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1. OXO Grips Cookie Stainless Storage

OXO Grips Cookie Stainless Storage

The cookies are created with the press of a lever. There are 12 classic and custom designs of steel disks. Cookie Press is kept steady by a non-slip base. The clear body shows how much dough is left. The lever is comfortable for repetitive use. Comes apart for easy cleaning. Convenient case to store disks.

Brand: Oxo

👤I've heard my wife scream and yell every Christmas for over 40 years when she makes Spritz cookies with the old metal screw press that she got from her mother. She got another press but it broke. She went back to the old one. The threads wore out in the middle of a bunch, so the old one just bit the dust. I read the reviews after I found this Oxo press. I got the Oxo press at Bed Bath and Beyond. What an improvement! We made the rest of the cookies in no time. You can read the other reviews for tips. The cookie sheets have to be free of grease and put in the freezer so that they are cold when you press them. They can come off the press by sticking to the cookie sheet. The dough should be squishy like a soft toy. You can change the size of cookies by the number of clicks you make with the plunger. The handle has about two plunges. The barrel and bottom ring are dishwasher safe according to the instructions. The top section should be washed. When hand washing the top section, we use a nylon bottle brush. Thank you!

👤I researched the world over and found that the electric cookie shooter is no longer made. The OXO COOKIE GRIPS Press is a good substitute. It is easy to use. It is easy to clean and the barrel is a must. The cookies were small for my tastes, but a double hit on the crank doubled the size of the cookie on the sheet, which made the recipe work out great. Good luck! I like the shooter.

👤This was a gift for my wife. It was a gift to myself since it was used to make delicious cookies. It worked well last year. We decided to get a good one for a long time. We got it out to make more cookies. We were left with a mess, a broken cookie press, and no cookies for our kids to decorate, as soon as she pulled the gun, a piece of plastic broke, and a spring went flying. OXO has been a go-to brand for us. There is a long overtime update. The replacement is still going strong 3 years later, despite the fact that this was replaced free of cost. The rating was based on the quick replacement and good quality.

👤I asked the OXO company how to make cheese straws. They did not reply. My rating is now a 4 instead of 5. I made the mixture using a wreath disc. Clicked at least 6 times. I sliced the dough off and twisted it. I like to freeze on the pan for 15 minutes to bake. Merry Christmas from Alabama.

👤Oxo has offered the best cookie press after decades of trying different ones. The Oxo was recommended by America's Test Kitchen, and they made a great one! I tried the butter and cream cheese recipes. My adult kids loved the cream cheese recipe. The press works like a dream. I'm sure younger kids could use it. The house will have tons of cookies.

2. OXO Grips Freezer Oven Baking

OXO Grips Freezer Oven Baking

Extreme temperature changes without the risk of cracking or shattering are protected by strong borosilicate glass. It is easy to clean glass. Generous handles provide a secure grip. You can bake with the right size with the convenient markings. It's microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe, freezer-safe andBPA-free.

Brand: Oxo

👤Poor quality pans are extremely dangerous. I have never put them on the countertop while it's hot. Yesterday when I picked up the pan to put away after it had been washed and dried, it cracked in half and sliced my arm open. The cut required a trip to the ER and 9 stitches. Purchasing a higher quality pan will save you money in the long run, and you will also avoid going to the emergency room. Don't buy if you're warned.

👤The product broke after 2 months of use. If someone was holding it while it broke, it would be dangerous. I'm very disappointed in the product and will not be buying it again.

👤We had this for a while. It split in two while we couldn't tell. There wasn't a big temperature change. One minute it was in one piece and the next it was in the middle. This is the first time that something like this has happened to me, and I have a lot of other borosilicate glass cookware.

👤I was very excited to receive this product. The product was not faulty but there is an issue with the design. I wanted to have a way to store my pies and quiches in the fridge. This would have been like a Tupperware type thing. It wasn't. There are large vent holes on the lid. It's almost like a microwave plate cover. If they wanted to vent the lid just in case you wanted to re-warm your food, then you could store it in the fridge to keep it fresh without letting air in. I would have never wasted my time or money if I had known about the vents. Sorry OXO.

