Best Measuring Cups Conversion Baking Vinyl Wall Art Decal Sticker

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1. Measuring Stainless Silicone Handles Nesting

Measuring Stainless Silicone Handles Nesting

It's used in industrial applications for mixing paints, pigments, epoxy resins, and cooking. Cook with Color's set of measuring cups and spoons is sleek and classy with all the basics still intact. They understand if you purchase a set like this for cooking, baking or simply for displaying, you will love it. The sizes of the cups and spoons are engraved in the handles of the US and metric measurements. The measuring cups are 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup, and 1/2 cup. Attach a ring to a set nest and wash it with warm soapy water. The customer satisfaction guarantee. If you have any issues or comments, please don't hesitate to reach out to them so they can make sure that your Cook with Color experience adds just the right color and taste.

Brand: Cook With Color

👤The metal has started cracking and peeling, and some of the measuring cups have lost their shine. If you want to buy measuring cups that will last you a long time, do not buy these.

👤I like the look of these. I am concerned that I need to hand wash them because of the wear they are already showing. I think I need something that is more durable for daily use. The copper finish is no longer usable after 6 months of hand washing. The quality was very disappointing.

👤I've been looking for new measuring cups and spoons for a while and couldn't find anything in town that I liked so I turned to Amazon. I use my measuring cups a lot between cooking and baking and they did not last long. I had to toss them because of damage. If you're looking for decorative pieces, they're not practical for daily use.

👤When baking bread, I loved measuring my ingredients. I thought they would be flimsy and unattractive, but they are really sturdy and well made. There are no sharp edges on the rubber grips, and they are comfortable. The blue and copper are very similar. I felt like I was watching Martha Stewart in my kitchen, with the flour in my hair. She was in prison. I bet that she does too.

👤Super! I was impressed by the quality. I ordered more for gifts. The ring that holds the spoons together is usually flimsy. Not in this case. Highly recommend.

👤I was very excited to use these, they were very cute. After a few uses, the finish started to fall off. The clear/gold that was coming off made me uncomfortable using them for cooking/baking since I don't know what material will end up in my food. Very disappointed. I would return if I could, but this began after my window closed.

👤I needed more measuring cups and spoons so I bought them. They're cute and have held up so far, but I only used them for a month. The blue color and the rose gold are very unique.

👤I was worried that the quality of this would be poor. I see pretty utensils in stores but they look like they could break at any moment. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box and saw how sturdy these were. I am very happy with these.

👤After 2 weeks of use, utensils are tarnishing.

2. Digital Kitchen Food Scale Measuring

Digital Kitchen Food Scale Measuring

If you have any issues or comments about your Country Kitchen order, please feel free to contact them so they can make sure your experience is positive. It is easy to use. Large display that is easy to read. There is a battery included. The 1 battery is long life.

Brand: Kitchenmetrics

👤I love this cup. What a great invention. I can put flour in, reset it, add sugar, add milk and so on. One cup is needed to measure several things at the same time. Love, love, love it!

👤I haven't been able to bake yet. I played with it when I first got it. I have had a Taylor for a long time and it's true that the conversion chart is minus. I used to put a coffee filter in the bottom to measure peanut butter. I don't like putting stuff in a measuring cup and losing a lot trying to get it back out again. Pack brown sugar and then unpack it into your recipe. Weighing it was much better. I don't want to start on sifted flour. 2 cups of sifted flour is different from 2 cups of sifted flour. I like the fact that I can remove the cup and use the bottom platform as a flat scale. I use beaker liquid measuring cups for liquids and small bowls for added ingredients. Baking is a science of weights and measures and what looks right to the practiced eye and many of my collected recipes require multiple ingredients. I rely on weight now that the eye is not what it used to be. The readout is on top. It's not easy to get a handle into the focus of a bifocal when you have to bend down to the handle.

👤It was nice to know that the numbers start wearing off and make it useless.

