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1. Fleischmanns Active Original Active Envelopes

Fleischmanns Active Original Active Envelopes

Highly reliable. Adding active dry yeast to your bread recipes is possible. A jar of active dry yeast. Follow your recipe if youDissolve in warm liquid. Not recommended for recipes that call for rapid rise yeast.

Brand: Ach Food Companies Inc

👤I received two bottles and they will be gone for 6 months. I went to the store to see if this was normal and found bottles that had been in the store for two years. Go to the store and get one.

👤The date is one year out.

👤I recommend these jars if you like to make bread frequently. I got two jars, one in the fridge and the other in the kitchen, and have been taking care of bread loaves for months. I'm still not done. I have more control over how much yeast goes into my bread than those little pouches. I've never tried a different brand of yeast so I can't say if it has a specific flavor, but I will say that I've had lovely loaves this whole time and they taste like fresh bread, which means they're.

👤A two jar pack for $20 was bought. They will expire on 5/16. I have tried to get the yeast to work, but neither will. Correct temperature is ensured with a thermometer. Have tasted maple syrup and sugar. Nothing. I spent $20 on a product that doesn't work.

👤I use small packs of yeast to make my own bread. The product allows easy measurement and distribution of yeast. Great stuff. I keep a few on hand.

👤During the holidays, I bake yeast breads. I stopped buying on line and the freshness of the packages I buy at the grocery store because of the flop of the proof.

👤The packaging was terrible, but nothing wrong with the product itself. Two glass jars were wrapped in bubble wrap and placed under two cases of canned vegetables. One of the jars broke, leaving glass shards in the yeast. It could do a better job.

👤If your local grocery store is out, don't bake with this yeast, it's not good and the bread didn't rise properly.

2. Fleischmanns Instant Dry Yeast 1lb

Fleischmanns Instant Dry Yeast 1lb

There is no need for a fridge prior to opening.

Brand: Fleischmann's

👤It will last in less than 3 weeks. It's cool. On March 17th, it was received. There is a chance for it to end on 5/2.

👤The old stock lasts two months.

👤I haven't tried it yet to see how it works. The package I received had less than three months left before it expired. I will think twice before ordering it again.

👤The ingREDIENT SORBITAN MONOSTEARATE IS NOT A PRESERVATIVE, IT IS A EMULSIFIER TO PROTECTION THE YEAST CELLS IN THE PACKAGE. This is to all the people who freak out when their food ingredients sound weird.

👤I bought a one pound bag of this yeast around 6 months ago and I really liked it. It rises very well. I like to change the yeast brands on my pizza dough frequently. The brands that advertise as being high powered or extra rise are just a marketing campaign and not really more powerful than the others. I like the flavor of this yeast a lot.

👤I needed to make cinnamon rolls for my daughter's class so I bought this yeast. I have been baking for 30 years and have never had rolls that were this large. They turned out great. Adding yeast to my dough was nice. I am excited to try this in other recipes because the package's expiration date is over a year away. This product is very good.

👤I'm pretty angry about how hard it is to find yeast now that everyone else is using it, I'm a person who always makes their own bread. I ordered 3rd week of May 2020 and it ended in April 2022.

👤When it arrived, mine was not vacuumed. It is not known what effect that may have had. It seems to work as an instant yeast. I use it for baking bread that is free of the wheat and so I will give it a kick start. It tasted and worked fine. I am not an expert so that is my conclusion. It was just over $5. The price had been raised by 50%. They think we don't notice or click on "subscribe and save" Thank you, I'm still breathing. I will look for a more reasonable product. Thank you so much. I refuse to play these games on pricing because they don't like plugged in customers. I am not sure if it is legal to price discriminate against a customer who buys a product. The concept of rewarding loyal customers or giving customers who buy an item multiple times a discount has been lost. We are rewarded by a price hike. I don't want to buy from a monopoly that is taking advantage of people during a health crisis like COVID. Don't even get me started on their support for BLM. I am sure my post will be edited orcensored, but whoever thought we would punish people for telling the truth in America is crazy.

👤The product is way over priced. I found it in the store for a quarter of the cost after I ordered it.