👤Don't waste your time on this product. Two of the baking dishes we bought do not handle thermal stress and break when removed from the over during cooling.

👤This was given to us for our wedding. We use it a lot. The glass shattered in my hand about a year after the wedding. I took it out of the cabinet and was going to use it for dinner. I did not drop it or anything like that. We trust Oxo so I bought another one and hope it was a mistake. Do be careful with it. If this one breaks on us, we will know it's just poor craftsmanship.

👤It was used once and used in the dishwasher. When I took it out of the dishwasher, it had a big crack. Very disappointed.

👤I should have looked at the other reviews when I bought this, I made sone cheese ranch potatoes last night and after 30 min at 350 this piece of trash exploded in my oven.

👤The dish exploded when I tried to bake chicken wings. Would not recommend.

👤Baking chicken at 400F for 40 minutes was the first thing that was broken on. Shattered. Avoid at all costs.

👤The lid broke when I tried to take it out. I don't like a product that falls apart before I get a chance to use it. This dish is not safe for broiling, according to the glass itself. I guess it shatters if it's too close to the heat source. I'm going to try to return it and get a pyrex dish with a lid.

3. 10 Piece Nonstick Baking Bakeware Ceramic

10 Piece Nonstick Baking Bakeware Ceramic

It is a gift for all occupations in work and life. The decorating tips set is a great gift for any occasion, from Birthday, Wedding, Mothers' Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, New Year, Easter, Housewarming or Anniversaries. All you need to decorate cake, cookies, cupcake, muffins and ice cream is contained in this kit. Purchase now to enjoy the time. The 10-PIECE Baking Set includes high quality cookware for baking cake, loaf or muffins. Includes baking pan, pizza pan, small cookie sheet, 2 round pans, square pan, loaf pan, big cookie sheet, 12 & 24 cup muffin pans. 100% organic non-stick coating: You don't have to worry about food sticking to the bakeware set. The baking pan set is protected with a non-stick coating which doesn't crack easily. TheOVEN SAFE UP TO 450 F: All 10 pieces of the baking set for adults are heat-safe even at high temperatures of up to 450F which is ideal for baking a number of tasty baked goods or pastry. You name it, there are brownies, chocolate fudge, cookies. STACKABLE DESIGN: The 10 Pieces Nonstick Baking Set is designed to save space with its wide tray pan design. For oven, refrigerator and freezer. TheBULID TO LAST: The bakeware set has a steel construction that resists wrapping and heats evenly without hop spots so you cookies and brownies come out perfectly.

Brand: Fit Choice

👤The only problem I had with this product was that the pans would warp out of shape/bend under heat when I didn't have enough cookware to hold it down. Yes, it's annoying. I dealt with it because they are easy to clean. The last time I used it was to cook pasta. Some of the pasta was burning on the bottom when I washed it. I soaked it and washed it. I noticed that the coating had already peeled off some of the portions we had eaten. You can imagine how dangerous it is, even though we have not gotten sick. I have not been able to find a way to contact the seller. If you're looking for a bakeware set that won't make you sick, I would recommend investing in a better set.

👤They make you think they are small round pans. I don't know what I would use them for. I don't feel like I'm the greatest in the kitchen, but I feel like a lot of these pieces are smaller than I'm used to. Some of them are useless because of their size. If you're wondering, there are no round cake pans in this set. I will probably return them.

👤I love it. They are easy to clean because they are baked all sorts of dinners and cupcakes.

👤The 2 round and 1 square cake pans were the smallest I have ever seen in a baking set. They could fit in an easy bake oven.

👤I ordered this set because of the round cake pans. The set was advertised at 8.5 in. When I received the set, they were 8 in round pans, but the depth of the pan was about a half inch deep, which is ridiculous to me. I ordered it because of the cake pans, not because of the quiche pans.