👤I was not impressed with the item. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it doesn't always zero out its own measuring cup. I thought this item would be great for measuring soft objects. Since I had issues with the device, I was not sure if the readings were accurate, so I used measuring methods to check the measurements, and the one cup of solid oil had been said to be at 1 1/8. Liquid measurements were more accurate. Maybe my device is malfunctioning. This product was more troublesome than a help.

👤This would be a great addition to the kitchen. It's a great idea, but doesn't work. It's good for holding liquids. The scale doesn't work at all. I put it in the water and measured it in cups. I put 2 cups of water in and it registered as 4 1/2 cups. Not even close. If the scale isn't accurate, it's useless.

👤The measurement and weight are not accurate.

👤It turns off too quickly. 30 seconds isn't enough time.

👤It is very hard to read. My eyes are not what they used to be. The display is hard to read. I am not sure about the accuracy. I compared the readings with my old scale and found some differences. I will stick with the normal scale.

3. Sheets Kitchen Decals Stickers Entryway

Sheets Kitchen Decals Stickers Entryway

There is a battery included. The 1 battery is long life. The finished size of vinyl wall decals is the same as the products, but you can also make them your own size, these wall stickers will make your kitchen, living room and bedroom. Quality material: the kitchen wall stickers are made from finish vinyl, non-toxic and safe to use, which can be applied for a long time; Remove easily, you just need to peel off each letter and paste it according to the picture. The warm words on the vinyl wall decals are a good way to remind you to be positive and happy, it will light up your room and bring warmth to your life. You can apply these home wall decors on the most hard and smooth surfaces, such as walls, ceramics, glass, mirrors, doors, furniture, metal, window and so on, before sticking the quote wall decals. The package contains two sheets of wall quotes, one with the saying The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home and the other with the saying Bless This Home and All who Enter, which are both beautiful and full of good meanings.

Brand: Outus

👤It was a challenge to remove the decals from the sheet. The results are beautiful because I don't give up easily. I am very pleased with the way my mud room turned out. The one for the kitchen will be just as beautiful once it is applied.

👤Butterflies are not included. The product is easy to install and remove. My fear was that. The first sticker sticks perfectly. The other one does not. The word "heart" likes to come off at the end and the word "Kitchen" likes to come off at the beginning. It can be difficult to keep it in place as I walk to the kitchen. Overall. I will keep it. It is a good value for its size.

👤The decals are beautiful, but I didn't like the letters on the film. Due to the fact that each word is separate, you have to use a level or multiple words on one line, as a result they are not straight. The words have a cover film which is removed after the words are put on, which makes the decals much easier to install.

👤I was able to apply it to my wall, but it came with no instructions, scraper or words that were difficult to remove, it seemed as though the words were on the wrong side.

👤The whole strip would have been better if it was one together.

👤I thought it would be easier to put up since it was only two pieces, but the material it is made of makes it very hard and it won't stick on the wall. I bought a different material for the decals that made it easy to put up and stay on the wall.

👤Lettering is too large and did not expect that.

👤I give them to a friend.

4. Case Mate Removable Accessory Universal Stardust

Case Mate Removable Accessory Universal Stardust

Pop on, pop off! There is a cup that can be used for wireless charging and accessory usage. Works well on smooth surfaces. There is a clear disc for use on porous surfaces. Micropel Protection will keep your Minis looking new. The compatible devices are: Apple iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 11, Pro, 11 Pro Max, iPad, S21, S21 Plus, S21 Ultra, S20, S20 Plus, S20 Ultra, S20 FE, and a few others.

Brand: Case-mate

👤I regret not reading what other people say before I buy something. It is difficult to put my phone inside my purse or pants pocket because it is not collapsible. It is neat but who wants to remove it every time they want to put their phone away? It is cute and sturdy.

👤The grip is pretty. The grip doesn't collapse, that doesn't bother me. The grip was strong initially, but it lost its ability to stay attached over time. It's a pity.

👤Not collapsible, not tacky, and even tinier than expected! Light in color, more grey is silver, it looks darker in the photos.