3. LeSaffre Saf Instant Yeast Gold Pound

LeSaffre Saf Instant Yeast Gold Pound

1 pound package of instant gold yeast. For sweet dough with a sugar content in excess of 5% of the total flour weight. The main benefits of saf-instant instant dried yeast are its outstanding performance and fast use. This product is well suited to all types of bread-making applications. Kosker Parve: Vacuum packed foil packaging feels like a brick, yeast flows as powder after it is opened.

Brand: Lesaffre

👤Some people think "GOLD" is better than "RED". Both yeasts are high quality, but designed for different uses. Less liquid makes gold perform better. I bake a lot of bread and after a lot of experimentation I only use SAF. For low-hydration dough, the SAF-GOLD is a better choice than the SAF-RED, as it performs better with less-moisture dough.

👤LeSaffre Yeast Corporation is located in Mexico. It is labeled "Instant Success Yeast", but a sticker on the cello packaging says "SFA-Instant Yeast, Gold." "Instant Success Yeast" is usually distributed in Vietnam, according to some light research. The product is food stuff and cannot be returned. Amazon was happy to credit the cost back to my card. I need to order my gold from somewhere else. It has been easy to get through Amazon in the past.

👤This has been a great bulk value for me in the past. The price doubled from last month. It's not good for a time like this.

👤Terrible yeast. I tried it on two of my recipes. Neither had a normal rise. There is no need to proof the package. Ha! I had warm water, some sugar and yeast for the test. It was not a bubble after 10 minutes. I was told by Amazon that I was returning the product because it was faulty. They said that I didn't need to return the credit. I am out 8 cups of flour and a day of work because of defects that sellers dump onto the sellers listing. The buyer should beware.

👤It is a yeast that works. It dissolved well. I like to use liquid that is not hotter than 112F. The gold variety is better in sweet doughs than red yeast, but it is also better in traditional and rich doughs. You can store a month's worth of yeast in a dark glass jar in your refrigerator. Take the rest out of the original package and put it in layers of plastic wrap. Store it in the freezer. The yeast should be brought to room temperature from the refrigerator and freezer. When I removed the yeast from the freezer, it was 6 months past it's use by date, and I didn't lose leavening. The package is the equivalent of 64 packets of yeast. They are 1/6 ounce each.

👤It's yeast. It works in my bread machine. Don't buy packets, but use this brick to make three jars of dry jam. Put two in the freezer and one in the fridge. They will last a long time in the fridge jar. It's hard to calculate how much yeast costs per loaf because it's so cheap.

👤There was no label on the bag. Don't buy it.

👤The yeast is fresh and effective. This yeast is so good of a deal for the money that there's no comparison to Fleischmann's yeast or standard bread yeast. Will buy this yeast and no other for my baking needs. The first recipe I used it for was a pizza crust that was perfect in time for the recipe. I might back off on the amount of yeast I used next time because it was too rich for thin-crust pizza, which is what I was going for. You can see the result in the photo.

4. Gefen Dry Yeast 1 Pound

Gefen Dry Yeast 1 Pound

Seal in freshness with vacuum-packed stuff. The recipe for challa is included on the package. A delicious challa recipe is included on the package. Until opening, there is no need for a fridge.

Brand: Gefen

👤This is from China. I would not have ordered it if it was possible to see that on the picture. It's a mystery how it can be considered a knight when it's from China. It is not permissible for return. I can't use something that costs me the most. I don't mind using products from China for most things, but I won't eat anything from China because of the vague Sanitation practices and the fact that so many things have ended up in the news.

👤I have been baking a lot lately and have been going through yeast like crazy. I decided to stock up on bulk style and am very happy with it. You end up with light, fluffy bread/rolls/pretzels/croissants when you use this yeast. I will only use the yeast brand from here on out.

👤It is blowing up bread. It doesn't leave any good flavor or taste. There is a If you like American quick yeast, you would love it.

👤The taste and quality of the yeast is amazing.

👤My go-to yeast! I use it to make bread every week. It does a great job.

👤I got yeast from the grocery store today and made the same recipe. The Gefen yeast was weakened or not made right, and it doesn't work. It was in a sealed container. I've used baking yeast products before, but they seem weak, and my first two attempts resulted in poor rising. It was packed in the late 19th century but is flat now. I wish I could get my money back.