👤The baking trays are nice. I have only tried the cupcake/muffin trays, but they are truly non-stick. I didn't need to use butter or oil spray on them. The trays have weights on them. I can't wait to bake more on these. It's convenient that most of them can fit on each other. If there is a problem with the trays later on, I will update my review. They held up well so far.

👤I was surprised to discover that the round pans are shallow to use for cakes. I got a small baking pan instead of a big cookie sheet because I have a large Luby countertop oven that is not compatible with a small cookie sheet. The pans will fit my oven just fine. They need to get someone who knows how to measure things, otherwise they won't work in my oven. The Baking set cost $60.

👤The pans are nicer than I thought they would be. I needed a complete set of decent pans, but these are great!

4. Decorating Supplies Springform Turntable Beginners

Decorating Supplies Springform Turntable Beginners

Everything you need to start making cakes like a pro is included in the CAKE SET. 3 PCS Leakproof Cake Pans.cake levler, chocolate mold,flour flag,Egg Beaters,Muffin CupMolds, Paper CupCakes,Carved Pens, Icing tips, disposable bags, flags, Russian tips,Scrapper sets,Silicone The Flower Nail&Lifter has 50 muffin cups. All the cake kits are made of high quality 304 STAINLESS STEEL and are compliant with US Food-Grade standards. It's safe for family cake making. It is a good cake decoration kit for making cheese cakes. There are 3 different sizes of cake pans for you to use. The Springform Pans are made of high quality carbon steel and are easy to release. Great cake baking set for beginners. Their cake decoration supplies include 48 icing tips with a number and chart, 7 Russian tips and 9 carved Pens. All cake decorating kits can be used to decorate cakes. The muffin cup molds are included. A hand-made cake can be used as a gift, it is good for daily desserts, birthday parties, wedding parties, and merry Christma decoration. For Birthday, Anniversary and Easter, the ideal gift is a Baker and Women. You will get a complete cake decorating tools with cake stand to make any cakes as a cake making starter and professional. There is a notice! You will get a PCS cake pan and blue decorating pen. Use a soft brush to wash cake pans. There are 50 cupcakes and 50 mini flags.

Brand: Kosbon

👤I have never done cakes with fondant. I love the pans and tools. The turn table was useful. The smoothers worked well for the buttercream. I was very pleased with my purchase.

👤It came with a nice looking package which is great for those who want to gift it. My wife is very fond of it. She was able to decorate my birthday cake with these items, even though she had never baked a cake.

👤I am a beginner baker, but I enjoy making delicious things for my loved ones. One family. Every housewife will find her at a point where she needs some things that are easy to get. Reviews and price made me buy this set, it was hard to find between all brands best. Every part of the kit is packed well and smells good. I was surprised that the box was small. You can buy this as a gift. I am in love with table and cake molds, but I need 2 of them, and they are very high quality, so I thought why I need 2 of them? You need as many appliances as you can if you want to make something big. piping bags, cake knives, and decorating tools are very helpful. I'm happy baker and ready to create more delicious masterpieces with this set.

👤I picked this out myself because I wanted to bake my own cake for my birthday and this was everything I needed. I got everything in perfect condition except for the tips manual, but after reading the questions on Amazon, a lady told me to email them, and I got an email back with the tips manual, so their customer service was on point. I love this. It was a great purchase. The only thing I can say is that the smaller tips should have been bigger. This was my first time decorating a cake or baking a cake and this kit helped me achieve my birthday goal.

👤I have been buying different decorating items in the store to use in cake decorating for my family and some of my friends birthdays. I realized I should check out what is offered online since I was spending a lot of money on different pieces. The cost per item for this is insane. I am excited to try all of the products because they don't feel cheap. It might take a while.

👤It has a lot of pieces. We didn't use all of the tips but my wife made me a birthday cake. The pan is good for cakes and also for making cheesecakes. You need to keep the box so that you can keep the set together.