👤I suggest you give $10 to your kids, have a drink at the bar, or just throw it out your car window. It will make you feel better that you paid for this worthless piece. It will only work if there is no case. The back of the case has a circle you can glue to it. Do not be the sucker!

👤I like to switch out my gold cases when I get tired of them. I got this holder for a glitter case and it seems to hold it well, but if I try to put pressure on it with one hand, it comes off. If you want to set it in place permanently, it comes with an sticker. I don't think this holder is worth the price. It is pretty and matches the gold iPhone, but after cleaning it a few times, I can see the gold foil on the base starting to peel. It will need a case if it slips and slides around, otherwise it will stay on the phone.

👤I love the phone grip. I have an apple device with a case. I didn't want another permanent grip. I had to buy a special mag safe charge for because I didn't want a permanent grip. The grip is very good. It goes on and off. The glue is holding it all together. I have had no issues with it. I like this grip more than the PopSocket I had before. It is still functional despite being smaller. My phone fits anywhere without catching on anything. The designs of Rifle Paper Co. are beautiful. Their products are lovely. The lack of a car mount is a cons. I would pay $20 for one. It isn't worth $20 just by looking at it, but it gives me more than $20 worth of functions. I leave the grip in one room because I need it the most. If I tried to take it with me, I would lose it. I would love to buy two more for other areas, but not for $20 each. The website of Rifle Paper Co. has been looked at. It makes sense that they don't make any car mounts like you can get for PopSocket. You don't want your phone to fall out while you're driving. If the price isn't a dealbreaker for you, I would recommend this grip.

5. DEPEPE Disposable Measuring Graduated Stirring

DEPEPE Disposable Measuring Graduated Stirring

80oz disposable clear plastic measuring cups and wooden stirring sticks are included in the package. The plastic measuring cups are resistant to high temperatures and can last from 20 to 120 degrees. The stirring sticks are made of green wood and are clean and durable. They are great in the kitchen. You can use it safely. These disposable measuring cups have clear, easy-to-read markings such as ounces and liters. The big stirring sticks with a width of 0.63 inches are all paint stir sticks made of wood, fresh clean and durable enough for stirring mixture. It's used in industrial applications for mixing paints, pigments, epoxy resins, and cooking.

Brand: Depepe

👤The cups are advertised for use with a substance that is not real. The cups are made of plastic that will cause a chemical reaction with the resin that will cause smoking and possibly a fire, and this is due to the exo-thermal reaction of the resin. Do not use them for anything. I have used various types, cure-time and brands with these to see if it was just the brand or type that they all reacted the same way with.

👤I use these for my projects. The cups have the wrong measurement labeled on them. It is very difficult to get accurate mesures. You should buy clear cups and look at them. The cups are stuck to each other so you can't separate them. I had to use 2 cups at the same time, reducing the amount of cups available for mixing. The wooden sticks will make your resin foamy. I don't recommend buying these materials for crafting. These materials will ruin your crafts and make them more difficult to make.

👤You have to be careful with what you use the measurement for. It never cured after I used it. If you're going to use these for something, I'd find another product.

👤These cups have become more useful than I anticipated. They have been used for measuring and adding automotive fluids, pool chemicals, mixed drinks, for cooking, small masonry repair projects and more. The cups are not as strong as the red party cups. The tongue depressors are also well made. I would use something from a scientific supplier if absolute accuracy is critical. I stumbled upon these and will buy them again.

👤Great product. We use it in the finishing room to mix paints and varnishes. The cups are convenient for the job. They are disposable and economical, making it easy to clean up. It's a great item when you need to measure out ounces.

👤These cups are great for liquids that don't get hot. I bought them because it said they were good. When I mixed it up. I let it sit for 10 minutes after stirring to let the bubbles come to the surface and when I did that the cup melted at the top of the cup. They may be able to do the job for you if you use regular liquids. They fall short for me.