👤I had to buy Gefen brand yeast because red star brand yeast is sold out everywhere because of the virus. I will never buy the other brand again. This yeast is superior in every way. I'm happy that I couldn't find the other one. You have a new customer with me.

5. Fleischmanns Instant Yeast Bags PACK

Fleischmanns Instant Yeast Bags PACK

There is a pack of Fleischmann's Instant Dry Yeast. Add Instant Dry Yeast to your recipes by mixing it with other dry ingredients. Only one rise is required. No need for water or fridge prior to opening. Use within 6 months of opening when storing in a tightly covered container. The yeast works well in bread machines. It is free of all types of food and has been around for over 150 years.

Brand: Fleischmann's

👤The yeast is fine. But holy price! A pound of yeast costs over $30. It's ridiculous.

👤The yeast wouldn't work. That's a problem for a large bag.

👤The yeast was great for bread. I paid less than $11 for a pound because I was aware of the negative reviews but I waited until the price was reasonable. When it arrived, some said it was hard as a brick. It is made to keep it fresh. The yeast goes back to its original form when you open it. I put the yeast into a jar and put it in the fridge. Very happy with the results! Will buy again.

👤I can't get a refund on this item. The yeast was dead, despite the yeast expiration date being fine. I have made a lot of bread with my bread machine, but when I got this one, my loaf of honey wheat bread did not rise. I tried a loaf of summer wheat bread and it didn't work. I tried doubling the yeast content in the third loaf but it was still not effective. The loaves did not rise. Fleishman's is great, but I won't order it from Amazon again.

👤The top of the packet is non-refundable. We can't use it or return it. Money being staged.

👤I bake a lot for fun. I have been making my own bread for years. This was the best deal I could find on yeast because it was so much easier to buy in bulk. The yeast bag was packaged in a padded envelope to avoid puncturing it and ruining it. I've already made a pizza dough out of it. It turned out great.

👤It works, but it's way overpriced. The packaging is deceptive. That's 16 ounces and it's advertised as 1 pound. The shipping weight is not known. It doesn't add up.

👤The same yeast product I buy at the grocery store is used in it. The price per ounce is the same as the supermarket jar. I filled and refrigerated my empty jar so I could use it for baking. I put the rest in the freezer with a rubber band. It must be fresh, as each loaf I have made rose beautifully. It's a good idea to recommend it.

6. North Mountain Supply RS PC 12 Classique

North Mountain Supply RS PC 12 Classique

The country of origin is the United States. The item was sold by North Mountain Supply. They are an authorized Red Star distributor and offer the best yeast on the market. If the yeast doesn't work before the date, they will provide replacements and help. It's ideal strain for large volumes of wine.

Brand: North Mountain Supply

👤The beer was bubbling in 2 hours after I added a bit of nutrition. HOLY! Super yeast! It might become self aware, intellegent, and kill us all in our sleep and become the next major species on this planet. It might have designs on the rest of the universe. O.o

👤I used this to make a variety of wines, one of which was a store bought cider that contained potassium sorbate. It started working for them within a few hours at a temperature of 68 to 72 degrees in a water bath aided by a 50 watt fish tank heater. The mixes are still bubbling at a steady rate three days into the brew. This yeast can allow for as much as 15% alcohol to be produced before it stops and it can handle higher brew temp than others. I should have some hard apple cider, apple raisin wine and cranberry pomegranate wine in about a week. I doubled the amount of yeast because of the sorbate, but it was still less than the gallon of ju8ice.

👤I've used this for different types of wine. I started it in a jug and it came out to 8.8% alcohol, but it could have been the conditions. I'm making wine from frozen juice concentrate. I started it in a bucket and it was 4% after a week. I'm up to 12.7%. It isn't finished. I think the description says it should die off at 15% alcohol, but I could swear that it was only 13%. I'll be thrilled if I get to 13%, but I'll wait until the air lock stops bubbling and then take a measurement. I'll assume it's 13% if it happens to be. I think the warmer laundry room has aided in the better fermentation of the 12.7% alcohol jug. I don't feel like I have to worry about it not working in the basement or laundry room because of the large temperature range.

👤I bought this yeast for my first attempt at making a drink. It worked well. We bottled our first batches a month after everything went well. Everyone is happy and says the bite on the back of the mead reminds them of champagne. I'm glad I had this for the first go-round because I don't know if it's the yeast.