👤I didn't use it because I was too skeptical after opening everything. I was not sure how safe it was to use because some things had a harsh chemical smell, others were dirty looking and all scratched up, and other things looked like plastic pieces were breaking off the edges. The cake leveler's strings were too long and flimsy. The quality is really bad, but I bought it because of the thousands of good reviews and not because of the small amount of bad reviews. I was so concerned about the quality of my cakes that I didn't want to risk baking with anything that could leak into my cakes. You get what you pay for. I invested 40 extra dollars in quality products after returning it.

5. OXO Grips Bakers Dusting Spices

OXO Grips Bakers Dusting Spices

Only hand wash. It should not be exposed to high heat. It's great for turning and lifting vegetables. It's versatile for cooking, tossing and transferring food. The lock on the tongs is closed for convenience. Sturdy, brushed steel construction. The edges hold food. Soft, comfortable, non-slip grips and thumb rests. It's perfect for evenly flouring baking pans or sprinkling surfaces for rolling dough.

Brand: Oxo

👤I am atypical in reviewing this kitchen utensil, but I have a special appreciation for special tools that do their intended function well and have high standards for tools. I recognized this product as exceptional from the beginning. The cute little dusting wand provides a shower of flour or powdered sugar that is more uniformly distributed than I would have thought possible. I like to make my own bread and this device makes it very easy to make a mess of the dough or counter top. It's fun to use fool proof. Just buy it. You will not be sorry.

👤Good quality. The price was raised from $9.99 to $15.99. I don't think it's worth much. The good news is that you can close the ball with a twist of the arm. This is a two handed operation. For the price, you could get several small hand held bowl style sifters at $5 a piece and leave each one in your different dry goods containers. The Vollrath brand cookie sheets were highly rated by ATK and the price probably got jacked up after it was mentioned on the kitchen show.

👤I felt silly buying a dusting wand, but I love it. It has many uses in my baking. I use it to dust confectioner's sugar on some baked goods for their finish and it doesn't waste a lot. There is very little waste because I dust with confectioner's to prevent sticking. I used it to dust with cocoa powder. I have a container with a pour spout and holes in it that I can use to sprinkle corn starch or sugar on fondant. I used it to dust Swerve on a stencil over a chocolate cake. It's small enough that you don't have to put too much in a sieve or strainer, having it go all over the place, and then wasting materials. When you empty it out, it washes up nicely.

👤I use this item to make brownies. I wanted to finish them off with some powdered sugar. Dry powdered sugar can change shape. This item fixes something. To fill it, you have to turn the ball at the bottom of the handle. When you dump in some powdered sugar, you have a metal ball full of powered sugar. If you shake it over brownies, you'll get the effect you were looking for. It's nice to be able to do a stencil over a cake that is not going to ice. In this case, you would cut out a heart, place it on your cake, and then shake the powdered sugar over it. You can remove the template and have a heart in the middle of your cake. Cool! Some people call powdered sugar "icing sugar" or "confectioners sugar". Same thing.

👤It's small and cute. The end of the white handle is easy to twist. I opened the ball, took some powdered sugar, and twisted it shut to make french toast. I was able to dust about 12 pieces of french toast with only one ball full of sugar. I dumped the leftover sugar into its container after twisting it open. I didn't wash it right away because it's only ever going to have powdered sugar. It's easy to use. It doesn't take up more space in a drawer than a fork.

6. Textured Nonstick Brownie Ultra Cuisine

Textured Nonstick Brownie Ultra Cuisine

Calphalon's full lifetime warranty protects the dishwasher. The rectangular baking pan has a diamond textured baking surface that results in perfect cakes, brownies, and more. Easy cake release. This cake pan is coated with a food-safe, PFOA-free, and PTFE-free material, so you don't have to worry about cake slides right off the pan. Ultra Cuisine's cake pans are easy to clean, with a high-quality PFOA-free coating that protects against scratches, abrasions, staining and corrosion, and hand wash the baking pan easily without scrubbing or combing. The Ultra Cuisine cake pans are oven-safe and offer long life because of their carbon steel design, which is food-safe,durable, warp-resistant, scratch-resistant, carbon steel design with rolled edges. Ultra Cuisine's 9x13 baking pan is designed in Colorado and comes with a complimentary recipe ebook.