👤I was surprised at how light the printing is, and it states in capital that it is only an approximate amount, so why sell a measurement cup if it isn't correct?

👤These cups are marketed as measuring cups for things that are 100% accurate, but they are not and they are not accurate from one measurement to the next. If you fill a second cup to the same 1oz line and pour it into the first, it will fill past the 2oz line. Excellent use.

6. Coffee Double Removable Sticker Bedroom

Coffee Double Removable Sticker Bedroom

A fashion wall sticker. You can remove all the words you want.

Brand: Blinggo

👤This isn't a full sticker. This is just a border. We can peel and stick. There is a piece of junk. You can't remove it from one place to another. It's a time consuming job to stick it for the first time and forget about trying a different place. I was wondering if other stickers are around $10 and this is just $1-$2. Learned a lesson. The quality will be cheap if you buy something that is cheap. Don't recommend to people who don't have time to stick it. It is not easy and people assume it is a full sticker. The border of the cup is what it is.

👤The product is cute, but confusing. It doesn't come with the vinyl that is ready to peel. They send you an extra piece to go over the paper because the part is stuck to it. I don't know because the directions were not very good. I had to remove the whole decals from my wall. It was frustrating, but it turned out okay. I gave it two stars because it looks cute on the wall, but I wouldn't recommend it to others. If you spend a little more you can get a more user-friendly decals.

👤This is my least favorite product. I ordered it because I was happy to see the bigger size. It wouldn't fall from the paper. It wouldn't stick on the wall after we got it. I tried a blow dryer after pressing it back on the wall. Nothing seems to be working. I would not buy this item again.

👤I applied it to the wall after it arrived folded in an envelope and it didn't crease. If you have applied these decals before, it shouldn't be a problem. The sticks to the wall should not be peeled completely before applying to your surface. I have an extra set of hands. I wiped the area where I would apply my decals with alcohol and a paper towel so that it wouldn't get wet. The top of the envelope should be peeled off to expose the side that faces out. Just apply your decals a little at a time to make sure they stick to the wall. Use something thin, license/ID, and begin smoothing over the top of the paper as you have another person pull the glue. The person pulling the sticker should be sticking it to the wall. It took just a few minutes to get this on. I thought it was wide and long, but I love it! This review helps.

👤This is not the same as every vinyl decals I've purchased in the past. You have to peel off the back and rub the vinyl on the surface you want to transfer it to. The instructions make no sense because this one comes with separate pieces. I should have read the reviews before I did.

👤It looks great, and it was easy to put it up. I had to move it because it doesn't stick anymore.

7. U Taste Professional Measurement Refrigerator Conversions

U Taste Professional Measurement Refrigerator Conversions

The original trademark and design was created by Slap-Art. Measure conversion chart for Cups, TBSP, TSP, fluid Oz and ML. Attach it to the fridge with a strong magnetic backing and look at it while baking. A dishwasher safe. Don't worry about splitting or rusting. The engraved measurement is easy to read and will never fade or rub off. Hang it on the wall hanger. It won't hurt your hand.

Brand: U-taste

👤This is a nice conversion chart. The kitchen tool looks dull. It has a nice look. It is hard to see the conversion information. It is easy to read in the picture. I got a dark one. I have to get very close to see the numbers. It is a nice looking tool, but it is too dark to be helpful.

👤The conversion chart is hard to read without magnification and an additional light source, which is why I like the idea of having it on my refrigerator. This might be a good purchase if you don't mind using a magnifying glass and flashlight. The customer service was friendly and helped me by replacing the first shipment that had marks on it. I think the metal tag needs to be bigger with a bolder style for easier use. The black print used to create these tags blends in with the natural gray finish of the metal making it difficult to read. It would have been easier to use black on white.

👤It's hard to read. The advertised picture was easy to read. The print is grey, as you can see from my pictures. I have to hold it at an angle to see it. Oil from fingerprints needs to be wiped off. The material is strong.