👤I use this brand of champagne yeast for many years to make hard cider and wine. Excellent results are always produced by it. A little goes a long way.

👤I decided to try these after reading a forum post and have not been disappointed. Highly recommended, produces delicious breads.

👤Some recipes request this yeast when making fruit wines. So far, so good. The yeast makes alcohol by eating sugar. We will know in about 18 months if I made a product. First time making wine.

👤dependability is the most important thing about yeast. An off flavor can ruin the whole thing if you put your whole harvest into the hands of the microorganisms. This product has given me consistent results for many years.

7. Fleischmanns Instant Yeast Oz Bags

Fleischmanns Instant Yeast Oz Bags

There is no need for a fridge prior to opening.

Brand: Fleischmann's

8. Fleischmanns Machine Recipes Equals Envelopes

Fleischmanns Machine Recipes Equals Envelopes

Add instant yeast to your recipes. Only one rise is required. No need to drink water. Fast acting yeast works well in bread machines.

Brand: Ach Food Companies Inc

👤As the largest and most popular store in my area, Amazon has been a lifesaver. There is nothing like home cooked bread for a sandwich. You can serve your bread with a wine, cheese, and bread, and it's family friendly. I would add that over the past few months it is very difficult to find this product, and even Amazon is out of stock. So. For those who are not happy with the price, there is a few dollars more in taxes for you. The best product. An alternative is Fleischmann's. In the one pound bag, dry it out. It's less expensive than the JAR product, and almost always available from AMAZON. Enjoy!

👤This is the yeast that I like the most. It makes great bread and rolls. I trust it. I'm doing more baking in the present. I ran away. Couldn't find it in any of the stores. No alternatives; yeast was gone. It was listed at an acceptable price on Amazon. I ordered it on Saturday. It arrived Tuesday morning after Memorial Day weekend. I think the bottles stayed cool on a hot day. The right product at the right price was delivered with remarkable speed. There is only one strange thing. Walmart was the outer packaging.

👤This rapid rise yeast works perfectly for a rustic bread I make frequently, but I don't have a bread machine.

👤The package I opened was not from the USA. The listing photo looked different than the one attached to the review. There is a The item description doesn't mention that it was manufactured in Canada. The front of the jar is written in English, but the small letter on the jar mentions Canada. The jars were printed in English and French. There is a To return the item, you have to file a claim with Amazon. I don't feel like I got what I ordered, it only has a one year expiration date. Even though I bake loaves of bread every week, I still use two jars of yeast. The Jars sold here have a longer use.

👤I keep it in the fridge and it works well. You would have to use a combination of the normal yeast and the fast rising yeast if you wanted to make it.

👤The yeast products we bought after purchasing a bread machine had terrible results. We were ready to return the bread machine because we were so disappointed. We decided to try the bread machine yeast just in case it was the yeast that was the problem. Voila! The bread came out great. Who knew? If you are buying a bread machine, I encourage you to purchase this bread machine yeast as well. I looked for it in grocery stores but it was out of stock.

👤"Natural" doesn't mean much these days. I switched to Red Star because it was cheaper than Walmart. This brand is cheaper at Walmart.

👤Been using this for a long time and never bought a 2 pack before. Fleischmann's does its job well and is consistent from jar to jar. Don't forget to use the address. It's an Amazon program where if you buy many everyday things from Amazon, they will make a small donation to the charity of your choice. Here is the information:

9. Fleischmanns Instant Dry Yeast Pack

Fleischmanns Instant Dry Yeast Pack

You can mix it with other dry ingredients. It's perfect for use in bread machines. It can be used in many recipes.

Brand: Fleischmann's

10. Red Star Active Dry Yeast

Red Star Active Dry Yeast

The cake yeast is in a semi-dormant state. It's not recommended for use in one-hour- or-less bread- machine cycles. 64 cups of flour can be raised from one jar of 16 1/2 ounce packets.