Brand: Ultra Cuisine

👤When I first bought this pan, I loved it. I thought it was great. The pan was starting to rust after I only used it for a few times. I washed my cookware by hand and didn't use anything abrasive on it. Highly disappointed! I would buy something else for sure.

👤It's not easy to clean this pan. It seemed like it was a better pan. I don't understand, a fry pan is easy to clean with no scrubbing. I thought that would be what this would be like. Non stick frying pans are the only baking ware I have ever purchased. After baking potato wedges and oiling the pan, I had to scrub and clean it using a nylon brush so as to not scratch it. It has a metal design that makes it hard for food to get stuck. The pan is heavy and cooks well. Would love to hear from the company.

👤I was disappointed but was told to just keep it. For a free pan, I can not complain too much. The size is perfect for my oven, but the coating scratches easily despite being careful, so I'm unsure if similar type gold coated pans do the same or not. It makes me wonder how long it will last. Roasting vegetables does not warp with high heat. I would give it 3.5 stars because of my concern about the coating.

👤I decided to purchase this pan after reading all the reviews. I baked a red velvet cake the same day I received it. I was not impressed at all. The pan I was trying to replace had the same results. I plan to return the cake because it was still brown on the bottom more than I expected.

👤Yes. It cooks and washes well. Do not buy it. I dried it and washed it and it rusted in a month. I live in the desert so my climate is dryer than dry. Don't buy.

👤The directions in the box recommend greasing it or using it. I was not happy with that. You can't put it in the dishwasher. "No" is what the directions say. It is a great pan. Good quality. Heavy. It bakes well. My old pan had a cover. It is a very good pan.

👤I'll swap the non stick for a safer pan if you need to grease or flour it. I'm not afraid of grease. It's a heavy pan. I always update my reviews if new information seems useful.

👤I like it. It is an excellent product. There was a small scratch at the top when I washed it with a rag. This was frustrating but not noticeable and just small scratches since then. I have had other non-stick options, but they are still better than this one.

7. OXO Good Grips Silicone Baking

OXO Good Grips Silicone Baking

The steel design is the ideal weight to press dough. Cut down on the clean up by replacing the paper with the OXO Good Grips Silicone Baking Mat. The non-stick baking and roasting surface is made from food-safe silicone. Silicone and fiberglass constructions provide structure. It's perfect for half-sheet pans. The dishwasher and oven are safe.

Brand: Oxo

👤I like most of the OXO products, but this one is not up to par. I found rolling out pastry to be terrible, even with chilled pastry, well-made and well-flagged, the pastry still stuck when rolling out. I used a pastry knife to get it off. This product is worse than useless because it sticks to this worse than my plain counter top. Non-stick is what Silicon is for. I think it works well on advertisements. Good old fashioned pastry cloths will work infinitely better if you keep them.

👤I don't know if I can compare the 2, but these work great for cutout cookies. It's super easy to clean up. The reason I gave 4 stars is the size. The Nordicware cookie pans are in the bottom of the mat. Maybe it's the cooke pans fault, and they would be better in a different brand tray. They are a game change, I was struggling with some of the recipes that were still spreading more than desirable. I have not had an issue since I bought these.

👤I had to purchase a second pasty mat as I used a knife to cut my ball of dough in half on the mat. There was a slice in the middle of my mat. Learn from my mistake. I love the mat. I clean my dishes by hand, but if you have a dishwasher, it's a lot easier.