👤I don't like this purchase. I can't read what it says because I wear glasses. I can't make it out because I have to study it at many different angles. Maybe it should have a group of people to read it to. Don't buy if you don't have good vision. I would have returned it but I can't find it.

👤Why rate this easy to hold? It should be hung in a place where you can read it. Not held. Excellent quality. It's understandable that there is a small print. The magnet is too weak for the weight of the plaque, so it's three stars. It will be a 5-star product if you change to a better magnet.

👤The two year old got a hand on it and it wasn't a scratch. This thing was hit by a toy hammer. There is not a scratch or a dents to be seen. It is higher up on the fridge.

👤The only place it works is in the shadows, away from any light, and I have tried to mount it in several places in my kitchen. Very disappointed. I have to remove it from the area to read it because I wanted it next to my work area. Too much glare off of metal and not enough definition to the lettering.

👤The chart on cardboard has seen better days. It looks good on my refrigerator.

👤The letters are grey and hard to read.

👤Very useful. Dry measures in grams are the only thing I would like to see added to this. Otherwise it is perfect.

👤I needed a measuring device to measure the amount of butter in a recipe. Does anyone have a jar of cold butter? How much is that cup? This works well.

8. Blinggo Kitchen Inspirational Quotes Sticker

Blinggo Kitchen Inspirational Quotes Sticker

General can keep up to 3 years. Remove the peel and stick without damaging your paint. It is possible to apply painted wall, smooth wallpaper, ceramic tile,wooden,metal,glass and plastic, but not textile. It comes with easy to use instructions. It is easy to remove and do not damage the walls.

Brand: Blinggo

👤I wanted it to be larger, but it was smaller than I wanted.

👤Listen to the other reviews. I bought this item because I took a chance. I should have listened to the other reviewers. This is on the wall of my kitchen. I was not able to remove the top layer without the lettering lifting off the wall.

👤I am a vinyl dealer on Amazon and Title states "Vinyl Wall Art", but it is not vinyl and the plastic has been printed on. Not real Vinyl. It is made of plastic. It is not real. Not how letters should look. There is a plastic outline around the letter. The plastic die cuts are hard to cut so it has to be done by hand. Instructions were not included in the package.

👤This product is not acceptable for the price. It arrived rolled up and crinkled. I went to the print shop. The company is giving refunds.

👤It looks good until you put it on the wall. I think this was the better quality rub, but that is my fault. It is a peel and stick, so it has a plastic outer covering, and it looks terrible with the ceiling lights reflecting off of it. The quality of the glue is not great. I like the rub on decals better because I can already see the corners lifting from the steam in the kitchen from cooking.

👤The letters are not sharp. They look fuzzy. The sticker is on a hard plastic that sticks to itself. When you stick it on the surface, your finger prints are visible because of the glue on the back. The glue will come off on your fingers.

👤It was difficult to remove the stickers from the paper. I was trying to remove the stickers when a lot of the letters tore. The stickers were stretched and cut off other letters when trying to get them off. I wouldn't recommend this product. When you put the sticker on your wall, it is noticeable where it was stretched.

9. Country Kitchen Gunmetal Measuring Stainless

Country Kitchen Gunmetal Measuring Stainless

The customer satisfaction guarantee. If you have any issues or comments, please don't hesitate to reach out to them so they can make sure that your Cook with Color experience adds just the right color and taste. The set of measuring cups and spoons is sleek and classy. They understand if you purchase a set like this for cooking, baking or simply for displaying, you will love it. The cups and spoons have sizes engraved in their handles in US and metric measurements. The measuring cups are 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup, and 1/2 cup. Attach a ring to a set nest and wash it with warm soapy water. If you have any issues or comments about your Country Kitchen order, please feel free to contact them so they can make sure your experience is positive.

Brand: Country Kitchen

👤The handle fell off immediately after being used. It was a mother day gift and I was very disappointed.

👤I wanted to like them. They are beautiful but not worth the paper they are written on. I washed my first set and it was destroyed. I bought another set. These have lost their color, and are cracked. If you try to scoop something heavy, they will bend. I wouldn't recommend these to anyone.