Brand: Red Star

👤I've been baking bread for 25 years, mostly using Hodgson's yeast. I tried this Red Star because I can't find the Hodgson's anywhere. Three batches of bread failed to make it through the second rise. The first rise of the challah took almost twice as long as the second, costing me a lot of time. After an initial rise, I put the bread in the fridge to ferment, then wake it up in the loaf pans for a couple of hours. It never woke up after 4.5 hours with Red Star. The yeast proofed fine, so it's not dead, it just doesn't get the job done. I'm not sure if the yeast just doesn't have staying power or if the seller mishandles the stuff or what, but I'm still looking for a substitute for my old reliable Hodgson's Mill.

👤I have been a baker for many years. Red Star Yeast is a staple in my kitchen and I bake a wide variety of breads. It's disappointing when the yeast doesn't bloom and I often use recipes that don't require a pre-bloom process and it's a waste to find your dough flat and lifeless. Red Star has never let me down. The quality of the ingredients used affects the quality of the bread. The order was in good condition and I received it a day earlier than I expected. I was happy with my purchase.

👤This quality yeast needs to be ordered. It's best to keep it in the fridge or freezer. This is what you need for a long rise. I love it!

👤I ordered this product because I am making my own bread. There is no bread in stores or online. I found out how to do it on the internet. It's easy and delicious. 10 stars for bread makers. It's funny.

👤Pizza dough and bread are made with this yeast. I don't have time to cook or bake. I put the dough in the oven for half an hour. Dough rises consistently to give a soft and delicious dough. If you are sticking with another brand for consistency, you can try Red Star. I have used another brand for a long time, but I now buy Red Star as well. Excellent yeast.

👤Fresh! It works well for bread machines. The jar is better than the yeast packets. There is no spilling with the measuring spoon in the jar. I keep it in the fridge. It lasts a long time so you can bake bread whenever you want.

👤I bought this to use in my bread maker, so I could make some bread. White bread, dinner rolls and cinnamon rolls were made using this yeast. They all came out well. It's the easiest yeast to use because you don't have to stir it into warm water. It works if you add the dry ingredients to the bread machine and measure out what you need.

👤I have been ordering this yeast through Amazon prime for several years and have never been disappointed. I keep it in the freezer to keep it fresh. I live at high altitude, 9,700 ft, and my yeasted breads and pastries always turn out.

11. Fleischmanns Yeast Bread Machines 4 Ounce

Fleischmanns Yeast Bread Machines 4 Ounce

There is a pack of three bottles. Also ideal for all rapid rise recipes. Highly active yeast.

Brand: Fleishmanns

👤Since Pandemic started, I make Amish honey bread every few days. We're in a town with one store and we're 8 hours from a large town with icy roads. It has become necessary to make bread. I sell food. Over Facebook. The price of this brand of yeast has tripled, making it impossible to purchase. I was very happy to receive the items. The items I received are from Quebec. It works the same regardless of where you are. I'm happy with the product. There is only one road that leads to W and the other that leads to S in the area of Wyoming.

👤I checked the expiration dates on the jars I purchased and they were all out of date. I use a bread machine to make a lot of bread. After making four loaves of bread with the first jar, I threw the rest of the yeast in the bottle. I must have had a bad bottle on the first one because the second one was successful. Oh well. It is possible that the 3rd bottle will be 50% for the price.

👤The yeast was in the package when it was delivered, but one of the jars is broken. I'd like to get a refund. Thank you for that.

👤They loved it so much they gave it to their bread machine.

👤I've had no issues with this brand. The yeast was very good in bread making.

👤The bread machine is the best.

👤We use a bread machine to make our own bread. We use white, whole wheat and rye flours, as well as many different recipes from the simplest French to elaborate buttermilk breads, and we use all cycles from super-rapid to regular. The Fleischmann's yeast results are always good for every type of bread we make. No other yeast is used.

👤The seal was broken when I received all 3. There is no place to request a refund or another jar.


What is the best product for yeast for baking bread bulk?

Yeast for baking bread bulk products from Ach Food Companies Inc. In this article about yeast for baking bread bulk you can see why people choose the product. Fleischmann's and Lesaffre are also good brands to look for when you are finding yeast for baking bread bulk.

What are the best brands for yeast for baking bread bulk?

Ach Food Companies Inc, Fleischmann's and Lesaffre are some of the best brands that chosen by people for yeast for baking bread bulk. Find the detail in this article. Gefen, North Mountain Supply and Ach Food Companies Inc are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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