👤I love this mat. It was great for making noodles, pasta dough, and pies. The bench scraper is unnecessary for the purpose of scraper since the silicone does a good job at preventing the dough from sticking without you having to add additional flour or oil. I haven't put this in the oven yet, but the instructions for the temperatures and whatnot are printed on the sheet in case I ever want to. It's easy to clean, even with butter and dough crusted on it, it dries quickly, and the bottom sticks to any surface I've put it on. The length is perfect for large quantities. I bought the OXO version on Amazon because I wanted a quality sheet that was name brand and not something you could find wholesale from China. It has held up well so far, and I expect it to last for a while.

👤The board I used for pastries was getting old and difficult to clean so I bought a mat. The Good Grips Silicone Pastry Mat kept my dough from sticking to it. The size was perfect because I roll out long and narrow dough. It is easy to clean. My old board had a lot of space. The mat is in place while the person works on it.

👤The Folksy Super Kitchen pastry mat and the OXO one were compared. The OXO is easy to clean and does a better job of sticking to the table while being able to work with food. The OXO is a bit thinner than the Folksy Super Kitchen mat, which could make it more challenging to handle in general, but its performance outweighs that. I've only handled bread dough so far, so that's all I can say. The dough does a good job so far.

8. Goodcook Aluminized Diamond Infused Non Stick Champagne

Goodcook Aluminized Diamond Infused Non Stick Champagne

We have a 100% money back guarantee and they think they have the best bread baking pan on the market. If you have a problem with their product, please let them know and they will send you a new one without any cost or money back. Every customer is important to them and they do everything they can to make them happy. You can order with Amazon Prime. The standard-sized loaf pan ensures a perfect bake every time for your favorite bread and cake recipes. The titanium apron offers additional strength and stability. The non-stick coating is SCRATCH-RESISTANT. Two layers of diamond- infused coating provide excellent release and clean up. Side walls are similar to bakey-style ones. Straighter edges are created at a 4 to 5 degree angle. It's made with sturdy aluminum steel to resist warping and offer high quality baking for years to come.

Brand: Good Cook

👤I made bread from scratch for the first time in decades. I was very pleased with the results. I ordered two pans. Excellent heat distribution is provided by them. I grease the pans before baking because I always follow the recipe directions. I barely had to clean up the pans because both easily and completely released from the bottom and sides. The sides and bottom of the loaves did not bake over. The pan size is printed on the end to make it easy to spot. It is a great tool to have in the kitchen. I have used these pans twice and they have worked well. If your dough touches the end of the pan, the 9x5 impression will be visible on your bread. See the photo. I didn't notice this when I used the pans the first few times. It doesn't matter to me, but it may turn off those making bread or cake loaves and gift them.

👤The bread pans are very high quality and come out perfect 888-609- I now own 4 of these and love them.

👤In the days before bread pans came in all sorts of sizes, there was only one standard size. The size pan was assumed to be used in most older recipes and vintage cookbooks. The correct size pan for a yeast bread recipe is between 312 and 4 cups of white flour. This pan has a sturdy, no-seam construction and excellent non-stick coating. Even baking is possible because of the thick wall construction. The non-stick coating and diamond pattern bottom causes the bread to fall out of the pan after baking. There is no need for grease or oil. This is the best of the bunch, and I have many of them. Highly recommended!

👤Really great. I have been baking my own Italian style bread from an old family recipe but had been using other metal type pans that left the bottom soft and mushy and made the bread cook unevenly. The pans made them come out more professional and nice. Will buy more of this brand again.

👤I recently started selling my bread to coffee shops and ordered four. They have a lot of weight. I used a spray to bake the bread. The attempt to make banana bread was a failure. The bread was over cooked due to the fact that it was moist. It had to bake for 1.5 hours before it was done. The 40 year old recipe for my zucchini bread was perfect, but I didn't take pictures of it. I'm returning the two that were not used for pans. I hope they are as nice as this one is. I'll look for recipes that fit the pan so they don't go to waste.