👤These are awesome! Exactly as pictured. Excellent quality materials. It is beautiful. They're perfect.

👤I chose them for the look and they are very cute and I was already getting attention for them when I took them out of the box. It's easy to scratch and heavy. If you want something that you can throw around in the kitchen, it is probably not the best idea to carry them around as a pack.

👤I've been looking for a black measuring set for a long time, but never found it. It's modern, affordable, and durable. I love everything about them.

👤I like the finish of the product. I think it could get scratched easily, as 1 came with a minor scratch inside.

👤I like the handles of the cups, but they seem to be non stick. Maybe it's because they are new. I like them a lot.

👤My husband got me these for Christmas and while I like a lot of things about them, the finish is already peeling and it's only been a month since. The quality was so disappointing.

10. Stainless Steel Measuring Cups Spoons

Stainless Steel Measuring Cups Spoons

The compatible devices are: Apple iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 11, Pro, 11 Pro Max, iPad, S21, S21 Plus, S21 Ultra, S20, S20 Plus, S20 Ultra, S20 FE, and a few others. Every kitchen needs a certain size. Unlike other sets that only have 12 pieces, their set has 16 pieces with a 7 piece dry metal measuring cup set that has sizes from 1 cup down to an 8th cup. It's easy to read metrics. The metal stamped on their measurements will never wear off. The smaller measurement size is visible on the inside of the cups. The old plastic cup and spoon measure set needs to be replaced. It's a great holiday gift for anyone who loves baking. It was designed to last a lifetime. The metal measuring spoons and cups are made from one piece of metal so they won't break or bend. They are made out of the highest quality and heavy duty 18/8 (304)stainless steel so they are easy to clean. Included. There is a bonus conversion chart and leveler pole. Their set includes the odd sizes like the 1/3, 34 and 12 measuring cups, as well as the 12 and 34 measuring spoon. This measuring spoons and cups set has everything you are looking for, including a magnetic conversion chart and a leveler spoon. A 3-year warranty is included in the price of the gift. Their kitchen food accessories metric measuring tools are ideal for weddings, a wedding shower or housewarming parties, or put the best set on your own bridal or couples registry.

Brand: Kpkitchen

👤I bought this to replace the ones that I got from Walmart. The weight/heft is the first thing you will notice about this set. It's heavy and Premium steel adds to it's weight, so it's cleaning friendly. It's easy to clean. They come in 7 cups and 7 spoons with different sizes. I would recommend them to everyone.

👤My measuring cups and spoons are hard to read. These are terrific and I found them. I like the addition of 1/3 and 1/3 cup sizes. They should have those extra measures in cups for convenience. I like the assortment of measuring spoons. These are easy to wash. The number of emails I am receiving from the company is surprising to me. I sit down and check my email every day and I wonder what Patrick Keller has to say. You know what to do if you want great measuring cups and spoons at a good price, plus emails from the company's founder every day.

👤I bought this set of measuring cups and spoons to replace the ones my girlfriend bought at a local store. The handle was welded on and the 1 cup measure split open. Premium measuring cups are made of a single construction. There will be no handles breaking off. I chose this set because it came with round measuring spoons instead of rectangular ones which are more difficult to clean out when adding thicker, wet ingredients like mustard or ketchup. The package was very heavy. Without opening the box, you can see that this is a solid product that is built to last. These measuring cups and spoons are very nice.

👤The measuring spoons are very useful. The cups are not the same thickness as metal. I cut myself like a paper cut while I was using them. The measuring cups have a short handle that is hard to grip when you scoop to measure. I don't like them and I wouldn't buy them again.

