I will use the zester.

👤It's a handy tool for grating hard cheeses. The well-designed handle and sharp blades make it easy to do the task. It's safe to store in the drawer because the blade cover snaps easily. The brush makes it easier to get the zest out of the crevices. Very pleased with the purchase!

👤Solid construction, sturdy hand grip, little brush accessory, safety cover, nice looking, this micro plane has many great features. It doesn't do what it's designed to do. I tried to peel a lime but it rubbed over the surface of the tines and pulled off the green skin. I had to rub the lime down on the plane to get a few pieces of it. That is not how these are supposed to work. The tines were not going to catch anything. There was no sharpness when I ran my fingers over the surface. This went back to the beginning. I bought a more expensive plane that worked just fine, even though I didn't know if it was a faulty micro plane. The buyer should beware.

👤I got this microplane because my Oxo Goodgrips one that I used for about eight years had cracked at the handle. I thought the design would be strong because I use a microplane a lot. The first time I used it, I noticed that the blades were more pointed from the body of the tool. It's more difficult to push food through because of this, but it may improve the speed at which you shred it. The problem with this design is that the food is inclined to slide toward the sides because the blades are arched. The cheese went off the side when I was grating it. I had lacerations on my thumb. I will be wearing a bandage for at least a week because I don't think I'll need stitches. Even if it only lasts a few years, you can either invest in cutproof gloves or another Oxo microplane.

11. Professional Grater Stainless Parmesan Vegetables

Professional Grater Stainless Parmesan Vegetables

There is a lifetime warranty on its zesters for kitchen, rasp grater, and carrot shredder. You'll get the bonus, exclusive "Healthy Cooking Tips" ebook, absolutely free. You can shred and slice cheese and vegetables with minimal effort. Get creative and make dinner exciting again by grating, slicing and making fresh fruit. It's dishwasher safe and backed by a Lifetime Warranty. Food Prep Done Fast With Their New Extra Wide Size: Shred a block of cheese in no time with this wonderful product that is effective and durable. The professional version has a wider shape that makes grating cheese and soft foods easier and also allows for a greater holding capacity. One simple kitchen tool that will completely improve the taste and texture of what you prepare is taken pride in by you. The food processor is a hassle to clean and gives subpar results. Trust them, you want this. The 4 Sided Design makes it possible to use all the other slicers and graters you own. All of the gratings are in one convenient tool. You can quickly prepare foods like cheese, potato, squash, zucchini, carrots, lemons and cucumbers. A comfortable handle gives you total control. Kitchen must-have: sharp blades that cut quickly and cleanly. The rubber bottom on your counter keeps you safe. It prevents food from escaping the bottom of the grate so you don't have to clean it up.

Brand: Spring Chef

👤I am an 83 year old male who started learning to cook when he was nine years old and I have seen box graters in my life. My mother, grandmother and number have been with me for a long time. This is the best box grater I have ever used. The box graters may be better. I have not seen them. It is large and open, so a man with big hands can easily clean it. The blades are sharp and can be sliced easily. The rubber base keeps it steady so it doesn't slip, and it's made of high quality STAINLESS STEEL so there is no problem with rust or corrosion. It is easy to use and clean, and it is very durable. You can pass it on to your children. I can recommend this product.

👤The grate works well. The bottom design is not clean. The rubber gasket around the bottom is designed and attached in such a way that grating things causes food to enter the gasket between the metal grater body and the rubber gasket. It's simple to take the gasket off and wash, except that it's a pain to get back on, and needs to be done with every use. The metal at the bottom is bent upwards and not sealed, so there is likely food particles getting shoved in there. The pros are that the grate works well, and that it is constructed with good material, and that it will be durable. There was an update on 1/17/18. After seeing my concerns, the company reached out to me. A company that cares about its customers has outstanding customer service. I will definitely buy Spring Chef products in the future, as I look forward to seeing an updated product some day.

👤carrots and hands are affected. HAHA.. My fault, 100 percent, but I made a mistake. As if you stuck your hand into a dog's mouth, you will be chewed up.

👤I was very excited about the cheese grater. The cheese grater was the best ever, until the top came off. I cut myself because the edge was very sharp. I snapped rhe top back on, but it came off again. I owned it for less than a year and it came off in 6 months. It was the best cheese grater I had ever owned, so I'm really disappointed.

👤The chef was in need of a box grater. Wanted something better than the normal metal ones. When real pressure's used, always bending/twisting/pushing inward. The frame/reinforced top and bottom are nice and easy to use, but nothing compares to the flavor of a lemon rind. The metal was not as strong as I had thought, and the bottom plastic reinforcement prevented it from sliding around on my cutting board while grating potatoes. The side that performed well was the zesting side. The standard flat faced design is an improvement over the convex design. This is a quantum leap over the standard products. I'll never buy another one without it. You can get more of your hand around the product by grating with no danger to the skin on your knuckles, which reduces the strain on your fingers, and it also reduces the force you need to clasp the product with your fingers. You can do more, faster, easier. This is a really good grater, and I recommend it to everyone.


What is the best product for lemon zester for baking?

Lemon zester for baking products from Oxo. In this article about lemon zester for baking you can see why people choose the product. 1easylife and Microplane are also good brands to look for when you are finding lemon zester for baking.

What are the best brands for lemon zester for baking?

Oxo, 1easylife and Microplane are some of the best brands that chosen by people for lemon zester for baking. Find the detail in this article. Deiss, Oxo and Orblue are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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