9. Elbee Patented Storage Nonstick Bakeware

Elbee Patented Storage Nonstick Bakeware

The space saving baking set includes everything you need for your kitchen, one large roasting pan and 8 in. baking. There are two muffin pans, a square cake tin, and an oven tray. There are cake tins and an oven tray. This all-in-one baking set is a good start to your baking ambitions. You won't have to look for missing baking pans again because all the pieces fit into a single box. Everything in the Space Saving Baking Set is made of aluminum coated carbon steel and are dishwasher safe, rust-proof, and up to 400 degrees. The perfect gift for any young couple's wedding registry, anyone moving into a new apartment or home, or anyone who has a passion for baking.

Brand: Elbee

👤These rust so bad that it's easy to clean off hand washing. A stream of rust pours out after you wash them out of the dishwasher.

👤The large flat pan has been used twice by me. The first time, it started to rust. I've never put it in the dishwasher. I was trying to remove it from the oven when it folded. These pans are flimsy. If I could, I would return them. The surface was not hard. That's all.

👤These pans are okay. Its non-greasy. The bottom of the pans burns easily because it is not made of the good non-stick material. I only used them once and will post an update after a lot of use. I am not excited about them.

👤We live in an urban area and we don't have a lot of space. The way these stack and disappear in our oven drawer is amazing. Baking utensils are high quality. Very happy.

👤Used twice and burned on 350.

👤For the last five years my wife has been complaining about the lack of cabinet space. She's happy now! I'm happy! She loves her new bakeware and I am enjoying more delicious treats as she tests each piece. Her acclimates thus far have included heavy duty, non-stick, easy clean and more. We bought a set of pots and pans. After disposing of her old cookware, she now has enough space to put her new cookware in her cabinet. You could offer a coupon for a gym membership with your product. It's funny.

👤I was expecting a bigger set of compacts, but they were a bit smaller than I was expecting. The non-stick has allowed for a very easy clean up.

👤Excellent quality for the price. Not heavy but not flimsy. When I cut pies or cakes, I will use things that don't scratch. I like that way with my cookware. I wish it had a loaf pan.

10. OXO Good Grips Non Stick Loaf

OXO Good Grips Non Stick Loaf

A full 10-year warranty is provided for dishwasher-safe and protected. Commercial grade aluminized steel has long-term durability and stability. The ultimate non stick food release is provided by Swiss engineered PTFE, ceramic reinforced, 2 layer coating. Micro-textured pattern ensures even baking. Square rolled edges add strength and offer a secure grip.

Brand: Oxo

👤Because of family health issues, we make our bread from freshly ground wheat, and have used a variety of different loaf pans for decades. The OXO Pro gold loaf pan is the best for producing consistent & beautifully brown bakes, easily removed from the pan, for both yeasted & quick breads. It's a better buy than the Williams & Sonoma gold baking pans, which are priced as if they're made of gold. I'm donating my current loaf pan to charity, I'm buying more of the OXO Pro line. The pan cooks more quickly than glass, but also more quickly than my other metal pans, so check your bakes early and often for doneness until you get a feel for it. The pattern on the bottom doesn't affect the bake at all, as with all good cooking tools, dishwasher detergent is extremely harsh, and over time degrades aluminum and silicone products. I highly recommend this loaf pan to any baker. A quality kitchen tool can cost a small amount of money to wash.

👤I've been looking for a loaf pan for a long time. I bought all the pans from stores and they ended up with hard bottoms and sides. The OXO pan loaf had great reviews and a unique bottom design so I decided to give it a try. I used my bread pan for the first time to make banana nut bread, and I was very happy with how it turned out. The crust was perfect without burning on the sides or bottom. My husband said the bread tasted good. It is amazing! Check out the picture to see how my banana nut bread looked after it was baked. I was hesitant about the cleaning aspect of it since I saw that another customer was unhappy with the bottom design. I found it easy to use a dish rag that's safe for non-stick pans. It may be more difficult with a regular sponge. The loaf pan was clean after I removed my bread and there was a thin layer of bread crumbs on the side and bottom. I'm excited to try more recipes because I think my burned-bread days are over. Since this pan cooks more efficiently and evenly, be sure to keep an eye on the progress of the cooking. Buy this pan!