👤These were bought to replace plastic cups and spoons that were warped with broken handles. These new ones are very sturdy and I like how they have unusual sizes. If my 1/2 C is dirty, I can use the 1 C and fill it to the 1/2 C line. I used to like having multiple sets of cups and spoons, but now I feel like I only need this one. The magnetic measurement conversion chart is a nice touch, since I sometimes need to look up that info online. This will save me time. The criticism I have is that the 1 Tablespoon spoon does not fit into my set of spice jars. Unless your seasoning containers have a wide mouth opening, you will experience the same thing. This set is great if that detail doesn't bother you. I returned the set because it had long, narrow, rectangular spoons.

👤Heavy and durable. Excellent quality. I'm very pleased with how these turned out. We're always having to wash and re-use things when we bake and cook, so I might have to buy another set. We needed an upgrade to our plastic measuring cups. This is definitely an upgrade.

11. Plastic Measuring Stainless Handles Lavender

Plastic Measuring Stainless Handles Lavender

The lavender and purple set of measuring cups and spoons is an easy to use measure set with all the basics still intact. The cups and spoons with the engraved sizes will not rub out or fade. The measuring cups are 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup, and 1/2 cup. Hand wash with warm soapy water after setting nest for easy storage. It is ready to be gifted. It is a perfect gift for family and friends. The customer satisfaction guarantee. If you have any issues or comments, please don't hesitate to reach out to them so they can make sure that your Cook with Color experience adds just the right color and taste.

Brand: Cook With Color

👤I bought these for the spoons because it's hard to find 2 and 1 1/2 measures, which I often use. The spoon part is made of brittle plastic and would break if handled. The spoon handles are made of aluminum and are etched in both American and metric units. The cups have long handles that are up to 5 1/2 inches long. The length of the cup is 9 inches. The cups are made of thick plastic and have engraved measures in American and metric. I think this set would be great for cat or dog food, since the long handles make it easy to reach down into a bag or container, but I don't think it's practical for baking.

👤The measurement size is engraved on the handles of the cups, as opposed to the painted side of the cups that I currently use. I thought engraved numbers would be the way to go because the painted measurements have been washed away. The engraving is very faint and hard to read. The engraving depth is so shallow that after a few uses, it would wear away. Returned for a reason.

👤I wanted to get new measurements that were more my style and I got them in blue and light blue. The packaging was cheap and the labeling was engraved lightly but they didn't come with a round holder to keep them together so I used existing ones. The spoons in the grips looked to be cheap but they did the measurements. I don't think I would get these again. I kept them because they come with a lot for the price.

👤I liked the picture of them more than the actual one. The color is nice, they are sturdy, but the handle is too long for my liking, and they take up a lot of room in the drawer. They would accomplish the same thing if they were deeper with shorter handles. It would work out better if people hung them up instead of putting them in a drawer.

👤Flat bottoms on the measuring cups keep the cup from rolling. The metal handles weigh more than the plastic cups and the cup is tilted slightly when filled. The metal handles are hard to read. It takes a specific way to read them. I might use a Sharpie to make the measurements easier to read. The cups and liters are shown. Remember to use Volumn not Liquid conversions when checking to see if the cups are accurate.

👤The handles were punched out of steel, but they didn't bother to clean up the edges, so there is a lot of rough and small parts that are Sharp to the hands. I'm printing on my label maker. I'm going to clean the edges with my wire wheels.

👤I like the fact that the sizes are engraved even though they are small. There is no ring for the spoons, but there is a lot of them. I'm going to switch the ring from the cups to the spoons to keep them out of the drawer.


What is the best product for measuring cups conversion baking vinyl wall art decal sticker?

Measuring cups conversion baking vinyl wall art decal sticker products from Cook With Color. In this article about measuring cups conversion baking vinyl wall art decal sticker you can see why people choose the product. Kitchenmetrics and Outus are also good brands to look for when you are finding measuring cups conversion baking vinyl wall art decal sticker.

What are the best brands for measuring cups conversion baking vinyl wall art decal sticker?

Cook With Color, Kitchenmetrics and Outus are some of the best brands that chosen by people for measuring cups conversion baking vinyl wall art decal sticker. Find the detail in this article. Case-mate, Depepe and Blinggo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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