👤I already have an 8 by 4 so I was very disappointed that it said 9 by 5. I don't want to take the time and trouble to send it back, so I will keep it.

👤The loaf pans are sturdy and light. If you bake loaves of Bananna Bread or Pumpkin, you should have experienced that the pans are too dark to bake in, but not so with these pans. I plan to try more OXO baking products.

👤These pans are of high quality. It's nice looking, it's kind of beige. The walls are thick for heat distribution. I made bread without greasing the pans and it popped right out. I washed the pans anyway. I highly recommend them. They cost more. They will perform well for a long time.

11. Baking Nonstick Bakeware Professional 2 Piece

Baking Nonstick Bakeware Professional 2 Piece

There is heat and resilience. Cookie sheets for baking are made of heavy carbon steel,resists rust,scratch,bend,even in high heat, and they have long- lasting baking performance. Non-stick technology is super. Baking sheets for the oven are made of a protective layer and a premium coating. The baking sheets are safe to use in the oven. The cookie sheets for baking are good for small ovens and come with a 10.8x13in cookie sheet. Baking pans are easy to store. It is easy to clean. Hand wash is recommended for the nonstick surface inside and out of the baking sheets. A long rolled edge with a high side for all rimmed cookie sheets is sturdy. There areTILE COOKIE SHEETS. Non stick cooking sheet for oven is perfect for baking, cookies,biscuits, other desserts,sheet pan dinners, even use as serving tray. Their kitchen baking pans are guaranteed for a lifetime.

Brand: Joho Baking

👤These sheets are not of good quality. After the first wash in the dishwasher, rust and water leaked from under the rolled rim. The oven was at 350 degrees. I wouldn't buy these again.

👤I got some sheets yesterday. They are warping at 350 degrees if you put them in the oven today. It is said that specificity prevents warping. I only used them one time and they are already warped. The product was bad.

👤They look beautiful, but don't let the ratings fool you. I bought these last week to have a better sheet. It says that it is good to 450 degrees, heavy duty steel and resistant to warping. I used one of the sheets for the first time today. It was effective on the first use, not even at 450. That is ridiculous. I was very disappointed in the quality of the baking sheet.

👤This product is frightening. If you disturb the food you are cooking the painted coating on it will get scratched. Will be throwing it away. The metal is susceptible to rust once the painted coating is gone. They are the right size for my oven.

👤We were happy when we received the Baking sheets. They were the perfect size for the Ninja Air Fry Oven. It was very sturdy. We air fried it at 400 degrees. We heard a pop in the oven. We tried to clean it after the cooking was done. The mess was not wiped off, washed off, or soaked off. We are sending them back after giving up. So disappointed.

👤Kinda disappointed. I was excited to get this pan in and first time I put a pizza on it in the oven, it popped and was warped, and the pink coat was mostly gone. It seems like quality is poor.

👤I thought these were larger than they were. When the oven is only on 350 it will warp the pan and it won't lay flat on the rack, but I smell a strong chemical smell when they are in the oven. It will flatten out when I take it out. Not sure about these.

👤I bought these pans because they were large. The size of your vessel is the most important factor in cooking for two. I was very excited. The pans are discolored. I use foil on the bottom and I know they're clean. I'm not picky about the discoloration. The pans pop in an oven of 400 degrees. They return their shape as they cool down. I find that odd because of the advertising that says they don't warp. The size is perfect and we have enjoyed several sides of roasted veggies.


What is the best product for xoxo baking?

Xoxo baking products from Oxo. In this article about xoxo baking you can see why people choose the product. Oxo and Fit Choice are also good brands to look for when you are finding xoxo baking.

What are the best brands for xoxo baking?

Oxo, Oxo and Fit Choice are some of the best brands that chosen by people for xoxo baking. Find the detail in this article. Kosbon, Oxo and Ultra Cuisine are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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